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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 13, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MST

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???adlib weather weather???adlib ???adlib weather our top story this morning - an attack on phoenix police 12's bryan west is live near 25th avenue and camelback. rollcue to sot:told us what
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a bicyclist in the hospital right now after a crash with a truck. team 12's nico santos is live near
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hot headlines right now.. search crews plan to head out this morning to try to find a missing guide at the grand canyon. 34-year-old joshua tourjee was reported missing yesterday while on a colorado river excursion. he was last seen wearing a bright green shirt and dark shorts. due to high winds
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search crews into the canyon -- they are hoping for better weather conditions today. two glendale schools will be closed for five weeks -- after they were found un- safe for kids. challenger middle school and landmark school will receive 2-point-4 million dollars to fix parts of the campus that were deemed structurally unsafe. in the meantime.. the nearly 15- hundred students that normally go to those schools.. will be attending other schools in the area. they're talking school busses in the roosevelt district. last night roosevelt sc leaders met with parents to talk about an incident last friday... where there not enough busses for students. some parents didn't receive the alert and that meant kids were left stranded... with no way to get to school parents want more transparency from the district. shake shack is opening a third location in the valley. this thursday.. the burger joint is going to open its doors over at kierland commons. shake shack has two other locations in the valley. one is in scottsdale fashion square and the other is in the
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?? toss to emma with morning juice ?? there is no there is no there is no doubt miley cyrus loves posing for the cameras...but one thing she says she will not do anymore...the red carpet.miley told ?elle magazine "why, when ?elle magazine "why, when people are starving, am i on a carpet that's red? because i'm 'important roll."so if you really want to keep up with her...she's on instagram... posting lots of selfies can also see her on ?the voice... this season... right here on 12 news... wasn't just ryan lochte dealing with stage rushers.... check out what happened when
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was partway through his show at philips arena... when someone jumped onto a suspended stage... and tried to climb up.another kanye fan caught the whole thing on cell phone video.the jumper didn't make it up though... as someone in the audience was seen grabbing him down by his foot. now time for your juicy question of the morning... one out of four parents admit they do this on a regular basis. now we get to find out if tram has done this?
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???adlib time for that second juicy question of the morning... and this one proves we are a nation of quitters.surveys show one out ten people who start doing this... quit
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this? in soccer... because you think it's safer than football. but... is it?we're looking into that .... new information in that big mosque fire in florida...the
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####break#### the popularity of youth soccer has skyrocketed, but so have the number of soccer- related injuries. a new study shows soccer injuries
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there's been a total of three million e-r visits during that time. the majority of injuries consist mostly of sprains and fractures. concussions have increased by more than 15-hundred percent each year. the question we are asking this youth soccer...or ?are youth sports in general....
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traffic ???adlib traffic
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?? ad lib out ?? samsung... really taking a beating over the fire problems involving their galaxy 7 phone. the big financial loss... in five minutes... you play every week...talking about fantasy football...but what can your fantasy team teach financially sound?the
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####break#### ####break#### ####break#### time for your 12 today trivia question.. on this day back in
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was recorded in libya.. and for years it was thought to be the hottest temperature ever recroded on earth. what was the temp? take a guess and we'll let you know in half hour. checking hot headlines this morning...police in florida are searching for the person who set a mosque on surveilliance vidoe shows the suspect running away from the scene.we've leared that the man who opened fire inside the pulse nightclub in orlando once attended this orlando once attended this mosque. investigators are now crime. more troubles for samsung this morning-- as the company loses 14.3 the company loses 14.3 billion dollars in market value. it comes after a 7 percent drop in shares. this is video of a galaxy note 7 phone that parents say exploded in the hands of a 6-year-old. he had burns on his hands. it's just one of many instances of the phones exploding or catching fire. the consumer product safety commission and samsung are currently working on a formal recall-- but are telling customers to not use
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angles... take a look... it took some 160 firefighters more than 2 hours to extinguish. investigators say the building was occupied by a wholesaler and distributor of smoking materials called "smoke tokes." firefighters had to battle the flames from a distance due to exploding gas cylinders inside the building. nobody was hurt. north carolina will once again miss out on millions because of a "house bill two" requires transgender people to use restrooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate. the nc-a-a certificate. the nc-a-a says it limits civil rights protections -- so it is relocating seven championship events including march madness basketball games. the nba also pulled its all-star game from charlotte because of the law. an intentional attack on phoenix police officers...this
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the details on this disturbing five minutes... he's running for president... and former governor gary johnson..out doing everything he can to get a spot on the debate stage.that's in our
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you don't put lighter fluid on a gas grill, do you?! he's about to set himself on fire. freaky fast. bam. ? can't stop loving you! ? genius!
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a bicyclist rushed to the hospital. why fantasy football can teach us all a lesson about managing money better. and an academy award winning actress wrestles jimmy fallen in the morning juice. we have a lot to get to. welcome to 12 today. we begin with now. three phoenix police officers in the hospital. two of them purposely hit by a car. brian is live with the latest. >> reporter: this all happened shortly before 2:00. those three officers were responding to an assault call. and that's when they finished their investigation. a man who was at the pumps slammed on the gas and tried to hit all three of those officers. he hit two of them. the third was able to jump out


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