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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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how can you honor the fallen on the anniversary of 9/11? and gave back to the community. >> can you feel it? it's that kind of year, the arizona cardinals' season-opener in the vall. coverage for you tonight from what to expect at the game, to the full fan experience, and your tailgate forecast. let's start with cameron cox anna look ahead to the big game. >> we cannot wait. we have been waiting all week for a sunday night and this time tomorrow we'll know if the cardinals are what we think they are? we know you are excited and the cardinals can feel it. >> i love drive big the school
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yard and you see cardinals' jerseys everything, everything has changed dramatically the last three years. so much energy in the valley right now for this game, and hopefully we can go out and perform and give them something to cheer about. >> hopefully, so. coach the cardinals are ready to live up to the super bowl hype and everybody is back from the record-setting offense and defense is better thanks to the ad field and the cardinals know that they are cardinals and get this, so does everyone else. >> there is a big difference between being a hunter and being hunted. we're not stinking up anybody any more and they are going to be respecting when we get to town and we understand that. >> we know it's going to be a long, long journey, but understand how fun it is as well.
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especially on sunday night football. no gronk or tom brady for the patriots, so what is brady during his four-game suspension and his wife put out the picture on instagram and we'll find out if his teammates are ready tomorrow night. >> yes, we will. it's time to dust off the jerseys to show off our cardinal pride. if you don't have any fan gear,te it's also time before the stores run out. nikko santos. >> the owner of a local sports consignment shoptalked to us today about the products are really just flying off-the- shelf and another problem, prices going up everywhere as the season starts especially the cards really perform. >> the team is set for the first official cardinal's dickoff and university of phoenix stadium is going to be a sea of red come sunday night. >> we're all pumped for i win,
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your card's gear, chad carpenter has you covered. >> anything for tailgate. >> there is one problem. >> every jersey we get in goes out quick. >> they have used and vintage sports merchandise and since they take trades a lot of what chad sells is one-of-a-kind. >> when it comes in, people are calling daily and if anything is coming in people get on our want-list for a certain jersey and he can give them a call. the sea of red, startle the hunt now and show your loyalty. >> us hardcore cardinal's fans like to hang on to stuff. when they come in here, hopefully they find someone else's closet and out to the game and out there to support. >> so we paid chad a visit today and there may be a dozen cardinals products in his location left, but he says he
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>> right now as they get ready for tomorrow's game, today the bus was at the arizona youth football league in phoenix. letting the players and their families explore the tour bus. very cool. tomorrow the bus will be outside of gate is at stadium from 2:15 until 6:00 if you want to check it out. that bus was also at phoenix children's hospital and that where award-winning singer and actress cheno wedge and the arizona card cheerleaders and big red took pictures. it's a visit that they will definitely remember. >> it is incredible to see kids, who are - could be sad, but having the positive outlook in life, and what it is is
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>> it absolutely is. she will be singing the national anthem tomorrow night. we're all looking forward to that. there is a new cardinal's tailgate event at westgate and glendale tomorrow called touchdown tailgate and family- friendly free event will be happening before every home-game. thousands are expected to attend. they'll have everything from game and entertainment to food and life-sized beer pong. ticket-holders and non-ticket- holders alike are all welcome. parking is $10. and if you are planning on tailgating tomorrow, meteorologist nate pace. >> it's going to be pretty nice and some of the forecast outside of the stadium it's going to be very warm and, in fact, we're forecasting 102 by 2:00. if make sure you stay hydrated. by kickoff, 101 a slight chance
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of the game, 97 degrees, but trisha the big thing to remember, make sure you stay hydrates and alcohol will not keep you hydrated. >> all right, thank you for that. matt and don't forget 12 news is your home for all cardinal's coverage all day long starting with 12 weekend today at 8:30 and join us at 3:00 for a pregame sports tonight, followed by nbc nightly news. and then that is right, it's game-time. be sure after the game for 12 sports overtime followed by 12 news at 10:00 and 12 sports tonight all right here only on 12 news. some would call a blessing in disguise, one boy's life possibly saved because he ran into a pole. we spoke with the teen and his father about the experience. >> reporter: it was a regular day out on the
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instead he hit a pole with his head. >> i was knocked out for a couple of minute. >> reporter: at hospital they found out forest had a brain tumor, news no parent is prepared to hear. >> it was like getting punched in the stacle, i'll tell you. i knew when i saw the imagining that this was going to be a big deal. >> reporter: he was told forest could have been born where the tumor located in a that controls coordination and balance. forest needed brain surgery right away. >> we know that he could have a stroke. we know he could develop an infection. we felt like his dream to play basketball could possibly be over. >> reporter: but everyone needs a guardian angel and that is what forest got. doctors at phoenix children told me almost nobody comes out of this with no deficits and he has absolutely none. >> reporter:
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his head, now the mark of a miracle. >> he has the heart of a lion, and we were just very fortunate. >> reporter: admitting if forest hadn't run into that pole he may not be here today. >> maybe i'm blessed or something. >> maybe i have an angel. >> some scary moments for a couple of guys doing community service this morning. the two were cleaninn area near 51, avenue and indian school when they found a bottle full of mercury. they called 911 and hazmat teams secured the area. no one was hurt and thankfully no one in the area had to be evacuated. breaking news right now out of north phoenix, police are investigating reports a shooting at desert ridge marketplace. this is new the loop 101 and tatum we have a 12 news crew on the scene and we'll be bringing you details on is it
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gathered to support the standing rock sioux tribe that is protesting a proposed pipeline in north dakota. a judge denied a motion from the tribe to stop the pipeline yesterday. members of the tribe say the pipeline will violate their water supplies. >> social media has really been what has gotten it out there. since the camps have opened up, nations all over the country, and organizations and countries all over the world, people supporting what standing rock is doing all over the world. >> the judge has ordered both sides to appear for a status conference later on this month. take a look at today's hot headlines a firefighter was hurt on the job in peoria today when he slipped on the roof tiles.
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taken to the hospital where he was treated for a minor sprain. two people were found shot inside their home in sun city today. it happened near grand avenue and rh johnson boulevard. deputies are investigating just what happened? as of now no details were released on the circumstances surrounding the shooting. the u.s. marshal service has busted a fugitive operation in west p in the arrest of 195 people, all of these people wanted for different charges. officials also recovered firearms, drugs and cash. new information tonight shows the number of children who have died in hot-car deaths this year has sadly increased. so far there have been 28 child deaths which is double what the number was this time last year. at this time there is no clear reason for the surge.
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the world trade center and coming up we're honoring those who lost their lives on that tragic day. and an amazing team usa athlete who is on her way to breaking records in the paralympics. one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love.
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. welcome back. here in the valley the annual hagel fields have been set up ahead of the 15th anniversary of the september 11th attacks every year aca on that day. this year a blood drive was held at the healing fields to encourage people to donate as they memorialize those who lost their lives. >> my wife and i tried to come down on an annual basis to honor the fallen, and i think as a way to give back to the community, for all of the sacrifices that they made for us, it's just extra meaningful.
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as well tomorrow. a special candle catholic will be held tomorrow night and healing field will be open until 11. >> the paralympics are happening in rio and jessica long son her way to catching up with michael phelps in the medal count. the 24-year-old who has prosthetic legs won her 19th medal yesterday, wow, getting bronze in the women's 100-meter butterfly and right now team u.s. has a total >> wow. >> those stories incredible to see. >> inspiring working capital. >> i was watching the opening ceremonies just last week and to see them come together, you know, they are just there to compete. >> dedication, and heart. >> it makes the problems that we complain about seem like absolutely nothing. >> absolutely incredible. >> what people finally stopped complaining about is the heat. the temperatures are slowing starting to come down, for
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check it out. especially at 6:00 a.m. 80 nice degrees and some locations in the valley could easily drop down into the mid- 70s in some locations. but about 97 by noon and 103 by the afternoon. we are putting a slight chance of dust and storms into the forecast, especially if you live down in the southern portion of the valley. that is where the best chance is going to be. for toward, mainly clearing skies tonight, but we did have some activity on the eastern side of our roosevelt lake a strong thunderstorm thunderstorm that quickly moves to the north. here is what we are watching in the weather pattern a low pressure center off the coast of california that is pulling moisture into state and combined with the disturbance in mexico, that will probably rotate into our state, resulting in a descent chance of thunderstorms and monsoon meter at 6 in the mountains and 2 in the valley and 4 in
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rainfall so far we're at 2.21" all come down in 12 days here at phoenix sky harbor and that puts us below the average of .1 1 inches and while we're below average, the highcountry is doing very well. look at prescott. 11.97" of rainfall so far this monsoon. incredibly totals in that region, but unfortunately if you live in show low, 5.3" of rain. 7" of rain in tucson, but here in the valley, we're again sitting a little bit below average and we're putting a slight chance of rain back in the forecast, 20% monday. 97 degrees out there and we are going to warm things up fairly nicely, 100 degrees by wednesday and thursday. but things are looking nice for next weekend. >> look goods, matt. it's game night and let's start
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the right foot. manny wilkins we knew would be a shoot-out. wilkins near perfect first half. touchdown asu up 70-and texas tech up 14-9. sun devils answer. great call by chip lindsey. the reverse pass wide open, touchdown, asu up. a little later, more wildcat office. the td right here. his fourth of the game. tech and asu combined for over 700 yards of offense, asu up 37- 34 at the half. second half, asu up 3, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. too strong, his 6th touchdown of the game, new asu record and asu up 10. he just added a 7" touchdown
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>> arizona is down 21-10 in the 3rd. >> trying to rebound from their loss to asu last week and ouch, yes, that looks like that hurts. lumberjacks and leathernecks tied up at the half, but western illinois outscores them in the second half, 34-20 hey it's the hail mary that should have never happened. central michigan was different an untimed down follow ang intentional grounding penalty against oklahoma state and then this. touchdown! unbelievable! >> central michigan does it! >> wow.
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central michigan knocks off ok state 30-27. he was diagnosed with breast cancer last year but god, he saved me and in four months he gave me back to my baby. so i can see every game and be the proudest mama -- i'm so proud of my son. i'm to proud of you, baby. >> thanks mama. >> better than any win and sun devils looking phenomenal against texas tech. >> go devils, as a fellow alum, i have to say. >> got to. >> we'll be right back, but first next on 12 news, the one thing men are spending more money on than women, what do you think that is? >> i have no idea.
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. continued r has done some analyses and turns out phoenix is among the top 15 cities in the u.s. where it's the easiest to find a date. the valley of the sun takes 6th place in the rankings and first place los angeles. the rankings take into account how many young professionals are living in the area, because that increases the likelihood of them using those dating apps. >> a new study finds a sunsing
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and believe it or not, men tend to fork over more cash than women of a maintenance of women say they would spend $25 to $100 and cam is shake his head here, on gifts while men said they would spend between $50 to $250, but some women would argue it's because they shop smarter for example, 32% of them say they use coupons and cash back to buy wedding presents. >> i like the coupons. >> yes, the coupons are good, $15 and it's perfect. >> some luggage. >> you are getting married. i hear you have a nice wedding registry. >> create and barrel, they have expensive and inexpensive and some in between. it's perfect. >> exactly. >> before we go, we want to give a big shoutout to you, our 12 news viewers. today our 12 news facebook page reached 700,000 likes and it's all thanks to you guys for
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so we appreciate that. if you don't already like our page, head to news and hit "like." that makes my little 10,000 -- 5,000 likes seem like nothing. >> 12 news is always on. you can get the latest news as it happens right at your finger telephone i tips on or the 12 news app. have a great nice
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woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey!
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you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
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>> and now... [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening. it's the holiday season, and i want to wish everyone out here a merry christmas. to the jews, happy hanukkah. and to the muslims, send me your
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>> donald and i love christmas so much, we skipped the tree and made our entire home one big ornament. >> this is a very special time of year. it brings together all kinds of people, and i just want to recognize some of them with my naughty and nice list. my concept, by the way. >> and, remember, sometimes it's nice to be naughty. [ laughs ] >> that's why i married her. she's hilarious...with boobs. >> ohhh. >> so, here we go. who's nice. first up, the polls. very nice. the latest poll has me leading by 20%. it's starting to sink in, people. i'm gonna be president! >> yes, it's so exciting! donald is always walking around the house, talking to himself, saying, "oh, my god. i can't believe this might happen. what the hell is going on? it's so crazy!" [ laughs ] >> next on the list, "the nutcracker," by which i


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