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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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a bicyclist rushed to the hospital. why fantasy football can teach us all a lesson about managing money better. and an academy award winning actress wrestles jimmy fallen in the morning juice. we have a lot to get to. welcome to 12 today. we begin with now. three phoenix police officers in the hospital. two of them purposely hit by a car. brian is live with the latest. >> reporter: this all happened shortly before 2:00. those three officers were responding to an assault call. and that's when they finished their investigation. a man who was at the pumps slammed on the gas and tried to hit all three of those officers. he hit two of them. the third was able to jump out
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and got into a fight with the officer who was not hit for two minutes. eventually the officer was able to taze him. one of the officers has been released. the other two have serious but non-life-threatening injuries. >> the car came barreling into the frame. the officers all tried to run away. it looked like one just police car and the suspect's car. it looks like the sergeant might have been run over by the car. the third officer looks as he was propelled as high or higher than the tahoe before he came to rest. >> we are told by phoenix police that that third officer, today was his first day on the job. as far as the driver, he was transported to the hospital with minor injuries and has since been released. there were customers inside the
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hurt. brian west 12 today. a bicyclist rushed to the hospital team 12 is live near 61st avenue and mcdowell. >> reporter: he was take on the the hospital pretty quickly here. the crash happened an hour ago. here behind us all ready, the scene is basically clear. if you take a look across the street, there's a little bit of debris left over. they were able to clear the roadway, get that out of the way so traffic could flow just fine. if we look at video earlier, the question here was an early 2000 gray chevy truck. that was the truck call into question. the bike completely underneath that truck. so once again we're at mcdowell near 55th avenue. the driver, basically all morning, for the last couple hours visibly shaken by what happened. he was spending most of the time during the investigation across the street cooperating with detectives on scene. they were taking pictures
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it away. medics are on scene pretty quickly and they rushed that man to the hospital. we're working on getting an update on his condition. in phoenix, 12 today. thank you for the update. it's 6:03. let's talk about good news this morning. temperatures look to stay below the 100-degree mark. not just today but for a number of days. and jimmy, you see clouds out there. any chance for rain anytime soon. >> maybe up around the high country, if you're going to be in winslow, the areas northeast but great exercising weather starting to develop. not quite there yet. i think we'll get more perfection as we chip away at the month of september. we have storms way to the north of us. but they'll have an effect on the state by bringing windt in towards our area. cooler than normal. gusty conditions up north. radar is quiet across the region. there's the system up around salt lake and wyoming. they're getting snow in parts
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bright skies out here. it's going to be windy. the biggest factor of our forecast for today. mainly into the 70s. 71 in maricopa. and the winds gusting to about 30 miles per hour by this afternoon. >> it might be tough for boxy vehicles out there. we're at top of rush hour right now. cars are cruising by on the 10 westbound passed the 202 san tan, such a different story eastbound on the 10 from the west. it's stop and all the way downtown. it may take 17 minutes from queen creek down on the 10, westbound, look at the travel times on the 10, eastbound, 35 minutes from the 101 to the stack. 23 minutes here. that's when we're in the red zone with speeds dropping into the 20s. 17 southbound. getting jammed up the closer you get to the stack. but we're averaging 53 miles per hour between the 101 and the stack. about a half hour if you're
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60 westbound, your drive is looking fantastic. a bonus. an automatic debate recount. we'll find out who will win the republican nomination for the fifth congressional district. state senate president andy bigs leads the former internet executive christine jones by 16 votes. on the presidential campaign, donald trump stumps this afternoon in iowa. the republican nominee says he will also release new medical records this week. several reports are that he will do show. and hillary clinton says she is feeling much better after being diagnosed with pneumonia. clinton says this week she will also release more medical records. she is also expected to be back on the campaign trail by the weekend. so taking a bit of a break. vice presidential candidate mike pence will be on capitol hill. this morning he will hold a joint press conference with house speaker paul ryan. mr. pence is trying to rally
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maricopa county sheriff could find himself back in court. a lawsuit by a former inmate claims her rights were violated in 2009 during the birth of her son. now, the woman wasn't restrained during her c section but after giving birth, she was brought to a recovery room and had to wear leg restraints with a chain attached to it. the glendale elementary school district closed two schools after finding what both campuses needed they received a letter warning recent improvement projects at challenger middle school uncovered the structural deficiencies in the school's buildings. the shake shack is opening a third location right here in the valley. the burger joint is going to open over at keerling commons on thursday. they have a location in scottsdale, fashion square, and the other in uptown plaza. making us hungry on a tuesday morning. let's get to the morning juice.
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juice with bridget jones and jimmy fallon in a wrestling match. if you didn't stay up late last night, here's what you missed. >> for the first edition of tonight's show, heavy weight wrestling. jimmy fallon. renee zellweger. >> i mean it couldn't be better. he gets everyone on the show to have fun. jimmy on renee zellweger was wearing an inflatable robot suit. they tried to wrestle each other out of the ring. we'll see what happens tonight. you can catch the tonight show right here after watching arizona's team on 12 news at 10:00. congratulations to lindsay sterling, a violinist raised here in gilbert.
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unfortunately for her, she was only on tv for five seconds. tv camera's focused more on colin kaepernick than lindsay. but it's great to see an arizonan like lindsay sterling doing so well. ? [ music ] ?? arianna grande comes to phoenix. she's getting ready to start her dangerous woman tour. the tour actually opens here in phoenix on february that is on a thursday night. let's get to your juicy question of the morning, if you start something, do you finish it? when it comes to this, 90% of us who begin will end up quitting. so we want to know, what is this? so only 10% will finish this. guys ? what do you think? >> i said diet.
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>> it's the obvious answer. >> and it's never obvious. >> that's the problem. >> our friend gabby says surveys. isn't that a good one. >> oh that's good. >> like the ones you get in the email from a store. you run into them on the internet. you start on it and then you're like no, i don't have time for this. >> three questions or less or else it's worthless. ahead on 12 today, who makes up the perfect fantasy team when it comes to your finances ? some lessons you ca comes to your wallet. plus what are the chances we could see a storm this weekend? and what about those temperatures staying below 100 degrees? the forecast is coming your way. plus our trivia question has to deal with record heat. 12 today will be right back. if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer.
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good morning to you. welcome back. 6:12 on a gorgeous tuesday morning. a little bit of a breeze. it's making it pretty comfortable out there. more than 75 million americans
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drafting the right players and making the right moves, financial professional jim says that fantasy football can also teach us some lessons about managing our money a little bit better. jim, good morning, it's good to see you. >> good morning. good to see you, matt. >> let's talk about the quarterback. you say carson palmer, why? >> he's a great leader. when it comes to financial and retirement planning, it's not an easy game. but it's a team sport. so you need a leader. and that should be a then he or she can help you pick the other players like the estate attorney, the cpa, whomever you may need to build out your team. >> how do you find someone who's going to be good with your money. >> it's not an easy task. i would say i'd start asking other professionals. asking friends that you respect. you have to do your due diligence. you have to really dig into it. i think a certified financial planner, ideally someone who's
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those a few tips i would look at. >> good tips for your running back of financial gain. you picked doug martin. >> he had a couple terrible years with the buccaneers last year he was the second leading rusher in the nfl. you can make a come back. you can put away $18,000. in an ira, put away $5,500. if you're over 50, put an extra 6,000 into your 401k. and ira. even though you have a couple bad seasons, you can make it up financially. >> for a wide receiver, you picked, a great guy, julian edelman. >> it pains us after sunday. he was a high school quarterback and a college quarterback. but he changed to be a receiver to improve chances to make it in the nfl. in your finances, things will change. you may lose your job, get a promotion, get married, get
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an inheritance, you need to be flexible as you move through your financial life. >> i have to question your taste in football here. you're wearing red, but you're going with new england for tight end and rob gronkowski. >> he was a wildcat. he has arizona roots. most fantasy football experts agree at that position, gronkowski is the no brainer as long as he's not hurt. do the no brainer things in your financial life. over 1/3 of people don't put enough in their maximize their company match. use the no brainer techniques. for kicker, you go from the guy from the colts. >> the oldest player in the nfl. 43 years old. he's also the third leading scorer in the history of the nfl. so in your financial life, think about the consistency over a long period of time, that's what scores big. that's how he's so successful. >> the bottom line is we relate finances to fantasy football. you have to be diverse and think about what you're doing
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one season doesn't make our break your life. if you have a bad year in investments. don't give up on your strategy if it's a good one. >> so i shouldn't take money out of my 401k and put it in draft kings and hope for the best. >> probably not. i would hate to never be invite richmond the show again. >> -- invited on the show again. let's get of check of traffic with crystal. >> no big deal. you might see flashing lights this is at the intersection of camel back here. just off the exit of i 17. it looks like cars are flying by without issue here, so no big deal. but now you know what's up. we're taking a look at the big picture right now. and all you really have to worry about is the typical slow down on the 10 eastbound. we can handle that. 101 eastbound seeing volume building there. the east valley, we're still green. it's such a great ride this morning. if you're coming in say from
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where you have to worry about hitting the brakes a lot. let's start you off at the 101 here. seven minutes, tack on ten minutes to get to 51st avenue. looking closer to 25 minutes. a half hour downtown. it goes from yellow to orange to red quickly. we have stop and go traffic beginning at 83rd avenue. it's a solid orange line all the way downtown. it only lets up briefly as you're basically getting off at about a half hour now. we're in that red zone. speeds dropping to 24 miles per hour. we also talked about the 10 eastbound. starting to see a little bit more of a crowded commute there. between the 17 and the 51. that's when you'll find the slowest speeds. but it's not top speed safe here from 75th avenue to the 17. it looks like building volume all ready dropping things down into the 50s. that's what you'll average over all. 17 minutes for that drive. looking good on the 51 and the 101 northbound now.
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drive. using the exclusive traffic future cast here. it's what you would expect between the 7:00 and 8:00 hour. several miles in the teens on the 10. eastbound and westbound. 30s for readings on the 60. 20s for the 51 and 101 northbound. kids just waking up, bus stop weather outside, dry skies. look at this. lots of sunshine. if you're going to drive that early morning commute, need the sunglasses whether you're going east or west. you'll always get that ec you. bus stop weather for the kids this morning. temperatures in the 70s. and upper 70s. mid to upper 70s. breezy and it's going to be dry, sunrise at 6:11 early this morning. here's what we have to look forward to. bright skies, a gorgeous sunrise, 79 degrees. your dew point is 58. winds out of the east southeast at 9 miles per hour. feeling like winter, yes.
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grand tetons. aparts wyoming, jackson hole wyoming. this is good news. we'll take as much of the snow pack as we can get. when you live at this elevation, and this far toward the north, they expect it up there for those areas. a lot of snowfall over there. that's that same system that's going to bring some cool weather in towards our region, at least for today, and also windy weather. we have wind advisories posted for northern sections of the state. a few showers and storms possible out there. looking clear from boston down toward the south. new york city will just beautiful nor this morning. temperatures now, 69 in boston. starting to feel that cool. they're about two to three hours ahead of us, washington dc, 75 degrees. web cam for right now, we can see way out towards camel back mountain and beyond, the mcdowell, clear skies, no big puffy cumulus clouds this morning. big rain drops for yesterday. good morning fountain hill, 79. arcadia 79. doubt phoenix, 79 and 73 for
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93 to 98. sun coming up later. just peeked up here. bright, hazy, partly cloudy, windy for today, that still will pull in gusty conditions. 17 days left until monsoon is done for 2016. and you can see right now, three for northern arizona. and a zero for the valley. and of course also coming up here very soon, first day of fall. it's doing to begin september 22nd. looking forward to that. windy for y. could have some blowing dust. clear skies wednesday, thursday, friday, right through the weekend. close to the triple digit mark. i'm loving these double digit numbers. a little bit windy for today tram and matt. it's turn back the clock tuesday. every week we look for simple tips to help us stay younger. and you cut several years off your look by cutting off your hair. the style called the long bob is not only very popular right
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youthful appearance. the local salon that a lot of us go toby the way says women tend to associate long hair with looking younger but it can do just the opposite. so with this style here, you can trim years off while still keeping some length and not feeling like you chopped it all off. not to mention, it's just low maintenance. have you tried to buy a ticket to a concert? musical? a game? only to find out seats sold we're going to talk about in the morning mix. >> he runs the opposite way. he runs to the 50. he runs to the 40. the guy is drunk. but there he goes. the 20, they're chasing him. >> and today the shot of the morning is renamed the call of the morning. wait until you hear how one announcer did a play by play of a streaker at an nfl game.
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for watching tv on your time. you'll also get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for the whole family to surf, stream, and play online. bundle and save by getting tv and internet for 70 dollars a month. just call... and switch today for endless entertainment. uh...can someone pass the popcorn down here? call... ...and get the prism tv essential package with up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just 70 dollars a month for one year. switch today. good morning once again. great start to this tuesday here on 12 today. it's 6:24. i hope you're off to a nice day. on this day back in 1922, this high temperature was recorded in libya.
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recorded on earth. so what was that temperature? any last minute guesses? crystal, we'll get to you in a second. >> 130. >> what to you say, emma? >> i'm going to say 131. >> crystal? what do you think? >> 134.6 or something. >> but death valley holds it now. the record. >> she is correct. so the answer is 136.4. so close. now all of a sudden you' i didn't transpose the numbers. >> four years ago, this number was thrown out. scientists said the reading was inaccurate. they proclaim the hottest temp ever recorded to be 134 degrees as crystal said. and she said the right place, death valley california. >> and that's why she's our meteorologist extraordinary.
6:26 am
and an all around a really nice lady. >> a woman of many talents. if you watched the game between the 49ers and the rams. you may have gone to bed. it was that boring. but if you listened to it on the radio, you heard an epic play-by-play call of a fan streaking on the field. listen to this. third and four. looks into the nickel of san francisco and the secondary. somebody has run out on the field. some goof ball in a hat and a red shirt. now he take he's running down the middle by the 50. he's at the 30. he's bare chested and banging his chest. he runs the opposite way to the 50. to the 40. the guy is drunk. but there he goes. the 20. they're chasing him. they're not going to get him. waving his arms, bare chested. somebody stop that man. they're coming. they tackle him at the 40-yard line.
6:27 am
reel. i mean that is fabulous. the camera never pans over to show the streaker for obvious reasons. but in broadcast school they teach you to stay engaged and keep the game exciting. even if the score is 20 to 0. so kudos to kevin harlan for doing exactly that. his call is going viral and for good reason. but we do not condone running on to the field during a game. the nfl never shows fans who run on to the television. there you have it. >> of all images to keep the camera on, on the coach who is just like -- >> all it did was extend the game for him. >> poor rams. >> dancing with the stars premiered last night. things didn't go quite as planned. protesters hit the dance floor and go after ryan lochte. a man intentionally tries to run over officers near i 17 and camel back.
6:28 am
police on their condition. we'll catch you up in two
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coming your way on 12 today, police are targeted and hurt. our brian west will have a live report in minutes.
6:31 am
crystal has your exclusive traffic future cast. >> and bruce aryans has a message for arizona cardinals fans. stay tuned. good tuesday morning, thank you for waking up with us. our top story, someone targets the police and hits the gas. brian west is live at the crime scene near 25th avenue and camel back with the latest. >> reporter: you can tell by us moving and getting a better angle just how scary this was for officers. take a look at this crash. we're standing in front of this qt as the car comes barreling at them. the officers re assault call. completely unrelated. they had just finished and were standing in front of the qt when a driver in one of the pumps attempted to run them over. he hit two of the officers. third jumped out of the way. after crashing in tonight with front of the qt the driver jumped out of the car and got into a fight with one of the officers. they fought for about two minutes. eventually the officer tazes him. all three officers were transported to the hospital. one has since been released and is helping investigators out
6:32 am
but nonlife-threatening injuries. we talked with sergeant jonathan howard with phoenix police. he watched the surveillance video and describes what he saw. >> it looks like maybe they hear the car rev. you see the sisters look over in the direction of the car. moments later the car comes barreling into the frame. the officers all try to run away. it looks like one just missed being squished between the police car and the suspect's car. it looked like the sergeant may have been run over by the like he was propelled as high or higher than the tahoe before he came to rest. >> the sergeant said this happened within a fraction of a second. the suspect was take on the the hospital. he's since been released and is now with investigators. you can tell some scary moments looking at that car in front of the qt. we're told that the third officer who was hit, the one that was propelled above the car, today was his first day on the job. brian west 12 today. a scary first day. glad the officers will be okay.
6:33 am
coming up on 6:33 on this tuesday morning. jimmy, it's not too bad outside right now. >> you're a big runner. is you're probably going to be -- so you're probably going to be paying attention to this forecast as the temperatures go down. you won't have to run in the middle of the night any more. still another good solid month. it's going to be a warm one here. temperatures less warm : suns way up and about. 79 degrees. a little breezy this morning. winds down to 9 miles per hour. we have a storm system way up north of us. this is up in wyoming. they're getting snow right now. way up in the higher elevations. for us, it's going to graze the state. the winds will pick up. we have wind advisories for flag staff, winslow, that wind will make it down here, southwest winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. gusting to 30. feeling the frustration on the freeways as rush hour begins to do its thing to slow everybody down.
6:34 am
and the sluggish stretch of your morning commute there on the 101 just got longer. look at this. it begins just passed the curve there at union hills. and it takes you all the way to the 51. we have hit and miss slow spots over the east valley. the 60 to the 202 san tan 101 and 10. longer lines in the west valley. breaking down travel time, 10 eastbound, 48 minutes over all. but 32 minutes to make the stretch from the 101 to the stag. speeds dropping into the teens. 17 southbound 20 minutes from the 101 to the stack. 16 dropping speeds a little bit. 60 miles per hour. 101 eastbound. dropping into the red zone, from the 17 to the 51. 14 minutes for that short stretch there. speeds in the 30s from 75th avenue to the 17. and the 10 westbound, 22 minute drive from queen creek to downtown. emma. top story for you this
6:35 am
morning fire. nico santos is live near 61st avenue and mcdowell. >> reporter: they were able to narrowly escape with their lives unharmed. but two people ran into the fire in this burping structure behind us. you don't see the damage just yet. but video from earlier shows that well. they went in for two things, not only to get people out. but to start fighting the flames themselves with a small fire extinguisher. this fire started at 1:30 at th mcdowell road near 61st avenue. all four people who had their apartments on fire were able to get out safely and fire crews, they got on scene pretty quickly. but there were two other heroes on scene this morning, they were nearby. they jumped into action to make sure no one was stuck inside the apartment. if someone's life was in danger, nothing else mattered. the other talked about how extreme the conditions they faced were. >> i was worried for the neighbors. we knocked on every door. we tried to wake them up.
6:36 am
other people there. that's what we were scared about. you couldn't breathe or see nothing. you could feel the heat wave coming at you. you can't breathe. you're choking. you can't see, your eyes are burning, it was really bad. it was intense. >> the remaining question this morning is was it arson. a man lives in these apartments says he saw somebody throw something into his apartment causing that fire. we heard from police investigators who say they aren't able to comment on that as they continue to look into it. four people without a home this morning but luckily everyone made it out alive. thank you for the update. hot headlines now. in a matter of hours closing arguments will resume in the trial of a scottsdale yoga instructor accused of flashing a group of boys at a barmitzfa party and performing sex acts on another boy. she claims she was drinking that night and does not remember what happened.
6:37 am
we'll have a reporter in the courtroom today. a mesa man has been arrested for allegedly assaulting an uber driver. 40-year-old richard buyer jr. is accused of kidnapping and aggravated assault. court records show buyer allegedly forced a driver to pick him up at a bar and drive him around mesa. he told the driver to take him to scottsdale where buyer retrieved keys and a handgun. buyer then allegedly pointed that gun at the driver's the arizona supreme court says tucson police need a warrant to search a cell phone left by a guest. the court upheld the decision to bar the cell phone to be used as evidence. police generally must get search warrants to search cell phones of people they arrest. cardinals fans, head coach bruce aryans has a message for all you disappointed fans out
6:38 am
week. aryans says all the issues and the loss to the pats are correctable. the cardinals host tampa bay this coming sunday. let's hope this week goes much better for the cards. 6:38 now. emma is back with more juice. >> we're starting with ryan lochte. boy is there a lot of juice here. if you check out your phone this morning you'll see ryan lochte is trending everywhere. just weeks after his gas station incident. he's back in the headlines. lochte was rushed by two men on stage during his debut ap stars. to men, they were wearing anti lochte t-shirts. they were arrested for trespassing. the men went on stage as lochte was getting his scores for his first dance. viewers at home couldn't really see what happened. but they heard the judge say hey, back off at the men as the altercation took place. the entire incident over shadowed the fact that he scored a 24 out of 40 that puts him in the middle of the pack after day one. a lot of people taking to social media after this.
6:39 am
happened on dancing with the stars. because i was at home with you not knowing what the heck was going on. it was wild. this is abby. someone robbed lochte at gunpoint on dancing with the stars. real cute abby. too soon. jamison, according to one of the reporters, these two in handcuffs following disruption after lochte danced. those two were later arrested on trespassing charges. a lot of people taking to thinkable for the security acting so fast. ten finalist will go for the grand prize as america's got talent two night finale gets under way tonight. the finale airs tonight and tomorrow at 7:00. oh gosh, what? silly. followed by the season finale of better late than never. tomorrow night followed by the season premier of blind spot.
6:40 am
tape face? >> tape face. i don't think he's going to win. he's not the best act by any means. but whenever i watch him on the show, he does make me smile. >> that's good. burger king hoping to attract new customers with another wacky food mash up. this is odd, cheetos chicken fries. starting tomorrow they'll be available to the masses at participating burger king restaurants. they're touted as chicken on the in on the outside. with social media, the reaction is pretty mixed. maybe we'll do our own taste test. but i'm only going to do it if matt does it. >> last time you wanted to do a taste test. you got the swedish fish oreos. and you couldn't get the taste out of your mouth. >> at least we tried it. i think cheetos and chicken will be decent. i love cheetos. >> the brand that goes crunch.
6:41 am
surveys show 1 out of 10 that start doing this are the only ones that finish. 90% are going to quit. we want to know what is this? any final guesses? mark webster has a great guess, puzzles. >> that's a good one. do you like that. yes, i just quit on a puzzle. >> cross word puzzle. someone guessed it on my twitter account. >> i've been there. darn it. >> so easy to start. and then it >> so easy to stop. >> we're losers. 6:41, sold out, two words you hear too often when you try to buy tickets. is it time for there to be a fair playing field for all of us who have to fight against technology. does the nfl stand for the no fun league. first a flag, and a fine for a player who decided to deliver a
6:42 am
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welcome back on this tuesday morning. online tickets to today's hottest shows and sporting events can sell out almost instantly. scalpers are often to blame using software known as ticket
6:45 am
it's a problem many of us have run into. a senate subcommittee will meet to talk about the better online ticket sales act. it will make using ticket bots a federal crime. should technology that does this be deemed a federal crime? what do you think of scalpers in general? >> part of me wants to say yes. there's malicious intent. but you have to hold the users responsible. they're really the ones using this technology to jack up >> the people behind the ticket bots that go sell them on other companies such as stub hub,. >> yeah. >> i'm surprised it's gotten this far. it really does seem like it just isn't fair. it really isn't. you would think that the people in charge of these events would have tackled this a long time ago. >> i think the scalpers with the ticket bots have technology that keeps getting better and better and better and just out does them in one step. just to show you how much money
6:46 am
scalpers siphon off $5 billion in concert ticket revenue each and every year. companies like stub hub will testify today. because this measure could destroy their business. you say, okay, no one likes paying more for concert tickets. but on the other hand, these tickets still get sold. if you talk about having a free market economy, people are still willing to pay that money. should you really regulate business in that way. >> when the consumer has to -- it's not fair for t >> it's not a level playing field. that's what it is. >> this is just to play devil's advocate. business isn't always necessarily fair. some people win at it. some don't do so well. the scalpers wouldn't have a job if people still weren't paying money for the tickets. >> can you call that a legitimate job, a scalper? >> it's not illegal. that's why they're talking
6:47 am
ticket scalping where you go to the stadium, and people hold up tickets. and they're selling them for 150 to $200 when they're 70- dollar seats. >> it's hard to hold the technology accountable. it's not the technology. it's the people behind the technology. >> but should you regulate business like that? free market economy. >> as a consumer, we'd like to say yes, do you want to pay a lot of money for a concert that you don't have to pay a lot of concert tickets from stub hub to get really good seats. >> if they were cheaper, would you go to more concerts. >> of course i would. but at the same time, i still spend the money. >> but how often do you spend $300 to see the concert that you love. >> as much as i want to. >> open it up more. if you make it more available.
6:48 am
business like that? >> i think at this point it has to be. >> you go down a slippery slope when you start touching it like that. what do you think? let us know. let's get a quick check of your traffic with crystal. we're really in the thick of things here. almost an hour into rush hour. so it's stop and go all over the place. no exception here on the 10 westbound at ray road right now. it will take you 27 minutes to go from queen creek to downtown. no shortage of slow spots. the map is ol that's where we've got speeds dropping into the 20s on the 101 and the 10. as we take you forward in time to the 8:00 hour, things just going to be continuing dropping further down in the teens on other end of the 10. 20s on the 17. 30s for the 51. on the 60, it's touch and go there where sometimes you're going to be letting off the gas medal and dropping speeds into the 30s. let's talk your travel times here. did you see the slow down begins well before the 101 here
6:49 am
man. that's just -- that doesn't look pretty head. look at all that red. let's take you on a virtual drive. mile by mile. let's talk about the stretch from the 101 to 75th avenue. double that to get to 51st avenue. 42 to downtown. keep in mind, no crashes in your way, if a crash were to happen, throw the numbers out the window, and it gets worse. long lines where we're stop and go all the way passed 51st. it takes you almost all the way to the stack. 17 miles per hour office downtown. jimmy. this morning starting out, it's tuesday. monday's in the camp from here on out. the weekend will be just about here. we have dry conditions. a tail end of the summer forecast for other people, it's almost turning into -- they're skipping fall and jumping into winter in parts of the country. 79 degrees right now. light winds. but the winds will pick up throughout the rest of the day. here's what we have. some showers up toward the north parts of wyoming. you can see this snowfall
6:50 am
participants of casper wyoming. up toward the north into the higher elevations. but it's this same system that will give us nice weather. it's going to bring a cooling trend in. to parts of arizona along with windy weather. more showers there for omaha nebraska down toward kansas city. flying to the northeast, gray skies and beautiful weather from boston down toward new york. it will be a gorgeous forecast, temperatures starting to cool across many parts of the washington dc, 75. buffalo, 65. we have 45 for rapid city. and casper right now, 39 degrees. so they're jumping right into winter for them. us, clear skies, not a lot of cloud cover. a couple clouds for today. as far as rainfall, we have a better shot toward the north of us, close to the 69 temperature here. 71 for maricopa. before long, we'll be in the 60s. another month or so. that first transition will be
6:51 am
eventually it will be perfect. 98 for the high today. the record is 109 degrees. monsoons almost over. it goes to the end of the month. 17 more days and then it's all said and done. there's the monsoon meter. 3 for northern arizona. 3 for the white mountains. dry conditions today. and quiet for the next seven days. windy as well. gusty winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour by this afternoon. let's your headlines on this tuesday, two phoenix police officers and a sergeant are hurt this morning after a car plowed into them at this quick trip. a police spokesperson believes the officers and the sergeant were targeted. this happened near 25th avenue and camel back. they are all expected to survive. the suspect is now in custody. police are investigating an over night crash in surprise. this happened near the intersection of reames and wadell. a man in his 60s t-boned another car.
6:52 am
other call and was killed. a terrifying incident on the run way here. an indonesian plane skids hundreds of feet on the run way after landing. the plane was carrying fuel so that could cause a dangerous situation. officials blamed it on the foggy weather over there. luckily no one was hurt. 6:52, instagram rolls out a new tool to monitor offensive comments. this new tool allows users to control what people post on their pies consider offensive and then comments that contain those words will be hidden. you'll soon be able to pack more content into your tweets. the verge reports new changes should be activated next monday. media attachments such as pictures, and video and poems poem pols will no longer county against the limit. before you head out to start your day, we'll have
6:54 am
where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. its not one thing we do.
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centers of america of phoenix. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. it's 6:55, let's talk traffic now and get you up to speed. you can see a solid wall of traffic on the 60 westbound. it doesn't matter if you're going to hop on the 10 from here on the 101 to the 202.
6:56 am
tunnel now. it's the same old same. we're hitting the red zones on the 101. and the 10 in either direction. breaking down travel times for you. 10 eastbound, down in the teens from the 11 to the stack. 39 minutes for that ride. we're talking about an hour if you're starting at the 303 and taking that all the way to the office. 17 southbound into the 30s from the 101 to the split. and the 60 westbound right now, 23 minutes there. averaging speeds as low as 30s from the 101 to jimmy. we're tracking a system to the north of us now. it's going to have more of an effect on northern arizona with windy conditions. but the winds will make their way down here across phoenix today. gusting up to 30 miles per hour. a little blowing sand and dust. not too epic. but dusty from time to time. 98 degrees. double digit highs. can't complain about that. and dry weather for the next seven days. finally antonio brown from the pittsburgh steelers shook his booty and then some at the
6:57 am
game. oh twerk it. twerk it hard. with a 15-yard penalty though for unsportsman like conduct. this is the 12 today dance. >> if you could only see tram folks. >> just inappropriate. >> that caught me off guard. >> jimmy is also known to do it in clubs in scottsdale on the weekends. >> after about 12:00. >> once you get wa little bit. final take aways besides the fact that we twerk on a friday. i love twitter no longer counts videos and pictures as part of their 140 character limit. i can fit more #s. more pictures of her twerking after work. >> i need to switch my pillow case to satin or silk so i don't get lines when i wake up in the morning.
6:58 am
it. anti lochte t-shirts. being rushed during dancing with the stars. >> it's too bad he didn't have the robo cop with him. he could have alerted that. alerted security. >> the long bob apparently is coming back for women. i can see it there. you're rocking it. a little chop, chop. look at the look on her face. we won't go there. >> crystal has great natural hair as it is. my aryans for the cardinals says the mistakes we made during the game, give us another chance. everything will be fixed when tampa bay comes to town this sunday. >> don't forget 12 news is always on. and your favorite
6:59 am
oh! kevin's lunch!
7:00 am
fifth time this week. jimmy john's good morning. good morning. recovery effort. hillary clinton and her aides scrambling to explain why she wasn't more up front about her pneumonia diagnosis. >> i just didn't t >> does down plang her health play right into the hands of her critics. our new poll shows the race is tightening. police step up the search for a man caught on camera running from the scene of that devastating fire at a florida mosque. investigators labeling it a possible hate crime. was the suspect targeting muslims?


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