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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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two officers in the hospital.. after someone runs them over... team 12's bryan west has the details.. plus.. protesters rush onto the stage -- after ryan lochte's first performance on "dancing with the stars." what you didn't see on t-v -- that's in the morning and if it wasn't before -- it is now.. why hillary clinton and donald trump's health has become a campaign issue -- and how they're planning to fix it. ???adlib welcome we begin with breaking news this morning.. multiple police officers are in the hospital right now.. after someone ran them over at a phoenix q-ran them over at a phoenix q-t. team 12's bryan west is live at 25th avenue and camelback
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this morning to try to find a missing guide at the grand canyon. 34-year-old joshua tourjee was reported missing yesterday while on a colorado river excursion. he was last seen wearing a bright green shirt and dark shorts. because of the high winds yesterday.. the national park service was unable to fly search crews into the canyon -- and they are hoping for better weather today. two teenagers are safe today after being rescued off camelback mountain yesterday. officials say the 18 and 16-year-olds got stuck on a steep part of the mountain and couldn't getow safety lines to the hikers and walk them down. parents with kids in the roosevelt school district are frustrated after a bus shortage last week. on friday.. the district did not have enough buses to transport all of the students to their schools. some parents complained.. saying they did not receive an alert -- and their kids were left stranded with no transportation. the school board says they met last night.. and are working to prevent further issues. two west valley schools
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safe for kids. challenger middle school and landmark school will receive 2-point-4 million dollars in order to fix parts of the campus that were deemed structurally unsafe. in the meantime.. the nearly 15-hundred students that normally go to those schools.. will be attending other middle schools in the area. shake shack is opening a third location in the valley. this this thursday.. the burger joint is going to open its doors over at kierland commons. in the valley. one is in scottsdale fashion square and the other is in the uptown plaza. multiple people are multiple multiple people are without a home after an early morning apartment fire. but thanks to two good samaritans -- they are safe.. team 12's nico santos is live at 61st avenue and mcdowell with the story... we're told two men ran into the burning structure you see here behind us.they went in not only to get people out
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fire started about 1:30 this least four people were able to get out crews were on scene pretty quicklybut not two men are heroes this morning,they were nearby and they jumped into action to make sure no one was stuck inside the apartment.sot 00one of them telling us if someone's life is in danger nothing else matters.sot 30the other talking about how extreme these conditions were. at least four people are without a home this morning. but likely out in phoenixnico santos12 today
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so who will stay and who will go on night one of the finale? a couple of protesters disrupt ryan lochte's "dancing with the stars" debut -- and we have new video in your morning juice. 12 today is
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###break### this morning.. authorities will be looking over surveillance video.. after a florida mosque was set on fire sunday night. investigators say a man was filmed running from the scene. the fire did extensive damage to the mosque -- which was once attended by the orlando nightclub shooter "omar mateen." a 6-year-old is recovering after a smartphone
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officials say the child was playing video games on a samsung galaxy core when it burst into flames. he was taken to the hopsital and treated for minor burns. there are no current recalls for the galaxy core.. but other samsung phones have been recalled recently.. for a similar issue. today.. a subcommittee in the senate will discuss new ways of making online ticket sales -- safer and more reliable. officials say ticket scalpers continue to get smarter. recently they've been using software to poach large numbers of tickets to in-demand events -- and re-sell f the hit broadway show "hamilton" as well as an official from "stub-hub" will be at today's meeting. apple is warning consumers of scams involving itunes gift cards. the company says scam artists are pressuring their victims into transferring money by purchasing itunes gift cards after they spin bogus stories about payments such as taxes, hospital bills, bail money, debt collection and utility bills. apple says if you're approached to use itunes cards for payment
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could be the target of a scam and should immediately report it. this is not a scam -- apple is rolling out it's new operating system today. "i-o-s 10" will be available as a free download this morning. the new upgrade is billed as the biggest ever for apple in terms of new features. the two main ones to note involve siri and imessages. siri will be added to many apps.. including linkedin.. lyft and more. and texts will be more visual in the new i- stickers.. bigger emojis and the ability to draw pictures. tonight is the first of a two night finale for n-b-c's "america's got talent." ten finalists are vying for the top spot and the big prize that comes with it. team 12's mark barger shows us
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???adlib ???adlib you can watch night one of the finale.. this evening
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your morning juice.. and today.. she's talking about some another t-v show... ???toss protesters protesters rushed the stage last night -- after olympic swimmer ryan lochte's first performance on "dancing with the stars." you're looking at video right now.. of what people at home saw on their t-v screens. the judges were critiquing lochte and cheryl burk's performance.. "carrie ann inaba" starts yelling "excuse me" and then the audience joins in.. well.. this morning we have better video of what happened.. take a look... in video taken by an audience member.. you can see the men getting arrested.. as well as four or five other people wearing the same "no
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"liar." host tom bergeron.. quickly took over and cut to a commercial break. when they came back -- this is what lochte said... and this morning.. a lot of people are reacting online.. some poking fun at the incident.. so far.. lochte has not tweeted anything out about last night.. but an but another night.. but another star on the show -- professional hough
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now time for your juicy question of the morning... one out of four parents admit they do this on a regular basis. you might have even done it last night. what
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???adlib forget forget forget fall.. parts of montana are going straight from summer to winter! this was the scene near the montana-wyoming border.. where approximately
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when it comes to concussions -- football normally comes to mind.. but another sport might be just as dangerous. we're talking all about it in the morning mix.. that's at 5- 45.. medical records are no longer off the table when it comes to running for president. why the candidates are now choosing to share their health history.. your decision 20-16 your decision 20-16 news is just three minutes away.
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three minutes news is just three minutes away. ###break### away.three minutes news is just decision 20-16 your share their health history.. your news
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###break### the the presidential candidates' health is now a concern among voters.. hillary clinton is still taking a break from the campaign trail to battle pneumonia.. meanwhile.. both she and donald trump are vowing to release detailed
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here's an interesting fact for you.. if donald trump wins the presidency.. he will be the oldest president the united states has ever had -- at 70. meanwhile.. if mrs. clinton wins.. she will be the second oldest at 69 -- but only by a few months. ronald reagan currently holds the record. he was 69- years-old and 11-months when he became president. today.. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence will be on capitol hill.
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hold a joint press conference with house speaker paul ryan and others in the house of representatives. pence will try to rally the house behind his running mate and presidential nominee donald trump. he will also rally the house and senate to maintain their majority in the mid-term elections in november. still ahead on 12 today.. we've got the secret -- the secret to sleep. the one food that will help you get a good night's rest. you call it crazy -- we call it dedication.. the mail man who went to extreme lengths to on time.. that's in the morning juice. 12 today will be right back.
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a bizzare incident at a q-a
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gas station overnight...sends a car into a building and four policemen to the hospital... ryan lochte's dancing debut... didn't go as planned.the story behind what happened ?off camera... and who can resist dancing in their underwear?nobody!not even shaquile o'neal.shaq... shakin it in the morning juice...
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our top story this morning - multiple police officerssent police officerssent to the 12's bryan west is live near 25th avenue and camelback. ???adlib & toss jimmy


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