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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  September 6, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- clint eastwood,
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 527! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh! now, that is a hot crowd! that is unbelievable right there. great new york city crowd! welcome to "the tonight show"! this is it, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] you're at the show you want to be at! oh, thank you very much.
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we've got a great show for you guys tonight. let's get to the news first. this is pretty big. yesterday, in china, president obama had a meeting with vladimir putin. and, before they started, obama texted michelle going into a a meeting, "love you." while putin texted the same thing to donald trump. [ laughter and applause ] isn't that weird? >> steve: wow. [ russian accent ] >> jimmy: love you, kissy face. [ light laughter ] actually, a photo of obama greeting putin is going viral, because people think they're giving each other the death stare. take a look at this photo. look at this. [ laughter ] i feel like both guys were just thinking, "oof, he's gotten old." [ laughter and applause ] i think maybe that photo might just need a little music. can we look at it again? ? let's get it on ? [ laughter and applause ] ? let's get it on ? ?? [ russian accent ] are you as turned on as i am? [ laughter ] love you, kissy face. [ light laughter ] a lot of people were saying president obama was snubbed by china when they didn't have the
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the plane. in fact, donald trump said that if that ever happened to him, he'd just close the plane doors and leave the country. [ light laughter ] then every other country was like, "that's all we have to do? thank you. that's perfect!" [ cheers and applause ] "don't put up the stairs! don't give him any stairs!" and this was everywhere over the weekend. donald trump's son, don jr., tweeted a photo of himself with his sister, ivanka, and brother, eric, to reach out to the millennial voters. but i'm not sure it came off as friendly as they'd hope. take a look at the photo. yeah now, since the picture was designed to attract millennial voters, we actually asked some young people what they thought. here's what they had to say. this first guy said, "that family photo made me smile. it's a good picture." [ laughter and applause ] these -- these sisters said, "we enjoyed this photo very much." [ laughter ] "it made us happy. this picture brought us joy." and, finally, this guy said,
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[ laughter and applause ] millennial -- no smiles, yeah. over on the democratic side, i saw that hillary clinton got a a new plane. and she told reporters she's so happy to finally have enough room for them to travel with her. then she threw on her noise-cancelling headphones and a two sleep masks and said, "talk to you never." [ laughter and applause ] but, some people noticed that being a passenger on hillary's plane is a little different than a commercial flight. for example, just take a look at the safety card. if someone tries to gi [ laughter and applause ] just go with it. ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: clinton. >> jimmy: if you feel something, say something. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: hey-oh! ?? security wand. >> jimmy: something else -- [ laughter ] something else people were talking about over the weekend,
10:39 pm
keeps to keep having -- seems to keep having. here she is at her most recent rally. watch this. >> i want to thank congresswoman marcia fudge for hosting us. [ coughing ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: she's having a pretty hard time, but if you keep watching, i think i might see what the problem is. watch -- keep watching. [ coughing ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: there you go. that's what it -- [ applause ] >> steve: during the speech? >> jimmy: during the speech, she's vaping. >> steve: that seems inappropriate! >> jimmy: you've got to get millennials. you got to get millennials on your side. >> steve: gotta get 'em on board. >> jimmy: meanwhile, hillary's running mate, tim kane posted a a photo on twitter of him and joe biden posing with sunglasses on and wrote, "stronger together." [ light laughter ] it turns out biden posted that same photo to his twitter account, and he wrote, "about the shut down the bar at applebees. [ laughter and applause ]
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happy birthday to new jersey governor, chris christie. that's right. >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's right. it was the first birthday party where someone jumped into the cake instead of out of it. >> steve: really? [ laughter ] i don't know about that. >> jimmy: i don't know about that. >> steve: really? >> jimmy: "cake!" [ laughter ] let's get to some sports here. college football kicked off this weekend, and texas longhorns' quarterback, shane buechele, told reporters had a vasectomy. [ crowd ohs ] in other words, he was the very first quarterback sneak. that was -- [ laughter ] the first one. no one saw it coming. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: well, the u.s. open tennis tournament is going on here in new york this week. it's very exciting. [ cheers and applause ] it's amazing, amazing athletes. of course, fans are eager to watch the world's best players, but it seems like everyone there is even more excited about something else.
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>> you're going to see the first match at arthur ashe stadium under this beautiful new roof. folks are taking a picture of a a roof. >> the lack of wind and breeze in this stadium with the new roof structure, every time i come here, i have to check that the roof is actually open. >> the crowd's gonna start -- listen to this. [ cheers ] they are rooting for the roof. >> i love the roof. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i love the roof? after that, even trump was like, "we're adding a roof to the wall. [ laughter ] a wall and then a roof. [ applause ] here's a crazy story. prison guards in columbia intercepted a pigeon that was sent to deliver a cell phone to an inmate. [ light laughter ] >> steve: what! >> jimmy: it's too bad, because now every time you see a pigeon with a cell phone you're gonna think he's up to no good. >> steve: yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and then, it just ruins it for all the pigeons. and finally, a new study finds that serotonin, which is known as "the happiness hormone," may also activate the part of the brain that makes us scared.
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some people, both at the same time. [ laughter and applause ] we have a great show. give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh! good to see you guys. we have a big week of shows ahead. will be here. [ cheers and applause ] and we're going to -- he's always fun. we're gonna face off in a giant tricycle race. that'll be good. then, later this week, ariana grande will be here. [ cheers and applause ] james spader will be stopping by. and on friday, i'm very excited for this, we have music from jack white. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: whoa! >> jimmy: he's gonna be performing "love is the truth" and "you've got her in your pocket," neither of which has ever been played on tv before.
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you don't want to miss it. it's a big deal this friday. [ cheers and applause ] but fist, we have a fantastic show tonight! he's a film legend, who's got a a great new movie coming out called "sully." the one and only clint eastwood is here tonight! [ cheers and applause ] come on! >> steve: come on! >> jimmy: he's so cool! come on! >> steve: he's clint. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he's like a manly man. like the toughest guy ever. he's the coolest, man. plus, we love this woman. she is so funny, so talented. she is fantastic in this new film, "other people." molly shannon is dropping by. >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: she'll break your heart and make you laugh. she just -- ugh. and we've got great music. we love it every time he comes on. my man mike posner is here, you guys! [ cheers and applause ] ? took a pill in ibiza to show avicii i was cool ? [ light laughter ] he's not doing that.
10:44 pm
guys, it's time to look at stories making headlines today and weigh the good with the bad. it's time for pros and cons. [ cheers and applause ] ? pros and cons and pros and cons and pros ? >> jimmy: tonight, we'll be taking a look at the pros and cons of the new nfl season. >> steve: ooh. >> jimmy: it kicks off this thursday night on nbc with the panthers taking on the broncos. football is back, baby! >> steve: yeah! >> jimmy: that's fantastic! [ cheers and applause ] this week. let's take a look at the pros and cons of ne here we go. pro -- in november, the raiders and the texans will play in mexico. con -- to get back home, the kicker will have to punt his teammates over trump's wall. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: that's interesting. that's how they get back. >> steve: yeah. that's the only way now. >> jimmy: pro -- the san francisco 49ers will be wearing a patch on their uniforms to commemorate their 70th season. con -- the cleveland browns will be wearing a patch to cover the words "cleveland browns." [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: really? >> jimmy: yeah. >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: they'll be covering it up. you won't know it.
10:45 pm
>> jimmy: pro -- on thanksgiving, the cowboys will host the redskins. con -- awkward. [ laughter and applause ] pro -- joining a fantasy football league. con -- realizing you're not even good at pretend sports. >> steve: yeah. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm aweful. >> steve: it's the worst. it is the worst. >> jimmy: i don't understand it at all. pro -- witnessing something you thought you'd never see, like a a 100-yard kickoff return. con -- or a donald trump tax return. very rare. >> steve: hey! >> jimmy: very rare that you see either one. pro -- the jacksonville jaguars were founded in 1995. con -- so was tom brady's hairstyle. [ laughter ] oh, that's interesting. j.t.t. >> steve: j.t.t., man. >> jimmy: pro -- this year the super bowl will return to using roman numerals. con -- because regular numbers are so mmxv. [ laughter ]
10:46 pm
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: what? >> steve: you're gonna go back to roman numerals? >> jimmy: yeah, of course, numbers? >> steve: yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: pro -- the minnesota vikings have a a cool logo. con -- that looks like donald trump at a renaissance fair. [ laughter and applause ] "this turkey leg i'm eating is huge!" >> steve: "i'm building a a vall!" >> jimmy: "vall." and finally, pro -- the kickoff game is this thursday at 8:00 p.m. right here on nbc! [ cheers and applause ] con -- followed by the postgame show, then some commercials, then your local news, then more commercials, then an all-new "tonight show" airing at 3:30 in the morning! [ cheers and applause ] that is the "pros and cons!" we'll be right back with more of "the tonight show", everybody!
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?? >> jimmy: welcome back everybody, thank you. we have a big show, tonight, we have clint eastwood, molly shannon, mike posner it's just a big show. guys, it is time for a bit on our show called "bad signs." here we go. [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? ? ain't we lucky we got em bad signs yeah ? >> steve: "bad signs" was filmed before a live studio audience. >> jimmy: fantastic. all right. [ laughter ] these are all real pictures of funny signs that you guys saw in a store or weird sign that you guys saw while driving around. of course, they pulled over then took the photo. >> steve: safety first. >> jimmy: safety first, always.
10:52 pm
it to us, again they are all 100% real. they're great photos. here's the first one. it's something someone spotted in a grocery store. look at this. bad sign. curved yellow fruit. [ laughter ] and then it says "bananas" in parenthesis. some people might call them bananas. >> steve: yeah, yeah, but i know them as curved yellow fruit. >> jimmy: i know them as curved yellow fruit. >> steve: is that curved yellow fruit in your pocket? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: where do i put all these curved yellow fruits? [ laughter ] that is a bad sign. >> steve: that is a bad sign this was posted in a restaurant window it says, no smoking except for guide dogs. they're allowed -- >> steve: they can smoke? >> jimmy: they can smoke. >> steve: can they vape? >> jimmy: what's that? >> steve: can they vape? >> jimmy: oh, everyone can vape, yeah. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: here's another one. someone spotted this in a a public restroom here, it says "please use hand dryers, thank you management" then it says over the hand dryer "out of order." [ laughter ] that wasn't that great, that one. >> steve: that was a real sign. [ laughter ]
10:53 pm
that's actually, something you'd see. >> steve: yeah, something you'd see in real life. >> jimmy: the illusion of choice. [ laughter ] there is no choice. >> steve: can't label it. >> jimmy: you've got to wipe it on your pants. >> steve: catch 22. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: shouldn't even wash your hands at that point. [ laughter ] >> steve: yeah, go in. >> jimmy: you're better -- >> steve: i tried man. >> jimmy: i think i'm clean. i'm cleaner than that faucet is probably. >> steve: exactly. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: faucet probably doesn't even work. >> steve: yeah, probably no r. probably the toilet doesn't even work. >> jimmy: there's probably more signs in that bathroom. >> steve: it's probably not even -- it's probably a bakery. >> jimmy: probably fake. totally fake. >> steve: you think that's just a painting in somebody's house? not even a real thing? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wait a second yeah, it might be actually, yeah, interesting. >> steve: look at this glass on it. >> jimmy: i didn't think about that. here's another bad sign here, this one, you want -- this is a good bad sign. >> steve: let me hear it. >> jimmy: genuine fake watches. [ laughter ] >> steve: these are a little fake. >> jimmy: if you're going to get fake you want to make sure it's 100% fake. >> steve: i got a fake, fake watch.
10:54 pm
you wouldn't believe how fake this stuff is. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: a rulex. bolex. [ laughter ] here's another one from a a grocery store, this is real. it says "store chips, accidently buy the potato chips your spouse doesn't like so you don't have to share." that's mean. no that's mean. no way. why would you write that on the thing? >> steve: what kind does she hate and you like? >> steve: really? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: here's another one. someone saw this at the airport next to the security check. this, you know, you have to put these signs out there. >> steve: you got to. >> jimmy: so people understand what you can bring on the flight. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: and what you can't. this says right here, "this is forbidden in carry-on bags, no chainsaws." >> steve: really? >> jimmy: no. we live -- since when? >> jimmy: we live in a a different time. sorry, sir you're going to have to check that. [ laughter ] i'm going to texas. >> steve: can i bring my --
10:55 pm
>> steve: really? >> jimmy: absolutely. >> steve: that's shocking. >> jimmy: you'd think so but no. >> steve: you can't bring a a chainsaw on a plane? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: here's the next sign here, it says, "$75 for some cabernet wine." look at the flavor descriptions at the bottom, cotton, polyester, spandex machine wash. >> steve: mmm. >> jimmy: it's a mix. [ laughter ] ? the fabric of our lives, cabernet ? >> jimmy: here's another sign 's can we zoom in on the stick figures there? [ laughter ] dentist office. >> steve: which valley? ?? >> steve: make an extraction. >> jimmy: yeah. definitely -- >> steve: oh my. >> jimmy: definitely drilling a a cavity there. >> steve: oh! >> jimmy: here's a magazine. [ applause ] ?? >> jimmy: here's another one. >> steve: a filling. >> jimmy: here we go, filling's
10:56 pm
we got that on air. >> steve: open wide. >> jimmy: all right. [ laughter ] that's it. that's it. >> steve: alright, i'm shutting up. >> jimmy: that's it no more. >> steve: i am shutting up. i'm not going to say anything more. >> jimmy: we did it, we did it, we did it. have you been flossing? [ laughter ] here's another one here. that says "mystic psychic is closed due to unforseen circumstances." weird. [ laughter ] why make tt? >> steve: just say we're closed. >> jimmy: just say we're closed yeah. the hand dryer's broke. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. >> steve: we'd love to help you. >> jimmy: we'd love to help you, >> steve: but eating some curved yellow fruit. >> jimmy: psychic can't be with you today. unforeseen circumstances. we're down to our last sign. this is great. it says, "animal hospital, we love pets, we shih tzu not." there you go. that's all the time we have for bad signs. if you see a funny bad sign, e-mail us at
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest has won five academy awards and has dollar baby." his latest directorial effort, "sully," opens in imax and theaters on friday. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome clint eastwood! [ cheers and applause ] m?
11:02 pm
>> jimmy: please, please. that is a real star right there. you can see it, oh yeah. they've been looking at my face for 20 minutes. they got to see the real guy. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: welcome. >> can we turn the monitor? i don't want to look at that thing. >> jimmy: come on. this is so cool to have you. thank you for coming back. >> oh, great. >> jimmy: i always feel tougher when you come on. >> jimmy: you rub off on me a a little bit, yeah. >> i see. >> jimmy: cause i think that you're probably one of the toughest guys i've ever met. >> well that's cause i haven't not met molly shannon personally. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. she's tough too. >> she can kick. she can stretch. and she's 50. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: you can kill. molly's gonna go nuts. but i think -- do you like coming to new york city? >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: molly's gonna go nuts. i'm -- she's freaking out right now.
11:03 pm
>> yeah, i do. >> jimmy: you do? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i picture this. i picture clint eastwood comes and then you just you don't take a driver or a cab, you drive around on a horse. [ laughter ] is that about right? >> no, that ain't right. >> jimmy: no, no. [ laughter ] something similar to that? no. >> we dress up in telluride. so that's quite a difference. it's quite a shock when you're coming from telluride to new york. it's extreme. >> jimmy: what does clint eastwood drive? do you have can i guess what you drive? cause i think people would guess that you drive like a a muscle car. i think you drive a truck. >> i could drive a truck. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what do you drive? >> i drive a typhoon, a gmc typhoon. it was a >> jimmy: we had this one guy that was like, yeah. [ laughter ] i've never heard of that ever. >> it's actually turbo v6. it's fast. >> jimmy: yeah. alright, alright. [ cheers and applause ] you need something cool like that. we always do cool stuff. we don't mess with cars around here because i just walk everywhere, but i do these stuff with technology. i invented a new app called
11:04 pm
>> bounce? >> jimmy: bonk. >> bonk. >> jimmy: yeah. it's bonk. it takes a picture of your face. would you like to try it? >> no. [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that was so good. [ laughter ] okay. ready? this is bonk. right here. you just press this blue button. >> this is an awful picture though. >> jimmy: no this is great. we'll take it up higher. you have to learn how to do a a selfie. there you go. [ laughter >> oh, yeah. no it's better down here. >> jimmy: good. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> jimmy: all right, now. now, watch this. now you take this over here. and you press -- press it, let's first look, that's a great photo. [ laughter ] you press bonk, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: watch this. [ laughter ] ?? ?? that's not bad, right? [ applause ] maybe you shouldn't have done
11:05 pm
>> well i've looked worse. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: congratulations on the new film, "sully." of course, we know about the story here in new york because it's captain sully sullenburger, the miracle on the hudson, and he landed the plane in the hudson river. and it was just amazing. when it really happened. when it first happened, i kind of was in shock. like, i didn't even know you could do that. that you would even have that option. >> yeah, you can do it. the river's a flat spot, but the decision to make that is what's amazing. they ran into a bird sripe, and then both engines were shut down, so all off the sudden the plane becomes a glider so you have to put it in a descend and keep it that way, so that's the big problem. >> jimmy: geese right? canada geese or something? geese flew into the >> yeah geese flew into both engines. >> jimmy: and just so, i mean, how do you even train for that? i guess do you train for that as a pilot? >> well i imagine you train for just about anything, but that --
11:06 pm
there is -- the training for both engines, is just to start descending right away, and the big thing then was, do you go back to laguardia or do you go to teterboro or do you go just for the river. >> jimmy: yeah, and you can imagine just all the talking back and forth that's going on in your head set as you're trying to be cool, 'cause you have 154 people on the plane, and you got to make this decision, and people are going, we can land in teterboro. no we can land over in -- we have emergency. and you're going, no, i think i'm going to land in the the water. [ laughter ] >> you could have played sully. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: are you sure about that? was that good? why didn't i think of that? [ cheers and applause ] i bombed my audition. i didn't even -- i didn't get a call back. >> just the way you did that. i mean, just no >> jimmy: i am like the next tom hanks, i've always said that. [ laughter ] he is fantastic in it. everyone's great in it, and i'm so happy that you made this into a thing because there parts of the story that i didn't realize, and, of course,
11:07 pm
want to know, did you have to land in the water? cause our computer says that you could have landed in laguardia, and, they're actually trying to tell sully that, no, you could have landed much safer area and it's not true. >> he had to make good decisions at the time, and it's a tribute to new york because the first responders came out, everybody just band together. >> jimmy: awesome. >> i think the iconic picture of the plane with everybody standing on the wings. >> jimmy: i have it here. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: it doesn't feel real. >> that's the real deal there. >> jimmy: it's just and how everyone, yeah. just came together in an organized fashion. 155 people total on the plane, 155 survivors. >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's fantastic. [ cheers and applause ] i want to show everyone a clip. here's a scene from "sully," take a look at this. >> may day, may day, may day. this is captain 1549. head first, we've lost thrust on both engines, we are turning back towards laguardia. >> which engine did you lose?
11:08 pm
>> ignition. >> ignition. >> thrust levels confirm idle. >> idle. >> check this 1549, if we can get a view, do you want to try and land on runway 1-3? >> we are unable. we may end up in the hudson. >> left traffic, runway 31. >> unable. >> okay. what do you need to land? >> no we got up to 30 seconds and we lost our one and two. confirm all off. >> off. >> too low terrain. too low, terrain. too low, terrain. >> this is the captain. brace for impact. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: now you're hearing that. clint eastwood, everybody! "sully," is in imax and theaters on friday.
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is a a very, very funny woman and such a talented actress and performer. she stars in a new film called "other people." you guys this is going to be on every list. this is like a buzz about film. it's in select theaters and available on demand and itunes this friday, september 9th. please welcome the lovely, molly shannon. [ cheers and applause ] ??
11:15 pm
>> jimmy: molly! >> jimmy! >> jimmy: you look fantasic. >> thank you so much! >> jimmy: thank you for coming back. >> i just met clint eastwood backstage. it was so exciting! >> jimmy: how cool is that? he's doing mary catherine. >> that's the craziest. >> jimmy: it was unbelievable. i was like i'm just going to let him do this. he's so fun. congrats on everything. i want to talk about the movie, "other people." i also want -- you're in the new show on hbo called "divorce," sarah jessica parker's returned to hbo. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and that's going to be fantastic. >> i know. yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: that's october 9th. sunday, october 9th at 10:00 sarah jessica parker back on hbo. >> she's amazing. i know. >> jimmy: with molly shannon. oh come on i can't wait to watch. >> i know, and i get to be in new york city, because i live in l.a. but i love any excuse to come and work in new york city. >> jimmy: i mean it's the greatest and best city ever. >> it's the best. >> jimmy: you're so busy that you come up with this thing called the bed seven. >> yes. >> jimmy: i've never heard of this. and this is going to sweep the nation. what is bed seven? >> bed seven is something i invented. it's when you feel kind of stressed out. >> jimmy: yeah.
11:16 pm
festival, promoting the movie, busy with the kids, hosting camps, driving, and i remember getting to seattle, and i was like, oh, my god, i need a bed seven. and i always tell makeup artists and hair stylists that i'm working with, i'm like "i do bed seven." they're like what's bed seven? they treat it like it's like a a real thing. >> jimmy: yeah. >> because i recently made it like it's kind of a joke. but bed seven is where you take your bed -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> for seven hours. >> jimmy: uh huh. >> and when you're feeling kind of tired or just like you need a break, and -- >> jimmy: sleeping? >> it's not sleeping. >> jimmy: is it totay it's basically like saying you were -- because i'm a busy mom, i do it usually if i'm traveling for work, i'll do a bed seven. i did one in seattle. >> jimmy: the name is great. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: but i don't know what it is though. >> so basically what you would do is you could go to your hotel room, and you could -- you could order room service, like you could order a cheese burger. >> jimmy: okay. >> and you sit in your bed, and you could eat a burger, side of mayo, french fries, and you relax, no talking on the phone. you can watch tv. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this rule is good. you can watch tv. >> you can text.
11:17 pm
>> jimmy: why can't you talk? [ laughter ] but you made your own rules, but you can't talk on the phone. [ laughter ] no, no. >> there are a lot of rules. no. because talking is too much energy, and so it's a time to quiet down, tuck yourself in bed. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and just relax and you will feel the pressure melt away. >> jimmy: for seven hours? >> seven. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's it. it's sweeping the nation. >> bed seven. >> jimmy: #bedseven, you guys. [ cheers and applause ] >> but, my favorite thing is to order a cheeseburger in bed during bed seven. that's my number one meal. >> jimmy: that's one thing when you're -- when you're doing bed seven because i've made -- i might want to go for, like, a a pasta bolognese or something. [ laughter ] it depends, you can have different bed sevens, you know. different experiences. >> okay, okay. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we could put out. we'll work on the book. pal i'm just so excited for you. >> thank you, jimmy. >> jimmy: this film was written by chris kelly.
11:18 pm
>> jimmy: i know him a little bit from "saturday night live." >> yeah and he just became the head writer at "snl," >> jimmy: that's nice. >> so he yes, he wrote the movie, and it's -- it's semiautobiographical based on his family, and it's about a a struggling comedy writer who moves home to take care of his dying mom who gets cancer. and it's funny, and it talks about the funny parts of that and the sad parts and kind of how the family deals with it. >> jimmy: the first scene, i mean i'm not going to ruin anything there but the family's crying. because everyone in the cast is fantastic. jesse plemons. >> jesse plemons, bradley whitford, maude apatow, my gosh. >> jimmy: everyone's great. and they're all kind of grieving. i mean you're -- you've passed on, and they're just crying, and the phone rings, and no one's going to get it because they are crying. >> mhm. >> jimmy: it's a really deep moment, and then it goes to voice mail, which you hear your voice, and you go oh that's really sad but then the person's like, "hi, it's barb, just i heard you're sick, and," like, this is, like, what would happen in like real life, and she's like, "yeah, well, anyway, if you get a chance, call me back."
11:19 pm
milkshake and two is." and everyone's trying to grieve. but still they're hearing this ridiculous message. and i go, that's perfect. that is exactly what life -- there's no rules. anything can happen. >> i know. and funny things happen during those sad times too. chris captured it so well. >> jimmy: but you, really, molly, everyone knows you, knows that you are such a good actor. i think you are very -- you're a great, dramatic actor, and i know you obviously as the funniest person, but on "saturday night live," we all knew that you're a greor lorne, and will, you guys would do bits, you and will ferrel. and sometimes just the scenes would just they'd just go to a a dramatic turn and just see how straight we can do things. >> oh yeah. >> jimmy: and i would just love doing that with you, whenever we'd play store or something, i still love that. >> yes, i know. >> jimmy: it was no fun. it wasn't a joke. we'd play a game called "store" where you just have to pretend to walk into a store, buy something, and pay for it, and leave. >> yeah that was it. >> jimmy: but that was it. >> and you would just, do like, you know get the thing.
11:20 pm
no acting at all. just really -- there was water -- >> jimmy: i'm sorry water just spilled everywhere. but we would do that at like 3:00 in the morning to think of ideas. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i love that stuff. i just, i can't even tell you, this movie was made for you. you hit it out of the park. >> god jimmy! that's such a compliment. >> jimmy: every scene, it's not too much, it's not too little, it's like, molly, just owning every single thing. it's almost like you wrote this for yourself. and i'm just so happy that you got to stretch and do this because, man, oh, man, it's so you are just fantastic. >> thank you, jimmy! >> jimmy: i love it, love it, love it. >> phew. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: it's great. you've gotta see her performance. you'll laugh, you'll cry, you feel for you, you are so smart, it's just so, so good. >> i have to say that means so much coming from you because i used to perform just to make you laugh when i was on "saturday night live," like the character, i did jeannie darcy, who was a bad standup comic, it was really almost made and created exclusively for jimmy fallon because you'd come out and watch it, and all i was trying to do was make jimmy
11:21 pm
>> and the audience would be kind of, like, what is this, but jimmy was like -- and so -- >> jimmy: that's still one of my favorite things. thank you. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: i love it. >> so coming from you, that's a a huge compliment. >> jimmy: oh please. >> thank you. >> jimmy: this one just man it made me cry, it was just so fantastic. and laugh, it's incre -- >> it opens in select theaters too this friday. >> jimmy: select theaters this friday as well. it's called "other people." i i want to show a clip. here is molly shannon in "other people." >> i thought you didn't want to try medical marijuana? >> well, i tried it. >> i see that. but why are you so stoned? how much butter did you use? >> just one stick. >> you used a whole stick? >> uh-huh. but how do you know how much goes in there? >> because i smoke pot. i'm stoned right now. >> drink some water. >> good for you, david. live your life. >> i will. >> live your life. you too, norman.
11:22 pm
anyone for a year, and you can't date that slut who came to the door today. >> as in lisa the one that brought you a pie? >> only a slut would come to the door with dessert. you're supposed to bring a a lasagna or something like that. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, my gosh, that was good. molly shannon, everybody. "other people" opens in select theaters and is available on demand and itunes this friday. we'll be right back with music from mike posner! ?? [ cheers and applause ] my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest had one of the biggest hits of the summer with "i took a pill in ibiza." and is currently on tour in support of his most recent album "at night alone." performing his new single "be as you are," please welcome back mike posner!
11:28 pm
? virginia woolf and poetry no one seemed to notice me being young was getting so old cheap beer and ? ? cigarettes life was like a movie set and i seemed to be given no role but in times of trouble ? ? i can turn to my mother and i know that she goin' understand so at age 18 ? ? i cried to my mother and she told me young man there are moments when you t ? but you are stronger than you feel you are now you don't always have to speak so loud no ? ? just be as you are it doesn't matter if you become some star life is better when you ? ? open your heart you don't always have to act so hard just be as you are ?
11:29 pm
?? ? they played me on the radio and everything was changing so i thought i was all the ? ? way grown but i can still remember in that cold november when i realized ? ? i'm all alone but in times of trouble i can turn to my mother i know that she goin' ? ? understand so at age 22 i cried to my mother and she told me young man ? ? there are moments when you fall to the ground you feel you are now ? ? you don't always have to speak so loud just be as you are it doesn't matter if ? ? you become some star life is better when you open your heart you don't always have ? ? to act so hard just be as you are let's go ?
11:30 pm
? now if i'm speaking truthfully i'm not who i used to be and i know some people ? ? might laugh 'cause my music doesn't sound the same and my head's no longer ? shaved i'm worried if i'm on the right path but in times of trouble ? ? i can turn to my mother and i know that she goin' understand so at age 28 ? ? i speak with my mother and she tells me young man there are moments when you fall to the ground ? you feel you are now you don't always have to speak so loud ? ? just be as you are as life is not always a comfortable ride everybody's got scars that ? ? they hide
11:31 pm
so just be as you are ? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh! oh! every time! every time! that was great, thank you. mike posner! "at night alone" is out now! we'll be right back, everybody! [ cheers and applause ]
11:32 pm
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to clint eastwood, molly shannon, mike posner! [ cheers and applause ] and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania! [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for
11:36 pm
have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. bye, bye, everybody! [ cheers and applause ]
11:37 pm
>> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- steven tyler -- star of "pitch," actress ali larter -- music from steven -tyler. featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and natrt ?? [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, everybody. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] great. so nice to be back from vacation. let's get to the news. the latest cnn poll has donald trump beating hillary clinton 45% to 43%. but the good news is the staffer who informed hillary is expected


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