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tv   Mad Money  NBC  September 9, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to crameri. i'm just trying to make you some money. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me at @jimcramer. all right, i've seen people with a one-track mind, but whole markets? that's what we have now where the market can't seem to focus on more than one concept at a time, including today where the dow dipped 46 points.
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this market can only focus on one bullish idea at a time. and it just feeds everything else to the hungry bears. today the market decided that oil is going to the moon, because it did show a huge draw down. actually, to be fair to the oil traders, it took crude up nearly $2, a reduction of 4.5 million barrels. it's the second biggest in this reduction is amazing. no one saw it coming. we've heard over and over and over again that there's way too much oil, so there's a gigantic glut. every now and then, some combination of countries had decided that oil's fallen enough. you hear chatter about an
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takes it from the low 40s to the high 40s. before a new flood of american oil hits the market. those past rallies were all big con jobs. but oil inventories are not a con job. this number tells us that the reports that there's no more room to store oil may be greatly exaggerated. reports that we're overrun with imports may nt be possible. what happens? the whole oil complex goes completely nutty! as is always the case when the price of oil spikes, the winner is chesapeake, which rocketed up nearly 13%. it is one of the most troubled
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properties to get ahead in the game. when you get a spike, that's a sign that you don't have to worry about chesapeake. can you take their viability issues off the table. and that's something that's gone on ever since it traded down at $1.50. while i like the firefighter style management at chesapeake, i'm not a fan of the stock because the balance sheet still is hideous. performer in the group that makes me cringe, that was in today's action. i'm talking about really bugging me, because it represents a huge extrapolation off a single piece of data. i'm talking about diamond offshore drilling. it was up nearly 9% today. here's a company that spoke tuesday, yes, literally two days
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is awful. why? because diamond's business is offshore, not on land. but offshore of they told you that offshore drilling doesn't get profitable for oil companies until crude hits $60 a barrel. it's antithetical to have rational thought. we have the usual suspects. the murphy, southwestern, marathon. and then we get to apach now when i got into this racket back in the early '80s, there was a canadian stock, a genuine rocket ship. it's one of the greatest runs i've ever seen but it ended badly in an avalanche of debt.
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spots of oil, alpine, they call it where it secured 300,000 acres of land which might have as much as 3 billion barrels, it is a gigantic find and has been kept very much under wraps. we were told it was one of the biggest finds of oil that could be announced sim apache has rallied, understandable that the company was only worth $20 billion before the news broke. and it's up 14%. here's the rub. like dome petroleum, we can't prove what apache has. we can't just say certified by core labs.
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this is an area that oil geologists told us for many years wasn't worth fracking about. it will be a while before we know whether this find will be this big. nevertheless, thanks to the big oil inventory draw down and the fact that the market today only has eyes for oil, apache stock gets the benefit of the doubt and roars and roars, which brings me to the problem with this kind of action. the market's one-track mind doesn't just favor one group like the oils. lots of companies and sectors are laying down on the track so to speak in order to facilitate the smooth train ride for the oils. take apple. here's a company that unveiled an any phone yesterday which i think is manna from heaven for millennials. it has longer battery life, so necessary when you're looking for pokemon go.
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but i think the real reason it's down is it decided it's no longer going to announce the weekend sales it amasses for the iphone 7. that's something we got used to when the first phone got rolled out. despite management making it clear that this is a supply issue and the phone is already sold out by this weekend, so it would just seem like a lot of hype to announce that, the market reacted hideously the moment reuters broke the news. i think apple's reasoning is sound. apple's no longer retailed solely through apple. in its deal with at&t. lots of resalers, it's creating a false sense of optimism by waiting till monday and saying hey, it's sold out. the market's made up its mind, end of story.
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the markets also decided it's the end of the world for retail. putting to the a tale of weak numbers from pier one and tractor supply. so what that pier one's collection of faux wicker and dishtowels. it's all about pin action, people! as in sell everything retail. because nobody's buying anything at pier one and tractor supply. so here's the bottom line. when you have the market that decides one thing, only one thing's working, and it doesn't bother with anything else, then you have a market that's a lot more treacherous than the average scene, and that's what's happening. and if you don't see it, just ask yourself, is it possible that oil which has fooled us so
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about to jump 10 points to move up $10? is it possible that the consumer's totally tapped out and not shopping anymore? or is it more likely that this market's one-track mind has made the action for the moment totally irrational. rick in missouri. rick. >> caller: i wanted to ask you about petrobras. if they didn't have a debt of $130 billion. that coupled with the spn deal rejection, how can any analyst that says that bbe anything but misleading? >> it's been very strong. i do agree it's a stretched situation, they should be selling stock over fist to raise cash. it was able to rally and continues to do so even though you and i think it shouldn't. pt in california.
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are you doing? >> i'm doing well, how about you? consider i'm great. great job taking mark sanchez last night in your fantasy draft. >> true, so true! next caller. just kidding, just kidding. go ahead, rick. >> caller: we explored that the consumer's shopping for furniture online, and i still think they are, but they're doing that at a place that's much more than dog hair diaper bags, what do you think about e-t-s-y, etsy? >> they went on kelly's show. etsy had a good quarter. i like how they're doing. don't bet against gary freedman
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stock and furniture is a gutsy place to be in, but i think etsy's real food. the blinders are out on wall street. the market's one-track mind has winners, and losers like apple. a market that's made up its mind can be more than stubborn. it can be down right, let's say tricky. on "mad money" tonight, a biotech working to give sight to the blind. spark therapeutics. then the most vulnerable group out there at this time might surprise you. what sector you should approach with maximum caution. and what do lebron james and maria shriver have in common? they're investors in the next pizza chain. stick with cramer. don't miss a second of "mad
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this has been an ugly year for biotech, what can i say, as drug prices have been thrown back into the presidential campaign with the latest epi-pen price hike. it doesn't mean every single biostock is in the doghouse. far from it. some of them have continued to be excellent outperformers despite the environment. take spark therapeutics, once, a company that was created in 2013 to have the rights of some programs in children's hospital. spark is now developing in the developmental stage in gene therapy. now the idea here is that once is developing one-time gene
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they have late-stage trials that can help a group of disorders that can cause blindness. and investors have gotten excited about hemophilia therapies. they now have enough cash to keep running for years, more gene therapies onto the market. plus, if you bought on that secondary, a 30% gain in less than three months. let's check in with the ceo of spark therapeutics and find out about his company and how it's doing. how are you? i'm reading a philadelphia
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you're far along on this. >> we are. last year we completed successfully a face clinical trials, the first ever pivotal trial in a genetic disease, and that is a significant milestone, and we are now busy near substantial completion of the first marketing authorization we've put to the fda. >> you did say that literally it brings back sight. >> this is one of the unique things of what we're doing, specifically in gene therapy but spark in particular. what we've seen in these kids and adults that have been in our trial, 93% of them have had a response rate as measured by our primary point. this is improving aspects of sight. and we're doing that as you said
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we're seeing long-time benefits. this summer we published data in the "lancet" showing that it was durable. >> the illness you're talking about is not hundreds and thousands of people. it's a smaller sample that actually have this. >> that's right. it is an ultra-rare condition. the way we've set up the company as you've said is we're focussing on applying gene therapies to the retina, the liver and the central nervous system. and the goal at a high level was to prove out the principle with a first application. we've done that with the eye and the eye with the phase three results in this form of blindness caused by rp e-363.
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>> now we speak to a company that comes all the time. and they've got something very special for hemophilia, are there enough forms that there's still room for spark, or is that just a competitor? >> in fact, the data we've released this summer is about hemophilia b. we're also working with hemophilia a and expect to start a trial later this year, in the fourth quarter of this year. one of the things we've seen in our early data, which is differentiated, we're seeing highly consistent results across the subjects. all four of the subjects that we disclosed data on had a robust response, so much so that we've effectively eliminated the need for infuses for these people. 100 infusions would have happened historically for these people, they've effectively eliminated it. we've seen consistency, we've
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the dose is anywhere from 40 to 120-fold lower than some of the other doses that have been used in other gene therapy trials. >> one of the things the country's gripped by, obviously, is pricing. take gilead. gilead like you, it's a cure, basically for hep c. but in a populous uprising numbers are turning people off. you obviously can't develop a drug for a small sub-set and make $500 off of it. what do we do, what do we do in the great ethos debate about pricing for something that brings back sight but costs your company a fortune to develop? >> i appreciate the question. first of all, it's obvious for us to talk about specific price therapy.
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but i will say what we're seeing here has the potential to change most if not everything about the way we think about reimbursement and paying for these therapies. if you take a step back again, we think we're developing something that has not been seen before. we're both gaining function in these patients and doing it with a potential one-time treatment that has long-lasting benefits. so we as a company are intending to come with solutions and ideas where we're saying, let's think differently about the way we contemplate paying for. it might sharing in the risk or the upside. if we see benefits lasting for a very long period of time, how do we get the reward for that? i think we need to come with innovative ideas, and this is the right time to do that, and we intend to lead that at spark. >> children's hospital of philadelphia, the big winner here, and they still have a lot of stock and doing secondaries. i know you don't control what they want to do. but theoretically, the stock's up big.
3:22 am
it's not their job to own -- i know they have a bunch of other investments. it's not their job to own stock. is that okay? >> at a high level, they've been incredibly supportive. we've done something unique in the way we've formed this company with them. they invested in our initial public offering, and i think it's only wise, i can't speak for them, but i think from my perspective, it's a fair thing for them to diversify. they've been incredibly supportive and are the reason frankly that we're are sitting here with the success we've had as a company. >> just so you now, those of us from philadelphia are so proud of that institution. it's among the best in the world. that's jeff rosin. the ceo of spark therapeutics. a big winner and deserves to be. coming up, pizza, and this
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wow, the so-called safety stocks have suddenly become real dangerous. from general mills yesterday. just a chilling series of words about a missed quarter that only a month ago looked like it was in the bag. it's not often that you see a stock like general mills drop $3 in a single session as it did. this is a high-quality corporation that usually has a good handle on its own destiny. maybe one of the best handles. it's been a steady as she goes rally machine for ages, but it
3:26 am
competition in the crucial yogurt business is a reminder of how doggie dog anything sold in the supermarket is right now, whether it be natural or organic or fresh, it's all a big battle ground. get me? who's disrupting these things? no names were actually mentioned by the coo. but it looks like they're taking no prisoners. white wave, a natural organic player. i was wondering when the pressure of the supermarket business would trickle down to the consumer price stock goods. these former bottom market equivalents, even at customers, the supermarkets keep getting
3:27 am
witness how yesterday's bout from sprouts farmers market. it was only a matter of time before the food stocks got taken to the cleaners. technically after the startling decline of campbell's soup. campbell's had previously been among the best performers of the group. but now it's down ten points. that's a huge decline for a food play. the stocks had run so much that its dividend yield had become very puny and offers very little in the way of protection. it's not just campbell's soup and general mills. they're not slug companies. both of them moved aggressively into the natural and organic space, but guess what, so have the private label guys, notably treehouse, with cheaper store-branded merchandise. you can bet when the issue of
3:28 am
it, too, was hurt by private label, because it hasn't spent enough time defending its brands. too little inventory and too little shelf pace hit the distributor. how bad is it for the food place? this category for jm smucker. previously one of the strongest parts of the supermarket. it was a sucker punch for certain. they're trying to make as much as they can by pitting suppliers against each other, and there's been unprecedented food price deflation. target's hurting. it doesn't want to lose share to walmart, while the dollar stores are trying to underbid walmart. ouch. caught in the same vice.
3:29 am
is a black hole that investors are just waking up to. if you own any of these stocks, whether it be kellogg's or conagra or clorox, you need to keep one finger on the trigger. we sold two core positions in my heinz and, oh, my, procter and gamble. we feared the future of both companies. the production of principle costs too much. here's the bottom line. the safety group may prove to be the most vulnerable out there at the moment until the stocks come down where their yields offer more support and the takeover chatter ends. only then will it be safe to
3:30 am
and the stock market as a whole. don in ohio. >> caller: i own some pepsi stock. it's been hanging around the low 100s for a time now. i'm wondering if there's any upside left. >> yeah, i think there is, we sold some, we're looking to buy it back if it gets to 100, 102. it is the strongest stock in the food group. i know they get into everything, but that's an opportunity when it comes to pepsico. how about holly in oregon. >> caller: jim, whoo-hoo. costco has lost its mojo. homogenized offerings.
3:31 am
or what do you think of costco? >> i think you're too negative on costco. we sold some in the high 60s. they fixed that credit card issue, and the stock's come all the way down. the target price to buy is 150, and i think we're going to get there. i love the costco model. i think people have got and little too negative about costco. don't give up the costco ship. how about olga in oh >> caller: hello, jim. you are my favorite fantastic show. hanes celestial, is it a dead stock? >> yes, in the end, it has uncanny irregularities. every inch nortel, i have said accounting irregularities equals sell!
3:32 am
from the high valuations, i'd steer clear until they do. much more mad creep up in aisle six here. pop of bronze. lebron james pizza chain that's trying to reinvent the profit margins of pepperoni. school's back in session. it's time to grade your portfolio. do you have what it takes to pass my test? let's play "am i diversi."
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phillips'. the tasty side of fiber. competing in a crowded space. blaze pizza, with the backing of a champion investor. how much can the pizza deliver?
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next big idea, even if it's in a privately-held company. take blaze pizza. it was the fastest-growing restaurant chain last year as it exploded from 50 locations at the end of 2014 up to more than 100 locations. what's so intriguing about another pizzaria? they came up with the idea when they were searching for a quality pizza place in their own area, and instead ended up at chipotle, because all the other places were sit-down or low-quality take out joints. they wanted to take the same concept and apply it to pizza. you can pick up dozens of toppings. blaze starts with the dough, and you pile on your ingredients the same way you build a burrito at chipotle. then it comes out three minutes later, nice and crispy and sets
3:37 am
because i like everything. no wonder they've had growth. plus they've adopted a franchising strategy, including lebron james who owns the franchise rights in miami and chicago. after all, pizza's a $40 billion industry. this is a first chance to make your pie fully customizable. let's get a look with the ceo of the company and find oow pizza business. good to see you. all right, jim, let's cut to the chase. lebron james can endorse anything he wants. he's so famous i can be involved with mcdonald's, i understand he preferred to be linked with blaze than with mcdonald's, why? >> he started out as an early investor. he saw what blaze pizza could be.
3:38 am
we hooked him up with larry levy. they're partners. >> he's fabulous. >> and he was so in to blaze that he came all in and is now is our spokesperson and endorser. >> we mentioned the analogy to chipotle. they have pizzaria locale. they've got a lot of issues, they're fine people. how is this different? because they say they have a >> we're chef driven, as are they, but our executive chef has focussed from the very beginning on high-quality ingredients, and now all-natural, no artificial colors flavors, preservatives or additives in any of our pizzas. then you add in our eco focus on packaging and our design, and that makes it better. and it's an enlightened
3:39 am
we talk about speed of service, we can put through 200 pizzas an hour. and we reward our top-performing restaurant with almost $1 million that go back to the top-performing team members. that's design and what we're creating as an experience with pizza is about 1,000 different dials you have to tweak to get it right so that the customer has speed, great food and the design of the restaurant. >> we big believers that a whole new cohort of people armed with their cell phones like to go to places where they can then post. and i was thinking when i saw this and the assembly line and what you could design that this is an experience for people, not just food, and they want to photograph themselves. >> that's exactly right. we're all over instagram. lebron is posting also for us on a regular basis. you're exactly right.
3:40 am
>> without naming any names, do the other pizza companies have a lot of preservatives in them that i didn't know about? >> everyone is working towards that, but we're a three and a half year old company in terms of our growth. we started four years ago. now with our size we've been working with the manufacturers to make that come to light. with no artificial colors or preservatives. where i could literally order 30 different toppings, i would do it, because sometimes i don't have time to wait in line. >> lebron just ordered online and had 17 different toppings and posted it. we have an app. we have loyalty program now, we're the first in the category to do that. and down the road, as you look
3:41 am
if there are challenges on the delivery that that's handled property properly. weep want to protect the brand. and we want to improve the packaging so it travels better. >> i know. i own a bar, and i'm always afraid by the time it gets to you it's not good. so i get that. one thing i am concerned about, if i went to a blaze, why can't i just rip you off and start dave's. what's mode here? >> the reality is anybody can make a pizza, right? >> right. >> but to make a high-quality pizza begins with that executive chef. >> right. >> with high-quality ingredients. our dough is made fresh every day, our sauce is made fresh every day. it is made with dough and sauce. and it's high-quality
3:42 am
salts to pick the salt that went on our pizza. he was rated number two when he had his own restaurant in los angeles. so it starts with ingredients. >> we recommend dominoes. one of the greatest we've ever had. i want to buy a share of blaze. it's not yet public, but one day maybe it can be? >> we certainly hope it can happen. it's a few years out. we really believe we hav ability to be a billion dollar brand. >> we've will tremendous luck investing in pizza companies. it's a loved food all over the world. >> yes, it is. >> thank you so much. jim is then president and coo of blaze pizza. and don't forget, lebron has the chicago and miami rights, not a bad thing to have. "mad money's" back after the break. what's better than "mad money"? how about more "mad money."
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on one with cramer. >> reaction. what other questions do we have? i always tell people you have to start with an index fund. >> get more with guests. >> how do you stay sharp? >> and go behind the scenes with the most interactive show on television. >> if you can't explain in three bullets why you're buying a certain stock, don't buy! >> follow "mad money" today. you both have a perfect driving record. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty stands with you.
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i'm proud to say many of you loyal cramericans have been
3:47 am
i hope you will stick around to see a show we think is important. now it's time for the lightning round. i tell you to buy, buy, buy, or sell, sell, sell, we play the sound, and then the lightning round is over. shawn in virginia. shawn. >> caller: hey, ba, ba, ba, ba, boo-yah. >> nice boo-yah. what's happening? >> caller: not a whole lot, how about you? >> what's the stock? >> caller: brightco of i'd like to know about brightco. >> my take is don't buy, don't buy.
3:48 am
>> caller: yeah, how about that. >> what is it? >> caller: i'm wondering about srpt and whether the margins that they're picking on the calls is over 10% of the price, is that an indication that the price of the stock is -- >> no, this is one of the highest-risk stocks in the world. it's a binary stock. they either get approval or they don't. if they don't get approval, the stock could get crushed. i think it's way too risky for me. how about we go to jd. >> caller: marathon oil. >> it's worked its way back. but we've got a couple winners i like better. pioneer and eog and occidental, which you can follow. how about francis in west
3:49 am
>> caller:. yes, my largest holding is ford motor company. >> i think you've got a good thing in ford. the chinese sales were impressive, but i don't think the stock can run away. let's go to clifford. >> caller: i'm calling about clf. i live up here in minnesota. and i would like to know what about the taconite. >> i know a lot of people like thp, but cliff's at six. i don't know. i wouldn't sell it, but i certainly wouldn't buy anymore. and that, ladies and gentlemen, the conclusion of the lightning round! the lightning round is
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portfolio strong and steady even when staples of the economy aren't is to make sure you have a diverse list of stocks in your shopping cart, that's why we play "am i diversefied." i'll let you know if your portfolio's diversified. up next we have a tweet from daniel alfonso who asks am i diversified. gopro, fit bit, cisco, and disney. cisco, great job. but disney entertainment, actually, if you wanted to, we have four technology companies. cisco's got a dividend, very well run. gopro is a trade. let's say that's athletic.
3:53 am
ge? i want changes, because you have too much speculation. looks like disney, doesn't it. make some changes. i am willing to bless keeping fit bit here, but that's the only one. i need better stocks with more character. michael in texas. michael. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: thank you for making cramerica great. caterpillar, csx, johnson & johnson, mcdonald's, am i diversified? >> i like this. i like this portfolio. it reminds me of my fantasy football team, the ski daddies. caterpillar, a machine company i think is going to have an upside surprise. csx, one of the best of the rails.
3:54 am
always doing a terrific job. there's room for gold stock. we've got gold, machinery, drug, rail ? hallelujah ? how about we go to lou in pennsylvania. >> caller: my five stocks are american, electric power, cisco eaton corporation, wells fargo. >> wells fargo, bank that got a lot of negative publicity there today. i still like wells. kimco, we've had them on multiple times. a very good strip mall company. cisco, a charitable trust name,
3:55 am
? hallelujah ? and these guys are not cheaters. they're just getting it right. sanford in illinois. >> caller: first-time caller. i raid your book "get rich carefully", and i wanted to quickly say i think the chicago cubs are going to go all the way and win the world series this year after 108 years. disagree with you. but i'm kind of in your camp so let's go to work. >>. >> caller: my five stocks are verizon, nike, walt disney, pfizer and starbucks. am i diversified? >> you asked the magic question. there are other met fans who asked why aren't you mentioning me? as sam gerard said, also from
3:56 am
verizon is a utility, telco. pfizer, good drug company. nike, down grade today. disney, starbuck's, looking pretty good, so we've got a restaurant, an entertainment company, an apparel company, a drug company, and we have a phone company. again, who comes to play and regina and her boy are met fans. okay. stick with cramer. marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! s?? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. s?, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico.
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his two yachts and private plan can't help a scammer escape from the millions he stole. don't miss an all-new american greed at 10:00 p.m. and remember, stay right here where you are to see our documentary, ground zero rising which starts right after this.
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it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tomorrow. . >> what would ronald reagan say? >> even i was shocked by this. if he doesn't respect all americans. how can he serve all americans? >> look what we've created. a lot of thero of reckless feign invasion that have been a hallmark of trigger happy hillary and her failed career. it's been a disaster. the insults fly as candidates ramp up their rhetoric leading up to the first showdown. a fifth nuclear attack that has nations and stocks around the world on edge. a daring rescue and dozens


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