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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  September 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the case against the woman accused of sexual acts with a boy at a bar mitzvah party is now in the hands of a jury. she is accused of exposing her breast and performing oral sex on a boy back in 2014. the prosecutor repeatedly stated this is not a whodunit and that laws are put in place as children cannot make these choices on their own. the defense argue that teacher is the real victim because she was drunk. the teacher faces six months in jail and a fine if convicted. a friend of a man who collapsed and later died after being
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with the man who says police should have handled the situation differently. >> it was excessive. this man should not be dead. >>reporter: almost 4 months later it is still hard for the man's talk about the death of his friend who died may 20 after being arrested by phoenix police. cell phone video shows officers trying to save his life. en off and that is where he was the taint and die. witnesses and officers describe the behavior as a strong and shirtless men with superstrength. toxicology reports have not been linked, but reports suggest drugs may have been involved. he is still concerned with the way police handled this
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you cannot tell me nine police officers cannot control this little man without him ending up dead. >>reporter: officials have declined to comment until the investigation is over. almost 1000 witnesses have been interviewed. >> i will miss the brian i knew when he was sober and we sat in my house and talk for hours about anything and everything. he had a huge heart. that he could to make you a happier person. now other stories making our hot headlines list. a fire breaking out at this apartment early this morning. next-door neighbors helping to bring more people to safety from the flames and smoke. investigators say the fire began in a back patio near a
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we have new information after some students and a roosevelt school district were left without a ride last friday. we have learned 15 of the district 32 bus drivers called out sick on that day. the driver had major concerns about overtime pay and how they punch the clock. the superintendent is putting together an agreement with the drivers and plans to send it to them later this week. found a witness has increased the reward for fo murder of this man outside of an la fitness last month. the 84-year-old with staff to death inside of his home at dobson road and one a row. if you have any information call 480 witness. you could earn up to a $2000 reward. a driver of the stolen big rig has been arrested after leaving law enforcement on a three-hour long pursuit.
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area and the driver eventually headed towards palm springs. that driver eventually parking the truck and then surrendering where he was taken into custody without incident. and now to one of the big questions that you will be asked in the november election, should marijuana be legalized. in arizona? a special form will take place tonight and explore that very topic. our political insider will be that moderator. >> this could be the closest vote on a really big issue on the ballot. six years ago voters approve miracle marijuana by slim margin. the vote to legalize recreational marijuana this year is shaping up the same way. with a yes vote on proposition 209 in november arizona will be the fifth state in the country to legalize recreational
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the proposition campaign is led by the same group that got pot legalized in colorado. the proposed law would allow people 21 and older will possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana, create a system to regulate it like alcohol and put a 15% tax on sales. supporters say taxes and fees would produce millions of new dollars for arizona schools. opponent dangerous path of drug abuse, dysfunctional workplaces, and risky driving. there will be heavy campaign spending on both sides. now, the form is taking place from 630 campaign spending on both sides. now, the form is taking place from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm this evening. if you cannot attend you can watch a live stream on our website it's ran two. the o'connor institute has put
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be there. >> such a passionate issue. well, let's go to the race for the white house. as donald trump continues to take aim at hillary clinton's controversy of -- controversy of -- comtroversial comments today. >> we are going to negotiate trade deals farmers and help them to export goods and make money doing it. the way it is now is impossible and grow family farming in america.>> donald trumps running mate returned to capitol hill today where he was joined by the house gop leadership. theophilus that part of the day meeting with republican
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as hillary clinton recovers from pneumonia she had high- powered help today. president barack obama headed to philadelphia where he made his first solo campaign appearance of the year on behalf of the democratic presidential nominee. >> you want to debate who is more fit to be our president? one candidate who is traveled to more countries than any secretary of state ever, has more qualifications and pretty much anyone who is ever run for this job, and the other who form to represent this country abroad and he is commander and chief. >> president obama is attending a private fundraiser in philadelphia tonight and another warehouse democrats in new york city. after the break we have five easy ways to detox using things that you probably already have inside of your refrigerator right now. new hope for millions of americans tired of using
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brand-new way to correct farsightedness. and here is today's social sound off question, where is the most expensive home up for sale right now in arizona? you can tell us your answers on social media using the #social
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it is a big night in hollywood for the start of the tonight finale of america's got talent. period it is turned back the clock tuesday. at 5:00 we are giving you five ways to detox the summer away with things you can find right now in your refrigerator. at number one lemons are really good for you. they have vitamin c and they can aid you in digestion.
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number two, an apple a day does do the trick. experts say they can get rid of heavy metals and food additives. number three, eat your greens, the dark and leafy ones are the best. you can use them in all sorts of ways. and number four, put a little cinnamon in your diet. it can help you regulate blood sugar levels. and number five, friend. if you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated. choose water azure ago to over things like soda or a coffee, and that is hard to do because sometimes you want back capping kate. water with lemon is the best thing.
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who cannot see close without your reading glasses this story is for you. the fda has a new device that correct farsightedness. it is made mostly of water. the devices implanted into the high and reshapes the cornea to help it focus better. the first patent -- patient to to read without her glasses within 15 minutes. >> how excited are you? >> a think it is pretty exciting. for me this is one of the most important things that has happened in ophthalmology in the last 20 years. >> studies have showed of the -- show the seeing of a halo
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>> none of us are wearing armor glasses right now. >> glasses are much easier. >> i can see much better with my glasses. >> we are having some issues, my weather computer decided to crash right before i came over here. we have it now. i don't know what we are able to pull appear. i think we have one. this is talking about the wind advisory that we still have out for today at 8:00. this is for a couple counties where we have been seeing wind upwards of 45 miles per hour. again, we will continue to see those strong winds at least for the next few hours. here is a look at the doppler.
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it looked like it wanted to rain but that in that up not being the case. instead we got heavy rainfall to the east. there has been flood advisories that have been issued. we are going to keep a slight chance for the rest of this evening for possibly a move in. again, it looks like most of the instability is going to be off to the east. what we are seeing is an area of low pressure moving in from the west. we typically talk about areas of low pressure coming in from the west. we are starting to transition out of monsoon moisture and that moisture moving in from the west. in this case, it is a pretty
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we will see temperatures rising to about 96 here in phoenix tomorrow and we will stay in the 90s for the rest of the week. right now we are saying rain free for the next several days. week number one of the nfl season is officially in the books and what a games decided was decided by one point. with that, here are my top five takeaways from week number one. at number five, the pittsburgh steelers antonio brown arguably the best in the game hauled in eight passes for 126 yards and two touchdowns last night.
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you may say it looks and little like to working -- twerking, but to me it looks a little like a booty shake. at number four, colin kapernick continues his national anthem. at number three, is revis island officially closed for business? he is now 31 years old and has plenty help up front with a
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i think it is safe to say he is no longer a shutdown pointer. and number two, four quarterbacks made their first- ever nfl stars this week with three of them quarterbacking their teams to victory at. when we come back my number one take away from week number one of the nfl season. fans, i ask you was that really sunday night? we are getting ready for a busy morning tomorrow, here is a list of what we have planned. we will reveal the one thing you can do every night to get better sleep. and it is one of the things
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then quickly regret. plus, all of your morning
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>> a couple guys not being in the right spot, one guy did not run the correct route early in
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should not have shown up in that game. >> let me get you to my number one take away from week number one of the nfl season, the patriots behind jimmy, converting third down after third down against a cardinals defense regarded as one of the best in the game. i am telling you, i am not sure if tom brady could have done much better than jimmy did >> hey, if you are bill belichick, let's say the patriots go or-zero. >> i am not starting anything, i am just saying, bella check certainly have his quarterback of the future. >> [ laughter ] >> i will let you do that.
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happen. we are going to tell you what this head turning view has to do with the omg video of the day up next that 5:00.
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coming up, keeping the world safe for our drivers is a constant concern. we are going to show you how gps is making sure the largest vehicles on the road are among the safest coming up. tonight, sex, drugs, alcohol. have the reasons a new service says california -- arizona
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in the nation. if you are ever visiting charlotte north carolina you just might want to experience the view we are going to be showing off in the video of the day. do you have the courage to sit in the front seat of what is known as the fury? it is the only place you want to say. it is just been named the world best roller coaster. it is 325 feet high. writers listen to this, experience a top speed on this day of 90 miles per hour as they go down this big giant hill. >> i would do it.
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tonight, trump takedown. with hillary clinton sidelined, a fiery president obama unloads on trump as our new poll shows the race is tightening. and the health history of both candidates now under scrutiny. olympic stars an alarming breach, private information about simone biles and venus and serena williams exposed by russian cyber spies. athletes now explaining why they were allowed to take banned drugs. and did you know that an election day fight for the digital age purchased to


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