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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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stealing bling from brake's tour bus is going to court. it's often said there are two criminal justice systems in the united states. one for the wealthy, the other for everybody else. >> >. but affluence has nothing to do with the story we're about to show you. being a cop does. >> tonight a 12news investigation uncove truth about his stint in jail after he was convicted of super extreme dui. >> wendy halloran is here with your exclusive investigation making a mockery of the system. >> my investigation last month uncovered how the mazily tent tried relentlessly to -- mesa lieutenant tried relentlessly
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he didn't. as far as everyone knew, had i served his -- he had served his time, but not according to what we uncovered. >> reporter: it's the old saying you do the crime you do the time, but not here. the officer arrested, his blood alcohol level almost four time it is legal limit. a body camera captured the lieutenant trying to use his position to get away crime. >> i have 20 years experience on the job. >> reporter: time [ inaudible ] >> reporter: and time again. >> i have it tattooed on my arm. i've watched officers die. >> reporter: gilbert police officers refused to grant him special treatment, but scottsdale jail employees did. he was supposed to serving time
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shooting the breeze with detention officers. they even had food delivered, all of this courtesy of some of the scottsdale jail staff. >> the knee jerk reaction was there's no way it was true. >> reporter: were you blind sided by the incident? >> i'll say when you first approached us with the information you had at your disposal we were very surprised. >> reporter: the scottsdale police chief didn't lieutenant received preferential treatment from the jail staff. the lieutenant was supposed to go into a jail cell, in segregation, isolated in a cell because he's a cop, protected vance vengeful inmates. >> >. the impression we had was he was going to spend confinement for three days in our jail. >> reporter: but that's not what happened. not entirely, anyway. it's august 4th, he surrenders to the scottsdale city jail.
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a hand held metal detector to check him, then he halts it up with officers and goes into the cell. he goes in at 5:45 that night. you can see the lieutenant has a big smile on his face in the morning when he's woken up. he got a jail out of free pass thanks to sergeant vogel. who put the sergeant this? he's the one that got him out. >> we're going to find out. it screams all kinds of violations of policies and procedures. he's taken out of a secure area and taken into the detention manager's office outside the secure area. >> reporter: landrum is the. detective manager, the head of the jail. there are videos, but they're not recording. >> my understanding is he went into the lieutenant's office
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time. >> reporter: where did he sleep in a couch? sofa? a bathroom in the office? what's in the office? >> i know there's no bathroom. he had freedoms there too i understand. >> reporter: he magically reappears several hours later at 11:51 a.m. then a sergeant comes through the door carrying his lunch. fast food. keep in mind he's supposed to eat jail mood. no mystery meat for this lieutenant. >> i think he paid for himself, and he went out and bought him in the detention area. >> reporter: without a shadow of a doubt, the jail staff was i no, ma'am liking the officer. the lieutenant seemingly had free reign, and he had a visitor. >> his wife got into the
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>> no visitors are allowed in this jail. his wife is mesa police homicide detective. >> reporter: does it make it worse? >> she should have known better. >> reporter: even given a key card by another employee. >> highly inappropriate, and certainly not within our policies and practices, and quite frankly very disappointing. >> reporter: so he could come and go >> that gave him opportunity to move around the building, exit the building freely, and that has me greatly concerns. >> reporter: bell exceeds he can't account for all of the lieutenant's whereabouts as well. is there a possibility he got into a car with his wife and went bar hopping one night? >> again i can't account, but the investigation will account. >> reporter: an internal al fairs investigation was
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find out who arranged the special accommodations for the guest. within days three officers were suspended. who orchestrated this sham? at this point in the investigation it's unclear. or did they act on their own volition? the chief has a theory. >> i think they felt they had a law enforcement officers coming in to -- officer coming in to spend time and for whatever reason made decisions decisions about how he'd be treated. >> reporter: the lieutenant never should have been there to begin with. the maximum hold time is 48 hours, but the lieutenant was sentenced to 72 hours in jail. >> i actually made that mistake. >> reporter: mistakes made. accountability to come. can you trust these employees? should they ever be able to come back and run this jail under your watch because at the end of the day you're responsible? >> these are questions that have to be answered, you're
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jail risk their careers and livelihoods for the lieutenant? most of them have worked there for more than 20 years, and make combined nearly $300,000. in fact chief bell signed off on pay raises for all three june 13th. whether they get to keep their jobs is l 10:00. thank you. dopping now, officials are -- developing now, officials are investigating an officer involved shooting near the us/mexico border. according to witnesses the suspect swerved the vehicle toward officers. that's when gun fire erupted. the driver went to the hospital. the passenger was arrested.
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three behind the wheel last night on the freeway 51 when she was brutally gunned down. >> she was shot in the head driving north of state route 51 thomas road. >> we spoke with a family member that's asking for help. >> her cousin is asking anyone with information to come forward with information leading to three suspects in a white work truck with >> it just left me numb. >> reporter: russell is farmer's cousin, and was stunned to learn that the victim of the shooting was a loved one. >> i took a minute to register, and i was pacing and pacing and couldn't stop crying. >> reporter: the shooting brought traffic to a stand still and claimed the life of a mother who family described as loving and also battling
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to understand why. >> reporter: there are still a lot of questions regarding what lead up to the shooting. they don't believe it was random, and that the truck tailed farmer. she called 911 minutes before the shooting to report she was being followed. >> it was all happening right next to us and never had any idea. >> reporter: chad is a local radio host and was on the freeway as the shooting could smell the burnt tired. >> reporter: no suspects have been arrest, and her cousin is pleading for someone to come forward. >> i don't know if all three gentlemen had something to do with it, maybe it was the one guy. but if the other two had nothing to do with it, come out and say something. you know, at least give us some type of closure. >> and phoenix police say the shooting doesn't appear to be. connected to the recent serial
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shootings from last year. and here's more hot headlines across the state. closing arguments in the trial of a yoga instructor accused of flashing 7 boys at a party should begin monday. she's also accused of performing oral sex at a 15- year-old at the party. her attorneys again tried to convce assaulted her while she was drunk. and sex offenders who have been released from prison will no longer be housed at the maricopa reentry center in north phoenix. neighbors raised concerns about having them out on release in an area with a number of schools nearby. and the woman in the drake heist going before a judge.
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accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. >> the 21-year-old was tracked down near the barrett honors college on the tempe campus. >> and we understand the students living there still have major concerns tonight correct? >> reporter: yes, some are absolutely traumatized. this man was able to get inside what amounts to a gated community. after getting onto property, the suspect, king, went to the dorm building, and was buzzed in by a student. from there he went upstairs, started testing doors until he found one that was open. once inside the unit he went into a girl's room. she was asleep, but woke up. she says king started to make sexual advances toward her. amazingly she actually stayed calm, and was able to call 911. police responded and arrested
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are left wondering how safe is the campus dorm. >> i think the security measures of asu aren't where they should be, and i think there should be improvements on the accessibility of strangers getting in, because obviously if someone is able to get through multiple steps of security it's not safe like they say it is the. >> now four girls actually live in the dorm room. none of them were hurt. king was arrested for phoenix. thank you. well, football is back, the nfl season officially underway. three days, that's all we have to wait now until the cardinals kick it off against the patriots here on 12, and three days until the honey badger makes his return. >> mark, fans just like you, we're all so excited to see him back on the field. this was the goal all along. week one target date, and boy it was accomplished.
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bruce arians telling everyone this week he's averaging two interceptions during practice. ty hasn't played since week 15 of last year when he tore his acl. he's excited to play a lot, but will he have to pace himself? >> well, it's football. i don't try to put a setting on anything. just really trying to go out there and plaining my plays, and -- make my plays, and bring the energy and passion. >> reporter: are you back to 100 percent? >> i'll be out there, um, we'll see. >> that's all that matters. so ty will be out there even if he's not 100 percent, but what about rob gronkowski of the patriots? >> he say he's not 100 percent, do you buy it? >> not at all. we foully expect him -- fully expect him to be out there, no bones about it. no discussion. and throwback thursday,
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time the patriots played arizona at home. it was the first home game after the passing of pat tillman, and also the first game of larry fitzgerald. >> they couldn't give a seat away, and now the tickets are crazy. rodney harrison was talking trash to me, man, it was a fun experience. >> cardinals by the way lost the game 23-12, and it's been a fun fitzgerald. he's truly seen the landscape of the valley change. >> i've never seen a guy so much the face of the franchise like larry. >> glad he stuck around. >> that's right. loyalty baby. it's true crime thursday. found out why hundreds of criminal chases are in jeopardy tonight. and beer giving a boost to a program in honor of fallen soldiers. our omg video of the flight will bring tears to your eyes.
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welcome back everybody. it's true crime thursday here on 12news. >> and tonight we're spotlighting a small county in texas where thousands of prisoners awaiting trial could walk free without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom. >> here's tram mai with the disturbing reasons why. >> reporter: imagine sitting behind bars for months not knowing what your future will hold, when suddenly your case
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mistake having to do with evidence. well folks in harris, texas are reeling after learning that more than 20,000 pieces of evidence were dried prior to ever seeing trial. >> they're whole life's at stake. >> reporter: paul morgan says his client spent several months locked up in a nightmare. >> imagine not knowing if you'll see your children or wife or mom again. ep charged with possession of nor cottics, facing 25 -- narcotics, facing 25 years to life behind bars, but this week the case was dismissed after discovering the evidence in the case was destroyed. it was one of 140 mostly drug- related cases dismissed by the district attorney's office, all connected to a former deputy
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reviewers are looking at all disposed cases dating back to 2007. >> it makes me sick if we have to dismiss a violent case because of this. it will make me ill. >> reporter: they fear thousands of pieces of evidence may have been compromised. >> was it favorable evidence or not? >> reporter: tyler flood that specializes in dwis has roughly 30 cases he considers limbo. >> precinct 4 is in hot water, and they have big problems ahead of them. >> reporter: the chief says he fired the deputy as soon as he discovered the mistake in january, but morgan says clients like his still suffer. >> it's too little, too late. people have gone to prison. people have had to make bond. >> now, while 142 cases have been dismissed, the harris
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could be effected. tram mai, 12news. trending tonight, you may remember us women's soccer star megan rapinoe was caught on camera joining kaepernick in protest during a game this week, but it's not sitting well with another team in the league. >> the washington spirit issued a statement yesterday saying they'd play the national anthem before the players took to field to keep her from quote >> she responded saying quote i think it was incredibly distasteful to say i, four days before one of the worst tragedies we've ever had in the country, hijacked the event. >> and kaepernick's number 7 jersey is now the top selling jersey on the nfl shop's site. >> and more are joining in on kaepernick's protest, including the cardinals rival. before the home game against
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pre-game demonstration. >> they announced it on twitter, to quote express the desire of people to come together while honoring the flag on the 15th anniversary of september 11th. many of you saw the game, and saw marshall taking the knee in the pre- kaepernick. no other players took a knee. and the wolves high powered offense was stuck in neutral tonight. mountain point on the board first. the touchdown here. they shut out chandler in the first half leave it or not. -- believe it or not. and check out this catch. what a catch. 28-0 at the half. getting ready for another big night of friday night fever.
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tv. st. maries will join us in studio, and catch the fever tomorrow night at 11:35 gloom thanks. all right now to our omg video of the night. a heartwarming story from the football field where a california high school put together a very special ceremony to lift a cheerleader's spirit after she was diagnosed with leukemia. as the football team came out of tunnel for last weekend's flowers at her feet. orange as some of you may know is actually the color of leukemia awareness. go to our 12news facebook page to share our omg videos with your family and friends. for many football and beer go hand and hand. >> but what if the can you're cracking open benefited kids looking to further their education? >> that's the legacy that one soldier left behind after
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>> reporter: army sergeant justin norton grew up like a typical american kid. >> he was in charge of mowing the grass. >> reporter: he was deployed to iraq, and left instructions for his family in case he never came back. >> i want to be placed in the wall, and i want a scholarship at my school. >> reporter: he wanted to help through a scholarship, and one local business stepped up in partnership to help. >> that's what it boils down to. that he's not forgotten. >> reporter: that scholarship is expected to get a boost from of all things a beer. >> all of these pallets. >> reporter: the names of 36 service members. >> it high lights the fallen warrior. >> reporter: killed in iraq or afghanistan are put on the
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3,000 will support fund raising efforts. sergeant norton's cans along with the rest are now on store shelves. >> to give back made it special. >> reporter: gary can't wait to honor his stepson. >> you pop the can, look at the soldier's name and say here's to you. i think he'd be stoked. i think he's pretty happy. >> what an incredible, and not only a great gesture, but just >> absolutely. absolutely. so special. >> the dog tag brewing foundation has a wholesale distributor in tuscon listed on the website. >> to see where it's sold go to our website, all right, look the weather was just gorgeous today. >> it was. we did hit up a little today. we'll stay on the warm side for the weekend, but right now we're at 90 at phoenix sky harbor. it's very quiet.
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are 7 miles per hour, but it feels very muggy. take a look at the dewpoint, 63 degrees, but no storm activity right now across the entire state of arizona, and tomorrow will pretty much look just about like this. so we're drying things out. we have 0s on the monometer from phoenix to tuscon. a -- monsoon meter from phoenix to tuscon, and a 1 up in the north, but overall dry over the next couple of days, and as i mentioned in the 102 tomorrow, 104 saturday. monsoon moisture coming back for the second part of weekend. we have a high of 102 with a 20 percent chance of a storm continuing through monday, and then we dry out again tuesday as temperatures fall into the 90s. up next on 12news at 10:00, our sports mvp of the night unveiled. plus how you can bring in extra cash by surfing netflix
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welcome back everyone. it's time for your 12 sports mvp of the night, and cam, who did you pick? >> i'm sure you can guess. footballing, you're the real -- football, you're the real mvp. cam newton reminding everyone that flossing is important, ev 37 yards out, no good. broncos win 21-20. they're 1-0. huge upset at the us open. serena williams is out. her quest for a record 23rd championship is done. she falls in straight sets in the semis, and she also lost
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his dream of playing pro baseball is true. the mets signing him to a minor league contract. not everyone about this is happy. the new york post saying good help us. -- god help us. how would you like to get hired to watch tv? >> netflix is looking for people with a passion for kids shows and movies. >> >. the company is looking to fill some kids positions, and what that means is you basically sit down and bing watch a bunch of kids shows and categorize them based on ages and themes, and you can do it all from the comfort of the couch. >> the listing on their website says ideal candidates should have in depth knowledge of kids movies and tv shows ages 1-12. it's a part time job for one
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the shows and videos. get a link to the application from the 12news app. and don't go away, the story behind this viral video. >> this little guy will make you proud when 12news at 10:00
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take a look at this. it's a picture of a young boy standing outside of his school to recite the pledge of allegiance, and it's going viral. >> the picture on facebook with the caption proud mama alert. >> she says they were running late, and he actually missed the pledge in class, so even as other kids were hurrying in, he stayed put and recited the pledge before hi -- he went in. good job. >> i'd be a proud mama too. >> yes.
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sunday. >> yes, big sunday here on12. >> and we'll all be there. >> we get to be out there on the field, so if you're out there and see us, say hello, we'll see hello. >> bring them good luck. >> so excited. we were talking about being on the field like last season. so excited. go cards! all right, and remember 12news is always on. >> good night everybody.
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