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tv   Today  NBC  September 8, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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?? good morning. top guns. donald trump and hillary clinton make the case for being the next commander in chief at our exclusive forum. trump courting controversy for suggesting it's time to replace some military leaders. >> the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> and heaping praise on vladimir putin. >> he's been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. clinton going out on a limb with this vow -- >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again. >> while defending the way she handled sensitive information as secretary of state. >> there's no evidence my system was hacked. >> this morning did either of them prove they're ready to lead? banned from the pool?
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american swimmers involved in that gas station incident at the olympics. ryan lochte reportedly facing as long as ten months out of the water. why some critics say even that would be too light. and vanishing act. new video emerges showing a suspect in las vegas breaking free from his handcuffs and then fleeing through the ceiling. that tricky escape and how police caught up with him "today," thursday, september 8th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. do anything interesting last night? >> it was a nail biter. i'll tell you that. serena williams pulled it out in the end. it was really, really good. >> a lot of people were watching something else. in fact, this commander in chief forum on nbc last night.
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away. we want to get to the state of the race today. with the forrum behind her, hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail with a rally this afternoon in north carolina and tim kaine was there on tuesday. she'll then head to missouri where the latest poll shows her trailing there by ten points. as for donald trump, he heads back to cleveland for the first time since the republican national convention. this will be his seventh visit to ohio since becoming his party's nominee. the race in that key battleground state is extremely close. trump leading by just three points. >> so we have a lot to get to this morning. in a moment we're going to talk to two generals who were advisers to the clinton and trump campaigns respectively. let's start out our team coverage with national correspondent peter alexander. hey, peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this election now exactly two months away believe it or not. last night donald trump despite
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100% ready to handle this country's national security issues. last night he spoke almost exclusively in generalities and hillary clinton was back on the defensive peppered with more tough questions about her judgment. the first showdown on a single stage. clinton and trump going back to back and toe to toe. the former secretary of state appearing first followed by the real estate mogul. the republican nominee blasting many of the nation's military leaders. >> i think under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble. they have been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing for our country. >> reporter: trump offering no new specifics about his strategy for defeating isis. >> when i do come up with a plan that i like and that perhaps agrees with mine or maybe doesn't. i may love what the generals come back with. >> you have your own plan?
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under her leadership the u.s. will defeat isis making a major campaign promise. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again and we're not putting ground troops into syria. >> reporter: while clinton admitted her vote for the iraq war was a mistake, trump falsely presented his position on the war before the invasion. >> i was against the war in iraq and said it would totally destabilize the middle east, which it has. >> reporter: here he was with howard stern in 2002. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. you know, i wish the first time it was done correctly. >> reporter: wednesday night trump proposing an alternate solution for iraq. >> we're going to get out, take the oil. if we would have taken the oil, you wouldn't have isis. isis formed with the power and wealth of that oil. >> reporter: clinton without mentioning her rival by name
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qualified to be commander in chief. >> steadiness. an absolute rock steadiness and mixed with strength to be able to make the hard decisions. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump praising russia's vladimir putin while attacking president obama. >> the man has very strong control over the country. it's a different system. i don't happen to like the system but certainly in that system he's been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. >> reporter: and clinton again on defense over her use of a private e-mail server. >> as i said repeatedly, it was a mistake to have a personal server. i certainly would not do it again. i make no excuses for it. >> reporter: the former secretary of state pushing back against questions about her handling of classified information. >> i did exactly what i should have done and i take it very seriously. always have. always will. >> reporter: and while clinton defended her time at the state department, trump defended this tweet from 2013 about the number of unreported sexual assaults in the military.
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put men and women together? >> it's a correct tweet. many people think that's absolutely correct. >> reporter: bottom line, many americans widely believe that these are two deeply flawed candidates. two of the most unpopular political presidential nominees in modern history. they were shaky at times last night, living plenty of room for improvement. perhaps the silver lining, this was just the scrimmage before what's certain to be a political superbowl. that first debate just 18 days away. matt and savannah? >> peter alexander, thank you. as we said, clinton campaigns in north carolina and missouri today. just moments ago, before taking off from white plains, new york, she held a news conference in front of her plane on the tarmac. nbc's kristen welker has more on what she had to say. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. one of the headlines coming out of that press conference, secretary clinton responding to some of the criticism she got for comments she made at our
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that she said she's not going to put any more troops on the ground in order to fight isis. she was pressed on that just moments ago. take a listen to what she had to say. >> i think putting a big contingent of american ground troops on the ground in iraq and syria would not be in the best interest in the fight against isis and other terrorist groups. in fact, i think it would fulfill one of their dearest wishes which is to drag the united states back into a ground war in that region. >> reporter: clinton also slammed donald trump for having kind words for vladimir putin at our forrum. take a listen. >> he praised russia's strong man vladimir putin. even taking the astonishing step of suggesting that he prefers the russian president to our
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unpatriotic and insulting to the people of our country as well as to our commander in chief, it is scary. because it suggests he will let putin do whatever putin wants to do. >> reporter: now, amid news that our new poll shows donald trump beating secretary clinton among military families, clinton and her campaign putting a real focus on national security this week. today she also annoued tomorrow she is going to convene a bipartisan meeting with national security experts, including michael churchohh and janet that pal tan know. broader national polls show this race is getting tighter. matt, savannah, back to you. >> kristen thanks very much. we have a couple military experts this morning. we'll start with lieutenant general michael flynn, who led
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he now serves as an adviser to donald trump. good morning. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me back. >> listen to what was said last night, lot of people are shocked by the fact that donald trump seemed to have praise for vladimir putin while seeming to denigrate american generals saying they have been reduced to rubble in his words. >> yeah. >> how do you explain that. >> first of all, the format was great. the questions that came out of the audience were great. this business about this general beg our military and enormous respect for our military leadership. >> it didn't sound like it. >> what's happened is our leadership in the military, in the armed forces right now, there's a lot of frustration because of the policies that we are following and strategy that we're following particularly against isis but also against what we're doing out in the south china sea, what we're doing in korea and what we're doing in eastern europe. i know there's a lot of frustration out there. donald trump has enormous
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intelligence professions as well. >> i'm glad you brought up intelligence. what caught my attention is he talked about two intelligence briefings he's now received. you were involved in both of them. you were there. and he went off on this thing saying in some way the briefers either through something they said or body language led them to believe -- led donald trump to think that they did not think president obama was following their recommendations. you were there. di >> in a very specific way. i'll tell you -- without getting into details of what we talked about, intelligence professionals brief the intelligence they see going on around the world. they do not make the policy decisions. so the intelligence that we received in the last two briefings were in stark contrast to the policy decisions that are being made. >> that's coming up with that deduction.
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and say something and then look at him like this or this? >> intelligence professionals as they should would say those are policy decisions. donald trump in a very, very sophisticated way would ask tough questions and they would say that's not our job. those are policy decisions that the white house is making. we would say okay. we understand. stark contrast. >> you were with the defense intelligence agency. you know as well as anybody else what vladimir putin has been up to recently. >> sure. about the way that donald trump talks about putin? he said last night if putin says great things about me, i'm going to say great things about him. that's not exactly the model of standing tough on the world stage against an adversary? >> we've become the best enemies in the world because we telegraph everything we're going to do and we become the worst friends. one of the things -- and he also mentioned this, matt, was that russia has a problem with isis. we have a problem with isis. russia is in the middle east
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we probably could have prevented that had we made smarter decisions a couple years ago, but we did not. so what we have to do is we have to figure out how do we work together against some of these common enemies that we have? we have to do that. we have run out of a lot of options. and the decisions that were made pulling out of iraq in 2011 have led to this rise of this massive problem that we now call the islamic state. >> we could have another hour on it. lieutenant general michael flynn. thank you. >> nbc did a superb job. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. retired air force brigadier general john douglas supporting the clinton campaign joins us this morning. general, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> secretary clinton last night said no troops in syria. we're not sending anymore troops in there. we're not sending anymore troops in iraq. keeping in mind there are u.s. troops there. did she take something off the table that she shouldn't have taken off? >> i don't think so. she has a three-point plan on how to deal with the middle east. as we all know, this is a
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a long, long time. it doesn't lend itself to simplistic 30-day solutions. >> as commander in chief, do you ever want to take an option off the table? >> i think you can look at that one way or the other. i don't think she meant to take an option off the table. i think she meant to say that her policy is she's not going to go in at the scale that bush and others have done in iraq. you know, one of the issues about secret plans and things like that are that if your enemy knows you're strong, if your enemy knows you're strong, the enemy knows you have a good plan, the enemy knows you have the resources, the enemy knows you're well led, that's deterrence. back when i worked on reagan staff as a young guy, we would rather deter the enemy so we don't get into these conflicts
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understands that and she's laid out a detailed plan. the comments about our generals being reduced to rubble, our young generals today are as fine as they've ever been. when i see those young men and women especially the young women that have now taken stars, i'm proud of them. they're not rubble. and i don't appreciate that. >> on this issue of veterans and how they feel, they were the audience last night. that's who we were trying to address. 64% of them in our recent poll said they are not confident in hillary clinton's ability to lead. this is somebody who was a former secretary of state. she was on the armed service committee. the issue does not seem to be one of experience. how do you explain that? >> it is hard to explain. there's some work to do there for secretary clinton. you know, there's an old saying in world war ii, snafu.
7:15 am
>> familiar with it. >> that's how a lot of that feels. the guys down in the trenches don't know what's over the next hill. they don't know what's going to happen tomorrow morning. they don't know what is the enemy doing. they have to trust their leadership from their squad leaders all of the way up to whoever is president at the time and so from the perspective of just being there at that level, they're screwed up and so that's just one of the things that leaders in the military have to deal with is to try to overcome that. >> interesting to get both of your perspectives. thank you very much this morning as well. >> thanks for having us. the president is wrapping up a week-long trip to asia this morning and weighing in on donald trump's comments at our forum last night. let's go to nbc's ron allen who has been traveling with the president. ron, good morning. >> reporter: it didn't take much
7:16 am
at the closing news conference, he was asked about those comments that donald trump made about our generals being reduced to rubble and about vladimir putin being a better leader than president obama. here's what the president had to say. >> i don't think the guy is qualified to be president of the united states. and every time he speaks, that opinion is confirmed. and i think the most important thing for the public and the press is to just listen to what he says and follow up and ask questions about what appear to be either contradictory, uninformed or outright wacky ideas. >> reporter: expect more of that in the next week when president heads to battleground philadelphia. first of campaign solo stops for hillary clinton. targeting the voters who put him
7:17 am
clinton. savannah? >> ron allen, thank you. now to a disturbing update in california. four oakland police officers have been fired over a scandal that involved a teenage prostitute. seven other officers will be suspended without pay for failing to report the misconduct. the woman said she slept with more than a dozen city police officers. some of those encounters, she said, took place when she was underage. the rules and a criminal investigation is now under way. police in chicago are searching for two suspects this morning after a 71-year-old man was shot during an attempted robbery. the incident was caught on camera. take a look. you can see two young men on bicycles ride past the man as he watering his lawn. short time later, the suspects come back and demanded the man's wallet. when he refused a suspect shot him in the abdomen. the 71 was taken to the
7:18 am
no arrests have been made. back to that video we showed you at the top of our show, murder suspect, back in police custody after he escaped from an interrogation room in north las vegas. it happened last friday. alonzo perez was able to break free from his handcuffs by putting all of his body weight on the chain that connected the two cuffs. perez twisted the chain enough to make it snap and made his escape by climbing through a ceiling tile. once ounds, he stole an unoccupied truck that was left running in the parking lot. he was recaptured tuesday night. police chief said while cameras were rolling, nobody was watching the feed. from now on, somebody will be watching the video monitors at all times. >> not taking their eyes off it. al, what do you got in the weather? >> we're not taking our eyes off the weather monitors. we're looking out west. not a lot to see. few showers up around the puget sound in seattle. looking at activity making its
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most part a fairly quiet day out west. few showers in billings, 75. vegas flirting with the century mark at 99. look how nice it will be in los angeles, 78 and sunshine. 89 in medford and eventually the clouds will part up in seattle, looking for a temperature of 69 degrees. rest of the country today we've got this frontal system that's pushing in and it will be firing up some strong storms, stretching all the way from ohio back down into the mid plains. some of these storms could cause rain, so there could be some flash flooding. remnants of newton still hanging around through the southwest, though we'll see a few scattered showers there. little cooler in the northern plains with plenty of sunshine. the other big story, the heat. it's going to be hot and humid it's going to be hot and humid here in the mid-atlantic state, i'll have that goat cheese garden salad. that gentleman got the last one. sir, you give me that salad and i will pay for your movie and one snack box. can i keep the walnuts? sold. but i get to pick your movie.
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le cash back on the side. with the blue cash everyday card from american express, you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. throw. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express. and that's your latest weather. >> thanks very much, al. just ahead, banned from swimming. the suspensions expected today for ryan lochte and three other
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and some growing reports across the country, yes, of creepy clowns lurking near homes and approaching kids. sounds funny but police say there's nothing humorous about this.
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"today," thursday, september 8th, 2016. first let's headlines. the pentagon says a russian fighter jet flew within 10 feet of a surveillance plane over the black sea on wednesday and an official said that incident took place in international airspace and called it unsafe. russia's defense ministry says the american plane was intercepted after it twice approached russia's southern border. the 2016 paralympic games kicked off in rio de janeiro last night with a rousing opening ceremony. cyclist alison jones led the 289 member u.s. team into the
7:31 am
in all, more than 4,000 athletes from 160 countries are participating making it the largest paralympic games ever. and another big event last night. our exclusive commander in chief forum with presidential hopefuls donald trump and hillary clinton. clinton vowed if elected, the u.s. would not send more troops to the middle east while trump suggested the military leaders have been hurt by the current administration. >> i think under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble to the point country. >> we're not putting ground troops into iraq ever again and we're not putting ground troops into syria. we're going to defeat isis without committing american ground troops. >> clinton heads to north carolina and missouri today while trump holds campaign events in cleveland, ohio. let's turn to "today's" campaign moment. this one played out on twitter right after our commander in chief forum.
7:32 am
priebus said this about hillary clinton's performance. "she was angry and defensive the entire time. no smile and uncomfortable. upset that she was caught wrongly sending our secrets." hillary clinton's twitter account was quick to respond. actually, that's what taking the office of president seriously looks like. actually, that's what taking the office of president seriously looks like. >> changing subjects. that embarrassing incident during the olympics. all four swimmers are expected to be suspended today by the united states olympic committee and usa swimming. willie is here with the latest on that. >> the usoc has not officially confirmed that suspension but usa swimming says something will be announced today. the scandal that rocked the rio games still impacting one of the
7:33 am
reporter's questions overnight at l.a.'s international airport. amid reports he's facing a ten-month suspension. according to "usa today," a person with knowledge of the situation says lochte will be banned from the 2017 world championships next july. "usa today" also reports lochte's suspension will be longer than the other three u.s. swimmers. >> a guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it. put it to >> reporter: lochte told "today's" billy bush he was robbed at gunpoint. one week later he apologized in an interview with matt admitting he vandalized a sign at the rio gas station. >> i was very intoxicated. i have no idea why. it was immature. it was childish. >> reporter: he's been charged in brazil with filing a false police report after the drunken night out. if he gets a ten-month swimming suspension now, analysts say lochte may have gotten off easy. >> it's the year after the
7:34 am
i think a lot of the big names are taking a year off anyway. >> reporter: the incident has been costly for lochte who has lost sponsors. >> i am speedo fit. >> reporter: now looking to repair his public image appearing on this season's "dancing with the stars." a ten-month suspension would be harsher than michael phelps' six-month suspension for his two duis. the most decorated olympian of all time last week on "today." >> i know what it feels like. i've been through it before. hopefully he comes out of this a better person. i reached out to him a couple times, and i think he understands a lot and he will be able to grow from this. >> we reached out to all four swimmers including lochte. none had any comment on this news at this time. a lot of these swimmers take the year after the olympics off anyway so this maybe doesn't hurt ryan. >> all right. thank you very much.
7:35 am
several states on edge this morning. people dressed up at clowns spotted hanging around neighborhoods and in some cases said to be approaching children. nbc's kerry sanders is in greensboro, north carolina, where authorities are taking this very seriously. >> reporter: indeed. reports have been coming in of clowns sort of doing some really weird things including a report of a clown standing in the woods like these. standing motionless looking into an apartment complex and greensboro the authorities got calls of three clowns that they believe may have been out there doing something just doesn't fit in. they say that they're not sure why this is suddenly happening, just that it's no laughing matter. it may just be folks clowning around but it's not funny. more and more people are reporting seeing creepy clowns in their neighborhoods and some are menacing children. >> a clown last seen wearing red
7:36 am
asking for kids if they want ice cream. >> reporter: in winston-salem -- >> someone in these woods is trying to get these kids. >> reporter: 30 miles away in greensboro, police got a 911 call reporting someone wearing a clown suit with a scary mask. >> my husband just spotted a clown in back of the woods. >> reporter: chris grabbed a machete and chased after balcony and see a clown standing in the woods. people are scared. >> reporter: last month in green bay, wisconsin, residents spotted a clown walking the street at straight carrying black balloons. it turned out to be a publicity stunt for a small independent film. by itself dressing up as a clown is not a crime. >> we don't have a law in north carolina that prohibits a person from dressing like a clown. >> reporter: making things
7:37 am
prank reports of clown sightings. the sheriff of cleveland county, north carolina, say perpetrators could be charged with obstruction of justice. meanwhile, 5-year-old sky brown just wants the creepy clowning to stop. >> i'm scared because i'm a kid and i am afraid that the clowns are going to kidnap me. >> reporter: sweet kid. there have been a dozen sightings at least in the greensboro area of these creepy clowns. professional clowns now tell us that they're having some difficult times fearful of vigilantes. they call police and tell them where they're going so they don't become a victim themselves. guys, back to you. >> sad state of affairs, kerry. thank you very much. mr. roker now with another check of the weather.
7:38 am
our friends in wisconsin, milwaukee to be precise, dealing with some heavy rain last night and folks wading up to their waist in water to try to get to some rescues that had to be made. cars were submerged. a real mess out there. we may see more of that again today. strong storms firing up from detroit all of the way back down into wichita. part of a frontal system pushing to the east. locally heavy rain will continue along the front today right into tomorrow with more moisture from newton. the remnants of newton actually causing severe storms and flash flooding. some areas may pick up five to six inches of heavy rain from wichita all of the way into
7:39 am
>> and remember, always get your forecast when you need it when you need it on the weather channel on cable. >> all right, al. thank you very much. just ahead on "trending," we'll save you time at the supermarket. the unexpected ways out the fastest checkout lines. >> good tips. and headphone headache. what people are saying about those just announced changes coming to the new iphone. coming to the new iphone. tell you allif you want to sell your car carmax will give you seven days to consider their offer. why seven days? science. join me as we walk through the seven stages of decisioning. 1. consideration. 2. questioning. 3. deciding. 4. queso.
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strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand. we're back at 7:44 with apple's unveiling the of the iphone 7. >> we got in a heated discussion there's one absence that has a lot of people talking. jo ling kent has that story. jo, good morning. >> it's very controversy. apple has sold a billion iphones to date but now making a fundamental change to the device cutting the iphone jack. apple rolling out big changes to small features in the new iphone 7. >> air pods.
7:45 am
>> the world's most valuable company is killing off the headphone jack, which connected those iconic white ear phones to your favorite tunes. the updated smartphone starts at $649. it's water resistant and features a higher resolution camera but the wireless bluetooth ear buds cost 159 bucks. >> it comes down to one word. courage. the courage to move on and do something new that betters all of us. >> iphone users poking fun on social media. air pods cost $159 which is a very courageous price. >> the headphone is a big part of the phone. to not have them anymore is strange. >> tim cook tells nbc news it's part of a long-term product plan. >> when did you first conceive of the wireless headphones? >> there's a lot of great people at apple that have been thinking about it for a while.
7:46 am
>> innovating forward is in apple's dna. >> something that's never been done before. >> this is the same company that removed the floppy disk drive from computers in 1998 and skipped having buttons on a cell phone in 2007 now making a statement that future of audio is wireless. apple also tweaking the apple watch launching series 2 with built in gps. this is no longer a watch for geeks. it's for normal people matt, savannah? >> progressive, stuck in a rut. that's all i'm going to say. >> jo ling kent, thank you so much. carson is in the orange room with what people are saying. >> continue this conversation. as jo ling kent did mention, iphone 7 coming in more colors, better camera, water resistant but biggest talker online is really about the arrival of those airpods. forget about features and price everyone worries about the same
7:47 am
let's go to the tweets. joanne writing i didn't get airpods yet but i already lost them. maureen writes if only there was some kind of string to keep people from losing these. another shared this picture saying when you can't find your airpods anywhere. kevin is having hard time accepting the change calling them air buds. nothing you can do about it and deny's got in on the action. true innovation would have been with a flap jack. might be onto something now. >> they lost the jack. the phone didn't get thinner because of it. do you like that they lost the jack? >> mr. roker -- >> i'm not against it. first of all, they do include the headphones that will fit into the lightning jack so you
7:48 am
were upset at first. you were resistant and now it's standard. >> we talk online maybe they'll have a fine your airpods tracker. >> i'm sure they will. >> i'm with joanne and maureen your friends in the orange room. >> in three years we won't think about it. >> i'm calling tim cook on my rotary phone that i still have. >> let's let that pigeon out. st why kanye west will not like what people are saying about his fashion week show. scalpel. i have no idea what i'm doing. i'm just a tv doctor. i never went to college. (scream) i don't do blood. but now, thanks to cigna, i can do more than just look the part. is that a foot? we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up.
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, clash of the candidates. donald trump and hillary clinton sign off at the commander in chief forum from the fight against isis -- >> they're not going to get ground troops. >> to the state of the u.s. military. reduced to rubble. they have been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing for our country. >> did either candidate emerge as the clear winner? plus, turning the tables. hoda's special surprise for a man who has dedicated his life to serving his community now rallying to honor him. >> we decided to come here and honor you. >> thank you.
8:01 am
superstar carrie underwood to talk about her new tune for the new football season. >> i think everybody kind of felt like let's reinvigorate everything and just kind of see what we can do. >> "today," thursday, september 8th, 2016. ?? >> all the way from georgia! >> good montana, and our grandkids. >> all of the way from raleigh, north carolina, to celebrate my 30th birthday. >> celebrating 31 years of marriage and he is cancer free. >> first time in new york city from st. louis, missouri.
8:02 am
celebrating. >> welcome back to "today." it's 8:00. it's thursday, september 8th. it's feeling kind of muggy. we say good morning to the crowd on our plaza. to happy to have them along with us. happy you at home are joining us as well. >> just ahead, a guy we like around here an awful lot, dana carvey is here. he's going to give us his comedic take on all of the political players making headlines during this election season and trust >> and by the way, almost time for a wardrobe change with fall in the air. jill martin has your back. chic fall fashions at great prices. >> a lot to get to. right now it is time for the news at 8:00. good morning. we begin with the 2016 race. i'm hallie jackson just outside new york city where we're taking a closer look at the headlines from our commander in chief forum here. donald trump raising eyebrows
8:03 am
military leadership. hillary clinton again addressing her e-mail controversy. today both candidates likely to improve their candidate's performances for the first debate after last night what could be seen as a dry run for us. today the nominees facing voters on the trail after facing questions in our commander in chief forum. hillary clinton on defense over e-mails. >> i communicatedbo classified material on a wholly separate system. >> i did exactly what i should have done and i take it very seriously. always have. always will. >> and on the fight against isis, definitive. >> they're not going to get ground troops. we're not putting ground troops into iraq ever again and we're not putting ground troops into syria. >> that promise a difficult one for any president to keep with
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:04 am
now. for clinton, questions of trust. for donald trump, ones on temperament slamming top military brass president. >> i think under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. they have been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing for our country. >> reporter: the gop nominee not backing off his praise for russian president vladimir putin. >> if he says great things about me, i him. he's been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. >> defending a controversial tweet. >> in 2013 on this subject, you tweeted this. 26,000 unreported sexual assaults in the military, only 238 convictions. what did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together? >> it is a correct tweet. there are many people that think that that's absolutely correct. >> and this morning donald
8:05 am
to walk back that comment you just heard about generals being reduced to rubble. earlier this hour on this show, top surrogate retired general mike flynn said trump has enormous respect for the military and its leaders. savannah? >> hallie jackson, thank you. meantime, president obama is reacting sharply this morning to trump's criticism of his leadership and the state of the u.s. military. at a news conference wrapping up his trip to asia, the president said every time trump speaks, according to confirms he's not qualified to not be commander in chief and urged public and media to follow-up on what he called trump's uninformed or outright wacky ideas. now the latest on the fight against the zika virus. miami-dade county officials have delayed the spraying of a controversial insect side following concerns voiced by residents. mosquito control crews were supposed to begin spraying over miami beach today.
8:06 am
on capitol hill. a republican congressman brought a container of zika free mosquitos to the house floor to make a point about the fear that floridians are facing. do you always pick the wrong checkout line at the supermarket? wait until you learn the secrets to spotting the one you should be standing in. an exclusive new look and another deserving person's dream comes true. don't want to miss the next
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8:11 am
time for "trending." hoda is in the house. let's say we're at the grocery store. last thing you want to see is the long line. do you know how to pick the right one? i feel like i always do the wrong thing. >> i'm doing a weekly shopping, i look for the line that says 15 items or less thing. it tends to go quicker. >> with more than 15 items. >> with a week's worth of stuff. >> "the new york times" is out this morning with be a article called how to pick the fastest here are the tips. first of all, study what others in front of you are buying. that's kind of like, duh. someone may have 15 items but 15 items of water in a pack so one item. >> or a lot of vegetables where the checkout person is going to have to look it up in the book. >> or soda packs, that could go fast. okay. they say stay to the left
8:12 am
handed and will go to the right. you should go to the left. this is controversial. look for female cashiers because one expert says they are often more efficient than men. >> that is not controversial at all. >> not with us. >> don't you size up cashiers when you look? i look to see who is fast and slow. >> by the time you spend that -- just get in line and it's like trying to get on the service road. just get in a line. >> while he's in a line, run back and get more stuff. >> also i make him you go in that line and i'll go in that line and we'll have a race. >> i watch people self-checking out and i could never do that. >> i don't either. that's beyond my ability. >> let's change subject and talk about colin kaepernick. his jersey is the top seller on the nfl's website. just an indication of the kind of support kaepernick has
8:13 am
to kneel instead of stand during the playing of the national anthem. on wednesday kaepernick posted this message to fans on instagram. the only way i can repay you for the support is to return the favor by donating all of the proceeds i received from my jersey sales back into the communities. no word on how much money the jersey has generated. >> very interesting. wait until you hear this. a walmart in panama ty florida, wanted to create a special tribute for the anniversary of 9/11. it hangered some customers. the store created a display of soda cans in the shape of the twin towers. walmart says it's being removed. >> it's one of those best intentions -- >> just didn't work. >> anyone here like to eat hot
8:14 am
>> do you like watching movies that make you cry? >> yes. perhaps you get a thrill from the stomach churning roller coaster. the list goes on and on. why do we do these things if they can be such an emotional and physical challenge? psychologists call it benign masochistism once our get pressure from that. >> i love when they go to the dentist and they do deep cleaning and really scraping. >> you like that? >> i do get the laughing gas. >> i like to pluck my eyebrows. hurts a little bit. is that weird? >> what about you see a candle do you ever want to put your finger over it. >> i would like to put your finger over it.
8:15 am
eyebrows. >> no real segue here. let's do "pop start." >> we'll start with an exclusive look at the highly anticipated documentary simply called "amanda knox" looking at her murder trial. here's your first look at the trailer. >> if i'm guilty, it means that i have the ultimate figure to fear because i'm not the obvious one. >> did you kill meredith kercher? >> no. >> either i am a psychopath in sheep's clothing or i am you. >> that gets you hooked? want to watch that. >> that's creepy. >> the documentary premieres both in theaters and on netflix september 30th. >> i'm surprised at the tone of that.
8:16 am
creative control over how they pieced it together. next to kanye west, kanye west feeling the heat after his latest fashion show wednesday. kanye unveiled his new line. the problem with the weather temperatures topped 80 degrees. felt like 100 yesterday. >> i arranged for that. >> there was little place for shade. didn't help the show started late. models some so uncomfortable they ripped off their heels and stumbled in the process. despite it all, kanye took a triumphant walk down the cat walk with a smile on his face. >> finally, this will get people talking. what's the worst song of all-time? do you want to say what yours is?
8:17 am
whatever that one was. >> here it is. ? we built this city on rock and roll ? ? we built this city ? >> 1985. >> i like it. >> came out august 1st. the singer of the group said "our big hit single "we built this city" was awful. i felt like front row. that song was nominated for a grammy in 1986. >> i like it. >> what's your least favorite song ever? >> mine is that one actually. >> i don't love that one either.
8:18 am
this but you were playing a song loudly in your office that i hate. ? i want to rock and roll all night. >> greatest song of all time. >> i messed it up. i'm pregnant. i don't want to work i want to bang on the drum all day. i hate that song. >> i don't want to work. i just want to bang on my drum all day. >> that's a fri song. >> i don't say this often, i'm with her. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by camping world. get one stop shopping for everything rv at your nearby camping world rv supercenter. >> playing three different songs. 98% of the country had above normal temperatures for the summer. look at this. new york city became very close
8:19 am
76.6 degrees. atlanta. hottest 1980. came very close this year and as you take a look, chicago, 1955, hottest summer ever. not quite but in las vegas, you had the hottest summer ever. 93.2 degrees. toasty one. >> that's your latest weather.
8:20 am
now for hoda's bucket list granted. we've been loving this all week as she fulfills the wishes of deserving viewers. >> she gave a mother a role on "law & order." what do you have today? >> the most humble guy that changed thousands of lives. he runs a salvation army center in chicago. the guy never, ever takes a thanks to a surprise visit from one of his idols. >> merrill powers head of a salvation army center in chicago grills a feast for the community. he has no idea this whole party is actually for him. >> looking good. >> and merrill thinks this camera crew was hired by the salvation army. >> without feeding services, a
8:21 am
actually being filmed for the "today" show. he has his wife, nancy, to thank for that. >> open house today. >> he wants people to feel loved. the person that maybe hasn't had anybody shake their hand. he wants to shake that hand. >> like tom murphy when he first met merrill, tom was living in a tent. nobody would hire him. >> he never put me down because i was homeless he just offered me the opportunity to prove myself. >> warren started drinking at six, sold drugs by 15 and ran the streets living shelter to shelter and then he met merrill. >> he told me you're somebody. warren, you're somebody. don't you ever forget that. god has you here for a reason. >> merrill's calling is to help others but he does have another
8:22 am
secondary sweetheart. >> you haven't seen somebody's face light up who yesterday was picking out of a trash can and today has pulled pork or barbecue chicken in their hand and he really enjoyed that. >> a food network fanatic, he won his share of ribbons but mostly he grills for those in need. last thanksgiving he cooked 120 turkeys for the center. merrill's pulled pork, secret rub and another secret. one of merrill's all-time favorite celebrity chefs flew in from new york to help me surprise him. and while nancy is expecting me, we didn't tell her about bobby. >> smile and laugh at you but in his heart, his heart is going to cry. he's going to love it.
8:23 am
i hope everybody had a chance to get some food. >> hi. merrill. i'm hoda from the "today" show. >> hi. >> hi. i didn't mean to interrupt you, but i want to let you know that we came here today for you. >> okay. >> your beautiful wife, nancy, told us about this remarkable, remarkable man and she said he does nothing but give and so we decided to come you. >> thank you. >> we understand that you serve so many people and we also understand that you make a mean barbecue. that you love those shows. those cooking shows. do you love those?
8:24 am
>> good to see you. >> we have something in common. we speak through our food. as soon as i got to this neighborhood, i could smell what you're cooking so i'm here to taste your barbecue. >> oh my. >> how about some food, everybody? >> come on. >> all right. >> get in here. >> first of all, i'll say this right now. it's perfectly cooked. what's in the rub? >> a lot of different things. are you? pulled pork. >> i would like merrill to have a new friend when he's watching those shows to be able to say i met him. >> pork. let me have more. >> just say, i cooked with him and have a story to tell. >> i hope you like my potato salad. >> definitely trophy worthy. >> and remember all of those turkeys merrill cooks and donates each thanksgiving,
8:25 am
for you to make these turkeys. 150 free turkeys for ten years. >> oh my. >> that's insane. >> you still have to cook them. they're not going to cook them for you. cooking for bobby, check. nancy has one more wish for her husband. >> i don't know how many lives you've touched so we just found a handful. >> love you, man. >> love you. >> i would do anything if he could truly see the impact that he makes. >> thank you for everything you've done for us. god bless you. >> and have an idea just how much he means to each of us. >> thank you for helping me get my life on track. >> what is it like seeing physically what you've done?
8:26 am
we see miracles every day.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
in football going for two can be risky. in pizza? it's a sure thing.
8:30 am
that's right just $6.99 each. better ingredients. better pizza. papa john's. ? i don't want to work ? >> we're back now at 8:30 on this thursday morning, september 8th, 2016. talk about the music here, savannah. >> they're playing your song. >> every top 40 radio station plays this song friday afternoon at 5:00.
8:31 am
office the other day. it was tuesday. >> it's better than coming in every day to the theme from "frozen." we're catching up with superstar carrie underwood in just a bit as she gets ready to lend her voice once again to nbc's coverage of the nfl season. >> and keeping with music theme, we're gearing up for a live concert on the plaza tomorrow from >> all right. also ahead, our good buddy david carvey is here sharing his impressions on the presidential race and more. >> matt asked me a second ago where's charlie because he wasn't here two seconds ago. he was inside being interviewed by "people" magazine. we got him just in the nick of time. here he is. >> who is excited for scarf season? jill martin is here with special steals and deals highlighting
8:32 am
>> and martha stewart will share delicious recipes with fresh veggies, carson. >> mr. roker, a check of the weather? >> fall weather getting ready. let's think about what's going on. first of all, we got strong storms today making their way through the midwest. hot and humid in the east. cooler in the pacific northwest. scattered showers through the southwest. and as we look ahead toward tomorrow, those storms make their way a little further east. still hot and humid in the midwest upper mississippi river valley. the sunshine returns to the pacific northwest. we're looking at plenty of sunshine through the southwest. hopefully the weather where you are isn't for the birds. that's right. because nobody likes foul weather. i don't want to roughly your
8:33 am
hello america. because it's time for football night in america. who doesn't love a little football night in america. got the big game coming up tonight. yeah. this is a good one. we've got carolina against the broncos. sports authority field. partly cloudy. 80 degrees. it's all coming up tonight on
8:34 am
football night in america. guys? >> i missed that, al. thank you very much. now something new we're calling lasting impressions. you have your own graphics with dana carvey. we had a great time the last time you were on the show. >> i want to thank the graphic team for that. >> you'll pay later. he's back this morning with his arsenal of impressions ready to take on the political world. how have you been? >> very good. quite an exciting summer. >> were you traveling in chief deal. >> i saw all of it. trump is like this. how are you qualified to be president? because april so good. i know how to do it, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. hillary is asked about the e-mails one more time. take it easy in there. i'll be in in a second.
8:35 am
do you wish you could be a fly on the wall as they prep for an event like that or debate. >> giuliani has helped trump be more presidential. the way you can win, the only way you can win this thing is you can't come off like a nut ball. you can't come off completely insane. that's the only way to go. i know that. how old are you? okay. okay. okay. okay. feel free to laugh. >> sometimes i see what i can get you to do. what did you make about trump's comments about vladimir putin? >> it's clear that he loves. it's off the charts. he said i was brilliant, okay. he loved my hair. putin has him in his back pocket because he'll flatter the hell out of him if he gets elected. i like your hair and you have a very great body. you know you can have ukraine.
8:36 am
>> i didn't think you would have a putin. i really didn't. nobody even knows what he sounds like. >> matt lauer is the best. he did a good job. you have a fan. >> one. >> he said last night that he didn't have a plan. i'm going to take out this family. he said that before. i'll take out their families. this is stuff you can't imagine obama doing just calling up mom. frankie the fish, barack obama. ou get the boys together and go over to syria and take out isis. sure thing mr. president. we'll go over. rubber chicken. that would only work in new york. it makes no sense. it makes no sense. let me tell you something, so fabulous. so good.
8:37 am
e-mails. e-mails. >> you don't even need me here for this, do you? you mentioned bill clinton a second ago. can you picture him as first gentleman if hillary clinton gets elected. >> i would want bill clinton right next to me. it's okay. calm down, baby. it's good. it's good. where are you going this weekend? okay. i'll just stay here. i'm just fantastic. >> we were talking in the commercial break when i was doing this whole football night in america thing, you're a fan. >> yes. broncos. destruction. i like cam quarter newton. sorry. only joke i got. >> we talked yesterday. >> it's amazing how much it
8:38 am
be the new james bond said i can't believe they broke up. obama needed quiet time. michelle, give me a second. i got to take a knee. something happened yesterday. taylor swift no more. >> i didn't see sean connery in the notes. >> where are we on time? >> you can have the whole hour. >> paul mccartney on mars. well i didn't know it so red. i like that. donald trump applies chapstick. there we are. so nice. okay. okay. arnold schwarzenegger enjoys a sandwich. they are just very, very quick. barack obama starts an outboard motor. hold on, michelle.
8:39 am
no. no. let me do it now. no, no, no. no, no, no. >> these are things you think of on the plane flying across countriry. >> one for you. michael caine as a 2 year old. al is my greatest audience. >> dana carvey, when are you coming back? >> i'll >> good deal. >> i don't really have a life. they put me in a special box and al gives me a cookie. he looks incredible. been here since '68. >> you're coming back next month with more presidential takes. dana carvey, guys. and jill martin, steals and deals. everything you need to fill up
8:40 am
but first this is "today" on
8:41 am
"it's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" don't miss halloween time at the disneyland resort
8:42 am
we're back. monday marks the unofficial start of summer. jill martin is here with exclusive bargains on some must have items. a segment we call steals and deals. what do we have? >> i can't believe we're talking about fall already. here we go. deals. everything you need for fall. retail is $138. welcome olivia and alex. our beautiful models. >> cute. >> they're great. three styles. these are flattering on a lot of women. the retail is 138. deal is 39.99. 71% off. >> you can do it with tights or something like that or boots. >> a blazer and great for travel because they don't wrinkle. >> roll them in a ball.
8:43 am
thank you so much. we were talking about scarf season. nobody looks to scarf season like carson as we mentioned. we have great deal. >> these are ombre scarves. they are cashmere scarves. available in nine colors. retail 129. deal is 26. 80% off. super pretty and would dress up any outfit. >> i want how to tie scarfs. ladies, thank you so much. our next models are ana maria and rebecca. modeling handbags. >> these are 100% italian leather. they come in four fall colors. retail 495.
8:44 am
thank you so much. we have to do a jewelry item. >> this i love. it's partridge jewelry. you can either get necklace or earrings. earrings have initials on it. it's nice if you have a daughter or son to wear that. necklace comes with a pearl and heart or initial. retail is 38. deal is 11.40. 70% off. a great gift. >> a good gift if you're right now. >> i can't imagine. >> day before. day before. these are cute. >> retail is 106. it's a tassel pouch but also a key chain. retail 106. deal is 32. 70% off. >> very cute. thank you so much. real quick i'll run through products. the dresses, scarfs, handbags, jewelry and the pouches and key chains.
8:45 am
we'll answer all questions. ladies, thank you so much. coming up next, martha stewart shows us the perfect way to enjoy recipes of all vegetables.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:47. back with "today food." >> right now there are so many vegetables. >> it's a great season. >> my garden is full. this hot weather which grew all of the vegetables. >> you'll start with roast tomato hand pies. >> tomatoes are put on a cookie sheet like this.
8:48 am
this. it's like 350-degree oven. this is a lot of herbs and feta cheese. black olives and oregano. very good. squares of dough. >> you make your own. could you buy store bought. >> you could. it's easy to make this. butter, flour and water and layer these little tarts with tomato and and doesn't that look good? >> coating of egg batter? >> that's agency wash. you egg wash the edges of your tart. that's what they look like. >> how beautiful. do you like them? there's more. this was grown in her garden. how cool is that. you're growing meatballs again? >> the vegetable book is vegetable based but it does have
8:49 am
and beef. you can do turkey. pork and beef. just turkey. just beef. and these are little meatballs. all of the ingredients, ginger, salt, pepper, toasted sesame oil and garlic and scallions. make tiny meatballs and layer them. these get sauteed in the pan. roasted peppers. and do you l they're hot. >> love them. >> you can put in lime mayonnaise. >> you start on the next one. i'm going to taste this one. this is a ricotta and kale dip. so easy to make. saute your kale. this is a little bit of olive oil and take the stems off the kale and just tear it into pieces.
8:50 am
>> i love kale. >> so much fun to pick it and grow. this sautes down until it wiltz like this. add salt and pepper to this and ricotta. put in a little baking dish. bake like this. very simple. eat it with -- >> i got a super hot pepper. >> i told you. >> it's like a five alarm fire over here. that happened to me too. >> these are peppers. these are d >> no. this is olive oil again. these are so popular in a lot of japanese shops. and just let these saute until they are browned like this. this you could taste. every other one is -- >> almost like a surprise. the first nine or good. >> i would say --
8:51 am
>> what do you think? >> really good. we'll be grazing all morning long on this. thank you so much. the book by the way is beautiful. there you go. catching up with music superstar carrie underwood but first this
8:52 am
8:53 am
welcome back, everyone. the nfl season kicks off next week here on nbc. >> carrie underwood has a new theme song and natalie got a sneak peek. >> after ten years of waiting all day for sunday night, the waiting is finally over. the iconic "sunday night football" theme sth television is being replaced. when the new england patriots take on the arizona cardinals this weekend on nbc, country music superstar carrie underwood will change the song. >> we've completely changed the song. it's been ten incredible years with waiting all day for sunday night and i think everybody just
8:54 am
kind of see what we can do. it kind of hit me one day. i was, like, i have a song that would work perfectly. it's just kind of a fight, stomp, clap, gritty kind of song. we started messing with the lyrics and sure enough, it's pretty dang perfect. >> if the song sounds familiar, that's because oh sunday night is a retooled version of "something bad" which reached number one on billboard's country song chart in 2015. and while underwood is confident the energetic new song she came up will continue the tradition of revving up millions of viewers before the big game,
8:55 am
some, you know, naysayers no matter what you do. if we kept everything the same, there probably would have been people that would be upset why are they doing the same thing and if we change it up, there will be some people that might not like that. >> either way, underwood will be watching sunday's game from her tour bus is eager for people to hear the new song. >> i'm part of this huge television show that millions every single week celebrating some amazing athletes. we just kind of do our thing and have fun with it. i hope that shows. i know that will show. >> exciting. >> nice to have football back. >> it really is. by the way, season gets under way tonight. super bowl rematch. denver broncos -- do they do that on purpose? >> yes. >> broncos versus panthers. i didn't know. >> the sequel. >> the sequel. can't wait.
8:56 am
>> what do you have coming up? >> fantastic julanne moore coming up. and breaking a new guinness
8:57 am
8:59 am
?? grandkids! noooooo! freaky fast
9:00 am
. this morning on today's take, academy award winner julianne moore on her new role that has her keeping up with george clooney. and find out which celebrities showed up for house. all that and more coming up now. nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, and billy bush. live from studio 1 action a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's the official start of the weekend for college kids.
9:01 am
yesterday. we went to yankee's stadium. before we went, i saw something on my television. you were hosting your show out at the intrepid. >> right. >> what happened? did somebody moon you in the crowd? you looked horrified. >> i wore this orange dress, sitting there interviewing congressman charlie rangel. i look down. i feel i'm being stung by a yellow jacket in the middle of this interview. in all my years i've never been stung by anything. >> on the air, just live, just wow. >> tears started rolling down my eyes as charlie rangel is talking about budget. i put an ice pack on. of course i had to toughen up. here i am on the intrepid.
9:02 am
>> you need to be intrepid at this moment. >> i got in ointment. painful. >> i saw that yellow jacket. he's in my office right now. he's on this box of cereal. >> he's not a bee? >> i always fear about sneezing on the air. >> they tell you to look at the light. if you feel a sneeze coming on, look at the light and apparently it's supposed to -- i've never sneezed on air. okay. i've cursed twice. i've sworn twice. >> swearing on air. >> thinking of odd things that happened on television to you. i said instead of the city of chicago -- >> sean connerry does that all the time on television. >> you do get nervous around stings. >> the stinger, yeah.
9:03 am
hashtag vendor wars. al and i went out to yankee stadium where we met a couple of legends in james and john, each standing behind us right now. al and i went head to head who could sell the most programs. then we graduated to peanuts and cracker jacks. >> the staples. >> a television icon. to go up against him in public >> james and john. >> between them, 111 years vending. >> one guy has been 55 years selling, other guy 65 years. that little girl lauren was just the cutest little girl. >> she loves you. >> roker goes below the belt. he takes the baby as if he isn't liked enough by people, he's walking around with this cute
9:04 am
like you wouldn't believe. >> i'm in it to win it. >> it was fiercely hot out there and the competition was even hotter. you'll have to wait and see when we put everything together what happens and who wins. >> speaking of the heat, what a mess for yeezy. this was fantastic. >> he loves it. >> this is great. >> fashion show in new york. i wanted to go. yeezy had the models, according to some reports, stand there for upwards around three hours. people started falling out of their shoes. >> the shoes started to disintegrate. >> this season his shoes are plastic or something.
9:05 am
model walking in the black high heels? she actually had to get help. >> she's down on her knees. >> just dropping. >> people were waiting on buses for a couple of hours. this thing was a mess. >> there was a blogger who live tweeted everything that happened saying that kanye and his team weren't giving the models water. they called it a hot mess. >> you have to sacrifice for fashion, we know that. >> not that much. >> what about these shoes or these see-through shoes that came wore. that's nasty on a hot day. >> kim is kanye's muse. she debuts a lot of -- i have to criticize these boots. >> it looks like saran wrap. >> it does. this dress i've only worn once and i'm wearing because al roker told me i look like i'm on star trek. so i retrained from wearing it.
9:06 am
risky choice. that might be the ugliest fashion thing i've ever seen. >> you know what's best about it? the smile on his face. he's in kanye world, this is great. >> i've hit another home run. >> he does get praise for his sneakers, his fashion line. maybe not the boots that kim had on. >> we're talking about him today. remember last time? i everybody loves me. i'm con yeah. >> he looks a little uncomfortable. >> looks exhausted. >> the choice of the black t-shirt and the black jeans probably a bad move. it's got to be a little hot in there. last year he had in a tapestry of white he had lamar's appearance, caitlyn out there. >> he's a genius.
9:07 am
thrones. >> yeah. that would work out well. can you imagine kanye in game of thrones? >> we've got something big coming up for you. you obviously know the movie grease. danny and sandy. some would say it is bordering on blasphemy, it takes the whole precedent and turns it upside down on its head. tam rinne, are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> i'm not ready for this. wh >> julianne moore is coming. >> i love her. >> won an oscar for "sillalis" and portraying sarah palin in "game changer." >> you know where she got her start? the last one. sir, you give me that salad and i will pay for your movie and one snack box. can i keep the walnuts? sold. but i get to pick your movie. can i pick the genre? yes, but it has to be a comedy.
9:08 am
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many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. back now with more of "today's take." a new fan theory about the movie
9:11 am
they dropped the pans. they are stunned by it. >> if it's food, you have five seconds to get it off the ground. i'll eat it. >> you're going to go nuts. it went viral. the theory sandy is dead the whole time in the entire movie takes place in her mind as she's dying. >> it makes perfect -- all, it's one of my favorite movies of all time. think about it. it opens like this on a beach kind of looks fuzzy like you're in dream. and i've always wondered -- i've always wondered why the end of the movie they jet off in the car up to heaven. the theory is that she's not alive. >> she's going into taking her
9:12 am
>> he's dead too? >> he went up to heaven. >> did they both drown? >> i have another beef. i saved her life. she nearly drown. she nearly drown. >> take a listen. ? i saved her life she nearly drown ? ? he showed up splashing around >> are they all dead? wait a minute. there's a polar bear and smoke monster in this movie. >> it's like bruce willis' movie where they're all dead. >> we found that out at the end. >> they did in this. they go to heaven in a car.
9:13 am
just sandy? >> sandy is dead the whole time. >> everybody around her and danny is driving the car. is he dead? >> dead. everybody's dead in her head. it's in her head that she's dead. >> it's in her head. >> okay. here's a question. why are we talking about this? >> this is a near and dear franchise. >> it's not real life. >> to some it's very important. >> it was a play. a musical. >> you love this story. >> okay. the most interesting man in the world played by a west sider. we last see him after years of playing this character he blasts off to mars. >> retiring him. >> he's gone. and now introduces us to the new
9:14 am
world. check it out. >> what do you think? >> wait for it. hold on. >> maybe he has a part in there now. >> maybe the most interesting couple. >> do you think they made him a girlfriend? >> i don't know. >> other women much like james bond. when you look at that man, i say not traditional good looks but something brooding and sexy. one week, one year, forever? >> one week, one year, forever? >> what category is he in for you? >> just a day.
9:15 am
>> am i wrong to think one day? >> he's hot, right? >> he's hot but -- >> the show is so compelling. >> here's a question. courtney, do you think he's cute? >> thumbs up. >> i won't ask the same question because she's roker's daughter. >> here's a >> could be. >> it would be the original when he was dead because he got jetted off in the sky. sandy went in the sky. >> that could work. now listen, you are both technologically savvy. iphone 7 comes out yesterday. do you like it okay? >> interesting to see what happens with the new iphone 7 which we'll talk about. very expensive. >> how much is it? >> jacks are 159. phone is 649.
9:16 am
you get earbuds with it. >> not the new one. >> okay. it's not wireless. you don't get wireless ones. they got rid of the headphone jack. however, it comes with some earbuds that plug into the lightning port of your phone. >> they don't give you anything. >> it comes with the box. >> i need to be given something by tim cook. >> you get a box with your big get the shoes. i'm just saying. it comes with the parts. >> but the buds. we were talking about in the meeting is that the buds, the ones that everyone wants, those are extra, right? >> those are extra. $159. those are extra. same kind of controversy when they got rid of the disk drive. >> i will lose those, al. every single time i get a pair within the hour. i will lose them.
9:17 am
what i need. >> this is what sandy played when she went to heaven. a little violin. let's check your weather. see what's going on. i'll tell you, man, is it going to be hot and humid over the next several days. 18 million folks under heat advisories. look at these temperatures today. it will feel like 97 in nashville. 101 in dallas. 93 in new york city. tomorrow we'll records coming up over the next day or two. for example in d.c. and dulles airport, atlantic city, philadelphia, all setting records today probably. tomorrow, philadelphia, atlantic city, new york city and hartford. just hold on. hold on. there's relief coming as you can see by monday, it's 79 in new york. 84 in charlotte.
9:18 am
>> take a lookt the most interesting man in the world. put a beard on him. michael phelps. >> landed on his feet. >> up next, a woman who skipped to her own beat will jump rope with one foot behind her head. can she set a guinness ?? there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. with the laughing cow's nine flavorful varieties
9:19 am
and once you get a taste for the new, chances are you won't stop there. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. hmmm... apple pie with only fruits nuts and spices. this makes the rest of my life feel very complicated.
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wild mustangs... i can't believe we live in the middle of all this. they're supposed to be one of the most gentle creatures in nature. really...? i read that once. state farm knows that for every one of those moments, there's one of these... wild mustangs?!? i can't believe we live in the middle of all this! they're supposed to be one of the most gentle creatures in nature. really? i don' know, i read that once... that's why more people save money by combining their home and auto with state farm. here to help life go right, light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit! light & fit crunch. >> the point in the program where people attempt to do crazy
9:22 am
as part of our breaking world records 2017 book. we welcome a talented young lady who is a leg up on the competition. check it out. >> meet brea roberts. an interesting knack for twisting and turning her body into awkward positions. it wasn't until she discovered her talent for one legged jump roping that her record breaking ea she achieved her first title in 2013 with 29 skips in just a minute. then broke her own record a year later with 33 skips. today she's looking to break her own guinness world record yet again for the most one legged jump rope skips in one minute. brea, break a leg. kidding. welcome to both of you.
9:23 am
you could jump rope with your leg behind your head. i don't know. i'll try. >> what's the record to break? >> 33 in one minute. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> all right. take it away. you tell her when to start. >> once your leg is behind your head i'll give you the countdown. >> perfect. >> wow. >> okay. for the record, three, two, one. >> you kind of wonder what happens if she loses her balance. >> oh no. >> 16 seconds.
9:24 am
equipment malfunction. >> she's going to try still. counting down. >> ten seconds to go. five. four. three, two, one. stop. >> i'm so so you got caught up. i know you must be disappointed. >> i'm okay because i still have the record anyway. >> that's true. >> i mean, as you saw, there were a lot of rotations were complete. the record to beat was 33. she achieved 35. >> she did it. she broke the record. congratulations. she broke the record. she did it. all right.
9:25 am
congratulations. just ahead, oscar winner julianne moore with her new movie after your local news. congratulations. she did it. she did it! she did it! she did it!if you're taking prescription medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can cause cavities and bad breath. over 400 medications can cause a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. biotene can provide soothing dry mouth relief. and it keeps your mouth refreshed too. remember while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. tag, you're it. tag! you're it. tag, you're it. yes! new gogurt write-on tubes.
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9:30 am
>> she is one of hollywood's biggest stars winning every award under the sun from an oscar to an emmy and multiple golden globes. >> hard to believe it's been an over three decade career but she's played >> tell me how you feel about it. >> you should feel pretty darn good. >> a lot of big projects in the works right now. >> we're going to talk to julianne moore and continue to compliment her as we look at her incredible career. julianne moore is a class act gracing the hollywood screen for the past 30 years.
9:31 am
before transitioning to movies. the series of oscar nominated roles -- >> i chose life. >> life doesn't end just because we don't see each other. >> wanting a divorce. >> countless blockbuster favorites. >> just like old times. >> shut up. sometimes you hurt the ones you love the most. i don't know why. stopped being us. may your aim be as true as your heart. >> and winning an emmy portraying sarah palin in "game change." >> the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull, lipstick. >> and early onset alzheimer's
9:32 am
>> i don't know who i am. >> that year she made "time's" list of the most influential people in the world as this hollywood star continues to shine. >> lifetime achievement award goes to julianne moore. >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you. >> you can hang them up now. >> they can say that at my memorial service. >> you're not even done yet. >> i hope not. >> i felt for you during that it's weird to be complimented when you're sitting right here. >> and at this time of the morning. >> think of the rest of the day. >> any part of you thinking where's "crazy stupid love." >> it was in there. >> we all have a movie. do you have a favorite? >> i really, really don't. my favorite is usually what i'm
9:33 am
>> and besides the movies, you really take up great causes. you're a paid spokesperson for project literacy. it's so important. it's a big problem in this country we don't even realize. >> literacy rates have remained stagnant. one in ten people globally. it's something that doesn't get a lot of attention because solved. yet it's linked to every global development issue we have. poverty. and crime and gender inequality and disease. it's worth talking about and bringing people's attention to it. >> think about social interactions. it's self-esteem. confidence. you can't read, you can't write, you are out of the room before you enter. >> if you receive medical
9:34 am
doctor if you're illiterate? would you feel like you would go and understand instructions. if you are given instructions and you bring them home and don't know how to follow them, your health is going to suffer. there is so many issues that are affected by it. >> that's always the question when celebrity take on issues. you do it in such a classy way where it doesn't come off as if you are preaching. you are a citizen of the world and speaking out. >> i it's what made me an actor and opened the world to me. i think it gives you access to absolute everything. and everybody. you suddenly realize you're not alone and all these thoughts that we feel exist somewhere else so that idea of connectivity as well as incredible function is very important. >> and you're still going strong. wonder struck coming up. >> yes.
9:35 am
>> directed by -- >> todd haines. it was great to work here in new york city where i live. >> and directed by clooney and matt damon in it. >> how do you prepare? those guys party? when it's party night -- >> the twinkle in your eye. >> i have to be the girl here. your fashion is beautiful. from the red carpet to what you're wearing now. okay. i know again that i'm going to be the girl here. >> i like clothes too. what can i say. >> "freckled face strawberry" kids book. >> it's about how you speak. >> julianne moore one of the greatest. thanks for hanging with us.
9:36 am
to me. >> we have your dvd copy on those blue days of life. >> up next, guess who is coming to breakfast? we'll reveal the surprise celebrity who showed up at billy's house. >> my house. >> for some of his dad's favorite pancakes. >> the person has a taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside.
9:37 am
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eyelove is all the things we love to do with our eyes. but it's also having a chat with your eye doctor about dry eyes that interrupt the things you love. because if your eyes feel dry, itchy, gritty, or you have occasional blurry vision, it could be chronic dry eye. go to and feel the love. >> the time has come to reveal the special guest that stopped by my house in los angeles. i think i'm tired of doing interviews in hotel rooms. he comes to the house. i gave him dad's famous pancakes. my three daughters were besides themselves they were so excited. my wife was too. you might be. >> who is it? >> company has arrived. breakfast with billy officially under way.
9:41 am
for breakfast at my house. have a seat. that's you at the head of the table. donald is going after hillary. >> madness. >> shawn mendez, welcome to my house. >> thank you for having me. >> how about that? shawn mendez singing sensation with five platinum singles kitchen. >> you are having dad's legendary pancakes. this is the secret. don't say it. >> it looks a little gross. >> you wouldn't think it. >> step into my office. >> all right. >> that's a perfect pancake right there. that's so far the lead pancake. have a seat. enjoy. being 18, does it feel different?
9:42 am
time. >> feeding this machine. >> i'm going to crush all of the pancakes if you keep putting them on the plate. >> i would think it's hard to process what's happened in the last few years. you went from six-second vines to sold out madison square garden in less than five minutes. >> you can't really fathom it. there are no words to make people understand what it feels like. fans. are they allowing you to grow up? >> totally. i think that's been the most fun part. from the silly things like my style when i only wore khakis and vans shoes to putting on a leather jacket for the first time. >> this album for you seems to me is like a whole different level. >> i think a big thing for
9:43 am
only is it going to be really different for people but it was different for me. when i went into the studio, i was learning myself as an artist and i was experimenting and i found myself in the studio making the album. it's a whole new world to me. >> tell me about the song "patience." you said that you have a sore spot for older people who are weird around younger people. >> i thinkha off your age of the way you act, it's based off your personality. >> did you have a mrs. robinson move? i got to know. >> it's okay. it was just about -- >> who hasn't? >> it's basically about frustration when people treat you your age. >> tell me about john and ed and how those relationships came about. >> between managers and friends
9:44 am
i was driving with my friends going to get breakfast or something and my manager text me said this guy named john mair wants your number. i was showing my friends. this is nuts. this isn't real. i tell you what, connected between every sickle successful artist, actor, person, number one all around was how hard they work. just don't stop. just do everything. you're luckyha to you. people don't get the opportunity. >> shawn, you're a great guy. >> thank you. you too. >> to shawn mendez, our first guest on breakfast with billy. >> to many more. >> please. you're welcome any time. >> love it. did you give him time to eat? that's a growing young man. >> he housed many plates of pancakes. my daughters were going crazy.
9:45 am
2017 arena world tour as we mentioned performing to a sold out crowd at madison square garden. sold out in less than five minutes. how about a check of the weather? >> let's show you what we have happening today along this front. strong storms firing up. we're going to watch that hot and humid in the east into the southeast. cooler and rainier in the pacific northwest. the sunshineac severe storms continuing in the mid mississippi and ohio river valleys. some showers may make their way into the northeast. heat and humidity continues in
9:46 am
>> that's your latest weather. coming up, what happens when two "snl" stars team up in a new movie? >> that's not -- that's not -- >> after these messag hi, i'm the honorary real trix rabbit. general mills wants me to let you know that we use real stuff like honey, cinnamon and cocoa to make these cereals tasty, and these guys for awesome colors. that means no artificial flavors or colors. nice. and now for the moment i've been waiting for.. i get the trix. silly real trix rabbit, trix are still for kids.
9:47 am
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i got this. i get cash back so it's like everything's on sale. with the blue cash everyday card from american express you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. everything's on sale! a home shopping show takes place on a sailboat. that's the one! banana boat dessert on me. look at you being all lactose tolerant. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express. t nature." potential brother-in-law, i'm already laughing, he realizes he might be in a little over his head. clearly. >> good morning taran and bobby. this summer, what did you do? >> we have become men. >> look at them. >> we went to the wild and we hunting wolves.
9:51 am
>> this movie looks like a lot of fun. you guys were almost meant to be -- you're the new abbott and costello. >> wow. nice. >> we'll take it. >> i didn't see that coming. >> thank you very, very much. i love abbott and of course love movies with "great outdoors." this movie is intentionally a love letter to those. "what about bob?" >> great chemistry. >> you're very kind. >> we have great chemistry if you know what i mean.
9:52 am
>> that's how we're rating. one week, one year -- >> one second. >> i would take you for life. >> thank you very much. >> i come with him. >> one night. >> you come watch. >> you're the one who brought it up. >> you have to instagram everything. >> the sound of five voices at once. beautiful. there's another movie coming. you have another film with schwarzenegger in it? >> yes. taran directed the film. >> you kill him? >> we're showing why we're trying to. why we're killing -- >> what does he do? >> i think we have to go back and reshoot the movie. >> billy, what are you doing for the next two weeks? >> billy has a whip.
9:53 am
more lion. >> more cowbell. >> you're not on "snl" this year. it breaks my heart. >> i will miss it. i will miss the incredible crew and cast. >> you'll never see bobby again. >> i'm intentionally trying to not look at him. >> we're not in the same studio. it's a split screen. >> contestant number one. >> "brother nature" hits select theaters tomorrow. we're back in a moment filled
9:54 am
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>> what have you guys coming up today? >> we'll never start without.
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