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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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the gunman. hurricane newton, out of here. but what is next? i will have the forecast. the nfl season kickoffs tonight, right here on the big 12. a super bowl rematch between the denver broncos and the carolina panthers. the morning sieve owe question to you is how many times have both of the teams played in a super bowl? the answer in 20 minutes. and cheers to the most interesting man in the world. we introduce you to the man tasked with replacing a commercial legend. >> him? >> i don't know. 67:00 a.m. right now on--6:00 a.m. right now on your friday eve. >> jimmy likes to call it baby friday. >> i will take that, too. >> and that looked like michael phelps, i think. cloudy skies outideate now. currently, 76--outside right
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53 in flagstaff. temperatures forker today are heading up to about 96-degrees. it is going be a muggy one. jimmy, thank you. it is 6:01 a.m. now. a valley freeway is back open after a woman was shot and killed. team 12 's bryan west is following top story from near state route 51 and thomas. >> reporter: and tram, what ask most unnerving about this story is that the shooter, or the suspects, are still at larg freeway is open now, but it was shut down for about five hours overnight in the northbound lanes between mcdowell road and thomas. a woman got on the highway and called 911 saying that three men in a work truck were following her. the dispatcher heard several shots ring out, and the woman crashed and she later died. police they 911 got about five
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they described seeing the white truck driving very aggressively down the freeway and that it caused several don'ts. this were ladders and a tool box in the truck bed. and now a second woman, in a different vehicle is in the hospital this morning after being in a separate accident. now the police are still looking for the three suspects in the whiter truck. if you know anything, call the phoenix police or sigh lint witness. live along 54--alone--silent witness. live along 54, bryan west. yes, and krystle, we have been busy out there. you know, after that busy morning, it is pretty chill for the official start of rush hour, and yes, we are here at the traffic of ration center where--operation center where the adot cameras on blown up. here is the 17 southbound, do
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that is where the usual slow down is going happen. and now the bigger picture traffic map, where we are paul hitting the brakes, @ same thing on the 10 eastbound, it is--it is the same thing on the 10 eastbound, off and on the gas and the brakes. same for the 17 southbound. and maybe a little bit of slowing on the 10 westbound just past the 202. and as far as crashes are concerned, any that there have been cleared. we still have a cup 068 break downs off to the side, but nothing to worry ant at this time. and--about at this time. now back to you. >> wow, everything cleared up just in time. love that. checking the hot headlines this morning, an elderly man loses his home in a fire overnight, this happened near 56th street and thomas. it started in the back of the house and moved up into the attic. the man escaped but the house is a total loss. the cause is under
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lifetime movie, but a woman wants a case thrown out. attorneys for lindsey claim that police mishandled evidence. she is also accummed of sexual misconduct with a boy. a sheriff's detentions officer is recovering after being stabbed by three inmates inside of the jail. sheriff's officials say that the lieutenant was attacked yesterday afternoon and air lift today a trauma center he is--lifted to a trauma center and he is listed in critical. 24-year-old shaw disappeared on sunday at lake pleasant while on vacation with friends. he was not drinking and his family tells us that he was very athletic. tomorrow, county officials are expected to certify election results, but not before a court fight that begins in a couple of hours.
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district. nico--in the fifth district. norco. >> reporter: yes, it is--nico. >> reporter: yes, it is a very tight race and a judge here in downtown phoenix said that the efforts to include ballots not part of the final tally on tuesday will not count. but the same judge is going to let lawyers argue that i have case later on today, this morning n fact. and two people are facing off in the fifth republican primary. and now bigs won by a small amount and now they are demanding from the election results be certified. and now the thin margin in the race already means that there will be and automatic recount by officials. but jones 's team wants votes that were thrown out counted as well. and county officials will certify the final results from
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tomorrow. nico santos, 12 news. >> nico, thank you. it is 6:05 a.m. and now a check of the morning juice with emma. oh, tram, the wait is finally over. we finally know what is the next--who the new most interesting man in the world is. here you go. >> [ inaudible ] >> say hello to legrand, a french actor, who is younger, more athletic, modern, and he actually speaks spanish. a group is connecting with a growing younger audience to get
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eques. he is more resourceful and ready for more challenging and contemporary situations, they hope will resinate with much more multicultural consumer base. interesting. ? [ music ] ?? ? >> all right, question for you, is this the worst rock song of all time? gq magazine thinks so. i think it is great. they did a deep dive into the making of star ship 's we built this city, it was a number one hit back in 1985. and it was claimed the worst ever back n 2004 and to--back
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members admit that they hate the song, but the song did make the group a ton of money. so it is a bad song that made a lot of money. can you really be all that mad? i don't think so. i think we can blame the music video for being bad. but not the song, the song is great. all right, now to the juicy question of the morning, 20% of women say they will hide this from their husband, many deal with an ear full from him. >> and tram, i would ask you what everybody is saying on facebook, but your ipad died. >> yes, it did die. a lot of people are looking at money, credit cards. but i think if it was money, it would be higher. >> way higher. oh, that is the only thing that i can think of. i mean, i don't hide anything from my husband, especially because he is watching.
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>> yes, and you would never run away from your husband during a fight. >> i don't know, let us know. keep your guesses coming our way. still ahead on 12 today, washed away a downpour in wisconsin, the cars are stranded and people are scrambling for high ground. >> and for us here in the valley, cloudy skies, it looks like it is going rain. more details coming up in the complete seven day forecast. >> and football is back and it feels the nfl is kicking off tonight in denver with a super bowl rematch. live to check the pulse as football night in america touches down in the mile high
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marv, go make us a plate we'll literally die of hunger b freaky fast 1 bingo!
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welcome back, everyone. now a check of the roads, here is krystle at adot. >> . that is right, we are the adot traffic scepter. and a crash here 01 southbound at thomas, it is off right and if that is the worst i have to show you, then we are doing good. and i grabbed the 12 news app here, and now take a look at the traffic map back there, i threw it up for everyone to see. it looks like the usual stop and go traffic on the 10, and
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hey, aides up, this weekend- -heads up, this weekend, all weekend long, we have big time closures, 101 northbound is closed from indian bend to shaw. and pow tore the gilbert--power to the gilbert mcdowell, that is going the be closed and the right lanes taken away. and then 10 westbound will be cut down to just a lane there. and so the alternate forker that one around any traffic jams. and now back out here live, i want to show you our throw back thursday one more time and the traffic trivia, we will be having the answer coming up in about half an hour. and my question is, which stretch of valley freeway is this, this picture was taken back in the late 1960s, early 1970s. here is another hint for you, 288,000 drivers will travel
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>> oh, i have got it. >> are you going change your answers? >> you got it? the lightbulb went off. what is it in. >> tram is guessing the 101, the 10, and the 51. >> and i will pick the 60. >> you just named all of the freeways. you only get one guess. >> sure did. >> well, you pick. >> you tell us. >> all right, thanks, krystle. 6:15 a.m. is the time. the nfl is back and tonight is a rematch of the super wl broncos and the only plaits to catch the game is right here- -place to catch the game is right here at 5:30 p.m. and we are your football station for the next four to five months, the highest rated show in america is sunday night football. and fresh off of a couple of weeks in rio, jay gray is now in denver. oh, i hope you got some sleep. but are you ready for game day? >> reporter: i am so readily,
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early. here is the thing, parking, no issue no this morning. got in--issue this morning. got no really close, but there is nothing here. i don't know, maybe it is not a big deal, or maybe i just came a limit too early--came a little too early. there is going to be a rematch of super bowl 50 here, the broncos and the panthers, it is going be a mad house here. this is always a rocking st when i pulled in, and that was early this morning, before the sun came up, there were already 20 suvs, rv, pickup trucks, all waiting to get in to start tailgating. also, before the game, music from bentley and one republic as well. and right before the kickoff, we will have the flag, the banner for the broncos and
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so it should be a lot of fun. still, plenty of time, emma to get out there. >> yes, plenty of time is right. now here is my question, jay, are you just there for the fancy live shot or are you on the sidelines the whole game? maybe a new water boy? >> reporter: you know, i am going to stay here as long as the authorities will let me. i am going to try to blend in, you know, maybe i can find a striped shirted. i don't know, yes, i will >> good to hear, okay, jay, we are now playing without peyton manning, what is your call for tonight 's game? >> reporter: i don't know, i am torn because everybody says that theparenters are going to went game. they were the favorites on the super bowl as well. you have got the broncos with a new quarterback, trevor, who has never thrown and nfl pass, the first time in history that the super bowl champions have a quarterback that has never thrown and nfl pass.
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home field advantage, they have a great defense. i may be wrong, but that is why i am in front of the camera and not in las vegas. >> there you go, i love it. i am sure you would rather be in las vegas, but we do what we can. thanks, jay. hey, sunday night football from glendale, the cardinals start their quest for a super bowl ring. thingsare getting started with the patriots the 5:25 p.m. here on channel 12. we have a lot of reporters and anchors out at and don't forget, kristin will be singing the national anthem. 6:18 a.m. now. sever weather alert in wisconsin, many milwaukee, rains flooded roads, yards, and homes: and police and emergency crews waded through chest high with the tore check on cars making sure that--high water to check on cars making
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is heading out of here. we have cloudy skies, look at this morning, people are jogging around, if you go for a jog, you are going kneel the humidity around this morning. 76-degrees, though, a nice number. and overall for our temperatures today, we are going to get off to a very slow start. the clouds are holding off that sunshine. so we can and southwest winds 5-10. no big problems in the south. you can see all of the moisture is just tapped out. we are bone dry. we have the monsoon and it is quiet. any of the mostier left is- -moisture left is heading off to texas and new mexico. some areas are getting showers here, but nothing really significant here across the
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are not going to see a hot of sunshine, the monsoon meter, one for the valley, two for the mountains and southeast, arizona. more and more daylight, the suns rays are slowly dipping to the south, so we are going get less and less direct sunshine up here in the northern hemisphere. the next thing you know it is going the be coolest temperatures. and now the first day of fall, when we really start to transition, that is september 22nd. okay, here is what we ve motion here, we are looking dry, nothing on the forecast models but we can expect to see a chance for showers across the elect saturday at 7:30 p.m. so question--across the low country on saturday, at 7:30 p.m. 96-degrees for thursday. 101 on friday. saturday, 102 and then a slight chance for storms on sunday. a better shot of rain, the monsoon is not over yet, coming
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tram. jimmy, thank you. still ahead on 12 today, a man in california is set to cash in his golden nugget. literal will, where he found this huge piece of gold in your shot of the morning. >> and we cannot say it enough, nfl football is back tonight with with a rematch of last seasons super bowl. our morning trivia question to you is how many times have both of the teams played in a su bowl? thinkn't it--think about it, your answer be n two minutes-
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welcome back, everyone to 12 today. still a lot of clouds there. jimmy many l have the forecast coming up. but we are enjoying 76-degrees right now. and it is time for your 12 today trivia question. we have been telling you that officially kicking off tonight right here. it is a repeat of the super bowl last year, the denver broncos taking on the carolina panthers. so our question to you, jimmy, maybe you know the answer, how many times have both of the teams played in the super bowl? >> carolina two, and five for the broncos. >> i say six for the broncos. >> what is the answer? >> well, the answer is straight ahead, right there, the broncos
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three, including super bowl 50. and you were right with theparenters, they are play- -the panthers have played in two but have never won. >> it took the broncos forever, they would play the cowboys and lose every year. and even with elway, they cannot win until he was already old, and it was awesome. >> awesome is right. now, to your shot of the morning, everyone. a prospector in centra the size of a t-bone stake. oscar of modesto was panning near a little town of james town when he made this discovery, it weighs about 18- ounces and it is thought to be worth as much as $70,000. now the folks in james town beleigh it could spur a modern day gold rush. >> wow, think if there was more like that. my goodness. >> so is that great.
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really lucky and have a lot of apatience. yes,--a lot of patience. still ahead, football is back and we are ready for kickoff. and so is twitter. the new way to show love for your favorite team. >> reporter: the freeway is open after being shot down overnight. police are telling ups--being shut down overnight. police are telling us that a woman was shot and killed overnight. we will be right back after the
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welcome back, everyone. 6:29 a.m. your time. i am emma alongside tram. and yes, newton is out of here. it is muggy outside, you can see the clouds, just pushing away from our area. boy, the sun is just finally trying to breakthrough the clouds this morning: 76- degrees outoutside right now. the dew point is 69. 55--outright now. the dew point is 69. 63 for payson and web cams, just dry skies for today.
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jimmy, thank you. a woman shot and killed while driving down the freeway and police have not made any arrests. bryan west is live with this top story near state route 51. >> reporter: and tram, they still have not caught the shooter or the suspects. if you take a look behind me, you can tell that the traffic is moving after being closed for about five hours overnight between mcdowell and thomas, northbound lanes. now phoenix police tell us that a woman who got around 7:00 saw three men in a work truck following her, during the call, the dispatch i were heard several shots ring out. the woman then crashed into a center divider, medics rushed her to the hospital in critical condition where she later died. and 911 also got several calls from other vehicles. they saw the white truck
6:31 am
side it caused several accidents. the truck had ladders and a tool box in the back of the truck bed. and now a second woman in a different vehicle is in the hospital after being in a separate accident. and now the three men in the vehicle are still at large .f you know anything, call the phoenix police or silent witness. bryan west, 12 today. >> all right, thanks, bryan open for some time. krystle, how it is looking morning? you know, for rush hour, it could be so much worse. we really do not have much in the way of wrecks or even weak downs at this point to talk about. they are all off--or break downs at this point to talk about, they are all off to the side now. and now a look at the traffic
6:32 am
the 10 eastbound all the way to the stack, about 17 minutes. and if you are heading westbound on the 10, from about ray road to the 143, that is about eight minutes. and going to near downtown. and you will have to tack on about four more minutes onto that time. still seeing just some building volume there on the 101 eastbound, it is hit and miss there. and the northbound, just past the 202 san tan. and now you have seen it behind transitive yeah thursday and also our throw back thursday picture of the day. we will have the answer coming up. >> krystle, thank you. checking on headlines across the valley this morning, a man is sitting behind bars accused of steeling a briefcase with $3 million worth of jewelry from musician drake. king took the briefcase off of brake 's tour bus.
6:33 am
he was still carrying the briefcase at the time. scientists and engineers from the u of a and asu are counting down to liveoff the. this afternoon, a project they have been working on for the past five years is going blast off into space. it will chase down an asteroid, get a sample off of it, and then come home. if everything goes well, it is seven years before the samples are returned. it swings around earth every six years and may hold the key to life. and our county is the only space--is not the only place in the nation without an insurance exchange. blue cross, blue shield of arizona decided yesterday to stay in the county and offer marketplace insurance plans. the rates will increase by 51% in 2017 in the county, but
6:34 am
people in arizona next year. in the race for the white house, we got a look at what a debate between hillary clinton and donald trump might look like. last night, each person had their sometime on stage. trump was questioned whether his secret plan to defeat isis is really there. and clinton was asked about her e-mail scandal ant threat of terrorism came up again and again. >> can you tell people they be safer on the streets of san bernardino or boston than they are today? >> matt, i am going to do everything in any power to make- -in my power to make sure that is the result. i am not going promise something that i think most thinking americans know is going to be a huge challenge. >> i have a chance of winning. if i win, i don't want to broadcast to the enemy what my plan is.
6:35 am
like a combination of plans, or the general 's plan, i am not going to call you up and say matt, we have a great plan. this is what obama does. >> well, the today show will have much more reaction from last nights forum, that is coming up right after our show at 7:00 a.m. lawyers are about to start arguing over decision 2016. team 12 's nico santos is in downtown fight here we are talking about is over a race that right now has only a nine vote margin. so it is a really close race here. and now a judge, just a number of days ago here in downtown phoenix, who already denied efforts to include some ballots that were not part of the final tally on tuesday. but today, the same judge will give lawyers a chance to argue their case more here. bigs and jones are facing off
6:36 am
attorney filed a complaint on tuesday demanding that the court delay the official primary election results. now regardless of the legal actions, the race is going get a recount by election officials. but jones 's team says there were at least 130 votes that were thrown out for several reasons and they want them counted. so the hearing is set to start at 10:30 a.m. this morning. where the lawyers will argue, and in the meantime, tomorrow, will certify the final results of the election .n phoenix, nico santos, 12 today. >> nico, thank you. it is 6:36 a.m. now on this thursday morning: emma, now the morning juice. yes, we are ready for some football, as the season is kicking off right here on channel 12 today. you know who else is ready? twitter. check this out. is there now afternoon--there is now an emoji for every
6:37 am
emoji will pop up. you kind of saw this during the olympics. for the cardinals, you says b red c red. and football night no america is start--night in america is starting right here at 4:30 p.m. cardinals fans, a little bit worried, some might be after wearing what carson palmer had to say about tom brady, who the patriots will be without on sunday suspension for his roll in deflate gate. carson palmer was asked yesterday, with the boston media, his thoughts on the subject. >> you know, i go back and, you follow what the rule book says and you go about your business and your work, and you know, if they tell you not to do it and
6:38 am
what happens happens, then you suffer the consequences. >> suffer the consequences, he will, four game suspension. all right, now to the juicy question of the morning, 20% of women will hide this from their husbands. many say because they do not want to deal with an ear full from him. we have our final answers. what do you think, tram? >> oh, i think credit cards, hi and i think the number would be higher. i am still stumped. >> all right, here is the answer. here we go. >> here we go. >> oh, when they get a ticket. oh, i can totally see that. >> oh, yes. >> i remember when i was a little kid and i was in the car when my dad got a ticket, he said do not tell your mom. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> thankfully mom lives in a different state so she still does not know. so we are good, we are okay. well still ahead on 12
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with an app to make sure that your student never misses another assignment. this is i home work. >> and apple makes waves with the iphone 7, but one feature has people really talking. we take on air pods and all that is right and, well, wrong with them. that is coming up in your
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welcome back, everyone to 12 today: oh--today. oh, in only the high would be 76-degrees. we are getting, though. >> yes, but in the meantime, leapt 's talk about the more than--let 's talk about the morning mix topic here. oh, gosh, apple, yesterday, did you hear all of newest iphone. so most notable is what the iphone 7 does not have, an ear phones plug into the charging port, or you can opt for the latest and greatest right here, wireless air pods. but hang on, they cost $159, would you buy it? >> no. >> no way. >> i really would not. >> oh, they are fancy. >> oh, they are kind of cool. >> the whole wireless thing and
6:43 am
they have all of this, and it is nice, but it is expensive. >> and i heard also that the iphone 7 is a bust, the 10 year anniversary is coming up soon and people are thinking that a new iphone 8 will come out then and people are saying no one is going to go for the iphone 7 because they are going to hold out to see the brand new iphone 8 that is going to come out. >> yes, i was hearing from folks at the big announcement, they were saying, listen, if you have a least two years old, then maybe, you can get the iphone 7. right. >> yes. >> but, if you know, a lot of us have the iphone 6, if you have that, gist wait until next year. the big ten year anniversary. >> and is there no plug in. >> no, for the ear buds. >> and they need today make it waterproof to keep up with samsung. >> but i need that for my
6:44 am
blue tooth. >> and the speakers on this iphone are supposed to great. but you know, our producer, jeff, he brought up a good point, man, you could lose that any where. and then guess what, you would have to replace it again. >> yes, it is a money pit. >> ouren the light rail and- -you are on the light rail and say hey, look at that. >> $159. >> they used to be free. >> oh, not these days. >> too bad. okay, krystle, how are you doing on the roads hey, there, yes, we are at the adot traffic operations center. we are in the middle of the morning drive but it is not looking goo too bad here. we are just slowing down in regular rush hour fashion. and now a look at some of the spots here on the 101 and thomas, panning over to the 10 here, this is where the 101 ramp takes you on to the 10 eastbound. so the usual, you know, take the foot off the gas pedal kind of deal there and it is slow
6:45 am
volume is picking up at mesa drive. and now we are switching over to the traffic maps, it is certainly a very long line on the 10 eastbound. it is really hit and mis-where you are going to--and miss where you are going to run into slow downings, starting to feel the pinch of during-slow down, starting to feel the brakes here. and no keep in mind some closures over the weekend on the 101 northbound, all northbound indian road and shaw. and then just keep that in mind over this weekend. but farce the thursday morning- -but as far as the thursday morning drive, we are looking good. so now it is time for our throw back thursday slash traffic trivia thursday question. we have been showing you this picture all morning here, and i asking you, what is this a picture of in the lite 1960s- -in the late 1960s or early
6:46 am
added some lanes and also 288,000 drivers will travel through here today alone. and each and every day. and now the final hint? chris, pan to the left. do you see anything? >> oh, it is i-10. >> it is i-10. >> you are hooking at it right there. >> --you are looking at it right there. >> oh, where on i-10? >> right when you 60? >> ding ding. >> is that right? >> it is at i-10 at the broadway curve. >> oh, jimmy q, that was your fist answer. >> oh, yes--first answer. >> oh, yes, nailed it. >> i never heard him say it. all of my twitter followers and facebook followers had it right. but tram and emma, you are off this morning. >> well, i did say it could be
6:47 am
freeway. >> okay. >> straddling the lane. >> every time. well, patients with kids are business--well, parents with kids are busy now that school is back in session. >> yes, we have apings for you. it is hard to keep track of the assignments, tests, and more. and that is where i homework comes in handy. class by class it is ng organize all of too and syncs together. the initial download for i home work is free. >> all right, let 's go to the guy with the right answer the roads, jimmy. >> wow, i like that, i will take it, appreciate that shoutout there. and look at the trees down there, a more of those and it looks like we are in the midwest, or on the east coast, and that is downtown, convention center, it is hazy,
6:48 am
clouds and sunshine. remember, any time the dew points are high, not the humidity on the maps, because humidity goes up and down through the day. the dew point is how much humidity is out there. 55 is where it starts to get humid. we are at 72 in buckeye. 72 in wicken berg. it is hot out there. it is really tropical. and it looks tropical outside with clouds just, the sun is just trying to break down through the clouds right 76-degrees, a lot of places are way up to start things off. flagstaff, 53. and prescott right now, 60- degrees. hazy skies are looking off to the west valley. 96 for the high today, the humidity is holding our temperatures down, tampa bay, never gotten to 100-degrees, so much humidity over there, 99 is about the hottest number they got out there. so that is what the humidity
6:49 am
temperatures. and now the tropical system, it is gone, it pushed right on out of here. a few light, light showers right around tucson, safford, globe area. and now it is dry across phoenix proper. so no travel concerns as far as the weather here for this morning. and it is quiet for the next few days or so. one for the valley, two for the white mountains, we are losing more and more daylight. we are starting to head south: day of fall. and after that, it is going further to the south. and then the days are getting shorter and nice and cool. until then, fall is the 2 it could of this month--is the 22nd of this month. and now tram, saturday, we have showers up right there, the lowcountry can see a little bit of activity. and we are dry, tram. thank you. hot headlines right now,
6:50 am
morning for a woman convicted on charges that she faced a cancer diagnosis get--diagnosis to get the state to pay for her late term abortion. she claimed she cancerrer and told a doctor that her prague nancy put her life in danger. the scheme was discovered a year after the senators jon mccane and another have sent a letter, on wednesday, to department of interior secretary, sally jewel. and gabrielle giffords was shot by a gunman and six people died. the woman accused of flashing a group of under age.s at a party--age boys at a party wants the case thrown out.
6:51 am
that police mishandle evidence. and she is accused of sexual misconduct. and now clowns are showing up in the carolinas and people are terrified. police in north carolina investigating a third clown sighting in the last two weeks. so a woman called the police to say she saw a clown standing in the middle of the street, holding a knife, and he tried to lure her into the woods. she refused and he videos of the clowns but they are investigating. ryan locthe has been suspended for ten months after he was in a scandal in rio. the u.s. swimmer became and embarrassment after he lied about being held up by armed men after a party. this means he is not able to compete in the mt. 2017 world championship meet. but at this point, he is still able to go to the 2020 summer olympics in tokyo.
6:52 am
nfl season and we can hardly wait because it is a game that you can only see right here on the big 12. it is a rematch of the super bowl, the champions, denver broncos, they are taking up on the runner ups, carolina panthers. and cam newton sat down look ahead to the match up. >> so what it is going to be like opening night, you are coming out and you close eyes, take a deep breath. >> by that time, the preparation is done, you know, everybody wants to see, and hopefully we can put a good performance together offensively. i can not be selfish enough to say it is just me verses von. it is us verses them. >> coverage begins with a special football night in america, kickoff special at 4:30 p.m. followed by the carolina
6:53 am
from the mile high city. candidate the cards will be playing at 5:35:25 p.m. right here--5:25 p.m. right here. and we have reporters and sporters anchors who will be out at that game. and crist tin will be singing the national anthem. well, it is now 6:53 a.m. a final check of the weather before you head on out to start your day. >> and until you hear what one man--and wait until you hear ne from his wife. you are not going believe this story, it is coming your way on
6:54 am
6:55 am
y23esy yvpy ?? grandkids! noooooo! freaky fast thank you, sweetie who wants a cookie?
6:56 am
welcome back, everyone. 6:56 a.m. is your time. beautiful out there right now, it is 676-degreesers--it is 76- degrees and you said it is going to stay 76 all day. well, i fish it is not. temperatures, 96 for today. we will take that because it is still below average. the average temperatures are still coming down, it is that time of the year for pumpkin latte spice and it is soon fall. all right, pumpkin spice. >> bingo, exactly. when most people decide they no longer want to be married, you know, they usually
6:57 am
>> yes, police say that this 70- year-old man stole money from a kansas city bank and said he did this, get this, he would rather be in jail than live with his wife. investigators say that he did not run away. he sat in the lobby and told security he was the guy that he were looking for. his wife of 33 years, you would think after all of that time, she says they had a him to fix a broken drier. now he could not go home for up to 20 years. >> man, here you go, take me away. >> maybe she is just as happy. this great, now she has got everything, the house to he is. she has the bank account,--to herself, she has the bank account. >> yes, but who is going fix the dryer. >> all right, take aways.
6:58 am
tonight. i love how nfl teams now have their own emojis. >> okay, is there a new interesting man for doe e ques. he is french, i don't know, we will are to see, i am not a big fan. >> there you go have it. my take away, we built this city, we built this city, gq says rock song every. >> and it is stuck in your head. >> all right, hey, remember that couple, that wedding couple who took a picture on yosemite. well on the today show, they have been identified. so we cannot wait to see how. very interesting. also a favorite from the food network, bobby flay. have a great day, everyone.
6:59 am
7:00 am
?? good morning. top guns. donald trump and hillary clinton make the case for being the next commander in chief at our exclusive forum. trump courting controversy for suggesting it's time to replace some military leaders. >> the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> and heaping praise on vladimir putin. >> he's been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. clinton going out on a limb with this vow -- >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again. >> while defending the way she handled sensitive information as secretary of state. >> there's no evidence my system was hacked. >> this morning did either of them prove they're ready to lead? banned from the pool?


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