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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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a big day in the green acre case...sentencing for the owners of the deadly dog kennel... and a big day in the race for congressional district five as well...the judge... issuing a decision in that case too... donald trump - slams hillary clinton....while she tries to talk about taking out isis.the homestretch of a crazy campaign is in sight. in story to prove there is still ?some good left in the world.
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???adlib & toss ???adlib later this morning the former owners of the green acre kennel will receive their 12's nico santos is live in phoenix with
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to expect.a look at what to expect.
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this morning - a judge decides whether to allow hundreds of contested ballots to count in the 5th congressional district republican primary. unofficial results have state senate president andy biggs leading former internet executive christine jones by nine votes. a superior court judge is expected to rule sometime friday morning before the official canvass of the primary election results. a ?silver alert to tell you about this morning.police are looking for this man...66- year old edward ne he was last seen around 7 last night near dobson and rio salado parkway in mesa.buttler said he was going to see his brother in glendale.he has increased memory loss... and his family is concerned that he is lost.buttler drives a 2008 silver toyota tacoma pickup.if you see himcall mesa police at480-223-3117.
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new this season for football season for new this season for football fans... the ultimate pre-game experience at 12's bryan west is live with what you can expect before every cardinals home game.
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your place for the home your place 12
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12 news is your place for the home team.sunday night football from glendale.... kicks off at glendale.... kicks off at 5:25.the cardinals begin their road to the super bowl against the new england patriots. ?? toss to emma for the morning juice ?? if you grew up in the 80s or 90s... you remember the t-v show....full house.well... now live... or actually ... ?live in that piece of tv history. the house that is the ?facade for the tanner home... is up for rent.home... is up for rent.but it's not cheap.your monthly rent is going to cost you 13-thousand 950 dollars a month!it had been up for sale... with an asking for sale... with an asking price of a little more than 4-million dolalrs.but remember - this is just the home used
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studio on a set in burbank. this one....will restore your faith in comes to us from california...that's where a high school put together a special ceremony to help cheer up... a cheerleader. ashley adameitz's was recently diagnosed with the football team came out of the tunnel for last weekend's game, they laid down orange flowers at her feet. as some of you may know - is the color of leukemia awareness. now time for your juicy question of the morning... surveys show that 25 percent of women... and 40 percent of men admit that they have prayed for this to happen. many agree they should have said a prayer for something more meaningful.
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you probably don't want to travel anywhere with tom hanks. but if you do - and you're on a plane that's in trouble... you don't want anyone other than captain 'sully' sullenberger at the controls. jay taylor.. looking ahead to the movie everyone is talking about... in two minutes. and if you own a samsung galaxy 7....better listen up
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will it be a strong takeoff this weekend for 'sully'??? this could be hollywood's heroic start for the fall box office. flight 1549... or as we like to flight 1549... or as we like to call it "the miracle on the hudson" is now in theaters.and tom hanks could nab another academy awards.jay
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???adlib traffic
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the election marathon is entering the home stretch... and the attacks between hillary clinton and donald trump are reaching a donald trump are reaching a fever pitch.the latest from the campaign trail. planning to travel this holiday season?we've got the exact dates you need to save the most on your flights..
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decision 2016 decision 2016 - the presidential candidates are taking on two very different audiences today. hillary clinton's talking about terrorism with national security experts -- and donald trump's courting the religious right at a washington. tracie potts has our look-ahead, live from washington this morning. ?? ad lib ?? that was four speeches campaign says her theme: together.potts - back to you. q: is there any chance we'll q: is there any q: is there any chance we'll see someone other than clinton and trump on that other than q: is there any you. i'm tracie her theme: that clinton's
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that was the first of four speeches that clinton's campaign says will focus on her theme: stronger together. i'm tracie potts - back to you. q: is there any chance we'll see someone other than clinton and trump on that
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in your in your in your morning health check - teens may think twice about choosing a sugary beverage ... if it has a health warning label. researchers at the university thousand 12 to 18 year olds. when there were no health labels, about three-quarters of teens chose a sugared beverage. but when they saw warnings about obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay ... they were 8 to 16-percent less likely to choose those drinks. a new study suggests the importance of glucose screenings for women with a history of gestational diabetes. researchers found 14-percent were diagnosed with pre-diabetes ?after their pregnancy.
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had undiagnosed diabetes or pre-diabetes. women who went to the doctor regularly were more likely to be screened for diabetes. if you plan to travel by air over the holidays... you'll may want to shop around for airfares now. a new analysis from fare comparison site hip-munk says if you're flying to one of the top 20 markets... and book by october third for thanksgiving fares... or by november seventh for travel... you could save 14 percent. but if you're traveling to or from a smaller airport... the prime time for christmas fares is the week of october twelfth... with savings of 15 percent. after a after a massive recall - now a safety warning. the f-a-a is warning anyone who's traveling not to turn on or charge a new model samsung smartphone. last week - the world's largest smartphone maker recalled millions of galaxy
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fire. the f-a-a also says passengers should not put the phones in checked bags. samsung has stopped selling the phones. the latest on a shooting down near nogales... involving a border patrol agent...that's at 5:35... and if your'e needing an extra kick of caffeine this morning...we have just the thing...some of the strongest coffee 80 times the strength of the cup
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it was one of the most heartwrenching stories we've covered in a two years later... sentencing for the former owners of the green acre kennel. a rough night the latest on where things stand after a fire caused problems there... controversy over one display in a shopping market...look closely and you can see why... this morning we're asking... has 9-11 lost a little of it's significance? plus -coffee with a kick.a serious... don't mess with me


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