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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  September 8, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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welcome to "the tonighshow." this is . [ eers and applause ] you made it. you're here. that's it. thank you. welcome, everybody. let's get to some ws right here, guys. of course, football arted toght! [ cheers and applause ] with the dver oncoplaying their fit game since peyton manning rired. theyad seventh roundick, trevor siemian, take his place. and before kicko, peyton put his arm around trevor's shoulder, he looked into his eyes and he said, "you know, starting today, you caget two medium papa john's pizs for $6." [ laughter and applause ] i thought that was so sweet. that w so eet.
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the other big sports storys thatoday the new york me announced that they have signed form nfl quarterback tim tebow. [ cheers and applause ] ye. and we actlly ve a shot of tebow in his metuniform. check it out. therhe is. [ lauger ] he looks fantastic. congratulations. congratulations to tim tebow. he's on the -- >> steve: oh. >> jim: speaking of the mets, i saw that infielder wilmer flores recently changed his walk-up music to t theme yeah. not only that, tim tebow has already pick out his walk-up music. ? like a virgin ? [ light laughter ] that's not -- th's not true. no, no, no, that's not true. that was a joke. that's a joke that somebody wre. >> stevei dot thk th's real. is it? >> jimmy: that was a joke that someone wrote for our monologue. >> steve: he picked that? why would he pick that? [ ght lauger ] >> steve: guys, we're excited to be here in new york, where new york's fashion week kicked off yesterday. [ cheers and applause ] that's right.
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a crowded runway where people keep goi icircles, or as most new yorkers call that, laguardia. [ laught and alaus] and kanye west actually hosted faion show yesterday. and i read that his guests were brought therby b and dropped off ouide an abandoned small pox hospital on roosevelt island. yeah, people wen'ture if they were at a fashion show or the start of a bad scooby-doo cartoon. [ laughter ] i've seen thisne. this is creepy. >> jimmy: speang of kanye, he reportedly set a record this week, selling alst $800,000 worth of merchandise at madison square garden. [ audience oohs ] beating the record held by pope francis whene held mass there. [ light laughter ] so if you're keeping score, that's yeezus one, jesusero. [ light laughter ] [ chrs and applause ]
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let's get to some eltion news. last night was nbc's commanin-cef for, where donald trump and hillary clinton discussed national security. it took place on the intrepid, a betiful aircft crier here in new york. and i think you can tell exactly when one of the candidates arrived watch this. see if you can -- >> just couple of short months, americans are gointo vote in critical election. hillary clinton and donald trump are vying not only to become president of the united states, but one of them will bome e leer of the most potent military force -- [ applau ] >> jimmy: "stuck the landing." [ laughter ] actually, matt lauer was critized from both sides for not being tough ough on the candidates on issues of national secity. and i think lauer tried make up for it this morning by grilling rachael r on how she'd defeat isis. [ light laughter ] [ applause ] you didn't have to -- that's uncalled for. steve: but still, cutng edge. >> jimmy: yeah.
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ipho users switch over from the regulasiri vce to the computer voice from e ol "star trek" enterprise. [ audience oohs ] if that goes well, they may even allow you to choose from otr wellnownoicefor siri. we actually have a preview of some of the new si voices. >> steve: really? >> jimmy: yeah, ll he's e -- [ light laughter ] >> steve: wow, that's great. >> jimmy: here's one that sounds like president obama. you can t itn prident obama setting -- >> steve: right. seing up siri as president obama. >> jmy weather? [ ding ] >> t curnt temperature is a a perfect 76 degre and sun he on the beach where i am. [ laughter ] i've got no ea what is whe yoare. [ applause ] im: he's o that sounds like hillary clinn. siri, can you help me organize my e-mls? [ ding >> eailsuccessfully leted.
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[ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: no, i don't! no, siri, no, no. we have a great show tonight. give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: looking good. thank you, roots. what's up, higns? >>immy: looking good, buddy. guys, it's been a great week so r. there's more ahead. tomorrow night, emmy award-winner james spader will be here. >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and appuse ] >> jimmy: we love when he comes by. us, ck white will be performing for us. [ cheers and applause ] it's going to be fun. he's nev playea completely solo austiperfmance on tv before. this will be his only u. television appearance. jack whitei can't wait. th's goi to be f torrow nit. [ cheers and applause ] but first, what a show we have tonight, oh, my goodness
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r new bum, "dangerous woman" -- [ chee and applause ] >> steve: yeah! >> jimmyis availle now. ariana grande is her [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: she's a delight! >> jimmy: she's the best. oh, she has a new agrance out. >> steve: oh-la-la. [ chee ] >> jim: "sweet like candy," it's called. steve: oh. >> jimmybut 'll t into talking all about that. i feel like ariana and i could be best frnds. >> steve: really? >> jimmy: i think so. so g friendchalnge night. this game. [ applause ] it's gonna be good. plus, then she's going to perform her late single, "side to side." [ cheers and applause ] so joining us tonight, this y is one othe eate basketll players on the planet and a hard working entrepreneur. nba superstar, russell westbrook is stopping by. [ cheers and applause ] he's great. we're gonna talk to russell
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oklahoma city thunr and also what he's doing here at new york fashion week. yeah. then he and i are gonna face off in a random obct ftbal toss. [ light laughter ] winner take all. [ cheers ] steve: goa ta allf it? >> jimmy: i don't know what the winner gets. it's something. hey, guy football is back! [ cheers and applause ] football is back! that's right. th2016 nfl season kicked off tonight wi theupl rematcbetween the carolina panthers a the denr broncos. no as you know at the end of every season, they give out awardsike most vuabl play. but they ao give out awards athe binningf the season, sort of like the ones in high school yearbks, like most likely to succeed, classlown stuff like that. now,ormally, "the tonight show" gives out these awards. but tonight, we thought we'd do something different. this time, we got nfl stars from around the league to give out their own awards. so with that in mind, it's time
10:43 pm
[ cheers a applause ] ? tonight show superlates ? >> i'm ay dalton, quarterback for the ciinnati bengals, and i was voted "most like to arn new cwhow called 'ron weasley: thcollege years.'" [ laughter ] >> i'm nick mangol centefor the new york jet i was voted "most likely to walk into old navy and ask if they have pelts." [ laughter >> i'm joe flacco, qrterback for the baltimore ravens, and i wavote"moslikely to be a [ laughter andpplause ] >> i'm demarcus ware, linebacker for the denver brcos,nd i was voted "black mr. clean." [ laughter ] so clean. >> i'm aaron rodgers, quarterback for the green bay packers, and i w voted "most likely to put $50 in the jukebox and only play creed. [ lahter ] >> i allen hurns, wide receiver for the jksonville jaguars, and i was votedmost like to have the same barber as the warheads candy guy." [ laughter ] >> i'm ryan fitzpatrick,
10:44 pm
jets, and i was vote"chia pet leprechaun." [ ght ughter ] i russell wilson, quarterback of the seattle seawks, and i was voted" mos likelyo be the love child of mario lopez and carlton bas." [ laughter ] ? it's not unusual to be ved by anyone ? [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm demaryi thomas, we ceiver for the denver broncos, and i was voted "st kely to ask foa kids menu when he's at dinner alone." [ laughter ] i drew bree quaerba for thnew orleans saints, and i was voted "most likely voted brees'd.'" [ laughter ] >> i'm.j. watt, defensiven fothe houston texans, and i was voted "most lily to say, verying'bigg in texas,' and then look wn a wink." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmythere you go right there. thank you so much tohe n and toll the players who helped out with that bit. love you guys. you guys are talente talented guys. stick arnd. we'lbe rht bk with ariana grande!
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[ cheers a alause ] >> jimmy: our fit guest is a a grmy ard ninated artistwhose latest, best selling album, "dangerous woman," is out now. [ cheers and applause ] she also recently released a a new fragranccalled sweet li candy, which is in stores now. laes and gentlemen, please welcome our pal, ariangrande! [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? >> jimmy: standing ovation. they love you. miss you. it's good to see you again. >>t's good to see yo too. >> jimmy: how are you? everytng gat? i'mood. how are you? >>immy: okay good, that's good. i'm so happy.
10:50 pm
saw yoquickly themas doing "side to side" with nickminaj, and that wa just -- [ cheers and applause ] fantastic. >> thank you. >> jimmy: a giant performance, you guys were on the spin bike. >> yeah, crazy. >> jimmy: that's the way to do it. >> because tt's what you do. you go on the bike and you sing sometimes. >> jimmy: i go to the club metis anjusto onhe spin bike like all night long. >> would love for the club to start adding spinning into the evening. >> jimmy: yeah. it's so smt. everyone's doing i >> like a spin bar. >> jimmy: yeah, a spin bar. everyone's doing it. >> off to a roh start. >> jimmy: you didn't though, i want to lk about -- ere's tons of things to talk about. thtour. >> yes. >> jimmy: okay, tell us. [ cheers a applause ] everne wants to know, everyo online, they go, i want to know about the tour. >> there's -- okay. so the tour dates -- the first batch of them is going up ony website,, tonight. [ eers and applause ] >> jimmy: the dangerous woman tour? at is the name of thtour? >> yes, the dangerous woman tour, the first batch of dates will be up on dangouswomanom tonight. tonight, i hit audio, i'm so
10:51 pm
so i'm very excite i can't wait to get on the road again. there will me, more, more dates coming, but this is, like, for now, i just had to t sothing 'cause my fans, i promised them. i'm a little late, so, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you're very good to your fs. >> thanks, yeah. >> jimmy: this is a big deal. so, you're doing this, and you're doing -- >> "hairspray" as well. >> jmy: u'reoing "hairspray" on nbc. >> yeah, yeah, on nbc. i'doing "hairspray" live. i'm playing the role of penny. i'm very excited. [ cheers and applause ] what made yogo, like, oh, i love that? >> oh my god, i heard theyere ing airsay" live, and i had a heart attack becausehis has been one of my favorite musica since literally, li, 10 yrs old since the orina broadway cast, and to be playing rry butler's role, i just -- it's over -- sorry, i broke yourhing. [ laughter ] it's ovehelming, but i'm very excited, so "hairsprayand then tour starts ifebruary. i'm very excited. jimmy: very very busy. you got that, then youe also -- you did a song called
10:52 pm
>> oh my god, yes. evie wonder dude, are you crazy? >> jimmy: i mean no, i am azy. >> you're fine. i'm crazy. >> jimmy: i'm little crazy, but james and i are best iends with svie wonder. yeah. we hung out with them while the roots -- [ laughter ] what? we were the. we were best friends. [ laughter ] y do you kp mang tt face for? weent to a roots gig -- [ laughter ] stop making that face! it did happen. [ ught ] because james' piano wasn't there, so james had nothing to do. he's known for his dancing on stage, but he's alsonown for his piano playing. [ laughter ] anyway, so james and i were ju backstage and we just watchethe ots,nd they were perrming. james didn't perform, and then, the owner of the hotel, was like, "hey, you guys want meet stevie wonder, he just finished a concert and so we went and we just thought we were just meeting with bunch of people, but there was just ten people in a a room with stevie, and we just
10:53 pm
st friends with stevie wder. >> that's aming. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: but you, you got to -- you got to sing with him in e same booth? yea we did a song, i atured o the song for "the sing" soundtrack. >> jimmy: oh that's going to be like theiggest mov eve the animated -- >> the animated -- yes. >> jimmy: 's like in dember. it's like cong out christmas. >> yes. i'm featured on the stie wder ng, n, that's like, what? >> jimmy: yeah. >> i'm like done now. i'm good. >> jimmy: no, you're good no you'rekay. >> i'm good now, i can just, like, that's it for me. >> jimmy: i mean were you freaking out? >> oh, my god, yeah. i mean, i -- not only did i get to sinwithim, t we were in, like, the same booth. so it was like, me and stevie wonder like arm in arm, holding handin the boo, singing together, like, laugng, ving good time. i was like, whoa. every ti i got comfortable with the fact i was in the booth arm in arm with stevie wonde then he would like, hit a stevie run, and theni'd like,h, [ blp ] that's stevie wonder.
10:54 pm
you know what i mean, like. it was so surreal. >> jimmy: i actually do know what it means. mes and i hung out with stevie wonder all night long [ laughter ] >> yeah, well you say, you're his best friend, you would kn. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. we're best friends. [ applause ] i want to talk about -- i want to talk aut -- i want to talk abo t agrance. let's talk about this. >> it smells nice. >> jimmy: sweet like candy. here it is, i have two -- we have two here. but itomes with th cool little powder -- >> yes, a ba. >> jimmy: ye a ll, s. let's see -- let me know what you think. >>immy: what's the fir one called, again ? >> ari. >> jimmy: yeah. this is ari. well, thought -- thione coulbe ana. ready? [ laughter ] >> wt doou think? >> jimmythat's how i do it. what do you think? >> jimmy: i go -- it's like a a spritz. >> what about one these? would you do like one of these, like a -- >> jimmy: oh, i like this. yeah, no, jump into it, i swim through mine. >> yeah, there you go. > jimmy: i do mine -- >> there you go. you smell nice.
10:55 pm
>> jim: yeah, i like it. >> hence the name. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. [ laughter ] that's why i don't have mine at all. look at you. you're making fragrances, ocking it out of the park. >> ts is so not exciting after the ev wonder conversation >> jimmy: no, it so citi. well, you designed a fragrance. >> it's crazy. >> jimmy: no, you want to see how exciting it is? >> i mean, it'great, you should gett. [ laught ] >> jimmy: no. here's the better news. you don't have to get it because everyone in the audience is getting on tonight! [ cheers and applause ] ariana grande's new perfume. ey're excited out it. evyone get "swt li candy." i ld you. i ew it was going to work. come on. oh, please. >> no, no. [ applause ] >> jimmy: now look, stevie and i -- stee and i are best friends, of course, but i feel li me -- i feel like you and i -- >> what did miss? >> jimmy: i feel like u and i could be -- could be best friends, and there's only one
10:56 pm
>>im: actual besfrnds. i feel like know -- yeah, i kn, i feel like we actually knoeach other. >> it's thing. >> jim: it's a thing. ll, we're going to test it. we're taki the best iends challenge when we come back. ariana grande, everybody [ cheers and applause ]
10:57 pm
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i'm gonna swirl it. i'm gonna smell it. i'm just gonna take one small sip... kinda seemed like more than a sip. here let me show you. ahhh!!! refined. 1893. made with kola nut extract and real sugar. boldly blended colas. ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome ba everyby, we're hanging out with ariana grande! [ cheers and applause ] her new fragrance, sweet like candy, is in stores now. ariana, you've been a guest on the show a lotanso i thought it would be fun to play a game to see how well we know each other. would you like to play? >> i would love to. >> jimmy: alright, then it time forhe best fries chlenge. here we go.
11:01 pm
>> jimmy: now here's how the game works, you draw a question om the besfriends box. then the other person guesses hotheyhinkou would answer that question. >> perfect. >> jimmywe'll see how many we can get right. iana, why don't you draw first questi. >> okay. do i -- >> jimmy: yeah you can -- yes, you ask theuestion. >> don't wanto. okay. if i could be any animal, what animal would i be? oh so this is you guesng what i would -- >> >> if i could be any animal, what which one would i be? and i write the real answer? >> jimmy: yep. i write e real answer to any animal, what animal would you be? okay. [ tick ] show your answer to the camera. i won't look.
11:02 pm
jimmy: okay? you show it? [ dience reacts ] >> jimmy: sounds likthe audience was surpred there. okay. [ lahter my answeis a kty cat. >> oh, that's a good one. >> jimmy: a sea horse? at are youalki abo. >> i don't know. >> jimmy: a sea horse? >> i love them. >>immy: you wear like bunny ears -- you wear cat ears all the time. >> y're right. you're right. you're right. you get that one anyway. >> jimmy: seorse? >> seahorse. you can't wear likor like. >> jim: not saying -- you ha to dss -- but i mean, you kind of hied that you like -- >i know, sorry, man. >> jimmy: we're good. >> i really misled you, i apologe. >> jimmy: no here we go. we're good. ready? what food do i hate the most? >> oh. [ tick ] i don't know. >> jimmy: yeah, you do. m putting the vis out ther
11:03 pm
just writing i all right. i'm going to show my answer. don't look. ready? oh, yodidn't write yet. you just got it? >> yeah, because i -- go ahead. >> jimmy: you got my vibes? all right? you got vibe? >> i think, maybe. >> jimmy: okay, this is great. >> go ead u go >> jimmy: n't look, ready? [ laughter ] >> i ted to look, but i'm blind, i can't see. >> jimmy: let's see what your answer was. >> what? >> jimmy: mustard! mustar it's so delicious. it's yellow. it's got, like, spices in it, it's vinegary. mayonnaise. you know why i don likit it reminds me of puffs. >> yeah, i don't like it either.
11:04 pm
ah, every one los it. >> i was close thoh. >> jimmy: you were very close it was a condiment. you're right. talking over each other ] ready? th is the one we're gointo get. i know it. oh,y tu? >> jimmy: yeahyeah, here we go. i'll gethis e. >> okay. oh, this is a good one. who was my firstelebrity crush? laughter ] >> jimmy: it's a little embarrassing. it's a littlembarrassing. oh, you know, stop it. [ ught ] do i have to actually write it down? i mean, everyone kind of knows it was me. [ laughter ] yeah, yeah, yeah. ha-h--ll right. >> okay. >> jimmy: maybe ll sw mine rst. >> okay. >> jimmy: ready?
11:05 pm
all right, show yours. ?? >> is that bad? [ applause ] [ laughter >> jimmy: let me tell ya something. first celebrity crush, jim care very close. i was very close. >> ha-ha. >> jimmy: this is the one that unts. all right. >> are you all right? >> jimmy: wh is my most embaassing bad habit? [ laughter ] why did u write that fast? like all the other oneyou really thought about it, and this o, look, you're writing,
11:06 pm
, my gosh! [ laughter >> jimmy: i'll show mine first. should i sw mine first? >> yeah, yeah, go ahead. >> jimmy: embarrassing bad habit is? i laugtoo much. >> no, i like your laugh. in that department. this is the one -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's right! use m yo second frie. i got ya girl! ariana grande everybody, ariana's going to perform, "side to side," r us later in the show. russell westbrook joins us after thbreak! [ cheers and applaus]
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>> jimmy: we are joined rit now by a five-time nba all-star, and olympic gold medalliswho de h loyal fans very happy this summer whene signed an exnsion with the oklahomcity thunder. he heratteing new yo fashion week, in partnership with barneys and preparing to drop his "true religion" signature clothing collection septembe25th. please welcome the talented and fashioble n, mr. russell westbrook! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: welcome, welcome, weome. >> thanks for having me. >> jimmy: thank you souch for being here. i really appreciate it. >> thanks for havi me. >> jimmy: it is so fun to tch you pl. i will say that. so thank you for all -- >>ppreciate that. thank you. >> jimmy: we love you. weove u. and also, you're very fashionae. somimesyeah.
11:13 pm
fashionable guy by far -- >> thank you. i preciate that. >> jimmy: in the nba, but i think inports, period. >> thank you. >> jimmy: and you signed this new contractwhici'm just psyched about, we'rell psyched about, because you're staying with the thunder. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: okc. that's jt a g de. and that's cool. and i know you love the community there. you love the fans out there. i love it, man. it's a great place to beman. thpeople are so nice to me and family. i love being there. the weather changes, but i love it, man. it gre. >> jimmy: you go bowling a l, is that tr? >> i do. m prty gd at it too. [ light laughter ] >>immy: yeah, i heard at [ cheersnd applause ] >> i have, iave before. >> jimmy: that's unbelievable. [ applause ] that's -- well, we -- i got you a gift. i thout maybe you might like this. >> oh, you gota gift? >> jimmy: yeah. this ipretty cool. >> oh, lovely. >> jimmy: you can take this -- [ cheers and applause ] nice. >> i appreciate that. >> jimmy: that's not bad, right? >> that's not bad at all. >> jmy: it's so sy to ke with you. >> i juspacked ion the floor. >> jimmy: yeah, and it's easy to put on the plane. easy to put onhe plane. [ laughter ] easy tput on the plane. here, just keep it. i'll mail it to you. yeah, yeah, sure [ light laughter ] but i'd love to see you -- >> it's lovely. >> jimmy: it says throwing a
11:14 pm
sure. >> jimmy: you will? yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. all rit, perfect. >> you got i >> jimmy: g a lot to talk about, fashion week, you're here. you got so much going on. "true religion." >> yup. >> jimmy: all right, you're launching this new signature seri there. now this is -- you do sweatshirts, you do jeans. >> yeah. >> jimmy: look at l the -- this is -- look at this. this is the type of stuff you roll up in. [ chee and applause ] yeah, not bad. not bad. you see that? yeah. [ cheers ] don'know if i uld pull that one off. >> maybe. [ lauger ] [ cheers andpplause ] and this is just good. yoknow, causthiss, like -- look athat. [ cheers and applause ] you're a cool customer. >> that's pretty fresh, don't you think? >> jim: i lovet. i think its good that you know charles baley gives you a a hardime. >> who? [ laughter ] first me i hear it. oh, okay, okay. >> jimmy: yeah, he -- charles barkley, yeah. he said, what the hell, what the hell, s his quote on that. >> yeah, i know. >> jimmy: yeah. he's a good dude. he always -- >> he's always -- that's part of his job. >> jimmy: yeah. he puts you in -- he checks
11:15 pm
sunglasses y got here. is this with "true relign?" >> n no, no. this is collaborated with a a young lady by the name of selema -- and framed with r as wl. >>immy: selema, where can i get these guys? [ audience oohs ] >> oh, okay. >>immyi'm t good wit sunglasses not the best. i mean, i -- >> they're online at, so you order th online right now. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: fa t big. too much face here. [ light laughter ] oks like i'm wearing little kid sunglasses now. >> good thing about it is we have a lot of options. >> oh, yeah! [ cheers and alause ] >> jimmy: yeah >> okay. them are better. >>immy: i think these are the ones, right here. >> that works. that wor. >> jimmy: is that the way i could do it? i could rock this out. >> igree. >> jimmy: you also have jewelry as well? yeah, have that too. >> jimmy: this is barney's? you can get these barns new york? >> yeah, i collaborated with jenniferisher. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. holy moly, moly. wow, oh, wow. i don't even know how -- can i, how do i put this on? [ laughter ] >> wait, wait, wait.
11:16 pm
laughter ] >> don't bend it! don't bend it. go, for gosh -- >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah. [ light ughter ] >>hereou go. >> jim: how about that? [ cheers and applause ] >> fashion is pain sometimes. there you go. there you go. i like it. i like it. >> jimmychars baley o? laughter ] arles barkley who, you know what i'm sayin also, in china, you launched a a new -- [ laughter ] at's h i wear . >> that's the cool way. that's good. jim: that's theoo >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: wearing sungsses? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i don't know. yeah, i'm that cool, that just this bcks the sun. yeah, exacy. in china, you rked with jordan, with theew line of jordan -- quest, you're going to freak out on this one. quesis -- he's a -- yeah, he's a sneaker head, but these are just gems, they're more like luxury -- >> yh, i have a lot -- i have a lifestyle shoe -- just becae it's faster, iike change the game up a littl bit, and one with lifestyle. [ inaudible ]
11:17 pm
>> jimmy: frank, look at that. [ laught ] they a all jeaus of ese guys. there's e lile -righ ere -- come on, that's the way to do it. >> yeah, that would do it. that would do it, yeah. [ applause ] >> jimmy: you do all this. >> i do. >> jimmy: and you're amazing at basketball. you're a very, very talented guy. >> thank you. i preciate that. >> jimmy: but i was wondering if tonight sinceooall season kicked off, then they'll put these ones on, and i'd like to challenge you to a game of football team game tonight. are you good at football? >> i'm not bad, i'm pretty good at all sportt let's do it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: russell westbrook d i are having a random football to after thereak. stick around, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ?? thisne's got dhable keys it comes with a pen so you can write as you please thisne'this macoesn'teys have any of that it's less useful like a hat for your cat
11:18 pm
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11:22 pm
y23eoy yvpy ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back! check him out. can you see him? look at these guys come on. that's what i'm talking abt. [ cheersnd applause ] >> looks good. that looks good. that looks good. >> jimmyi'm here with five-time nba all-star and point guard for the oklahoma city thunder, russell westbrook, once again,
11:23 pm
these e his sneaks -- these are his kicks. football season kicked off toght. so russell and i are about to go head to head in a rdom object football toss. now, we'reoing to take turns tryingthrowing random obcts through the hole in that target back there. tonight's jects are a a mannequin head wearing the latest fashion becau it's fashion week. we have a giant gummy worm. [ laughter ] have a pue fu of sktles. [ lahter ] pots, it's two furbies glued together. [ laughter ] you think you can to do welln this o? don't answer. okay, ve good. [ light laughter ] ros, c we get some football toing music. russell, why don't you go first? >> what do i start with? >> jimmy: letstart witthe mannequin he. ?? pretty, right? >> where do i throw from? he? whe? >> jimmy: ye, right here. that one >> this spot? >> jimmy: no, this line. invisible line, ther yeah, you got see how to do it.
11:24 pm
you throw her. >> jim: yeah, you style it before you -- lauger ] -- you style it before you throw it, yeah, yeah. ?? [ auence oohs ] [ applause ] >> o that was close. >> jimmy: here we go. happy fashion ek! ?? [ audien oohs ] oh. th was earrassing. all right -- now, this one, i don't know how you're going to throw this one. i don't know how you're going to dthis one. all rit. hey, slow down the. watch itbuddy, watch it! slow down, mister. oh, yeah, that's a good idea. yeah. can io unrhan >> jim: yeahyou can go underhand with that one. ?? oh! [ audience aws ] ??
11:25 pm
[ dien oohs ] >> jimmy: know, yeah. all right. purse full of skittles. purse full of skittles. >> open or closed? >> jimmy: i feel good. that'sour ll, open or closed, that's up to you. we ge people the fedomf choice here. u're allowed to do it -- oh, that's smart. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> oh! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i thought you had it closed. heree go [ light laughter ] all right. ?? alright. [ audiencews ] >>ang on, les sewhat i have. >> jimmy: l right, double fuy. [ cheers and applause ] ub furby. >> jimmy: try to wake it up a
11:26 pm
[ inaudible ] >> jimmy: there you go now it's awake. >> oh, we got action furby. >> jimmy: yeah, he's on. he's on. blue furby's going. [ cheers and applause ] oh! >> jimmy: come on, furby, don't let me dn. [ eersnd applause ] ?? [ audience aws ] >> oh! >> jimmy: it's a tie, evybod [ chrs and applaus] the winner, russell westbrk! >> next time. next time. >> jimmy: russl westbrook, ariana grande performs with uss after the break. stick arnd, everybody! [ cheersnd applause ]
11:27 pm
11:28 pm
and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" don't miss halloween time at the disneyland resort
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11:30 pm
freaky fast. fifth time this week. jimmy john's ?? [ eersnd alause ] >> jimmy: rforming "side to side" with a little
11:31 pm
again, ariana grande! [ eers and applause ] ?? ?'ve been therell nht iana? ? i'vbeen there all day nicki minaj ? ? and boy got me walki side to side ? i'm talkin' to ya see u standing over there with your body ? ? feeling like i wanna rock with your body and we don't gotta think 'bout thin' ? ? i'm comin' at ya ?oesn't matter 'cause you givme temptation and we don't gotta think 'bout nothin' ? ? theseriends keep talkin' way too much say i should give you up can't hear them, no 'cause i ? ? ie beenhere all night i've been there all day
11:32 pm
side to side ? ? i've beenhere all night i've been there all day and boy t me walkin' si to si ? ? been tryna hide it baby what's gon hurt if ty don't know ? ? makin' everybody think that we so ju as long as you know you got me ? ? and boy i gota 'cause tonight'm making als with the devil ? ? and i know it's gonna get me in trouble just as ng as you know you got me ? ? these friends keep talkin' way too much say i shou give you up can't hear them no use i ? ? i've been there all night i've been there all day
11:33 pm
side to side ? ? ie been there allight i've been there all day and bogot waln' side to side? ? this the new style wi the fresh type of flow wrist icicle ride bicycle ? ? come ue yo get you this type of blow if you wanna minaj i got a tricycle ? ? all these bitches flows is my mini-me body smoking so they call me young nicki chimney ? ? rappers ithey feelings 'cause they feelin' me uh, i give zero and got zero chill in me ? ? kissing me copped the blue box that say tiffany ? ? cur with the shot just tell 'em to call me stephanie ? ?unop then i make my gum pop i'm the een of rap young ariana r pop ? ? these fends ke taln' way too much
11:34 pm
can't hear them no au i ? ? i've been there all nht i've been there all da and boy got me walkin' si to side ? ? i've been there all night i've been there all y boy got me wkin' sideo side ? ? this thnew yle with the fresh te of flow wrist icicle de bicycle ? ? come true yo get you this te oflow if you wanna minaj i got a tricycle ? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, me on! ariana grande! [ cheers and applause ] "dangerous woman" is available
11:35 pm
my thanks toriangrande, russell westbrk, the roots! [ chrs and applause ] ariana grande again! comen! look at that. standing o right there, not bad. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye, everybody. [ chee and applause ] ?? ??
11:36 pm
?? [ cheers and alause ] ?? >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with se meys." tonight -- molly shnon. from "other people" writer director chris kelly. polical commentator cenk uyger. aturing the 8g band with fred armen and nate morton. ??
11:37 pm
seth meyers. >> seth: good evening m seth mers, ts islate night." how's evybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] great to hear. in that case let'set to the ws. a new poll released yesterday shows hillary clinton with a two point lead over donald trump nationally, putting her safely at a two. [ laughter ] republican vice presiden his running mate yesterday, saying that unlike donald trump, he does not doubt thatresident obama was born in hawaii. though interestingly, pence refused to respond when asked if it was true that he s rn i legoand. [ laughter ] hiary inton released several w spanish-language campaign ads yesterday. though i think she mighte trying too hard to cnect with hispanic voters.


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