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tv   12 News Noon  NBC  September 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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now. >> connecting to arizona this is 12 news. >> thanks for watching 12 news at noon. i am tram mai. new at noon closure for the families who lost their dogs in a gilbert pet hotel. the owners of the green acres pet boarding facility were more than -- where more than 20 dogs died under their care were sentenced in court. todd and melissa hughes for 23 days in jail and 200 hours of community service. also in the courtroom those pet owners who gave their emotional pleas to the judge. >> a -- the ac went out in the room and our three dogs and his one dog died. our family was hysterical. they were screaming and we were crying. >> the trial lasted nearly two years with the owners of the boarding facility agreeing to
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decision 2016 coverage a judge will allow 18 more provisional ballots to be counted in the 5th congressional district republican primary unofficial results have biggs leading by 9 votes but the thin margin means the race will go a shall get a automatic recount. four people are recovering after a plane crash in wickenburg. maybe went down near in-- the plane went down expected to survive. governor ducey has a big change to a senior staff the deputy chief of staff for budget and policy is taking a leadership post with the goldwater institute a phoenix based conservative advocacy and research group. sex offenders released from prison will no longer be taken to a temporary housing location in north phoenix. department of corrections officials say they have been in communication with residents in the area who expressed concerns can over the temporary house
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neighborhood. the center is near i-17 and pinnacle peak road. sunday is the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and tempe beach park is transformed into a annual healing field. the healing fueled tribute honors 3,000 victims of the september 11th 2011 attacks. on sunday there's a memorial ceremony at 5:46 a.m. and the names of each person killed in the attacks will be read at 7 a.m. right now, let's check the forecast and jimmy it's shaping up to be they weekend. >> yeah it's going to be a little on the warm side but you know i am liking it. the skies outside right now got a couple big clouds just pushing right over the horizon. and our current temperature outside is checking in right at 80s and 90s across most of the areas. 39 degrees for the downtown area. as you -- 93 degrees in the downtown area. 96 for downtown phoenix. 93 for sun city west and cape
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so pretty nice tolleson is always warmer i have to check the gauge always too warm for the temperatures. monsoon count down continues to the end of the month. and there you go. 77 for flagstaff and sattelite radar is quiet. tram we will check the forecast when we come back and look at the national radar. >> thanks jimmy. the cardinals are gearing up to take on patriots during sunday night football and you can catchall the action right here on the big 12 come sunday. and for all the fans there is a fun event happening at westgate free and open to anyone. bryan west went to get a preview. >> reporter: this is a brand new exciting event coming to westgate especially for the fans bring the family out herey sunday before a home -- out here every sunday before the home game. >> it's the new pregame event three hours before every home game cardinals home game we have fun games as you can see and giant beer pong and inflatable games and different
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dogs and chips and great beer and we have over 20 bars and restaurants and we have many locations for fun game day gear and we have it all here. >> and what are you most looking forward to because it's the first year he westgate is doing this. >> it's the first year we are doing this. i am looking forward to the fan excitement. there will be thousands of people out here and it's free and open to the public and we are a field's length away from the stadium and we are excited. >> reporter: lastly go cardinals. >> go cardinals. >> reporter: this sunday so if you want to check it out head out here to westgate a few hours before the game. 12 news. >> go cards is right be read see read. -- read. the game -- red. the cardinals begin their road to the super bowl against the new england patriots. be a don't forget we are getting -- and don't forget we are getting ready for friday night fever the only local high school football show on tv st. mary's will be live in tv. you are the fan vote game of the week caver the fever --
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jakes will premier here on 12 news come monday. team 12 trisha hendricks inproduce us to the powerful inspiring man who will host the new show. >> reporter: we are here onset of bishop td jakes new show premiering september 12th we got to sit down one-on-one with him to hear about the show. >> this is as close as i will come or know what that feels like. >> reporter: bishop td jakes the best selling author and film and movie producer and entrepreneur is the host of the new indicated daily one hour talk show td jakes. >> it's very, very exciting to have the opportunity to take your experience and many gifts you've been given to coordinate the show. >> reporter: the dallas based pastor touched many beyond those with the 30,000 member
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his -- potters house. the reach includes 11 million social media followers the best selling author of 40 books produced grammy award winning music and feature films including the box office hit miracles from heaven. >> i am not leave the hospital until i know what's wrong with my daughter. >> reporter: he pens columns for essence magazine and is thrilled about the new adven tier. -- adventure. >> we have the right team around us and subject matter to provide the information and inspiratn daytime television. >> reporter: this show has it all including conflict resolution dealing with fall list -- families in crisis helping them work through tough situations with the experience to back it up. he advised the past three u.s. presidents and a featured speaker at 2009 inauguration of president obama and he gave remarks at the 2011 white house easter prayer breakfast as well as the funeral of whitney
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from all walks of life for the past 40 years. >> from the white house to the crack house. from death rows to people who are homeless and so i've seen life from every aspect imaginable. >> reporter: on his new show you will see plenty of funny moments and shows about love and dating and marriage. >> people lava little bit and they will be inspired a little bit and they will be surprised at the provocative information that's provided with complex of the show. >> reporter: all the experience combined makes him the perfect host. >> i am not an actor. not somebody paid to give lines. sometimes i go completely off the teleprompter and do my own thing i go rogue. >> reporter: but at the end of the day, jakes says he is doing the show for one reason. >> as long as people are helpedi think that's what it's all about for me to see people find ways to communicate and ho have lost their ability to connect and supply option for
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are at a impasse with daughters or mother-in-law. >> reporter: he wants viewers to watch with an open mind and interact. >> you know what i believe, there is more to unite us than there is to divide us and i think we can be united right on my television show. >> reporter: catch td jakes new show here on 12 news at noon on september 12th. from glendale studios in glendale california, trisha hendricks 12 news. >> and you can hear more td jakes monday morning on 12 today when i talk to him. the tegna media series will premier in more than 50 clear u.s. markets on monday september 12th a show you don't want to miss. still ahead on 12 news and noon a planning to travel for the holidays? when experts say is the best time to start booking the flights. and 3-d tans the craze so you can look more like your favorite celeb without hitting
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welcome back. let's look at your health. teens may think twice about choosing a sugary beverage if it has a health warning label. the researchers at the er surveyed 2,000, 12 to 18 years old when there were no health labels 3/4 chose the sugary beverage but when they saw warnings about diabetes and tooth decay and obesity they were less leek there i to choose the drinks. a study of the importance of glue coach reer is he sheers found 14% were diagnosed with prediabetes but 1/3 of those
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had undiagnosed diabetes. women who went to the doctoring regularly were more likely to be careened for diabetes. >> kid with the sports and activities and full swing it's important to avoid overscheduling to the only -- not only for the child but for you. the kai -- psychologist recommend you limit them to one or two activities at a set priorities for school work and good grades and family is important. make it a goal to spend time together one night a week. parents also need to take time for themselves and not get burned out trying to accommodate their children's schedule. if you travel by air over the holidays you may want to shop around for airfares now. a new alan a sis from -- analysis says if you are ing. >> i to one of the top 20 --
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7th for christmas travel you could save 14% but traveling to or from a smaller airport the prime time for christmas fares is a week of october 12th. the savings of 15%. after a massive recall now a safety warning. the faa is warning anyone who is traveling not to turn on or charge a new model samsung smart phone. last week the world's largest smart phone maker recalled millions of galaxy note 7 over conc t on fire or explode and passengers should not put the phones in checked bags. they have stopped selling the phones. ford is adding 1.5 million cars sus and -- suvs and advance to doors that can open while moving it includes the 2012 through 2015 focus and 2013-15 escape and c max and
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small van. let's check the forecast right now and jimmy i guess it's back to a none soon. >> we are dry outside but beautiful. we remember in the monsoon but we go to a dry respite. and even from the high country this is gorgeous. i am dreaming of giving another 3 or 4 months with snow up therein the san francisco peeks and it's -- peaks but it's feeling like fall north of payson and prescott you can the nights and morning hours. nice and cool. so, if you want to get out of town and enjoy really cool temperatures you have to go as far north we are looking dry up towards the north. heavy storm feels like fall. parts of omaha nebraska right on in towards the north close to illinois and parts of wisconsin also the northeast just clouds couple light garden variety showers but even though it's summer they are feeling
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november 30th. so a hurricane -- so there's a hurricane season. prescott 81 degrees. today 97 to 102. bright and dry and partly cloudy skies and looking a little hazy. southwest winds at 5 to 10 miles an hour. so the phoenix climate watch we will stay average for today. this afternoon 102 degrees. and we are down in the rain department though hopefully we will catch up but next shot of rain is coming in next week. dew points, they pretty high. feeling humid to steamy out there. oppressive is where we were yesterday and that's gone down too. monsoon count down, 20 days until the end of september and 30th and after that we get start transitioning to incredible weather. monsoon meter pretty much a zero for the whole state. chances for rain nil. sunday, eastern sections of the state a slight chance of showers and more storms scattered monday and tuesday tram. >> there's a little monsoon.
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tans but how about a tan that gives you a list muscles called contour tanning and it's the rage with celebs. team 12 mike wilbur shows us the 3d tan. >> i got a spray tan. >> reporter: when it comes to getting the look 3d tanning is the secret. >> taking the basic level of the spray tan up a notch and i worked with celebrities many years. >> behind chrissy's glow. >> i adore and love her tan. >> reporter: and she says the key is am pg up the muscle definition by contouring. >> helps you to feel better and more-- you feel more fit. >> reporter: which is another star knows all about. >> i contour lightly. >> reporter: the-- >> the first phase is giving that glow to the body ready to roll. >> reporter: once she got an even base, she stars bringing out the muscle definition. nothing like spraying on a 6
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>> you actually want to make a muscle so you can find that area that you are trying to define. you are looking for the shadow beneath the muscle. >> reporter: and add highlighter to the rightplaces. >> and you illuminate lighter than the tan we have applied. >> reporter: getting the startreatment from the comfort of home starts at a hundred bucks and 3d stan should last for a week but never -- tan should last for a week but never hurts to freshen up. >> if only that noon, summer is over but there's still plenty to do around the valley. we will look at some of the events you may want to check out this weekend.
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speed may not be available in your area. switch today. if you are in the mood for live music we have four venues and the best part is they are free. here's this week's things to do. if you're in the mood for live music hit desert ridge
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saturday nights starting at 7 p.m. or head to the east valley tonight at the mesa art center from 6 to 10 for a one stop shop of fun and entertainment. there's live music great food and outdoor festival and more. best part is it's free. also tonight, at 7:30 p.m., catch the chandler symphony orchestra pops concert open to the public and that's also free. finally tomorrow night, kick back and enjoy some more live music at scottsdale quarter as part of the fall from 5 to 7 p.m. >> lots of fun we will have a final check of your weather forecast coming up. next on arizona midday botox and fillers are they right for you? i will try it and i have a deal for you. and you ready for football? we are and we have tips for the perfect cardinals kick off
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can get. watch to win passes for the family to see this new movie storks and more family fun with your things to do guide for the weekend. plus your fall style guide that's happening next on
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times it's the simple things in life and this girl apparently likes her cotton candy. a lot. so as a result she is the
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sensation. her name is beatrix and she is 3 and her four seconds on tv during a seattle mariners game should put a smile on your face. after the game the dad posted that picture on twitter. during the drive home. oh, boy. her face priceless. >> i bet she is going to be superimposed on every thing this weekend from football games in the middle of the field and she is being tackled. >> yeah what it's like to have score free food. >> i would love to p be gorgeous. we could see rain this weekend is okay friday is okay and saturday for tailgating on the toasty side at asu but of course sunday tailgating weather should be nice. 102 and a chance of storms monday and tuesday. >> when the cardinals win. >> yes cardinal red. >> yes we will be wearing that on monday. have a wonderful day. don't forget to follow us online and on our air.
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hello, and welcome to arizona i am your host destry jetton today we have tips to throw the best football watch party ever for the weekend. plus we have free tickets to the movies and fashion advice for fall and a recipe for dinner and get this, dessert first the cardinals are kicking off their season this weekend on sunday. if you are throwing a watch party we will have tips to make it a touchdown. sally arnold of celebration by sally is here with the how-to you make it really fun but what to we need to think about when we are throwing a football party. >> planning any party is the same and the more work you did ahead of time the better.


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