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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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coming your way on 12 today, hurricane newton is heading right here to the valley. when we could see a whole bunch of rain. and our chances for rain as hurricane newton heads our way. i will have the totals straight ahead. plus, just two days until the regular nfl season kicks off and we want to know how many official game footballs wilson each season. did someone say football? johnny manziel is making a come back, in school. where the troubled former nfl quarterback is hitting the books. well, good morning morn youing to you--good morning to you, hope you had a great holiday weekend. i am matt and jimmy is tracking the weather. when do you think we will see the hurricane here in the valley?
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tonight, right now, some, it seems like it is more of a west valley thing for today. but it is coming in from the south, so a lot of wind, and we need the dew points to pick up, we are really dry. so i am questioning it as it starts to move in. because the dry air, it is just going to hold in the moisture. when it is humid, when it is full, we get the rainfall. and then it is quiet, in flagstaf nice, travel, for most of the day, should be just fine. we do have the flash flood watch for tonight. okay, so there is our hurricane right now, category one storm coming, in is hurricane newton. it is a pacific storm, riding up the baja. here are the clouds and there is the moisture, the dew points will stat to pick up. we are mainly in the 30s and 40s, so it is dry out for dew points, but down here, already to 55 so the humidity is picking up over there. a couple of high clouds around,
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sailors take warning, later on today, there could be a slight chance for a storm. 79-degrees, the dew point is 3, like we talked ant, so--is 38, like we talked about, so very dry. and now here is the heaviest impact. it is coming in wednesday through thursday, about half an inch to maybe an inch and a half. but right now, the biggest concerns are to the south and east of the valley. so make a line all the way from maricopa and then up to globe, and into the rim country. to tonight, about a three for the valley and white mountains, a two for northern arizona. the storm is moving up and it is going to take a right hand turn going into the state. now how quick it moves to the right is determining how much rain we are getting herer in the valley. remember, the last big storm about a year ago, it went bust on us because it turned to the right. now 8:00 p.m. for tonight, west valley concerns, and then later on,
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roll in by wednesday morning, it could be heavy as it makes it way up to the rim country. and then that that is--and then that is rain on wednesday. and krystle, right now, we have a flash flood watch, it is kicking in tonight. jimmy, i think we are going to be busy the next couple of mornings tracking that. right now, you are in luck if you are about to hop on the 17 southbound is, here is the crash at mcdowell, it s cleared. but not so fast, we are still at the top of rush hour here, so we are pretty full of cars there. that is at cal employee-back- -at camelback. and here, you can see the 0 and the 17 east valley, oh, that is a part of the dry that is rook- -of the drive that is looking great here this morning. we still have the green and you have the top speeds with the exception of this dot of slowing here on the 10 westbound past the 202. and now the travel times, about
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30s from the 101 to the stack. 17 minutes for that drive and 17 southbound right now, down into the 40s from the 101 to the stack, probably aftermath of that crash, 19 minutes more that drive. and now for--for that drive. and now forward in time here, we are looking at the 7:00 a.m. hour drive here, so the 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. time frame when you know you are hitting on the brakes, you can see the slow spots all over the place. some speed readings in the 20s there on the 17 southbound and 32 miles there at the 101 and 2092 interchange. over to you, tram. thank you, the trial resumes today for a scottsdale yoga instructor who is accused of having relations with boys at a party. >> reporter: lindsey will be taking the stand here at scottsdale justice center here
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shall on of multiple--suspicion of multiple sex crimes. she said she was intoxicated and does not remember that. and now 80 to 100 people were at the party that he also reportedly flashed several people. now after the adults [ laughter ] the the party, police say she invited earl boys into a room- -s b and she claims that someone slipped her a drug. she could face jail time, a fine, and three years of probation. again, she will be here in court around 8:30 a.m. this morning. the trial will wrap up next week. bryan west, 12 today. brian, thank you. a little girl is clinging to life after falling into a play pool. iten had last night near 83rd
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medics rushed here to phoenix children 's hospital in critical condition. no word on how she is doing this morning. investigators say it appears to have been an accident. this morning, the man accused ofsetting off--of setting off homemade explosives in bull head city in custody. the man ask accused--is accused of setting off bombs in an ally. officers searched his home and found more today after a seven week recess. items including funding for the government, funding to help combat the zika virus and the confirmation of a new supreme court justice. and then they will go home again soon and campaign. flip it, on the end,
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cap add great opening weekend of college football last night, the number four florida team got a win. florida state wins it 45-34. and now a check of the morning juice with emma. yes, you know, we are staying on the topic of football, because johnny manziel is going back to school. he has re-enrolled in texas there are reports that his name is listed on the student directory and his major, it is recreation parks and tourism sciences. with 90 credit hours already. johnny is out of football after several off the field problems, including a charge of domestic violence for allegedly attacks his ex-girlfriend. wow, back to school. hey, if you grew up in the 90s watching saved by the bell,
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smile, ac slater went back to wayside, the host of extra, marrow lopez, who--mario lopez, stopped by the temporary pop up in chicago, gave the employees and customers the thrill of a lifetime. and how cool is that place? he documented the entire experience on his instagram. not bad. bravo. all right, now to the juicy question of the research shows that men who have one of these tend to make 15% to 20% more than men who do not have this. all right, ready for your first hint? research also shows that men who have is one of these live longer. >> so what do you think it is? thoughts? >> so a number of people on my facebook page said a wife. >> we do such good things for our husbands. >> yes, and she is going eat
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in so no--in no time. >> and will he really live longer? >> a lot of people are saying family, too. >> family. >> you said dog. >> dog. >> i think dog. >> dog. >> yes. >> we will see. >> send us your answers. still ahead here on 12 today, just a bit outside, what ball boy lands himself in our shot of the morning. >> and, leapt 's go racing,- -and let 's r months away from nascar being here in the valley. but we are getting all revved up this morning with a driver, he is live in studio next on 12
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[bell] (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music) (burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ? we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ? good morning to you, westbound to is 2 today.
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-welcome to 12 today--welcome back to 12 today. we are just two months away from nascar being back in the valley. but it is never too early to get excited. and here to help us is the star and driver of the number 19 car, daniel. good morning, thanks for coming in. >> good morning, thank you very much. >> you are, in way, coming back home, pir, you consider your home racetrack. why is that? >> well, moved to the u.s., i moved to the east coast, but one of my first races was here in phoenix and i like this place, it is like my second home, we do not get to race in mexico, so this is my second home, a lot of fans and people that support me. i really like this place a lot. >> and you talk about mexico being your home. you were the first mexican born driver to win a major race, a lot of guys who race in nascar,
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are white dies from the south. howdied you debt--guys from the south? >> well, i got here because of nascar and the driver university program, a loft people believed in--a lot of people believed in me, not just this year and five years,--this year, but five years ago, it has been all of the hard work is really paying off. and it is a really cool feeling. and not just for me, but a lot of people who have been on my side, and with a lot of patience, because we have been had tough years. >> what do you tell kids who are maybe here in arizona, we
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mexico, who want to go into racing? >> yes, sure, i like to share my story because i came here like a lot of mex condition people, just looking for opportunities, and i was just trying to follow my dream and i think right now, we are obviously, on the right path with the right people and we are getting closer alo good right now. you learned it, you say through online learning and watching movies? >> yes, rose t t a stone helped me a lot and watching movies. and i used to practice with mechanics at the shop every day, because i was horrible in english.
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>> really quick, what it is going to take to win at pir? >> like i said, this place has been really, really good to me since my first time ever. so this is one of the last places of the chase, it is not the last one, but towards the end. so i think we will be strong here and hopefully we can get it done and finish in victory lane. >> we will see you back here in a couple of months. thanks for coming in this morning. and now a check of the traffic on the roads at 6:16 a.m. here is krys down traffic over here. does its drive queue nuts, den- -drive you nuts, daniel when you are stuck in rush hour? >> well, when you are driving fast on the racetrack, you have to be patient. >> this is that is true. that is true. but man a slow drive out here this morning. it is driving everybody nuts. and now to the adot camera
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like no harm no foul. but there is still slowing on the 10 eastbound here at 43 avenue. and here is the crash, and that there is the remember hour, helping to just add insult to injury here, starting to pick up volume here on the 10, westbound past the 202. slowing on the 101 eastbound past the 17. and now let 's break it down here, mile by mile on the so eastbound, starting off at the 101, to 75th avenue, about five minutes, that is what it is going do 12 minutes though, to stack. about----to the shack. and now the brakes here, we have a solid orange line once you hit hit 83rd avenue all the way downtown. and it is 23 minutes for this drive. i say give yourself at least 25 minutes. and now southbound on the 17 here, about five minutes to peoria, 14 to the stack there. and then you are going to just run into that jam there, past the stack on the 10. so here we go, smooth sailing
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there that is going to slow you down, 57 miles per hour is the average. jimmy. map mat iser can-matt is into nascar .r you southern? >> yes. >> okay, there we go there. all right, now a look at this, outside, oh, just beautiful, talk about red skies by morning, and a big storm warning for tonight. we have one right now, we have a storm watch, a flash flood watch to the south of south. we have a hurricane to the south of us and it is really going to start to move up, it is hurricane newton and you can see some of the moisture, different indications here, i am a little torn by this, i am seeing where a lot of the moisture is going to new mexico and to the east--mexico and to the east of it. if it stays to the west, it can make it into arizona. and almost crossing the state
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turn. the quicker the turn, the less rain we are going the to see. down south of--going to sun. so the un---going to see. the sun is just popping up. south, southeast winds at seven miles per hour. so the heaviest rain is wednesday and thursday with thunderstorms for tonight. and the heaviest stuff is south and east of the valley right now. and monsoon muter at three, but it is at four for this oar and then the numbers are going- up big time: am then--going up big time. and it is going to graze us here across the valley. a couple of storms around for tonight and then the bigger tough is going to start to- -stuff is going start to ride in. and here is maricopa county, this is heading off to globe,
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parts of casa gran day. so for tonight through wednesday, we have the flash flood watch, and as far as rainfall, we are looking at about half an inch to an inch and a half and the valley. but any time we are getting over half an inch here in the valley, always a good chance for flooding. 95 to 100, isolate storms a our chances for rain will increws. it is dry--increase. it is dry right now, if you are going running, sweating, it is going evaporate. 84 for payson and 82 for prescott, the same when you get out of the pool. all right, hurricane newton, it is going to start to move up. on wednesday, it is going to interior nexts of northern mexico and into arizona.
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high of 91-degrees. and tram, still some storms scattered on thursday before we start to taper off on friday. i like double digits, though. he gets an a for effort. an oakland athletics ball ball gave his all. the reaction from players in our shot of the morning. >> plus, the nfl is back in the season when it kicks off on thursday night. morning to you, how many official game footballs does wilson provide the nfl with every season in pick a number a big number. we will have the answer in two minutes. you are watching 12 today.
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good morning to you once again, 6:24 a.m. on this tuesday here on 12 today. and now it is time for your 12 today trivia question. the nfl is week. so our question to you, how many official game footballs does wilson provide the nfl with every season? any last minute guesses? >> i am going to say hundreds. >> 20,000 is close. >> the answer is 24,960 footballs. >> whoa. >> giver to them or the nfl buys them? >> they buy them. it is a lot of pig skin, though.
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super bowl, it is between carolina and denver is this thursday. time now for your shot of the morning and this is what a for effort means, folks, the oakland athletics ball boy goes flying to stop a foul ball yesterday. he just barely misses, the boor guy, it bounces off of the wall sand actually hits--wall and actually hits pi the head. and now he stares at the boy. and of course, he is just being funny. how can you be mad when you see a kid dive for his life to try to get the ball. >> i don't know, he might really be mad. >> you had one job. >> that ball boy should have done more. >> yes, he was close. >> he was really close. and boy, he had some great form. >> here is the problem, the other player there has a towel
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the boy deflected the ball to take energy out of it. >> really cute, though, way to go. welcoming your way on 12 today, vandals knock over an iconic rock in oregon. why they could be in big trouble for that. >> reporter: i am bryan west, live from scottsdale justice center where later this morning the go be teacher a--the yoga teacher accused of section acts with--sexual acts with children. we will be right back in a few
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alleged sex acts with a yoga instructor. the disturbing case developing inside of a scottsdale courtroom. across the valley. but not for long. that is storm out there--there is a storm out there that is heading our way. plus, king james and mark, why they were hitting the gym together. and men who have one of these tend to make 15% to 20% more than men who do not have this. do you know what it is? the answer to our juicy question is only minutes away. >> that and more coming up. good morning to you, back to
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tuesday. it has 6:30 a.m. an all eyes are watching the weather as the hurricane is going to mexico and could be hitting the valley within 24 hours. jimmy q is tracking that with the forecast. yes, so dry out there and beautiful, if you get out of the pool this morning, it may be chilly because it is so dry out there. the water is just evaporating really quickly. beautiful out there. the moisture is coming from the south of us, more clouds are building through the rest of the day, with the best shot of rain coming but sinny skies and dry weather, you can feel it, maybe if your eyes and your skin this morning. but by this afternoon, the dew point will start to pick up and that is what we are tracking right now, because of the moisture is really going off to southeast arizona and onto southeast new mexico. no cloud cover yet, major clouds as a result of the system, it is well to the north of us, here--to the south of us, there it is, here is hurricane newton, churning along in the pacific. so the heaviest rain is
6:31 am
and we could--on wednesday and thursday. and we could see storms around 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. tonight. total rainfall, valley, you can see half an inch to maybe an inch and a half. but the heaviest stuff is to the south and east of the valley. with a threat and chance for flash flooding. the monsoon meter, at only about a three. and then as its moves up, it is going to make a turn and then we look at how much rain we are going to have here in the valley. but for today, if you take a look at the future cast, the first batch of storms is going around 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. for tonight, moving off to the west valley areas, so that is where the rain will start to move in. and it is a busy one, trying to get a grasp on this. every three, four, hours we get a new moder. >> new data, new output, right? okay, now traffic now. we have a wreck at the intersection of grant at the 17 in downtown phoenix here. it is kind of holding things up
6:32 am
and taking a look at the big picture here, we have got just about everyone joining in on the rush hour slow down, including the santa, a little bit of slowing--san tan, a little bit of slowing there on the 101. and now let 's break there's down for you, 26 minutes on the 101 eastbound from 75th avenue to scottsdale road. getting as slow as 17 miles per hour. 51 looking too bad there. 101 northbound, 21 minutes there. basically going at top speeds, but that is will changing in the minutes and hours ahead. matt and tram. all right, thanks, krystle. today a trial continues for a women accused of sexual relation. >> reporter: lindsey is expected back in court, taking the stand around 8:30 a.m.
6:33 am
justice center. she was arrested on question of multiple sex crimes after officers were told that she performed orb sex on a 15-year- old boy. she--oral sex on a 15-year-old by. she said she was intoxicated and does not remember this. and after the other adulls had left the party, or gone to sleep, police say she invited several boys into her room. she has pleaded not guilty in claims that someone slipped her a drug. if convicted, she faces more than six months in jail. a $2500 fine and three years of probation. again, she whether here around 8:30 a.m. this morning,--she whether here around 8:30 a.m. this morning--she will be here around 8:30 a.m. bryan west, 12 today. >> thank you. it is now 6:33 a.m. now a check of the hot headlines from the valley. the search continues this morning for a man reported missing at lake pleasant.
6:34 am
for the 24-year-old who vanished near fireman 's cove. phoenix fire is trying to see what spark add massive fire in a scrap yard yesterday. it started near 27th avenue. 80 from thes slowed up to can- -firefighters showed up to get the fire under control. and now time for the morning juice. mark and king james, emma. >> yes, what a pairing and boy, it sure shows how short mark nba star lebron james and mark wall berg. this was captioned with this great dude, coming soon. and king also included a few hash tags, including, by the way, truly appreciate the gift. no clue on what the gift may be or why they were together, besides you foe, just working
6:35 am
mark did bring over a few most workout treats from his burger chain, operated by his famous family. so they planned to open several locations in cleveland. there are thoughts maybe that mark is going to team up with james on his new show. we will see. ? [ music ] ?? so what is going on, james? they say you are finished. i think you are just getting te desperate measures and a lot of money. sony really, really wants daniel craig back at james bond. reports they he has been- -reports say that he has been offered $200 million to be oo7 for at least two more films. i mean, if you are not going to say yes to that, what do you say yes to? so the deal, if he takes it,
6:36 am
bond of off-time. on this massive offer, sean made $17,000, that was for his first movie and then $250,000 for the next film. so, from that to $200 million, that was sean, for goodness sakes. and now the jus city question of the day. research shows that men who have one of these tend to make 15% to 20% more than men who not have this. research also shows that men who have one of these live longer. so, if you want more money, and you want more years on your life, then you want to be happy, you need one of these. final guesses, everyone. >> again, several people have said a wife. >> a wife, okay. >> good sense of humor. i mean, it could be so much. >> i mean, i am sure it is wife. >> answer is-- >> oh, my good.
6:37 am
it is, a wife. okay, i like it. >> wow. i mean, i am so helpful. >> they didn't add in headaches, stress. >> i know, i was kind of kidding, but you know, a couple of people have said the wife. >> a lot of people. >> wow. >> that was a good question. >> see, jimmy, see what you are missing out on? >> yes, they say that a man lives ten years longer. >> yes, you are one that would like to get married. >> you know, i am not afraid of marriage, i am divorce. but honestly, yes, i would love to be married. so maybe some day. >> nice. >> we will see. ben on the other hand-- >> and you will get a bonus, 10% to 20% more money. >> and then she is going to eat that up. and now hurricane newton is taking aim at baa 345 hah, california--at baja, california, and then heading to the valley. >> yes, how much will we see
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yes, we cannot believe this, either, you can see when a group of people knocked over an iconic rock formation on an oregon beach. you can see the group of visitors pushing that structure known as the duct bill until it crumbled to the ground. review and criminal charges are being considered. and we are talking minimum fine of $425. but, you know, you see a situation like that, and you think okay, do you blame the teens? or do you blame the parents for their behavior? >> oh, at that point, i blame the teens, you are old enough to make your own decisions. >> teen, without a doubt.
6:42 am
disrespect for something that iconic. i mean, people take motos there and it is really--photos there and it is really blocked off. and it is such a great part of that beach. go on instagram and actually look this up, i mean, there are countless photos. i can not believe that someone thought it was a good idea,. >> or even funny. >> yes, what is funny about it in. >> yes, it is crazy. >> yes, crazy. it is so sad. >> i wonder why the person who shot this, this a while, there was a big group of them and stay that is righted to mess around with it and then it went on and then some of the kids left and then a couple of them stayed there. instead of just video tapes, why not try to stop it. and then the other thing is, the penalty, $435 for destroying something that cannot be replaced, it needs to be higher. >> a lot higher. >> yes, you see that all of the
6:43 am
video taped it and now we know who did it. and hopeful we can hold them accountable for it. but you know, sometimes it is easier said than bonn. i mean r you just going to yell in the middle of them doing what they are going to do? they are probably going to do it any ways. >> that is true. all right, you know the saying, if you cannot beat them, join them. that is what a texas single mom when her son 's school had donuttings -donuts forker dad, she dressed up like dad and say said this is not always easy, but it is life and at least i can do what it takes to put that smile on his face. that post has since gone viral and it is melting people 's hearts. >> what a way to turn things around. not just to say oh, go, and it is going to be fine. but to really like take am some action. >> oh--take some action.
6:44 am
>> i don't think he is embarrassed, i can look at that smile on his face. right now a check of the traffic forecast. here is krystle. a major crash has shut down u.s. 93 in both directions here at mile post 197. so the detour in the mean tile, is to either seek out mine or the 60, depending on which direction you are going there. that is basically giving you the order there to get around the crash. no word on how lat couple of fender band-aiders off to the side on the 10 eastbound, it is showing you the slowing here, 75th avenue, it is basics i can i will a crawl. here is the roof in the disturb- basically crawl. and now mile by mile, starting off at the 101, we are already talking about ten minutes there for that short stretch, 21 minutes to 51st avenue, and we are talk, you know--we are
6:45 am
so slow hitting the 101. and then it is stop and go, by 83rd avenue, it is a solid red line. and then orange after that, so it is just not the best drive this morning, maybe a couple of the crashes that are off to the side, another one was at 43rd avenue, just contributing to the slow, slow numbers. 19 miles per hour is the average. 37 minutes for that drivable and now the future cast called it, we are sew at all of the usual spots here--we are slow at o slow on the west side, as wells. the 60, the 30 there, 20 minutes to go downtown. back to you, matt, tram, and emma. all right, severe weather alerted now, sunny skies are going to give way to showers- -alert now, sunny days are going to give way to showers and thunderstorms. rainfall and flash flooding may happen here in arizona with the
6:46 am
jimmy has been tracking this, he started to warn us about this yesterday morning. so when is the weather going to hit? somewhere yes, i think we will see storms for tonight, maybe employing dust. and then for tomorrow, we will have the flash flood watch, going tonight through tom, hazy skies and bright con diss. this storm is going to the right when it gets to arizona. how quick it turns, 1245 going to determine how much rain we are going to see here. 79-degrees, the dew point is at 38. it is really dry out there, it is kind of suspect to because dry air can really take in the moisture big time. so we need the dew points to start moving up. when we had the storm of the century a few years ago, we had high dew points and there was a lot of fuel. so the dew points, it is showing how much humidity is in the atmosphere. down to the south, here is hour cane newton, # 5 miles per hour-
6:47 am
miles per hour. heaviest rainfall is starting wednesday, mainly, through thursday, and then things taper off on friday. overall, we could see quarter of an inch to an inch and a half out there. and southeast of the valley, south and east of the valley is where the heaviest rain is going to be and remember, we have the threat of flash flooding, maybe problems in your house, you might want to shore up, because when the pockets roll over the valley, they can dump a lot rainfall. for today, pretty dry. and then this evening, about a three for the white mountains before things start to develop. so now, there it is, it is expected to move up here by wednesday and then it is going the make a turn to the right and then it is going to drop a lot of moisture off to new mexico. and now getting closer here, here is the rainfall for this evening, 8:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m.
6:48 am
of western maricopa county right now. a better shot of rain there. it is a quick little pocketed. and then the big--pocket. and then the big stuff is rolling in tomorrow morning, starting at 8:00 a.m. in the morning and then it is going to ride up, it is heavy across navajo county, and then in the rim country, show low, you can see a lot of rainfall. flagstaff a few showers up there, but really, the heavier stuff is moving off to the watch in effect, none really up to the north of the valley, it is all east and it is going to the south. and as far as rainfall totals, ocrea lil start to open--you can really start to open up. and the heavy, heavy stuff is to the south of us. and we have the flash flood watch. and then things open up, especially to the south and east of us here for tomorrow. stormy conditions, 91 scattered storms on thursday, and then
6:49 am
friday and saturday, going right to monday. temperatures are below normal the text seven days. --the next seven days. all right, thanks, jimmy. after their seven week syrup break, congress is going back to work today. they have a long list of things to do. the presidential race is also expected to be over business, n washington before they leave to campaign back home. president obama is now first sitting u.s. president to set foot in the isolated southeast face of louse--nation of laos. he started a full ceremony and a meeting with the president. president obama addressed the u.s. qualming in laos during the vietnam war. but the president canceled his first meteorologisting with the president--meeting with the
6:50 am
in the race for the white house, donald trump will be in virginia and north carolina today. and he is defending his laid back debate prep. trump says he is not chasing to do mock debates to debates. >> i have seen people do so much prep work and when they get out there they cannot speak. >> and hillary clinton has been talking so much, she is starting to house her voice. but she is still criticizing trump for getting warrer with mexico 's president- -war with mexico president. and now the gap between clinton and trump remains about the same, the nbc news survey poll has clinton with 48% of the vote. and today, bill cosby is back in a pennsylvania courtroom. his lawyers are going to fight to keep out nearly 1000 pages of damaging testimony.
6:51 am
sexual assaulting a woman back in 2004. an actor, chevy chase is back in rehab. he has struggled during his career. he checked into the betty ford clinic for treatment. chase was most recently a regular on tv 's community until 2014. he has a pair of films coming up, too. hey, parents, relying on some outdated and incorrect advice if your child gets a con suggestion. a new study found that 75% of- --concussion. a new study found that 75% of parents say they would wake their child to check on them. but doctors say lack of a sleep may keep the brain from heeling. and most parents say they would make their kids sit out from activities.
6:52 am
well, good news for parents looks like cases of the chickenpox are declining. officials reported 85% drop in cases since doctors started recommending a second vaccine dose back in 2006. it does not prevent every single case and people who get the chickenpox, even after getting that vaccine, tend to get a milder version. well today is national read print books still are more popular than e books. also shows that 65% of americans have read a printed book in the last year. >> i love print books. well, with school back in session, we have the best back to school apps as we go app to school. >> and if you love flash cards, you will love this, it puts flash card into the an app that you kids with use from math to
6:53 am
language. it is now just about 8:53 a.m. stick around a final check of the forecast and your drive to work and school before you start your day. >> and a thing that you can do to look five years younger in just two minutes, right here on
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all right, traffic straight up here the 6:55 a.m. this crash is keeping things at a crawl on the 17 southbound is, that is right at 19th avenue and you can see the red stop and go there, not only the 17, but also the 10, in either direction. and also showing up on the 101 eastbound. and now the travel times, we are talking nearly 50 minutes to go from the 303 to right now. man, that is bad. 17 southbound right now, 20s from stack to split. 60 westbound, you are doing pretty good until you hit gilbert and then dropping speeds there. another five to back to the 10. jimmy. oing dc-okay, there you have it. here is hurricane newton, a chance of storms as early as this evening and then scattered storms for tomorrow and a
6:57 am
and then we clear out by friday and saturday. tram. all right, it is turn back the clock tuesday. and all morning long, we have been giving you tips just to look five years year younger. so as you get older, you need to switch to pink floss, the brighter the color, the younger and spotter your i -and smoother your lips will look. and activity, will it--and okay, will it kill daniel craig to do the next bond movie for $200 million? >> he is done. he is over the bond franchise. >> who cares. money talks. >> well, he already has more than $100 million. he does not need the money.
6:58 am
seriously, he does, yes, $100 million. >> do it, just do it, please. >> all right, krystle. >> well, you know what, when you go home 20 your wife tonight--home to your wife tonight, bring her flowers, and it is because of that men get paid more and they live long er. >> and now johnny manziel is going back to school. >> iniad yeah how long he stays in school? >> three days. >> and mark wall berg >> i want to try a burg fresh there. >> i am hungry right--burger there. >> i am hungry right now. >> and pir is coming up soon, daniel was here, such a nice young man, and he learned english. >> i loved him. >> yes, 12 news is always on your favorite social media
7:00 am
good morning. homestretch. clinton and trump kick their campaigns into high gear. >> hillary clinton would be a disaster. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. in our new poll but the electoral map shows an even tougher mountain for trump to climb. with just 63 days to go can he turn things around? not over yet. hermine stirring up more high winds and dangerous rip currents. warnings still in effect. beaches in new york closed for a third day. glitch in the system. overnight a major airline's check-in outage leading to long lines and delays at airports across the country and around the world.


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