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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a bad ending to the holiday weekend ...phoenix police investigating a deadly shooting - and an suv that slammed into an apartment.the latest on this... ???jimmy teases a win is a win...and this morning - sun devil fans are celebrating..wildcats...and lumberjack fans...aren't.we're talking football with jay taylor... and support of colin kaepernick...going beyond the football field.the latest big sports star to take a knee.
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???toss weather ???adlib our top story this morning... phoenix police investigating a shooting - and an suv that hit an 12's jen
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right now - police are working on an ?active's happening at 83rd avenue and mcdowell...that's where team 12's bryan west is...
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let's get a quick check on this morning's hot headlines. a man - police say is a domestic violent suspect - is in the hospital right now... shot by a mystery gunman on the road last night. witnesses say that man tried to hit a woman with his car.. and... they say he had been arguing with her near 43rd ave and buckeye. police say someone then shot him - he drove off and later called police saying had been shot. the woman and a child involved are ok. looking for the shooter. tensions heating up between ?some community leaders and sheriff joe arpaio. last week, the court- appointed community advisory board in the melendres civil rights case... rejected a request by arpaio to meet and discuss issues still facing the community. board members told the sheriff they don't think he would meet in good faith... and they called on arpaio to step down. the department of justice is considering a referral to criminally prosecute the criminally prosecute the sheriff. arpaio is
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in office. a gruesome discovery for first responders at an apartment fire in phoenix. they found a man dead inside the unit.. it happened early saturday morning near 43rd avenue and thunderbird. an arson team was called in to investigate what caused the fire. no word yet on what killed the man. a reminder - because today is labor day - valley metro services will be operating on a sunday schedule. this means light rail and bus routes will end around 11 p-m. new numbers are out this rn compared to last year. according to the governor's office of highway safety... officers made 266 dui arrests between friday night and sunday morning. that's down from 469 last year. officers also only had to stop around 84-hundred people.. compared to more than 15- hundred last year. a few days left to go until the n-f-l season kicks off... so this weekend... it's all about the college games...and what a way to start things up.
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matchups.we'll be talking about that all morningmorning but let's start with our local programs...// how did asu look
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// u of a - stumbling out of the gate against b-y-u....// what are you looking for from tonight's big game from tonight's looking for // what
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// what are you looking for from tonight's big game between florida state and ole miss? first it was first it was colin kaepernick..then a couple of other nfl players did one of the u-s women's soccer stars is at it too.the story behind megan rapinoe... taking a knee... in three minutes. this guy...has more instagram followers than you.he's also
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famous he's got a hit video... in the making. boomer phelps' latest the morning jucie.... you're jucie.... you're watching 12 today... ###break###
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just a one-tank trip from phoenix, you will find a prehistoric high-rise apartment complex built into the side of a cliff. into the side of a cliff. arizona sewell takes us to montezuma's takes us to montezuma's castle home to the sinagua people from as far back as 1425 ad. as far back as to the sinagua montezuma's castle home to the
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montezuma's castle is one of the best-preserved cliff dwellings in north america. for more arizona treasures, be sure to watch arizona highways television, saturday's at 6:30 ad sunday's at 4:30 right here on 12 news. new this morning - and trending today is u-s soccer star megan rapinoe. she knelt during the national anthem last night before a national women's soccer league game. she says she's protesting racial injustice and minority oppression. rapinoe's protest follows similar high-profile actions by san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. repinoe tweeted overnight, "it's the least i can do. keep the conversation going."
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women out there...and now... she's back on twitter...again. leslie jones - star of saturday night live... and awesome olympic correspondent - undeterred by the hacking of her personal website... pledges she will "always get back up." jones was harassed with racist messages on social media over the summer. and her website was hacked in late august. since then... she had been quiet. but over the weekend, she began tweeting again. she says "i'm so ok, really." and she a funny."?? ad lib ?? michael phelps - born to be an olympic champion.michael's son boomer?might not be far behind. little boomer already has six-hundred-seventy-nine- thousand instagram followers. and now - he's got one really cool video to show off as well. on his instagram page...he's also taken pictures with jimmy
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ad lib ?? now time for your juicy question of the morning... here in here in arizona.... you will typically see this ten to twenty times... but you will never be able to touch it, smell it or taste it.what is this?and will you see this... and will you see this... sometime in september? ???adlib
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???adlib weather
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bernie sanders - back on the campaign trail...making the case for a hillary clinton presidency.that's in three minutes... and parents - listen up...the codes you need to know... to crack your kids secret texts... you're watching 12 today...
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senator bernie sanders will bernie senator senator bernie sanders will campaign for democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton on monday. that tops our look at stories we're following this morning. the former democratic presidential candidate will hold his first solo campaign event for his former rival in new hampshire. senator
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high school where he is expected to talk about clinton's economic plan. the vermont senator will highlight clinton's plans to build an economy that works for all americans and not just the wealthy. clinton lost new hampshire to sanders in the nation's first primary election. an international bankruptcy is freezing up ports on the west coast this morning. more than 45 ships loaded with a half million containers of cargo are stranded at sea, after last weeks' bankruptcy of south korea's hanjin shipping company. the ships cannot dock because hanjin is unable to this morning - the paralympic committee is making final preparations for the paralympic games in rio. the symbol of the games was unveiled at copacabana beach this weekend. the sculpture is made of recycled plastic - reflecting the theme of protecting the environment which has been prevalent at this year's summer games. the paralympic games start wednesday. a deadly shooting overnight - sends an s-u-v into an apartment..and police looking for answers.the latest on a violent labor day weekend in the five minutes...
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this morning - over a tee shirt sold at target...its got a lot of people talking ... including us. more 12 today
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get ready... because the monsoon may kick back into gear.a tropical storm could drench us later this week. trying to crack the codes.this morning... the secrets behind those letters your kids are texting back kids are texting back kids are texting back and forth. one and oh.could the sun devils make the college football playoff?this morning a look at the a-s- unlike anything we've shown you before. and no holiday off for the morning 30 minutes.... we'll deliver the answer to your first juicy question. ???adlib welcome


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