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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  September 8, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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seth meyers. >> seth: good evening m seth mers, ts islate night." how's evybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] great to hear. in that case let'set to the ws. a new poll released yesterday shows hillary clinton with a two point lead over donald trump nationally, putting her safely at a two. [ laughter ] republican vice presiden his running mate yesterday, saying that unlike donald trump, he does not doubt thatresident obama was born in hawaii. though interestingly, pence refused to respond when asked if it was true that he s rn i legoand. [ laughter ] hiary inton released several w spanish-language campaign ads yesterday. though i think she mighte trying too hard to cnect with hispanic voters.
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group has announced it is taking giant paas off their list of endangered species. ich is good news for pandas, but great news for, crazy seth's panda emporium. that's right, azy seth's panda emporium is ck in business and it is pandamonium over here. we got your panda meat, your panda-mite, your panda belts, your panda paw nklac. we've even got stuffed pandas doing karate, crickey! sourry down mate, and get your pick of the pandas now. beuse t's face it when crazy seth gets hipaws on them pand, they'll be totally endangered and so will these pric. wee going to eat those pandas. applse ] a man inustralia was caught last week smuggling a half a
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rpor in his defense it would ha cost him over a million if he bought it at the airport. [ light laughter ] hoaboua stacfull o cocaine. a new study suggests that starchy-ss should be added as a new taste to the five basic said oneeseahersife, next time you can just say you didn't liket. [ light laughter ] a food festival in los angeles haannounced they'll be hding a senar on cooking with marijuana. the way it works i you put a frozen pizza in the ov and then you find it the next day when you wake up. [ lighlauger ]
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>> and finally while responding to tips about a party in the heart of ohio's amish country this past weekend, police arrested more than 70 peopleor underage drinking. one te drank so much that he was caught driving home from the party at speeds up to four miles per hour. ladies and gentlemen, we got a great show for you tonight. fr the new film, "other people," our friend moy shannon is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] we'll also be joined by the new co-head writer of "saturday night live" and also the writer and director of "other people," chris kell and he is the executive produc of "the young turks" on fusion, cenk uygur is here tight. [ cheers ] so i'm looki forward to talking to him about the election and everythg el th is ing on. guys, let's be honest, 2016 has been a very strange year. to the point that sometimes u hear a news sty and you think, that cannot possibly be true, which is why tonight we're go through some of those hard to
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?? [ cheers ] >>eth: president obama expressed some concerns recently, about philippines president roigo duterte vigilae style justice system and this is how dutee responded on monday. >> you must be respectful. do not just throw away questions and statements. [ speaking foreign language ] >> seth: that actually happened. the prident of thehilippin ca ore. it's the worst thing anyone has called a u.s. president since someone accidentally referred to george w. bush ajeb. or since churchill called franklinoosevelt a rolling back of dicks. [ light laughter you kn what else actually happened? a worlleader gave a speech in a windbrear. [ light laughter ] are you a dictator or a nursing home casanova? excuse me is that seat taken?
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and that wasn't even the weirdest foreign relations story because the president arrived in china on mony for the g-20 summit, and whehe did, inese officials refused to roll out the red carpet staiase that normally gree air rce e he was forced exifrom the belly of the plane. creating aituaon so tense it dewith chinese and american diplomats screamg at each other on the tarc. that actuallhappened. we had an international incident with a major nuclear power over stairs. and i hope the chinese can get their act tothbe next guy is going to want an escalator. now back at home, the presidential race is closer an ever and donald trump needs all the minority votes he caget. so he travelled to detroit on sunday, to attend service at a black church, where he executed thmost terrifying baby kiss campgn history. [ laughter ] that aually happened. and you think the by los unhappy there, you should have seen her when he was done.
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now i know what you're thinking, am i supposeto vote for donald trump because of the baby? no, apparently you're supposed to vote for him because of a cloud. saturday naldrump lawyer michael cohen, tweeted that photo saying in case anyone is unse as to who will be r xt pot the lord has osen the people'sessenger. i can't stress enough, that actually happened. a lawyer thinks god is endorsing na tru via cumulonimbus. dorsed by living presidents, members of congress and print reblics. trump has be endorsed by the weather. which is surprising given his position on climate change. >> you know, you'rnot allowed to use hairspray anymore because effects the ozone. you kn that right. so if i take hairspray, anif i spray it in my apartmenthich is a sealed, and you're telling me that effects the ozone lar? i say no way folks no way. seth: you know, i'mot sure what's worse, a violent dictator
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haspray in 2016. but i can tell you one thing, that actlly happened. ?? we'll be right back with more "late night" everybody. [ applause ] ?? this one's got detacble keys it comes with a pen so you can write as you pleas it's less useful like a hat for your c surface has touch and a beautiful screen you can sethings like they've never been seen this mac doesn't qte compare it's slower, heavy, d a bit square fold it in hal hello when you start yes it's plain to see cadoodle a heart the surface pro 4 is made for me initiating retrieval suence.
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?? [ chrs and applause ] >> seth: wcome bac everybody please give it up for the 8g ba right over there. [ cheers and applause ] also joining the 8g band this week he is the fantastic drummer from the house band on nbc's "the voice." who's 11th season premieres moay, september th rig here on nbc, please say hello to nate morton right over there. cheersnd applause ] for re ne wah "the voice" and be sure to check him out on facebook. so good to have you here nate. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> seth: also you guys check it oufred armisen right over ere. [ cheersnd applause ] yeah. i'm so happy when fred's back around wlove to talk one of e thgs we talkbouthe most is television. we love television, we love making it, we love wating it i always complain to fred that i can't -- my pblem is i can't watch all the w tvhows. there's soany new tv shows. fred always says i lack commitment because he claims he watches every television show, every episode every television show out the. you stand by th?
11:49 pm
a lie, if you were just sang it to presme n woulde the time before we do this. now would be the time to admit that you're making that up. >> fred: seth. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, that means it's time once again r "fred armisen's extremely accurate tv recap." [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so if thiis te, i you've rlly seen everything i'll name the show and you'll tell me what it's about. >> fred: okay, great. >> seth: the show is "gomorrah" from on sundance. >> fred: on sundance? do you know it? have you seen "gomorrah"? >> seth: no. seenone of it? >> set no, i have not seen any of "gomorrah." fred: nothing? >> seth: no. >> fred: it's so -- it's really good. [ light ughter ] it's well scripted. the script is great. so, the dialogue is very -- it's like subtle but long. >> seth: okay, y haven't sd ything yet that makes me think you have seen thishow. >> fred: i've seen the show so ch. so, it's like a sort of futuristic -- the's these furiic pills that propel you
11:50 pm
they go further into the futur >> seth: takes place in the future and people take pills and go further into the future. >> fred: fther into the future. way, way beyond. and so they're like, we were already in the future. how are we this far away from present tense? >> seth: sorry, so the characrs were aware they were in t future? >> fred: yes. they're so aware of it. look at all of tse furisc things aund us. this is incredib. everything's so fast. >> seth: see, now it seems to me that they would think that's t present for them. >> fred: it's not myhow. [ lauger ] watch it if you watch it you'llake sense of it. i n't ow, this iwhathe story is. so they're that r in the future and they're like i can't believe things are en faster. they're so blown away by the spd ofverying and so each episod-- it's so well written. it'sery well written. just likthe righkind of dioguend t rig kind of futuristic words a the accents are ev futuristic. >> seth: what is a futuristic accent sound like?
11:51 pm
>> sh: in the future -- in the future peoplhave scottish accents? >> fred: seth, watch the show. i don't kn. and it's great. great characters. and very beautifullyhot. >> seth: great. fred: you know? >> seth: now aording to this, "gomorrah", a drama exploring the dark web of crime, loyalty, and sacrifice at the heart of the camorra. the brutal and neapolitan crime organization. >> fred: ithe ture [ laughter ] give it up for fred armin everody. [ applause ] if you had a chance to look at the paper this morning you might have seen therwas a nestudy on migrating tree frs and this is -- excuse me. i'm sorry, i could be wrong here but i think i smell some smo and that can mean only one thing, it's time for -- "ya burnt!" cheers and applause ] >> sh: welcome to the burn
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turn on the gas and load her up. whoo hoo h! gadzooks! alright, first up, anthony weiner, i've seen ur penis so many times i'm starting to cfuse it with me. [ laughter ] come on man, your wife works all y deleng hillary clintons e-mails only to come home and find your direct messaging your schlonto the new york post. [ light laughter ] also, i want to see a dick that used to be a new york politician i'd look at a picture of dy giuliani, se burn rudy. >> side burn. >> seth: anthony weiner sorry buddy, but three strikes ya burnt. laguardia airport,hanks to ongoing renovaons ere's so much traffic getti there that people are being forced to get out their cars on the highway and walk to eir terminal. at this point you'd get cancun faster if y just may a mexican and wait for presint trump to deport you th. [ laughter ] and laguardia, you locked down
11:53 pm
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>> "late night with seth meyers" is taking the show to washington d.c. at the warner theater the ek of october 10. for tickets and more information go to [ applause ] r first guest tonight is a very funny actress and cedian who you know best from saturday night live. she sts in the upcoming lm "other people" wch ons i sele theaters friday. it's also available on video demand and itunes. please welcome back to the show the lovely molly shannon. ??
12:00 am
>> seth: hi! hi seth. >> seth: it's so good see you again. >> it's so nice to see you too. >> set i saw your movie last nit itas fantastic. >> oh my god. >> sh: a i want to talk about that but we were also talking backstage you have an 11 and 12-year-old. >> yes. >> set i am a new parent now. 5 months old. >> i know. >> seth: very n. >> ash. >> seth: baby ash. he's great. >> oh seth. >> seth: but do you remember back now, at you have --i mean you have little adultsow. do you remember back when they were newborns and how you were as a parent? because it's triy when all of a sudden youave a baby that you have nev had before. >>t is. it really is. remeer when i,et's see when my son was rst rn my daughter was -- shs 18ontholdethan my son. but when my son was born i did a part in arie antoinette" sofia coppola's movie. >> seth: yeah. >> and i really want to do it so i went twork when son nolan was only two wks o and i remember i had to wear the make up with the big white wig and ite ce a iemember nursing him and looked up like whos th lady? that is weird. and trying to get --
12:01 am
>> seth: out of all the people i could have ended up with i end up with this crazy lady. >> yes, yes, exactly. so i always laugh abouthat. but, no i ve bei a m. it'she greatest. >> seth: and your kids, obviously theynow you're an actress and they know you' a performer. >> y. >> seth: and they' come and seen you in some work. you were in hotel translysania 2. >> yes, yes. i went -- i take my kids, i'm always with their friends. and we were inosngeles and went to go see the moes. we went to hotel transylvania with my daughter stella and her two friends who are twins cella, ansophia and they re le, they were li after the movie ey were like "your part was kind ofmall." and i walike "yeah." but it's good you t yourself in tre. you know? they save a lot to say. >> seth: very adult. >> y, yes very adult. >> sh: n your son saw a "transparent" billboard and was this --did he do this purpose? cause we had jeffrey tambor on the show yesterday and he s a deligh >> yes my son, you kno where we drive we just go over ande liven hollood so we always seli movieoste andhere
12:02 am
jeffrey tambor from transpart, you know a man, dressed a woman and my sonas like there's mommy. and i was like -- [ laughter ] i asked, that's something that makes me laugh. >> seth:eah. >> but i asked my husband was like could you s why he would ink at hwould say that? >> seth: you kno you've got to check on it. but it's kind ofn you because you obviouy you have given your kids active imaginatn. do you py --this is true that you play truth or dare with them? >> we do, welay truth or dare. my rule is always i likeo lah. and as a matter of fact i just went to see the movie "nerve" with my daughter slla and my son nolan and their friend sienna and sienna was like this isuca good movie for us to see because you're always making us to dares so this is like perft fous. >> seth: yeah so what do you make 11 and 12-year-olds do as a dare? >> i do just sweet stuff that makes meaugh. likee'll be driving d myon will call out totrangers "like
12:03 am
it's so dumb. it's just dumb. they always have to be nice. seth: right. >> we all make sienn like if we're out for pizza i'll do like i dare you to go up -- i'll go dare you to go up to that lady and -- just say -- you know make up a name. and we watch from a distance so she'll just go up d go "isabelle,sabee ishat you?" and there's st somethi about a like, a kid teasing an adult or i make them go in to like i de my son go into fly eel and ask if there was a gentleman's workout and he's 11. seth: geneman'sorkout? >> yeah, yeah. or we, on the way to school i'll make my son yell out like "top of the morng to you." d weust e whresponds. yeah, uff like that. >> seth:ow when you were ung, you used to --which i noa ple th i've ever heard young people wt to hang out. you like to go hanout in hospitals. >> hostals, i di with my friend, anne and i grew upn cleland, ohio. and i think it was my first interest in characters and being
12:04 am
take the traidowntown and we were like 11 and we would just go to hospital cafeterias to be around the doctors in scrubs witclogs, getting tuna fish and burgers at lunchtime. the hubbub. ke post surgery like quickly grabbing a bite and i liked to pretend i was a doctor. and i still actually really like that. we would just spend the whole day in t hospital mospre just walking around in a hubbub as iwe were one of them. >> seth: did anybody ever stop -- were you such good >> yeah, no. nobody ever did. and then we also used to like to go to airports and i used to like to --so we would ke the train out and just go to airports and i lik to watch people say hel and goodbye. >> seth: uh huh. >> and i loved girlshat were like needy like saying good-bye to like a boyfriend. or like really like "i miss you." like really needing meone. i don't know why i found that interesting. maybe because my mom died.
12:05 am
and like cry "i'm going miss you!" you know, i like that. >> set i feel extra bafor that person. because not only were ey missing their boyfriend but if they look just a little over they'd see young molly shannon just staring watching this whole thg unld. this is very exciting you're in the new hbo sarah jessica parker show "vorce." >> yes, yes. >> seth: so tel us about tha >> that's a great show with sah jessica parker. tracy les plays my husband. thomas haden church, lia balsam, an amazing cast. it's created by sharon horgan. it's about marriages and all kinds of things and people questiong their own rriages. it's i would say a dramedy. it's really good, it's really juicy. it a sw i uld definitely watch. >> set that's great. >>eah. >> seth: that's very high praise. >> yes. >> seth: and you --i know it's about people in different stages of you know divorce and trying to date again and you used to work for a dating service. >> iid. >>eth: so what was your role at the -- causthiss ba
12:06 am
>> no it was years ago where they wou havpeople could would come in to this dating service and they wouldideo pe tmselves and then they would request girls that they were interested in and then ey would call to see if that girl respondeback. >> seth: girls wld bshow thr videotape. >> they would be shown the guys video or whatever. and then if they called back they could either not find out why or they could ask for the reasons y th werrejeed and i would have to read the reasons over the phone. and they were numbered, like number three, baldness, number four, rsonity d i uld feel so bad and i didn't have thheart to do it and i would go ithe bathom and cry every time because ielt so bad >> seth:eah. >> i was like people looking for love and trying so hard and 's so brave to show up and date. i mean come on. yeahi don't know. >> seth: yeah. absolutely, putting yourself on video tapeoo. that is --you realiznow online dating see putting youelf out there but back in the day when someone had tgo and somebody had tlikerameou up and light you and sff. that's awful. >> i know. >> seth: and then we're gog to take a quickinut "oth peoe" this is a beautifufilm
12:07 am
>> yes. >> seth: and this is about a son who goes to sort of spend a year with his mother she is versick and sort of spend time with her in the time before she leaves and was this a difficult role? i mean there's very funny parts but this really is drama. was it dficult to take it on. >> i really, i just felt so excited. chris is such an amazing writer like you and i just felt so lucky to be given su a great pa and i was more just excited. like this is so good and he because there's so many funny things that happen idealing with death and how this family copes with this thing. so i just reallyt felt more excited than scared. i felt lucky, lucky. >> seth: well that's great. >> yeah. >> seth: well i felt lucky to see it. and we'll bring out chris after this commercial and lk about it a little bit more. >> thank you seth. >> seth:ore with molly shannon and chris kelly after this. [ cheers and applause ]
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score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed... only at casino arizona and talking stick resort! >> i thought y didn't wa to try medical marijuana? >> well i tried it! but why are you so stoned? how much butter did you use? >> just one stick. >> you used a wholstick? >> how do you know how much goes in there? >> because i spokeot. i'm stoned right now. >> dri some water. >> good foyou vid. ve your fe. >> i will. >> live your lif you o rman. when i die you've got to live
12:13 am
datehat slut w camtohe door today. >> as in lisa the one that brought you a pie? >> only a slut would come to the door with dessert. you're supseto bri a lasagna or somethi like that. >> seth: welcome back toate night. that was a clip from the upcoming film "other people" starring molly shaon and we're actually bring out our next guest as well, he was recently med co-head writ of "saturday night live" he was also the wter and dictor of the film, please welcome to the show chris kelly. [ cheers a ?? ?? >> seth: how are you? >> good i feel like a fancy man. >> seth: y're a fancy man on a talkhow. i want to talk about your incrible movie. >> oh my god, thank you. >> seth: but i want to congratulate you i was head wrer when you we hired at snl d now you' co-head wrer, congratulations. >> thank you. it's cool. it's very weird.
12:14 am
'cause yeah you were m-- you werey like head writer. and so ias like that's what a head writer is to me and i'm like "i've got to that." >> seth: oh, it's a pretty low bar. it's a pretty low bar. >> no, i truly -- i mean no i truly remember when i would like, because you're fir season when you're like a writer you don't know like what the hell is going on. you're like scared to death and i remember come to you at 6:00n the morning and you're writinyour own sketches o. because like you're the head writer. but, you sti have to write your sketch and manage all these people and i would come to you at 6:00 in the morning and i i don't know h to finish my skit. li a little baby with a toy that i had broken. and i was like don't know what to do with mskitnd y were so like --i don't know it was cool to watch because you obviously have to write a lot of sketches and help the newer writers. >> seth: well that's -- welcome to your new life. that's what you've g to do. >> i don't want to! >> seth: because there's a lot of babies there who break a lot of [ bleep ]. yeah. >> oh, no i started off by calling them babies on a talk sh. no, but i mean it's a huge responsibility. it's like, i'm excited.
12:15 am
it is like a huge responsibility because you have to thk about the show as a whol and like, i don'know. >> seth: well, here's the thing and i'm jealous of you. more impressed, i should say. but jealoubecause in the summers at snl i would never do anything, i would just take it off. >> yeah. >> seth: and i'm so impressed that y wro thifilm and you directed it over the course of the mmer and it's beautiful. and obviously this is an autobiographical film. >> yeah, yeah. >>eth: about youmoth and spenng time with her before she passed away and it's very funny but it's a drama. was it completely -- it must be completely different writing this than what youo for your day b. >> yeah it was weird. when i wrote it i had no inteion of like this is ing to be a movie that gets made. i justanted to kind of flex a different muscle or see if i cod writsomething a little mo tonally different or like yoknowt snl, i've also writtefor "broad city" and stuff they're just hard comedies and i was curious of whait would feel like to try to write something that was a littlmore more dramatic and thfact that it got made was such a surprise. i was like great, you know. but yeah, and it is a drama but
12:16 am
comedy people in it too sohat it wasn't like drama nstop. >>eth: yeah. so that it sn't like a slog. >> seth: and i have to imagine because of how personal a film this washe mosimportant part was casting your mother and -- >> yeah. >> seth: i know moy was your first choice and is it true, molly, that when you guys first met that you invited chris to a taco party. >> mol: i did. i haa co par at my house, that's right. >> seth: was that a taco party you were already having and then you invited chris or were you li you met chris and said i have to throw this guy a taco party. >> it was one of her famous taco parties. >> molly: yes, yes. it ia faus to pay. >> yeah. >> molly: but, anyhow but i did vite you and you didn't you like that there wereike kids ruing around. and the whole family. >> yeah it was just nice, i don't know this is so like cheesy. i truly like --you know the movie is autobiographical bu it's not 100% true. and so it's like i don't like when watchhe movie i'm n like that's exactly my sister or that's exactly my dad. but the role of my mother i real cared about. and so i dsee my mom up ther and i wanted to, and so i went
12:17 am
was like so nice and was oh my god molly is going tbe great t in the movie. she is so taleed b thewere likeside from being talented she is the nicest person y'll ever meet. and i truly like was in the car on the way like backrom the taco party and i call my sisters and i was like i think the woman that plays ourom is going to be very nice. i like that both of my stories end withe crying. >> seth: yeah. >> mol: that's so sweet. seth: almost always cry after taco parties as well. but it's always i ate too many tacos. so t potrown sce thawe saw coming into this. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth:ust have been so much fun to sot. was th super scripted or was that -- >> no, it was great. because it was -- there definitely days where you'd look at thcallheet and be lik"ooh, this is going to be a sad one." all day long. >>eth: yeah. >> and tre we me days where you'd be like "okay great th is the ene where molly tries medical marijuana for the first me. this will be fun." it was like watching a one woman show it was so fun and she s -- the whole crew was just like so cited to just like
12:18 am
was weird. wertalkg about this earlier. it's based on a real thing. my mom is like a wonderful but like conservate woman. she had never tried drugs. she woulnevedare to try drugs, or at least that's what she would tells. and i was in new york at the time in the real version of it, so i wasn't there. and she was home with my dad and my sisters. and she called mand she was like "chris i'm going to do drugs." she didn't like want to do medical marijuana but she was like i'moingo dot and she was so confident. and so she called and left me voice mail was like your mom is a bad ass and now she is about to take drugs. voice mail and i was lik"i wonder how that will go" and then i went underground to do me ucb shows all night and i was underground for like hours and then when i came back up i had all of tse voi mails from my mom and was like what could have happeneand the voicemails were like here go. and then number two was like i don't feel a thing. drugs have nothing on me. and then the thirdne w lik
12:19 am
dad isn'loing anying. he's n looking at anything. like he's looking but he's not. and then the fifth one was like we may have to go to the emergency room. it was likso funny to just have this like full rrative dispyed. and so thefor the movie i just i took that and put myself into it. >> seth: well that's fantastic. seriously. it's such an accomplishment for both of you. it's a beaiful film. >> thank you. >> seth:ealleverne y must see it. it's fantastic. molly shannon and chris kelly evybody. >> thank you. >> seth: "other people" is in sele theaters and avaibl we'll be right back with cenkygur. ?? [ applause ] ha-ha-ha! um-hmmm! hey! nikki! what are you doing here? u te me, steph.
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y23eqy yvpy ?? [ cheers and applause ]
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online newshow "the young turks." he is the executive producer of "the young turks" on fusion ich emieres seembe12th please welcome to the show cenk uygur. ?? [ cheers and applause >> seth: how are you? >> awesome. how are you doing seth? >> seth: i'm very happy to have you here. so this show, "the young tur", millions obs >> not a big deal. >> seth: so, what? >> not a big deal. >> seth: not big deal at all but also now, a television show on fusion. so explain how this is all going to work. >> yeah, so "young tur" is online every day two hours. easiest watch is probably "the young turks." now we got a fusion show on televisiononday nights at 8:00 and it's gng to be ftast. it's going to be super high energy. it's on college campuses. we're going to harvard, usc. all these wonderful colleges all across the country and it's
12:26 am
>> seth: and this is about sort of the upcoming election and how college students are interacting witht. were you politicly active when yoin college? >> i was actually, but back then i was a republican. [ light laughter ] >> sh: y're very progressive now and it's interesting because usually people become more conservative the older they get and you went the other way. >> it'a miake,y the way. [ light laughter ] >> seth: how did this happen? what was the shift? >> yeah, so, lets be honest, i was a dork and i wore a little >> seth: oh, that'a dead give away of a young republican. [ light laughter ] >> no, it's actually worse. i dinot wear a bow tie, it wasn't that bad. but i did -- i literally held a pro-war rally. >> seth: a pro-war rally? >> yeah, yep. seth: that's as far right as you can go. >> yeah, pretty much. >> seth: for no reason? you just wanted one? >> we weren't havi one and i was like come on when are we going go to war? i'm a republican. les invade something and then grenada happed.
12:27 am
war and i saw all of these hippy liberals, oh no, lets not go to r. and i was like, no, lets bomb some things. >> set gotch >> and so i'm doing the rally and you know who shows up? fox. >> seth: foxust have been so excited to see you. >> yeah, now back then there's no fox news but it was local fox and they show up they're like, u're for w? they're like, we got to have you on and that was first ever tv appearance. >> seth: wow, that's fantastic but thenou sft a now yr first tv show that you hou >> yeah. set on at? what was the class? >> so i finished law school an a friend of mine saiyou should take this class on how to start your own tv show. >> so that w thectual title of the class? >> thawas the title. right? and m like, that's menta like, ere's no way that's true. she's like, no it is, it is. go take it. and i sat there for minutes. the teacher, it was almost like trump university. [ light laughter ] e teacher s like oyou go to your local public access and they have to give you their own tv show.
12:28 am
>> legal, yeah. so i was like thers noay that's true. i'm already jingoist and i'm like i love americand i'm like but they can't give out tv shs. that's the craziest thing i've ever heard so then i get a law job in washiton. i leave the first day early so i can take orientati at the local public access like she told me in the learning annex course. so i go down tre and i'm like i would like my own tvhow and they're like okay, here, here's your tv show. i'm like what? this is amazin >> so how fast after did you have a working tv show? >> like a month. >> seth: wow. yeah, i mean "working." >> set but still, that's a good place to star like a minor leagues for levision. >> areou kidding me, seth? i went on there and went with three ofy friends. the fit sh wasn hour lg. ha on politics and half on philosophy and everybody else was like e and i walked out inki yesnail it. i'm like that's what i'm going to do the rest of my lif >> seth: that's perfect.
12:29 am
of bere saers d you went out with him a bunch to rallies and stf. did you get a chanceo hang out with him behind the scenes at all? >> i did a little bit. i did. the first time after one of his rallies in l. we went to dinner together. and i goin the motorcade and it was super cool and we get to cut through all the la traffic which is like the greatest thing that ever happened to me. >> seth: also, it's so great in l.a. because it's such a hollywood townhen a motorcade comes by you know people e thinng brad pitand tom cruise and then it's bernie. [ laughter ] which, by the way they're slightly more excited out. >> seth: i bet, yeah. >> like i remember o time we were in berkeleywe went to dinner again and like the place was going crazy. it was like elvis wain the building they're likbernie! they're like rippingheir hai t. so we're at a some what fay italian restaura in l.a. and it's the first dinr and i'm like i wonder what he's going to order. and i'm sitting right next to him and his wife is on the other de and hlooks at the menu, looks at it and i'm like is he going to go with the gnocchi?
12:30 am
have spaghetti and meatballs? and she's like no honey, they n't ve sghetti and meatballs, they have lasagna. he's like i'll take the lasagna. [ laughter >> seth: a man of simple taste. >> yeah. >> seth:ow inow both made the observion that when bernie talks it looks like he itrying to g the waiters attention. >> oh, yeah, i love that. >> seth: i've said he'trying to signal for the check but i think i like yours more. >> lemon wedges, i need lemo wedges. [ laughter ] >>eth: because bernie would only ask s that's going to cost more. he wants free lemon wedges. [ ughter ] >> and if anybody's payingor that it's the government [ applause ] >> seth: there you go. a lot was written. the narrative was to some degree that bernie helped pull hillary to theeft. you are skeptical though as far as how progressive she would be if she finds h wayo ofce. >> yeah, there not going to like this. , i don't believe it. i'm not going to believe it until i see it.
12:31 am
oh, yeah, progressives and independents. sure i'm agast the tpp. obama can you go ahead and pass it right away? i'll have to see it. but i don't think she's a real progressive, no. >> sh: anoth thingou'v talk about is how trump is running on being a business man. that is sort of his claim to me and yet you've pointed ou not great at it. >> no, he is horrible at it. wh's interesng is that republicans love failed businessmen. so george w. bh couldn't make money in oil in texas, and trump codn't make money running casinos. there's a saying, the house always wins. and he bankrupted himself running three casinos. like it's never been done before in amerin history. he is a record breakingly bad business man. so oneime 's alyinfor a loan from deutsche banand he's like oh i'm worth $3.5 billion. and yeah, this is a loan, you actually have to actuallprove it and so later in a deposition
12:32 am
weren't en close to a billionaire? i based it on psyclogynd my own feelings. laughter ] that's not a thing. that's not a thing you can't like my own feelings on a bank loan. >> seth: for $5 billion. >> he's like, i feel like a billion bucks. [ laughter ] >> seth: i will say this, i can't wait for the three debates. the vp debate, dyou think anyone will watch this? do you think it will be the lowest rated vice presidential debatever? >> i think there's some chance thathe vp debate already happened. point. [ laughter ] it just happened and we don't know. [ apau ] we'd have to fintapef it. 'cause i'd le to see how it went down. congratulations onhe show and all of your success. and m lookg forward to the fuon. >> thank you. thank you seth. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: cenk uygur everybody. "theoung turks" on fusion premieres september 12th. we'll be right back. ??
12:33 am
12:35 am
[ cheers and applaus] >> set my thanks to molly shannon, chris kelly, nk uygur erybody, fred armisen, nateorton, 8g ba. stay tuned for carsodaly. see u torrow. [ eers and applause ]
12:36 am
?? ?? ?? ?? ??
12:37 am
? >> carson: welcomeo "last call," i'm yr ho carson daly. coming to you tonight from 230 fifth. we've t a good one for you. cong up we've got aces musiis diiv we'll do that one at fonda but first the breakout series that i love so much. "narcos" returns for a second season as does t show's star wagner mora, who earned huge praise for his gutsy porayal of the colombian drug lord, pablo escobar. for more we're going to send you right now to the hudson in wt hollywood, for tonight's "last call" spotlight.


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