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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10 clock starts right now. a family's fight to pass a distracted driving law after they lose their father in a crash. senator trump and lake in a war of words. calling all villains. a haunted house is hiring. a warning for oners that take to the pool. -- use oners that -- users that take to the pool. chances are many of us have done it. answering the phone, sending a text while behind the wheel. that decision can have deadly consequences. now, an arizona family is pushing for a distracted driving law after losing their father in a tragic crash. team 12 spoke with the family about the changes in the law
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says the womanna that hit her father was behind on the wheel searching for her phone when her dad was killed. >> i loved him so much. [crying] and he was -- when he would call me and with my sister, too, he would leave a message he would say suzie this is your ole pa. >> reporter: he was a retired phoenix firefighter, a grandfather and a friend. >> when i what had taken place -- one of my thoughts was i can just see my dad just being so happy he got this old motorcycle and he is driving it home. >> reporter: in april, she says, her dad was riding his motorcycle in prescott when he was hit by a car. >> his head crushed the windshield and in the statements he catapulted and flipped over her car and landed
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>> reporter: in the police report the driver admits she was searching for her cell phone. it states she got a ticket for failure to control speed to avoid a collision. >> the prosecutor's office for whatever reason decided not to press charges. >> reporter: arizona is a state without a form of texting and driving law. >> if there were a law she would of, hopefully, thought >> reporter: state senator farley fought for distracted driving bills in the past. now he asked susan to testify in a hearing. also on the roads, new numbers are out showing a drop in dui arrests compared to last year. according to the governor's office of highway safety they made 266dui arrests between
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morning. down from 469 last year. that is compared to 1500 last year during the holiday weekend. 65 days to go until the election trump inched closer in the polls to clinton. clinton heads to high high for some labor day campaigning. senator bernie sanders says he will do anything he can to make sure clinton, no over the white house. jennifer johnson has the latest. >> reporter: still trailing hillary clinton in the polls and way behind among black voters. trump made his first campaign visit to an african-american church on saturday in detroit. >> i fully understand that the african-american community is suffering from discrimination and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. >> hi, how are you?
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trump's runningmate, again, tried to clear up his deportation and immigration plans. >> what trump has said is that we have to immediately suspend immigration from any countries that have been compromised by terrorism. >> clinton plans to head to battleground state ohio. bernie sanders is pledging his support. >> no question in my mind that needs to win. >> reporter: many americans disagree with the fbi's decision not to indict her. >> when you read the materials and read the articles about the materials they go into significant detail about why the fbi concluded that there was no need for any additional proceedings. still, polls continue to show over 60% of americans don't trust clinton. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington.
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sounding off again today about his reservations to support trump. telling cnn this morning that trump's immigration speech in phoenix this week amounted to a doubling down of his hard-liner stance that did not provide clarity about where the country should move ahead in the future of immigration. >> i would like to vote for trump. not comfortable not to support your nominee but given positions he husband -- has taken i can't. we can not for the future of the party be associated with this kind of message. >> in response this afternoon trump shot back over twitter writing the great state of arizona where i had as massive rally and amazing people has a weak leader.
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to vote for trump or clinton. tensions heating up. it this week the court- appointed advisory board in the civil rights case rejected request to meet and discuss issues still facing the community. board members telling the sheriff they don't believe the sheriff would meet in good faith. they are calling on him to step down. the department of justice is considering a referel. for term of office. a suspect is in trial after he was shot by a mystery gunman on the road. witnesses say a man tried to hit a woman with his car. a woman who he was it in an argument with. nor 43rd avenue and buckeye. someone shot him. he drove off. he later called the police reporting he had been shot. the woman and child involved are okay. the police say whoever shot the man is believed to have driven
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services will operate on a sunday schedule. light rail and bus routes ends at 11:00 p.m. the numbers are in for phoenix open. thunderbirds announcing they raised $9.4 million for charity. it is a record. breaking last years by $300,000. today, pope francis gave the honor of sainthood to mother teresa at the vatican. the nun who died in 1997 was elevated to sainthood as 00 and as she would have probably preferred the front seats at the ceremony were given to 1500 poor and homeless men and women from all over italy. a mass was held in mexico today to honor mexican singer gabriel who died last weekend. the singer's ashes arrived home. pans lining the streets releasing white balloons in his honors. his actions will be sent to mexico city where an official
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been feeling the wrath of this tropical storm with rocky waters and strong winds. cruise lines are taking precautions. a carnival pride ship came back to port early after a trip to the bahamas and ships that are still out in those rough seas are going around the storm. next on 12 news at 10:00. birth control for rats? why an arizona company is developing it to use in flagstaff and elsewhere what is up, folks, it is bugs bunny. welcome to chicago. the windy city. the story be hind this comical trip that southwest passengers recently experienced. . it has been dry here in the valley over the past couple of days. tracking a brand-new tropical storm off of the coast of mexico. that likely will impact our weather. the details, coming up.
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no tom brady next weekend but they are still very dangerous. we will tell you why you can never sleep on a bill belicheck team. what does it feel like to be so close to making the team to be cut. the agnating story of golden and the family that drives him to quiche -- aggravating story of golden drives him to keep reaching for
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only on 12 news. an arizona company is behind a new approach at controlling a
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give a rat a birth control. >> a pair of breeding rats over a normal life span in the wild 8-9 months, will contribute 15,000 individuals to the population. >> reporter: loretta mayor and a team of scientists are working to stop an issue not many of us know about. >> they had the ability wipe europe out twice with the plague. by chewing one wire they can bring the city to an absolute crashing halt. >> reporter: she wants to replace rat poison with something called contrapest. basically a form of birth control for rats that does not harm them. >> i never seen an animal die from this product. >> reporter: it is healthier for the rats but also for the environment. >> and the poisoned rat can be preyed upon by not only your
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beautiful mountain lion in california. >> reporter: the liquid has been in the working if for more than 20 years. in recent years -- >> by 2013 we were in the subways of new york city. >> reporter: they can use the same concept on many invasive species. >> we are feline down the road. >> interesting. looking elsewhere. flight attendants can impact a paerpbl's trip. -- passenger's trip. >> we have reached the destination. what's up doc's this is bugs bunny on behalf of this flight crew southwest airlines welcome to chicago, the windy city.
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items are stowed. with the saoept sign be careful when opening up the bins. something could of shifted through flight and could come out. you would not want to get a bump on the noggin. >> he impersonated a dozen characters. i have seen those that sing. but i never seen impersonations like that. >> that is impressive. especially after a long flight. fun to have fun with the passengers. >> yes. >> you are always sad when you are >> yes. just sad if a way. [ laughter ] you know if you are flying into the valley you are going to experience a lot different weather today and also tomorrow vs what you are going to experience later on this week. look at the high temperature out there today. 101. we are below the average. look where you were on saturday. 106 out there. for tomorrow, forecasting slightly cooler temperatures as well. in fact the high temperature coming in at 100 degrees. look at that temperature.
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but big changes are coming into our forecast. here is arizona right now. not a whole lot going on. look down towards the south. a tropical storm that developed with about the past 2 hours. national hurricane center calling it this tropical storm newton. winds of 40 miles an hour. look at the forecast of the system. moving up towards baja and curve towards arizona. the storm will not pack the winds in arizona but could get a lot of moisture with it. the problem is, where moisture going to go? here it is right now. sitting off of the coast. what we are tracking is the jet stream, dropping down over arizona. that could really impact where the moisture does go for this system. if the set up is right, going over arizona, all of moisture from the system, moving in towards arizona resulting in the chance of rain out there. if this pattern shifts 50 or 60 miles look where all of thunderstorm chances go right in towards new mexico. certainly a very tricky forecast that we will keep you
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continue to develop. but for tomorrow, a one on the monsoon meter. a 0 everywhere else in the state. so, yes, it will be dry unfort fatly. the temperatures out there tonight. check it out. 70 in staffford. all of the way down to 42 in flagstaff. 40 in grand canyon. next 7 days there is a big change coming into the forecast. ed with and thursday and joe check out those temperatures. all of the way down to 95 on a fan of scary movies? maybe love halloween? how about a job you get paid to scare people. they are hiring for this year's haunted houses. we have the information on what it takes to get this acting gig. [singing] >> this fall ... >> reporter: every wonder what it is like acting it in a
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alter ego. >> we are looking for variety. i need big, tall, scary guy you see with the chainsaw in the movie but i need the creepy girl that hides in the corner and you don't know what she is going to do. >> reporter: the general manager for the haunted houses and the 13th floor. with the clock counting down to halloween, he is looking for a couple hundred actors to fill seasonal positions terrorizing people at one of the company's ct best ghoul? >> it starts without a costume. >> scare circles. put you in a circle of friends, hopefully, you start going towards the trainer in the middle. >> reporter: costumes are provided the attitude is all you. trainers can help people create their own version of any creepy character. >> usually people will start with the zombie. okay. that is a great start. then well your arm is broken. okay.
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that scary creature. >> auditions held every monday in september at 7:00 p.m. actors are hold to wear clothes that can move around in and bring waterrism the symbol of the games for the paraolympics. it is made out of recycled plastic and the theme games. the games start on wednesday. most people who wear contacts are guilty of it. going swimming without taking the contacts out. one woman ended up needing a cornea transplant. we have that story and a warning. >> reporter: your contacts are like a sponge. it can absorb bacteria. what happened next to fisher is something she wants everyone to learn from.
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bad. >> reporter: casey fisher can barely see out of her right eye. >> within 24 hours my eye was swollen shut. i was in the hospital. and the infection was so bad that it was hard to even know if a contact lens was in my eye. >> it was a big ulcer, an ulcer is a bacterial infection and eating through the tissue. >> reporter: her doctor believes her contact licenses soaked up bacteria when she went swimming in a pool a few weeks ago. a shoc >> i have been good about cleaning them. i have worn them for 30 years. >> reporter: now, most likely needs a transplant to restore her vision. >> it was really scary and it has been a tremendous adjustment. i am pretty active and i work as a psychiatrist and arizona an exercise instructor and life has gotten put on hold in many ways. >> reporter: she says 99% of the patients that develop
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them too long, sleeping in them, reusing disinfecting solutions or swimming with them. >> first of all you should not swim with your contacts. not going in hot tubs, swimming pools, lakes, or the oceans with your contacts. >> the doctor says it makes no difference if you are swimming in clear rein or saltwater pools, both can be -- chlorine or salt water pools, both can be filled with bte so, what do you think arizona's cutest town is? a new poll is out. i have my guess in. i am going to say strawberry. we have the answer, coming
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horror was the genre at the box office "don't breathe" thanks, "suicide squad" and then "pete's dragon" got the third spot. now, here is a where-did- the-time go.
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tomb stone, a trip into the wild west has gunfight reenactments and sa loans for tourists tomb stone is named the cutest town in arizona.
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national cheese pizza eating day. fired pie is celebrating by offers customers half off their cheese pizza if they buy a drink. here is tonight's shot of the day. usa gold medalist laura hernandez throwing out the first pitch. she flipped and fired out the looked like she had fun out there. she planned on doing a flip as soon as she found out she would be throwing out that first pitch. >> how about that. incredible. >> yes. i don't get it. fun to watch, too. the olympians now. in the spotlight and in different settings. now, one job. now, coop and cam are here tonight. guys, peace. any, any energy left over? >> joe, joe, joe, joe? >> yes, joe, joe, joe, joe.
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right now. >> your world has been rocked. >> your kid is -- on he pushed a magic trip on him. i had to see this again. i am frazzled. i really am. >> right over there. >> yes. no school tomorrow. hanging out here tonight. >> yes. the magic trick. this kid has me -- that is impossible to do. seriously. there. i can not explain it. i can not explain what i saw. >> yes. okay. now, i will tell you what. the action so good this past weekend college football season that, you know, we have too much ener tpwaoe. we have to give it that old college try.
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been. [music] [music] it was fun, too this week. >> it was, it was. >> the highs and the lows of the opening week fend in college football. last-minute winning, thrilli huge upsets. for fans, asu was not one of the upset ones. now, sun devils able to wear them down winning by a comfortable margin. here is how it sounded. [everyone talking at once] . [indiscernible] . >> discipline, do your job, have fun, right! here we go. >> you want to go out there and your eyes can't be too big.
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ready for the task at hand. >> >> gets away from the defender, in the end zone, he is in. touchdown arizona state. welcome to sun devils stadium. manny wilkins. >> the first drive, boom. that was nice, you know,. >> going downfield, scoring points. we will do what works. >> he gets swallowed up. there is the red shirt sophomore. >> we got a lot of weapon. >> nothing but space. he leaps the defender and goes down to the 25 yard line. there is the arizona state offense. >> just had to make a play for my team. getting the momentum going, getting on the field and gets the points. >> i like them to be careful more than all of that hurdling stuff. can not stay healthy doing all of that. >> i will not do that anymore so i don't get hurt. >> you have the ball you want to win the game. >> you see the power in the
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touchdown arizona state. >> we felt like we could run the ball and it would open up plays and wear them down. >> and he breaks through. touchdown sun devils. >>y and pounds them down, eventually we win. >> the pride of the guys, working, putting in a dominating win. >> going nowhere. aj. >> now, always a good first start when you are 1-0. when you look at it, you say, 44-13. that is -- something. that sounds good. >> all right. let's go. yes. let's go outside of the hud skpel -- hudel and talk about what we saw. -- huddle and talk about what we saw. >> i give them a b. because they won. you know manny can run the
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great. struggling throughing the football. at times, locking in on one receiver. his second pass or second attempt college crew intercepted. i like to see them get more comfortable throwing the pocket. he controlled that offense. at times, looking like he should be the starter. >> l what i saw, i thought that he put together a very basic vanilla package form. he did not really allow anyone holding the ball downfield. a lot of it short. yes. the , and one of things that i did like. in it, he stacked the boxes and tried to take the running game from him. coming back with the quarterback draw. that is what got manny lose. now the touchdown. so, i guess when you look at it.
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low so much. so much controversy. >> a lot of people asked, making a switch. now, manny shown a disservice. now, we need to see him against another opponent before we talk about two quarterbacks. >> yes. you don't want to bring that. >> now, defensively what did you see? >> defense looked really good, coop. last year they did not give up big plays. i taught that was key. i would like the front they talked about getting more pressure on the quarterback. no sacks, no forcing turnovers, they like to get that done. like to get them after it. the best part, no big plays. we saw plenty of those last year. thank good tphaopbs from the secondary, giving up over 330 yards. >> too many. [ laughter ] >> -- thank goodness, from the secondary, giving up over 300 yards. >> too many. [ laughter ] >> yes.


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