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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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a nice shot of the super stations. 76 degrees. dew point's 39. winds out of the east at 7 miles per hour. the dew points so dry. dry air fluctuates. it heats up quickly and cools rapidly. we're down to 68. 65 for anthem. this is refreshing for this time of year. maybe an indication of where we're headed. it's that time of year. but a break in the monsoon. average temperatures but storm chances start moving in degrees for flag staff. there's your monsoon meter. a zero for today. we'll tube about stormy weather and the potential for localized flooding in the valley by the middle of the workweek. our top story this morning, police are investigating a shooting at an suv that slammed into an apartment. we're live at 27th and camel back with the latest on our top story. >> reporter: good morning to you. investigators have been out
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person or people behind this deadly shooting. police now digging through evidence because they don't have a whole lot to go off of. possibly looking for some surveillance video. the crime scene expanding off and on over night. and orange is blocked off at 27th avenue near camel back. the victim shot multiple times inside his vehicle. authorities believe the gunshot wounds caused him to lose control and slam his car right into this apartment. there were three people asleep and police say they were evaluated by the fire department and no one was hurt. numerous monaca calls came into authorities right after the crash reporting the gunshots. but police say because it appears that everyone was asleep at the time, it's been very difficult to piece this together so far. a suspect on the loose. authorities looking for that person or people. if you have information, contact phoenix police. jen wall, 12 today.
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monitoring a police situation on the west side near 83rd avenue and mcdowell with the latest. >> reporter: police have confirmed to us that this was an early morning home invasion. this all happening to the house on my left. i want to direct your attention to the second story window. as you can see, the curtains are hanging out that window is wide open. we were seeing police about an hour ago, investigators that were looking through that room, flashlights were coming out through the curtains. we're not sure if someone where the suspect entered. we got to the scene at 4:00 this morning. i can tell you it was very active. you had the phoenix fire bird up ahead circling and shinning light down on the neighborhood. officers were behind squad cars that had headlights pointed at this house. the call came out as a gunshot wound. we're trying to confirm if the victim or the suspect was shot. phoenix police should have coming to update us on more
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we'll direct that to you. the weekend dui task force remains in place today. law enforcement officers around the valley are working to keep the roads safe. the chandler police department's traffic unit is conducting a task force with officers from gilbert, mesa, tempe and scottsdale. dui arrests are down in 2016 compared to last year. tensions heating up between some last week the court appointed community advisory board in the civil rights case, rejected a request and discussed issues still facing the community. board members telling the sheriff they do not believe the sheriff would meet in good faith and calling on our pilot to step down. the department of justice is considering a referral to prosecute the sheriff. we're learning that this year's waste management phoenix open was another success.
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event to raise well more than $9 million for charity. the waste management phoenix open also set an attendance record drawing in more than 600,000 people. quick reminder for everyone that since today is a holiday, valley metro services are operating on a sunday schedule. so that means service for the light rail and bus routes will end around 11:00 tonight. so please plan accordingly. it's now let's go fighting boys. fire works at the end of yesterday's camping world truck series race. heading into the final turn, colt and john nemechek crash into each other. the two crossed the finish line in the grass. nemechek was named the winner. this is where it got good. after the race, he tackles nemechek. the pair were quickly separated but that's not something you see everyday in racing. sports insider jay taylor joins me now. fighting in nascar, whether
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cup series, is it good or bad for the sport? >> these are the type of things you don't want to see. people are paying for action on the track. not off the track. and you can get guys like this hurt. bottom line is, testosterone gets high. guys are agitated because the bumping going around the track. >> he crashed into him before the finish of the race. he's got something to be upset about it. >> this is not the way to do it. in my opinion, when you do now he's not racing for several months. as a racer, you have to take a step back, and say i'm highly upset. maybe i should take a breath. i need to think about why i'm upset and let the league take care of it. nascar, they have to get this under control. maybe by fining guys. no, i'm going to take you down. and that's exactly what he did there.
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alabama crushed u.s.c the crimson tide's offensive coordinator tweeted this picture of his son. ?:14:00 a.m. lax. portsfan. that's the time and the place lane was fired from his head coaching job when the team got back from a 62-41 loss to the arizona state sun devils in 2013. does he have a something good to do or is he rubbing it in now that he's gone on to better things. it shows immaturity. as a coach, when you don't win and bad things happen, they're going to let you go, it's part of the business. to take it to the personal level like heady. i think it was too much. but i understand the dig. he's frustrated. personally, don't do something like that.
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might also join the staff. so it's one of those things, if you win, they won't get rid of you, if you lose, of course, you will get fired. >> it's a crazy world of college football. still ahead on 12 today, cruising for a bruising, not nascar. how vacationers on board cruise ships are feeling the wrath of hurricane hermine. sometimes stars are like us. why carrie underwood does her own hair and makeup on tour. has chloe kardashian found love in the nba again? the morning juice is just
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good morning. gorgeous start to the day on this monday and labor day, it's 6:10. crystal with the morning juice,
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carrie underwood. let's start with chloe kardashian. making waves in mexico with the new man. the reality star spotted with a member of the cleveland cavaliers. they landed in mexico for labor day fun and sun. according to people magazine. the two are a mini thing. they like hanging out with each other and are seeing where it goes. thompson helped the calves she's been linked to several nba players in the past. she's divorcing lamar odom, dating sun devil and current houston rocket james harden. dirty laundry is the name of carrie underwood's latest single and a favorite thing of hers to do. the superstar admits that while on the road she travels with a
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a human. and her son, dogs, and cooking surface is on the bus. because she likes to cook as much as possible. adding that room service gets old. time for your second juicy question of the morning. that first was pretty juicy. one of ten women say that no matter what, they won't show this to they mother. some say because it's embarrassing. others worry about receiving a lecture from what is this? >> a couple people thought tattoo. but that would be embarrassing? i feel like that's kind of like too easy an answer. these are always like beyond what you think. >> belly button piercing. >> what would we not show our moms, crystal? >> i don't know. maybe your paycheck. or maybe the spending that you
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>> my mom shops with me. she knows. she knows the trouble i'm in. >> it's tattoo or belly button piercing. it has to be one of those two. everything else you guys do together you think about it. >> the embarrassing thing is what stumps me. take a look at this. people on board crews ships are feeling hermine's wrath with traveling back from a trip to the bahamas. they brought the ship to port near baltimore maryland early on saturday. ships are charting in the atlantic ocean, crews are working to keep the water out and people safe on what are now slippery floors. we here in the valley of the sun, looking like rain in the valley. >> big time in the middle of the workweek. i wouldn't want to be on a cruise ship out there.
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that's got to be a mess. but off cape cod right now, down toward the south, long island, big surf in toward the region. you want it to go slow. especially if you have the day off, relax, get up, watch us. we'll get you through this next hour or so. it should be really good out here. 76. step outside. you'll feel how comfortable it is outside. how comfortable is it? we have 65 in anthem. 74 69 for luke air force base. and buckeye, 66 degrees. a great way to start your morning. fountain hills also in the 60s. a bit of a monsoon break. we like to joke. it's the nonsoon. it goes until the end of the month. temperatures about average. there's potential for localized flooding wednesday, thursday, and friday. i have low spots around the garage that i need to shore up
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think ahead. i'm almost hoping this goes bust but it look like it'll be the real deal as the pitch comes from the south of us -- this moisture comes from the south of us. tuesday and wednesday, we had a 20% chance. we have a 20% chance now. the gathering is continuing to happen. zeros for the monsoon meter. also pretty quiet. this is our tropical storm newton. it's going to move up the baha. it's going to weaken. but all at it's going to get picked up and drawn right in toward arizona. other parts of the country, up of michigan, right on in towards duluth minnesota, cloudy skies, cold weather, and of course boston massachusetts, look at all this rainfall. heavy surf across that region. down toward south florida. we had big storms across that area too. that's not the case. we're looking pretty dry here too for parts of florida. and of course the southwest, we're high and dry. go to the south. look at this moisture.
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you can see this. this is a tremendous amount. and right now we're on the dry side. but it's going to be moving up toward the north. we'll feel the effects on wednesday and thursday. tomorrow, a slight chance of a storm. clear skies. pretty packed up there. a lot of people trying to climb that mountain early on this morning. todayings temperatures at 102 degrees. be off the mountain by 10:00. it's not extremely hot. if you're visiting and you're not used to temperatures. be done by 9:00. this moisture is coming up the baha. expected to move through our region with lots of moisture too. 102 degrees for our labor day forecast. then about a 20% chance of storms for tuesday. wednesday, we will go 93 degrees. and a good chance of storms. especially for thursday. look at this number, 91 for the high temperatures.
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too. we start to dry out. but wednesday, thursday, and friday. the potential right now for localized flooding. thank you. it was home to the southwest's most hardened criminals and some say they still haunt the jail cells today. robin from arizona highway's television takes us to the yuma territorial prison where history, hollywood, and ghost stories all come together. >> the townspeople called it the country club on but the convicts called it the hell hole. >> it's not a club where you want to be a member. in 1876 the yuma territorial prison was home to arizona territory's most dangerous and unusual criminals. >> people committed crimes ranging from murder, larceny, cattle wrestling, horse theft. we had a man in prison for seduction under the promise of marriage.
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six men to a cell. it could get very crowded. especially if you're not liked by other cell mates. they only took showers once a week. you had the problem of the bucket used as a restroom. which was emptied once a day. >> not what you would consider luxurious. but during that period, this prison was ahead of the game. >> this institution was really modern for its time. it had electricity before the town of yuma. we did have a ventilation system at the prison. and they in town. >> even the way prison officials kept tabs on the inmates was considered innovative. a special mirror was used when snapping mug shots. >> i think it was very creative. how to get both views of the convict. and unfortunately, the first 200 convicts do not have a photo. but the remaining convicts do. >> at this prison, there were some pretty famous faces.
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frank leslie. he was sent to prison for murder. we had women convicts here. the most famous was pearl harden committed the last stagecoach robbery in arizona. >> when the convicts acted up, the results were swift and severe. >> there were three forms of punishment here. one was the ball and chain for those who tried to escape. maximum security for the troublemakers but for the cell. in the center of the cell there's a cage. and it's 5-foot high. and 10-foot long. there were two solid metal doors. no light whatsoever. the only light is from a vent in the center of the room. >> by the early 1900s the prison closed its doors to criminals. but some say inmates are still serving time. >> there's two areas supposedly haunted. one is the pain cell block
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is the dark cell. and in a is haunted by the spirit of a little girl who lived in the dark cell during the 1930s during the great depression. >> hauntings and history, it's the prison on the hill that still teaches people today. a touch of arizona's old west and a legacy no longer kept under lock and key. >> well, that prison was featured yuma and the three musketeers. saturday at 6:30 and sundays at 4:30 on 12 news. still ahead, could gold medalist lorrie hernandez stick the landing on her first pitch. watch her take a page out of simone biles book in our shot of the morning. we want to see how well you know this national holiday. where was labor day first
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good monday morning to you. it's 6:23 in the valley. here's a live look at cape main new jersey where it looks
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beach. they are about to get the effects of tropical storm hermine. could become hurricane hermine. they say forecasters, including our meteorologists, a little away from land. the effects might not be as bad as they thought they could be. now for our 12 today trivia question. it's labor day, we're wondering, where was labor day first celebrated in the u.s. and when? any last minute guesses? >> i'm going to say somewhere back >> i'm going back east as well, maybe let's go with 1892. >> okay. crystal, any thoughts ? >> well, you know, yeah, washington dc. i like second all of your guesses. i'm thinking along the same line. 1882 in new york. it was planned by the central labor union and included 10,000 workers and marched around the city. they had a concert and picnic. labor day became a national
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1896. >> that would have been my second guess. time for the shot of the morning for you. u.s.a. gold medalist lorrie hernandez throwing out the first pitch at the nationals mets game saturday night. of course, she didn't do it just you know any other ordinary boring way. she flipped and fired off that pitch. impressive none the less. a little wide. hernandez says she planned on doing a flip as so out the pitch. she probably flipped when she first found out any ways. >> in the words of bob, just a bit outside. >> the flip makes up for it. the throw after wasn't that great. but mine would have been behind me or something like that. >> it would have been nice if she flipped the other way. if she flipped she would have continued on and threw it.
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direction. still ahead, americans need a vacation, but will they actually take it? new numbers show there's a good chance they'll pass. the details ahead in your mornings mix. if you're traveling on labor day, perhaps you'll consider a stop in gila bend where being an old crab is a badge of honor.
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coming your way on 12 today, police investigate an over night shooting and crash that left one person dead, we're live with the latest. and here comes the sun, but here comes a big storm to the south of us. i'm going to tell you more about that, coming up. and 1 in 10 women say no this to their mother, what is a grown woman afraid to show mom. the answer is minutes away in your morning juice. to wear white or not to wear white? we look at the real history behind one of fashion's biggest debates. >> there are no resumes in fashion -- rules in fashion, are there? welcome on this labor day. 6:29 is the time. some depending on how you look
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department. >> we need rain and cooler weather but we don't need the flooding that could come with it. we have a lot of rainfall in the area forecasted. today right now, great sky, visibility way out there. we have dry weather. sun blaring up over the horizon. dew point is 39. winds out of the east at 7 miles per hour. but temperatures 60s all ready. 65 in anthem. luke air force base, 69, and look at that. weather storms coming in by wednesday's forecast. today, rain-free. back to you. a deadly shooting ends with a car crashing into an apartment building. jen wall has been on the scene near 27th avenue and camel back, jen? good morning to you. police have been investigating since before 2:00 this morning. now on the hunt for the suspect or suspects behind the deadly shooting. take a look. investigators digging through evidence because they don't
6:31 am
now. the crime scene expanding off and on over night. orange is blocked off at 27th avenue near camel back. the victim shot multiple time inside of his vehicle. authorities say they believe the gunshot wound caused him to lose control and slam right into this apartment. there were three people asleep inside at the time. they were evaluated by the fire department and miraculously, no one was hurt. numerous emergency calls did go into police right after the crash reporting gunshots. but or asleep at the time, it has been extremely difficult to piece this together. so again, a suspect on the loose, police don't have much information about that person or people. if you have any information, contact phoenix police. we're live in phoenix, jen wall, 12 today. thank you for the update. right now we're learning brand new details on an over night home invasion. team 12's brian west is live near 83rd avenue and mcdowell with the latest from there.
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early morning home invasion. this happened to the left at that two story house there. phoenix police telling us shortly before 3:00 a.m. officers were called to the area because of shots fired at the house. the homeowner reported he was awoken by several men inside the home stealing personal property. the homeowner exchanges gunfire with the men. officers then arrive and rescued the man and his nine- year-old daughter from inside. the house and the surrounding area were searched around 4:00 a.m. that's when we got out here. ahead shinning a lot on this area. we're told by phoenix police that no suspects were located and there were no reported injuries. but i want you to take a look at the second story window. this is what we see out here. we've seen police flashlights through the curtains. but that window is completely open with the curtain hanging ow. not sure if that was how men came out or if that's where they entered. phoenix police are continuing the investigation in the west
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mcdowell, brian west,. hot headlines as we approach 6:33, reports of theft of credit and debit card information through gas pumps around arizona are rising at an alarming rate. arizona department of agriculture officials say 52 skimmer devices have been found so far this year. in comparison, 11 were found last year. governor doug ducey signed a law to increase felony penalty when criminals use skimmers for financial gain. low. it's a nickel cheaper here in phoenix. compare that to a year ago, 2.71 a gallon. first responders found a man dead inside an apartment early saturday morning near 43rd avenue and thunder bird. an arson team was called in to investigate what caused the fire. no word on what killed the man. a man police say is a domestic violence suspect is in the hospital now shot by a
6:34 am
night. witnesses say that man tried to hit a woman with his car. he had been arguing with her near 43rd avenue and buckeye. someone shot him, drove off, and called police saying he had been shot. the woman and a child involved are okay. 6:34, can you wear white after labor day? it's a debate that never seems to end but first there's a target t-shirt being called offensive. crystal is here with that. >> target under fire for a shirt they're selling. at least tar it turns out that they are selling this bat girl shirt for girls. and it has a to-do list on it that includes getting the dry cleaning and washing up the car. however, batman shirts for boys, just have muscles on them. some people, not too pleased with this. well, it's the biggest debate across the country this time of year, can you wear white after labor day? i so say yes. it turns out the history of the no white after labor day rule
6:35 am
in the 1900s. white clothes were more functional than fashionable. they were worn to keep people cool when there wasn't air conditioning. naturally white clothing wasn't necessary when the weather got cold. that turned into a fashion rule that stuck for decades. however, now just about any stylist will tell you forget about it. you can rock your white jeans oratresses or whatever long after this weekend. -- jeans or you so can wear it year round. especially in arizona. let's get to your juicy question of the morning. one of ten women say no matter what they won't show this to their mother. what is it a grown woman is so afraid to show mom? any final guesses? >> i'm sticking with the belly button piercing. i'm going to be specific about the tattoo. i'm saying, what is it called
6:36 am
i'm saying one of those two. >> that's one way to say it. another way would be the one on the lower back. >> or in like a private area i guess. >> all right. the answer -- >> inside their fridge. >> really? e' >> seriously? >> for some people that's a big no no. you don't look inside someone's fridge in their house. that's more personal than the bed room. >> my mom is so sweet. she brings me groceries. she's always in my fridge. >> they're like you have no food. let me shop for you. because you need to eat. that's how parents are. that baffles me.
6:37 am
jeff's fridge. wow. i love that. 6:36 is the time now. sometimes when you're traveling. you meet people along the way who are so interesting. that's what happened to rob and sue. when she was on the way to gila bend, she met an old crab. >> home to friendly people and five old crabs. gila bend may only have a population of about 1700 but it's got twice meet earl and shirley carpenter. or earl and shirl. earl is gila bend's senior ranking old crab. >> how do you like living in gila bend? >> it's different let's put it that way. >> different than what. >> there's not a heck of a lot that goes on. >> earl may speak softly. but clearly he's not one to
6:38 am
>> well, i call the people the way i see them. >> so earl, you have earned quite the title. it is a distinction that not many people have. you are an old crab. >> that's what they call me. i'm an old crab. >> is that something to brag about? being an old crab? >> well, you might say so. i like being called an old crab. because she keeps calling me an old crab. >> they moved to gila bend from upstate new york in 1980. they've lived here for more than half as long as they've been married. >> how long have you been married? >> oh good lord -- >> 60 years i guess. >> so how does one earn the title of old crab? >> you have to be voted in. >> of course. there are strict campaign
6:39 am
dollar. whoever you're selling the tickets to. and all that money goes to the rotary club here in gila bend. they in turn take that money and give it to seniors that are graduating from the gila bend high school as a scholarship. >> people must have given a lot of money for you to be the old crab. >> i was the highest paid crab in gila bend. >> so if earl were to be voted out of office, who does he think would to fill his seat? >> the only old crab that i can think of right now would be -- i don't even want to mention his name. >> come on, you can say it. come on, say it. >> it's mr. trump.
6:40 am
dry weather outside; is the monsoon over? big storms headed our way. maybe localized flooding. i'll let you know when and where, coming up office, have movie fans soured on the movie experience or is hollywood not giving them enough reason to go? we're discussing that in the morning mix.
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welcome back everyone to 12 today. it's time for the morning mix. and it looks like americans are forgetting to take time off. so listen to this. more than 40% of u.s. workers day last year. and today, 41% of employers will have some staff working. hence us. happy labor day everyone. while americans are reportedly working more, they aren't the most over worked. surprisingly, turkey tops that list. with mexico not far behind. the u.s. actually came in at number 16. that surprised me. i thought we'd be a lot higher.
6:44 am
the most. >> the countries, on an international scale there, i thought we'd rank higher. >> it begs the question of why are americans working more and not taking vacation time? >> it's simple. if you can get paid for that time a lot of people say give me the money, i want to keep working type of thing. >> how many people realistically have that option. >> a lot of people work on holidays because you get time and a half. and it's less busy. so a lot of people are like i get time d work as hard as i would normally do, i'll take that. >> cell phones, tablets, i mean you're so technologically, you know, connected with work, that you're just -- you can't get away from it. >> even when you're off you're still working or thinking about work. for some companies, they make it difficult for people to take time off too. there's that issue as well. speaking of too much of things, we know you love
6:45 am
new numbers out show overwhelmingly americans are not fans of remakes and sequels from ghost busters to independence day summer was littered with sequels that under performed. sony will lose tens of millions on ghost busters. it got us thinking, is hollywood running out of good ideas ? >> i agree. they are running out of good ideas. behe you have to come up with something new and original. we were talking off air about cartoons. those are always new and fresh. comedies are always kind of new and fresh. when you're trying to do a blockbuster though, you have to think out the box now, just like music, been there, done that, seen it. so what are you going to show me? or how are you going to show me something completely different than i viewed it before? so that's why we were seeing --
6:46 am
was something different than no one's done. >> especially when they tackle a blockbuster that was huge that you don't want to see a sequel. and then it's like hollywood, don't you know better? the movies that i love the most are the ones based on a true story. and i think hollywood has kind of turned towards that. you see so many movies that are, you know, developed because it actually happened. >> right. and those are always, usually let us know what you think. in the mean time, it's 6:46. how's the labor day forecast looking? jimmy? jimmy? wake up? we're focusing on this storm here. it's pretty awesome here. with a chance of rainfall coming in toward the area. very interesting. okay. also. clear skies out there. 76 degrees. and 6:46 is our current time. 76 right now. the dew point is 39.
6:47 am
it's been dry. these temperatures, 69 for surprise as well as buckeye, 65. anthem now has dipped to 64. the sun's up. things will be coming up. but this has been the coolest we've seen it all season long. is it an indication of an early fall? nope. not at all. 67 degrees for chandler. and 71 for awatukee. tram is giving me a big high five right there. storm chances start to increase. a little rainfall moving in here. possibly tomorrow. heavier stuff wednesday, thursday, and friday. thursday could be the big day with potential for flooding around the area. temperatures about average to below average for today. and all ready, almost 30 degrees. almost 39 in flag staff.
6:48 am
i have to hike that canyon it's beautiful when the maples start to turn. still have time. a month or so before we talk about the leaves changing. but none the less, the halloween exhibits are popping up around the stores. and we're feeling that cool weather here. monsoon meter, zero for northern arizona. 0 for southeast arizona in the valley. this is what we have. we have our system to the south. newton will be coming up. tropical storm will start to break up as it gets we're going to start to see cooler and cooler temperatures. more showers across the middle part of the country. upper midwest. and of course there's our storm -- what was once our hurricane, now continuing to bring high surf across boston, cape cod, down to the south, clear skies, a few light showers around florida. we really have clear skies from phoenix down toward the south. and there is newton. just starting to brew.
6:49 am
and it's going to make a b line here. we'll feel the effects wednesday, thursday, and friday of this week as it starts to roll up the pike. it's going to weaken from tropical storm strength down possibly to a tropical depression by the time it gets closer toward our region. slight chance of storms tomorrow. wednesday, thursday, and friday, scattered storms. 91. that will give you an idea, there's going to be a lot of cloud cover here by the middle part. tram, matt, i'm telling you, this could be a big storm. the biggest one we've seen it's usually when hurricanes and tropical systems break up that we get this type of moisture. a lot of chances for rain, right now police are searching for the suspect behind a deadly shooting that happened around 2:00 this morning near 27th avenue and camel back. the victim was shot multiple times inside of his vehicle and then crashed into an apartment building. at this our, police are also investigating a home invasion that happened a couple hours ago near 83rd avenue and mcdowell. police searched for suspects from the air and on the ground,
6:50 am
task force remains in place today. law enforcement officers are working to keep the roads safe. the chandler police department's traffic unit is conducting a task force with officers from scottsdale. dui arrests are down in 2016 compared to last year. a quick reminder for everyone that because today is a holiday. valley metro services are operating on a sunday schedule. that means service for light rail and bus routes will end plan accordingly. a vehicle was hit by a train last night. it happened as the train was headed from florida to dc. passengers say they smelled gas. when they looked outside, the train pushed the vehicle a couple hundred yards up the track. no word on the extent of injuries suffered by the driver of the car, but amtrak says no one on the train was hurt. this morning folks in the northeast are keeping a close eye on what's left of hermine. wind gusts of up to 40 miles per hour predicted with more
6:51 am
fall. minor coastal flooding expected. red flag warnings warn folks of the danger. 37 waste water disposal wells will be shut down because of that 5.6 magnitude quake. an official says the wells are among about 4200 across the state, an increase in nag my attitude 3.0 or greater earthquakes in oklahoma has been linked to under ground disposal of waste water from oil and natural gas production or fracking. saturday's earthquake tied for the largest in no major damage was reported. now to decision 2016. the presidential campaign is not stopping on this labor day. hillary clinton and running mate tim kaine will be in cleveland ohio today. tim kaine will also make a stop in pennsylvania. former president bill clinton will also stop in ohio to campaign for his wife. on the republican side, we are just learning that donald trump will have a couple campaign stops today. we know tomorrow he'll be in virginia beach virginia as well. we'll hold a rally the following day in greenville
6:52 am
and president obama will become the first sitting u.s. president to visit louse today. they'll discuss the deadly bombs that litter the country side. left over from the vietnam war when they dropped cluster bombs on the country. 80 bombs are estimated to not have detonated and are still there today. a 19-year-old panda gave birth to a set of twins saturday morning. how precious. they're like a stick o inseminated. zoo staff discovered she was pregnant last month. this is her second pair of twins. zoo atlanta says visitors should be able to meet the cubs starting around december. >> they are so precious. it gets me how small they are. and how big they grow up to be. stick around, a final check of weather before you head out to start your labor day, that's
6:53 am
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6:55 am
all right folks. we are at 6:55 right now on this labor day. we do have lots of sunshine. beautiful weather. i hope you have the day off.
6:56 am
guys. get the barbecue ready. should be good. 102 degrees for today. and of course for tuesday, just a slight chance of a storm. a 20% chance of rain. look at these numbers. 93 for wednesday. thursday, we go 91. and of course stormy conditions start to move in here. and we could have the potential for localized flooding. we have a tropical system, a storm that will break up and put that moisture into the area. we dry out by the weekend. but and it's the last month of monsoon. and our heat tends to go down by the end of the month. pizza lovers have another reason to celebrate. it's national cheese pizza day. not to be confused with national pizza day. which is in july. with the array of toppings these days, even pizza lovers know sometimes it's best to just go with the classic cheese. according to a report from u.s. department of agriculture, about 1 in 8 americans consume pizza on any given day.
6:57 am
>> sausage, mushroom, and i love olive on there. >> yummy. >> really good. and i don't know. what do you call it? i don't like the thick style or the thin style. somewhere in the middle. >> hand tossed. >> i like everything on it. combo. >> yeah. must at least have black olives. but i love the supreme. >> meat, meat, and more meat. put it all on there. >> meat lovers. >> notice i skip matt. >> i love pizza. that's a misnomer. i cheese, extra sauce and veggies. >> today is not your day. >> tomorrow won't be my day either. >> got ya. final take aways. i'm so impressed that the refrigerator that you saw, because people are embarrassed to show their mother that. that was jeff our producer's refrigerator. i can't believe that. so nice and clean, i'm jealous. my take away, college football is is back. they billed this kickoff weekend as the best ever.
6:58 am
1972. it's going to be one heck of a season. >> i didn't get the memo. i've been wearing white all yearlong. i didn't know you have to stop wearing it. >> you did right. you can wear it year round. forget about that. mine is going to be since we are celebrating labor day today, it was first celebrated in new york in 1882. americans give away a tremendous amount of vacation days because we're so hard working. >> you're really up upset ou what's happening in our society. giving away vacation? on a day like today, there's no vacation for us. we all chose to work. >> we're happy to do it. >> for you. >> 12 news is always on. and your favorite social media apps. coming up, the best deals for this labor day, have a wonderful day everyone. enjoy what's left of your
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. tense talk. president obama goes one-on-one with vladamir putin overnight. the leaders clashing on everything from cyber security tosia as the president admits to gaps of trust between the world powers. show of support. a star soccer player kneels during the national anthem. a nod to colin kaepernick. the president weighing in on that controversy as well. >> i think he cares about some real legitimate issues that have to be talked about. >> this morning the growing backlash against the quarterback and the sudden spike in his jersey sales. holiday headache.


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