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tv   12 News Today  KPNX  September 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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opener so what now? jay taylor is here to break it down. they must have named the mike job after michael phelps. the battle that had the audience on their feet and the surprise that came from two other olympians. >> very entertaining to watch. hello, everyone, 6:00 on the dot. happy monday. hope you had a fantastic weekend and we have a relatively speaking fantastic forecast for you. we're talking double digits for almost the entire seven jimmy. you know what? you can't really complain about this and will get better. we're not done with september so temperatures can bump back up but at least for the seven day we have a nice respite for the next six or seven days, cloudy skies right now and just great skies. this is at heber with rainfall up across parts of the highcountry right now and even some storms around the valley,
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lightning this morning, and some gusty conditions. it's lifting north around payson, right along 277, 288 will be pretty dicey but starting to clear a little more along the viewline highway. for us, temperatures will be quite nice, can't complain about this, a slight chance of a storm and high near 99 degrees. >> looks good. thanks, jimmy q. one person hit and killed overnight and could affect your morning commute. team 12's brian we story from the i-17 and thomas road. >> reporter: we're told the person who was hit and killed was a good samaritan just trying to help a fellow driver with a brokendown vehicle. you can see a durango with the hood popped. the man in his 20s was struck and a white car with a dead
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pickup truck. now, the driver that was hit was, uh, another good samaritan came up and started performing cpr until police arrived, continued compressions. that man was transported to st. joe's hospital, where he later died. as far as the driver who killed the man, dps needs your help locating that driver. it was a white or light colored older model chevy pickup truck, modified rear end, brake li instead of the factory made type. it will have front right side damage on the car and rear-view mirror may be missing. the investigation is underway, as well as the investigation you see out here. i-17, the furthest right lane is closed at thomas and northbound on ramp at thomas is closed while crews investigate. if you have information of the driver of that white or light colored pickup, call 480- witness. we're live on i-17, bryan west.
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hope they find that driver soon. 6:02. we'll talk about how to get around that. no time to dillydally this morning. we have traffic troubles. you can see a semi on its side holding up the right three lanes, 10 eastbound at the salt river bridge by sky harbor airport. traffic sneaking by in the hov left lane, delays like you wouldn't believe onto the 17 and 10. we'll show you in a minute. this is an alternate for th mcdowell. now, will this will take away the alternate choice because we will see delays as traffic squeezes by, very close quarters, blocking that center lane. so here's a look at the big picture in addition to those two, another couple of crashes. first up, the live shot northbound on the 17 at thomas, the on ramp blocked and right lane taken away. then southbound, the right lane is blocked at indian school. you can see the delays that
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10 and 17 because of the rollover. from the 10, go to the 202. you can hop to the 143 southbound, reconnect with the 10, and continue on the 202 eastbound. over to you. >> crystal, thank you. checking hot headlines at 6:05, we expect closing arguments for a teacher accused of sexual misconduct with seven underage boys at a party. she claims she has date rape drug but a test reveals there were no trace of drugs in her system. one man is in custody after he fired shots at a vehicle. this happened on i-10 westbound near the 10 and 17 split. phoenix police said people inside the vehicle heading west saw a man and woman standing in the median. the victims say the man was holding a handgun and windshield was shot out as they
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be closed after deemed unsafe for kids to be in. this happened at challenger middle and landmark elementary school. according to an e-mail from the district, a recent improvement project found buildings were structurally deficient. classes were canceled until wednesday. >> gets it down. and the kick is -- no good. >> starts at the top and we obviously did not ready to play. they outplayed us. and we'll learn from it and grow from it, you know. we continue to have a long way to go and regroup and see if we can win one next week. >> we certainly hope the cards can, no doubt.
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and the patriots, 23-21 the final. jay taylor is here to talk about the game. who do you blame -- him for missing the kick? you have a rookie snapper, cameron kennedy, or the holder, drew butler who didn't get the ball down. >> exam ron kennedy, the snapper, is where it starts. low snap. i thought holder did a good job of getting it and getting the ball d it's an opportunity to put it but here's what people need to understand. he's timing and will step -- >> all on timing. >> when he sees that, he has to has tate and allowed him to hook the ball and shouldn't
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getting that offense clicking was big factor. >> he hits 100 and is in the position to be on track. >> they need to feed him the rock. he needs to touch the ball 30 times b pass. he can dive around and do different things and we know what larry can do. he will make a play when you need them but david johnson will be what they need. it's about getting the big chunk and ball down. the only way to do that is get time. you get time by running the ball, making the defense come up, getting the one-on-one coverage.
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will see fitzgerald touchdowns, and the running game is instrumental and help the defense. >> real quick you talk about the cards' defense, giving up 23 points to a guy who never started an nfl game before. >> that happened is they underestimate what had he could do. one thing difft he's able to scramble around, extend the play a lot more and that gave that defense problems and gave up big plays. >> okay. there are 15 more game in this season and is not over just yet. 6:08. jimmy? we have a few storms around the area this morning. we're not done yet and your seven day forecast has a nice little surprise. it has something to do with two digits. we'll tell you more on the way. ? lose yourself in the music,
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better never let it go ? michael phelps flips off his speedo and zips up a hey,e for his best eminem impression. you're watching 12 today. we're coming back after this
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blue and absolutely incredible outside. it's now 6:13, the most decorated olympian of all time wins gold in a new competition, lip syncing but first, here's your morning juice >> she wearing the top crown this morning, miss arkansas is miss america for 2017. >> the new mi a miss arkansas! [ cheers and applause ] savvy shields! ? dance, dance, dance ? ? >> got a different feeling when they announced the right person off the top, right savvy
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performance. the previous winner put her crown on her head. she will win a $50,000 scholarship, six-figure salary with expenses, and an appearance agreement with dick clacker productions. miss south carolina was first runner-up. apparently for the -- like every single month she'll travel at least 20,000 miles -- monthly. for the next year. wild. speaking of america, it was battle. michael phelps swam onto the stage to perform his best enminimum on the hit spike tv show so he may just win a gold medal for this one. check it out. ? ? back to the lab again, yo ? ? you better lose yourself in the music, the moment, you own it you better never let it go ?
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not miss you blow, this opportunity only comes once in a lifetime ? ? you better lose yourself in the music ? >> he won the all- star edition thanks to an overwhelming fan vote, beating olivia munn, terry cruz, and john legend. wait until you see the surprise during olivia's final performance. they're also olympian if not more popular than the swimming legend. well, it was simone piles and aly raisman. darn it. there you go. surveys show half of men think women become more attractive when they decide to wear this. what is it that we wear? well, 50% of guys recognize it immediately. there's a hint for you. there are good guesses right now. >> immediately thought of heels
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his shirt. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> probably alluding to something else. let's just be honest about that. uh --o said when they wear their hair up. >> really? >> i like your guess, though. >> glasses. >> i said baseball cap. >> great guess as well. >> jean and a t-shirt? >> hers >> wow. >> 6:16. there's a lot going on with the drive to school and work. any guesses from you? >> i like heels. that's what i thought of. we're always on the same page. all right, so much of a slowdown. take the coffee and the toast to go to give yourself an extra -- whew, at least 15 minutes if this was your route to work. 10 eastbound at the salt river bridge by sky harbor airport
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that is all over the right three lanes, that's a bunch of dirt, um-hmm. that spilled when the truck toppled over and you only get these left two lanes each to sneak by this one. it's having delays like you wouldn't believe and continue to mount with every passing minute. here's another problem here, blocking right two lanes 51 southbound at mcdowell and the reason why this is a big deal, even though it's pushed to the side, this is a good alternate because of the problems on the 17. we still have the right lane thomas. switching things up and going southbound on the 17 and indian school, that's moved to the side so you get your right lane back. anyway, you need a plan b to get around this because of delays on the 17 and 10 so instead whether you're on the 17 or the 10, make your way to the 10 eastbound, connect with the 202 at the mini stack and from there, 143 southbound to
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rainbows out in our area, really nice look. look at this pic, oh, the private airport in heber, the first time -- double rainbow! look at that, another one over there. stop and check that out for a second. big storms have rolled through that area, just great for all the trees if you have driven up on the beeline highway cruising towards payson and off towards the east, just trees and they today. there's some lightning around with showers around paradise valley, arcade yeah, parts of scottsdale this morning, 77 for fountain hill and as far as temperatures, a little cooler in the highcountry but south of flagstaff, still a little more rainfall, lot more lightning, and our little activity right around lincolnburg, around the 60s but no man's land, not a lot of people affected by this slight chance of a storm around
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of payson and obrgard. you can see the lightning data south and heavy storms out with a lot of lightning. our temperatures starting out pretty cool with 99 degrees. i'm loving these double digit temperatures for the next seven days. 51 flagstaff, 57 show low and greer, 55 -- what a great day it's going to be. look at the fire in the sky with these great, re out there. just goes straight to the seven day forecast. bright skies, temperatures today, 99 degrees, was a dry pattern for the next six days all the way, double digits. you can't argue with that. still not the norm this time of year but, you know, eventually, we will be in double digits and will be time to celebrate. >> thank you. 6:19 is the time. a firefighter decides to work out in his uniform but the
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warrior is back with the finals on the big 12. it's week 3 of them and the focus of our morning trivia question. in the seven seasons show has been on the air, how many people have won the $1 million grand prize? the answer is two minutes away
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this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good.
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>> is that your guess, one? >> no. >> we'll get to your question in a second but first, good morning to you welcome back to 12 today, 6:23. hope you're off to a great start. now the 12 today trivia question. today is week 3 of the finals for american ninja warrior on channel 12. our question to you -- in the seven seasons show has been on the air, how many people have ever won the $1 million grand >> zero. >> zero? >> yes. >> guess what? you're all wrong. >> what? >> wrong, wrong, wrong. this guy won it last season. >> it was one? >> one. he conquered mount midoriyama in 26 seconds. we'll find out if somebody can do it tonight starting at 7:00. by the way, they had 31 seasons should have it in japannable and and only four winners in that time.
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you stumped us. t.d. jakes taking on a new role as a daytime talk show host. i got the chance to talk to him about his new venture. >> we have some interesting shows lined up for you. i don't want to give everything away, but i decided to deal with the race issue from people political views within their families. and begin to hopefully show america if you can find a way for republican to marry a democrat and then to have an uncle who's a libertarian and we all sit down and eat together, we make it to dinner okay, maybe we can make it through the country okay, so we begin to interview these interesting and unique families. one is a black woman married to a white man who adopted three
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appalachian mountains. and just very unique family situations. because our country is a unique family and a very diverse family and yet we are still american and we have to become better at being a functional family in this country. >> t.d. jake will debut on 12 news today at noon and we can't wait. trending the morning, a picture of a firefighter climbing a stair machine at a gym is going viral. take a look at this. into a planet fitness in tennessee yesterday, fully suited. he asked gym employees if he could climb 110 set of stairs to honor his fallen brother and sisters of 9/11. less than a day, the post has been shared more than 136,000 times on facebook. he's not looking for recognition but wanted to honor fall heros. can you imagine that sight? >> wow.
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way. >> he'd gone to the memorial stair climb in nashville but couldn't make it this past year and decided to go to the gym to do it that way. >> so great. beautiful. 6:26. hillary clinton's health taking a tumble but will her campaign do the same? tracie potts has the answers just ahead. dancing with the stars premiers tonight and we have a pretty good guess who will win. hint, it's not this guy, ryan lochte. the answer five minutes away in
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a hit-and-run crash a highway restricted. and the aftermath of a bad decision on the football field. team usa against -- well, team usa. michael phelps takeses on two other olympian in a lip sync battle you do not want to miss. >> good morning to you we have a lot to get to on this monday morning. hope you're off to a great start at 6:30 on 12 today. we'll talk about the forecast and, jimmy, it's looking good. >> cup double digit and still
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sailors take warning, a slight chance of a couple of storms. breezy skies. another rainbow popped up, a double rainbow disappeared, and came back. this is heber, the first time we have seen that early on but there's a lot of rainfall out there and big storms just continuing to pop across parts of the country, a couple of showers through wickenburg heading towards the lake, storms on the 288, heber, obergard, a lot of rain and lightning and probably some hail on top of that. 94 to 99 with an isolated storm in our forecast, crystal. the crash continues to be the headlines because it is
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get and boy, are the delays mounting around the downtown area. see the backup? those long lines? they spill to the 17 onto the 10, all the way through the downtown area. do you want to sit that? no way. so make your way to the 10 eastbound and connect with the 202 eastbound at the mini stack and can take the 143 southbound or continue to the 202 eastbound because, man, this is incredible, the delays ar horrible, and once you're stuck in it there, i'm sure there's a lot of delays getting off at the exit and stretches to the 10/17 split. let's toss it to another angle of the crash and what you see is a ton of dirt spilling over the highway and will take time to clean this up and move this guy off the side and impact the commute. i swear every time there's
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causing delays, reinforcing the brake lights. you can see what i was talking about, the delays it's having there and let me trace it from the 10 to the 202 and right lane and on ramp, you have to take that out of the equation. >> belonger. one person hit and cover it night and could affect the morning commute. bryan west has the top story from the i-17 and thomas road. >> reporter: the on ramp to i- 17 northbound is completely closed. we have one lane restricted on i-17, traffic slow going and drivers using indian school to get to the 17 and this happened
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we're told a good samaritan, a driver in his early 20s, pulled over around 2:00 to help a white car next to the durango. the car had a dead battery and pulled to jump the battery and the driver was helping and was struck by another car. the driver tried to perform cpr and kept doing compressions until phoenix police arrived and the man was transported the hospital and died. he followed the car and looked at cameras. they need your help finding driver. he was driving a white or light colored older model chevy pickup truck. the brake lights are on the rear bumper and will have front right side damage and could be missing rear-view mirror.
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17 near thomas and on ramp at thomas is also completely blocked. this could open in a couple hours but will affect your commute. use indian school if you have to get to i-17. if you have information on the driver, call silent witness at 480-witness. live along i-17, bryan west 2, today. >> thank you. two teens are in the hospital after being shot at a party near 83rd and lower the neck and the other in the face. both are in serious but stable condition. police have one person in custody. two people were found dead inside their sun city home. they were shot and deputies are investigation what happened but as of now, no details have been released. a firefighter was hurt on the job in peoria. he was fighting a house fire near thunder bird and 75th avenue when he slipped on the roof tile.
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minor sprain. now to decision 2016 and the hot topic is hillary clinton health. we have learned the democratic candidate for president will not attend fund raisers in california today or tomorrow. they have been cancel a. she got overheated at the 9/11 memorial in new york yesterday. we have also learned she's battling pneumonia. tracie potts is in washington with mores on mrs. clinton's health. >> reporter: this video of hillary clinton leaving the 9/11 memorial clearly unstable and needing assistance is overheated and dehydrated two days after being diagnosed with pneumonia. >> very hot and stifling, people very tight, inches from each other. >> reporter: clinton later emerged. >> it's a beautiful day in new york. >> reporter: seemingly better after resting in her daughter's apartment. >> reporter: are you feeling better? >> yes, thank you very much. >> reporter: she cancel two days of fundraisers in
6:36 am
orders to rest with ability antibiotics. she's head health issue had health issues before. she fainted in 2012 and got a concussion and second blood clot. donald trump has questioned her stamina but little is known about his health history. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> it's now 6:36. olivia munn had that surprise for the gold medalist, a couple of gold medalists of her own.
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"cheap thrills." dressed in ball rina outfits in all. she said the only way to beat a gold medal champion is to bring two gold medal champions. it was a good attempt but didn't work. mr. phelps won the vote and lip sync battle so congrats. ryan lochte plans on using his downtime to compete in a different way, on the dance floor. he is on the new season of "dancing with the stars" airing tonight. the crop of celebrities includes hernandez, rick perry, amber roe, and maureen mccormick. lori hernandez is the favorite to win at 5-1. amber rose is 6- 1. vanilla ice, 10-1. then
6:38 am
who are your favorites to win? >> i have to agree realistically lori but my heart, i love cheryl burke. i thought they would do better -- i guess not. >> we'll see. >> you never know. calvin johnson has a chance. >> marshall marcia, marcia. [ laughter ] >> dance with the glass -- >> the only one saying that right now. >> marcia brady. >> jimmy q., surveys show half of men think women become more attractive when they decide to wear this. i mean, i'm still saying baby bumps but whatever. thanks, jimmy. wearing this will save you money and time. >> money and time. >> no makeup be an answer? >> really? >> that would be fun. >> a baseball cap. wingo!
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>> makes her more attractive? >> yeah, nah -- daah -- no. >> really? >> i have seen girl in baseball caps all the time. >> reiko and i were talking about this and he brought up baseball cap and i stole his answer. [ overlapping conversation ] there were player protests. we'll look at that in three minute. did you see this over the weekend? a college football er punching a referee in the middle of a game. that story is just ten minutes
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oh! kevin's lunch! freaky fast. fifth time this week.
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>> welcome back, everyone. kate upton is sounding off about nfl players kneeling during the national anthem. yesterday, miami dolphins running back arian foster and three teammates decided to kneel at the start of the game so upton posted pict instagram, calling it a "disgrace to those people who have served and currently serve our country." she also said that the players doing this on september 11 made their actions even more horrific. okay, does she have a point? >> not complete -- i have been thinking about this. when you think about standing for the national anthem, you know, sometimes when i played
6:43 am
helmet under my arm. when you think about this -- when you go to churn you kneel to pray. i guess it's the message behind it and that's what people struggle with. we talked about this before. if you're trying to get your point across, i feel there's other way of doing it. if you're doing this as a form of protest, this is not the right forum to do thewhen reporters talk to you after the day, then you could. >> you would not show how you feel in this manner. >> not in this manner because i feel -- this is bigger than that and i feel you're standing for the flag and country, something going on for centuries, not just something right now. >> so in more so on a day where, you know -- and i can see her point. it's 9/11, the 15th
6:44 am
15 years ago and on a day like 9/11, for the football players to do that, you know, it's a slap in the face. she did say they have a right to protest and should stand up for beliefs. it's not the time during anthem on 9/11. >> and i think the day in and of itself -- we're standing together as a country. this is bigger than black, white, or whatever. this is about you're standing together because our country was attand happened like that since pearl harbor. there was the other world trade situation in the early ?90s but not as catastrophic as that. everything else needs to go by the side. >> in defense of those players -- i'm playing both sides here -- in defense of those player, you know, when they are making their stand or sitting -- you know, in this case -- oppression doesn't take a day off.
6:45 am
think the forum is so wrong. such a deep subject, so much time we could spend on it. the biggest thing for me is this is something that has always been and for me, i'm a person -- don't talk it. go do i. if this is something bugging you it shouldn't just all of a sudden start bugging you. if it was bugging you you should have dealt with this a year or two year ago, five years ago because this is something that has been going on. i remember rodney king, right? i don't remember anybody doing the way you do it is search yourself, get into the public. people have to realize -- police officers just want to go home like everybody else. they're doing their jobs. if you're not respectful to -- if you're always respectful to law enforcement, there's no problem. you de-escalate the problem is and if you -- understand that no matter who -- if i de- escalate and make sure i don't inflate the situation, i'll
6:46 am
and that's what happens. people escalate and that's when bad things happen. >> we candock more about this. please do on the our facebook page to talk more. 6:46. a busy morning. krystle is checking your traffic. this is why we don't want to top on the 17 southbound in the downtown area. wait for it. [ horns honking ] wow. this is my o-m-g moment of the morning, 124 minutes. that's what it would take on the 17 southbound. this is 88 minutes to just to a few miles from the stack to the simply because of a rollover crash just past the split on the 10 eastbound. it's at salt river bridge. you will look at it in one second -- we go. one two, three, four lanes taken away because of this rollover. we have travel and dirt all over the freeway here, traffic very close quarters here squeezing by the side of the
6:47 am
a while and longer so expect big delays that just keep getting longer so what you want to do is take the 202 eastbound so from the 17, hop on the 10 eastbound to the 202 at the mini stack. you'll dodge all of that. we're looking at another crash blocking the frontage road 17 southbound at peoria, poke into that exit lane as well so if you need another exit you need to hope on the frontage road, use dunlap in the meantime. 101 at mcdonald in scottsdale, right lane blocked for reinforcing the breaking there. man, it is a big mess. downtown area, you see all of that red where we've got that stop-and-go traffic, 202 your best friend this morning, seeing regular rush hour delays on the 51 to 101 with crowding. we have the rain up in the highcountry. this is around obergard, a private airport.
6:48 am
coming down in the area, heavy at times, but it's really nice to see trees and areas getting lots of rainfall early on this morning. for us, though, we have low clouds around the valley. cave creek, 101, frank lloyd wright, right towards this area, a couple of showers, thompson peak parkway, and fountain hills as well, so a few storms on and off and a few showers for today. it looks like we'll start to dry out. payson the lightning picking up south and towards the forest. i couldn't imagine being out there right now, the amount of lightning and hearing rumble of thunder and some hail up to those areas. right now there's showers from flagstaff southward towards north of phoenix and then moving towards the northeast. 94 to 99 today with an isolated storm possible, temperatures 57 for show low, 59 for payson,
6:49 am
clouds, beautiful sky cover out there for our area this morning and monsoon, the countdown continues, 18 days remaining until we take the monsoon meter and put it in the box. two for the valley, five for the area, 4 for southeast arizona and northern arizona, also a three. scattered storms for most of the state, 89 safford, show low, 71. winslow, feeling that chill that it's fall. 104 lake havasu. parker, 102 degrees. beautiful double digits, close to 100 by saturday and sunday but will stick to the 99 and storms today. >> and morning and evenings are so wonderful. thank you. 6:49 now. closing arguments are scheduled for a scottsdale yoga teacher accused of sexual misconduct with seven underage
6:50 am
rape drug and has no memory of that night but a blood test revealed she did not have traces of drugs in her system. hillary clinton is calling off plans to visit the west coast after this health episode at the 9/11 memorial. clinton left the ceremony yesterday and needed to be held up by three people before she appeared to stumble off a curb and was helped into a van several hours later. her campaign revealed she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday and advised clinton became overheated and dehydrated. the democratic nominee was scheduled to attend fundraisers and tape episode of ellen's talk show. today donald trump will be in baltimore to speak at a national guard conference and is holding a rally in asheville, north carolina. nasa is launching a new mission to an asteroid. nasa launched a rocket to meet with an asteroid and bring back
6:51 am
mission. it will take the spacecraft seven years to complete this one. the mission is expected to bring back at least 2 ounces of loose travel and dust from the asteroid's surface. if successful, it will return to earth with collected samples in 2023. caught on camera, a college football player facing charge after police said he punched a ref during a game in southern california so take a close look here. bernard shermer was ejected and arrested for battery. the referee had just broken up an argument on the field and the school may have the authority to ban that player for five years. cardinal fans may not like hearing this after the loss. the seahawk get encouraging news. their former star running back marshawn lynch may come out of retirement very soon. lynch is considering making a
6:52 am
his rights and have to decide whether to welcome lynch, trade him, or release him. we could learn more about the that tonight. pear grylls will come face to face with wild hogs. you can bet lynch will have to have channel beast mode for this. >> that thing moving that ain't no [ bleep ] animal. >> you see it, yale? >> [ bleep ] this? >> stay down wind, stay in cover, and once we have to break cover well, run like [ bleep ] >> so i guess we going to get him. this [ bleep ] crazy. >> this is going to be the best "running wild" ever. it airs tonight at 9:00 on 12 news.
6:53 am
beast? >> beast seems pretty scared of the beast right there. the season wraps up for american ninja warrior. contestant will try to conquer the obstacle course for the million dollar prize. >> only one person has won $1 million. 6:53 is the time. we have a final check of your weather and traffic before you start your day. and money saving money tip to help with extra cash in yo
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media...
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so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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it's 6:56 now. do not get caught in this traffic trap. it is a mess on the 10 eastbound at salt river bridge because of this rollover that dumped gravel and dirt over the freeway there, only two lanes getting you by on the left hand side there and that is a bit iffy, as you can see. left lane. bottom line, take the 202 eastbound from the 10 at to hop to 143 to reconnect. just a ton of stop-and-go in the downtown area on the 17 and so because of the rollover. it just keeps getting worse, right? 141 minutes on the 17 southbound between the stack and the split because of the rollover just past the spli . do not go there. take the 10 eastbound through
6:57 am
rush hour isn't -- you're -- a big deal with those delays. 10 eastbound from stack to seventh street topi pass the mess on the 17, it will slow you down a little bit and since we're out of here, let's break it down, things looking pretty good for now. jimmy? >> okay. we have a couple of storms this morning, parts of the highcountry rocked right now, slight chance degrees so nice, loving these double digits. >> so do we. it's monday saving money. i love this tip. when there are only a few food items left in the bridge, think iron chef instead of chucking it away. there are apps like big oven to help with recipes. time in what you have to let you know what you can make.
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michael phelps lip syncing, another talent of his. very nice. >> tom hanks did it again at the box office with "sully." if he asks you to go on a trip, say no -- apollo 13, among others -- he's a great actor, though. baseball caps make women look sexier than we actually are. i will wear it on the air tomorrow. >> i will water every of time i go out. avoid eastbound 10 at salt river bridge at all costs. >> millions of dollars to send a rocket up for asteroid for 2 ounces. >> that's all we get. >> that's if it works. marshawn lynch pretty fun in the great outdoors. >> can't wait to see that. have a great day we'll see you in a half hour with another
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good morning. her health. hillary clinton cancels a trip to california after abruptly leaving a 9/11 ceremony at ground zero and nearly collapsing. why didn't her campaign disclose her diagnosis with how serious is it and what impact will all of this have on the race? breaking overnight. fire destroys the mosque once attended by the shooter at the pulse nightclub in orlando. police say it is arson. was somebody trying to send a message on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. john benet's brother speaks out. >> seeing that as a little kid just kind of a chaotic nightmare. >> more from dr. phil's interview with burke ramsey.


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