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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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- - we are tracking the big picture and getting the stories that matter to you, a driver target police officers speeding at them. >> an inmate's birth while shackled to a bed. >> she said that her rights were violated and there were no needs to - - there was no need to chain her down. risky behavior that earned arizona teens the top spot in the nation.
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10:00, a shocking video of police officers being targeted and ran over. >> a man caught on camera appeared to hit the gas and head straight to those in uniform and for one officer, it was the first night on the job and the video gets even worse - - it gets even worse. >> tonight the suspect is here, but into jail, and take a look, after he plowed his car into the officers and the store - - into this - - into this door, this is not the first time he is accused of assaulting a cop. >> a car accelerate, the violent impact throws him into the air and slammed him into the front window. it was his first night on the
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act on our police officers and it is unacceptable. our officers were targeted. >> tonight, behind bars, he is charged with three counts of attempted murder. >> these officers could have been killed. i'm only happy to say that we are not planning funerals right now. >> he is as they tried to arrest him. in court documents show in 1987 he pled guilty to aggravated assault after resisting arrest and kicking an officer who was taking him in for warrants. in the moments before, he drove around the parking lot, parked and waited a few minutes, and then headlights on, he went straight for them.
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phoenix police. >> that sergeant has a broken leg and the third officer remarkably only offered - - only suffered minor injuries. a mug shot of an inmate and a mother who claims she was mistreated during her pregnancy and shackled while she was in labor and during her c-section. and the sheriff is accused of engaging in a pattern of disc rumination dissemination against latinos. we got the exclusive interview. do they plan to sue? >> reporter: the attorney could certainly award damages.
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thousands of women. every year hundreds of pregnant women and up in jail. >> constitutional protections do not stop at the jail gates. >> martinez was six months pregnant when her contractions started. >> she was shackled at the ankles and at the wrists and prisoners. >> when there is an unborn child at risk, we cannot take these chances. her primary intention in getting this filed was to make sure this does not happen to other women. >> reporter: she was not shackled during earth birth but she was after.
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ruling, only releasing a statement that reads the will decide whether or not they were in different in restraining her. the attorney suggested a change. >> no shackling, there is too much risk. >> she and her son are doing well and they are still will - - still living in phoenix. >> martinez solicitation to commit forgery. and she is living here in phoenix, this time she is living here legally. a phoenix pastor is behind bars, accused of molesting and impregnating a 13-year-old girl. the 13-year-old also married a 10-year-old girl in mexico, and
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identify other potential victims. a scottsdale woman is accused of flashing underage boys at a party. she also performed oral sex on one of them but the defense claims that the boys assaulted her. - - they went to every victim, seam they all sexually assaulted her or help to they are intoxicated? or why they are wearing tight clothes? i don't know, but it but it should stop here. >> the boys mother had paid for breast implants and they said that made the boy indebted. >> at least you would not be in their pockets. >> he said that the families
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and she told the jury that she did nothing but lie to save herself. >> the one person who did not hear anything in this trial is the defendant. nothing is her fault. >> close reminded the jury that the case was not about the victims families or actions. >> 13-year-old, 14-year-old, 15-year-old girls at a birthday party, and he shows too much to drink. and then he decides it would be a good idea to pull his pants down in front of eight little girls, and you care how much he had to drink? >> 12 news. >> now we will go to more hot headlines across the state tonight, police need your help tracking down a suspect from a
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detectives say that they served a search warrant at his home today. the car involved in the crash appeared to be parked outside. detectives say smith is armed and dangerous, so if you see him, call police. a peaceful and to a three hour police chase in which a man is accused of stealing a big rig and leading police on a slow speed chase. at one point it was heading toward phoenix, and the driver eventually himself up. >> and an asu forum tonight on the impact of legalizing marijuana in arizona, if it passes on the november ballot, we become one of fewer than half a dozen states to legalize pot for recreational use. >> are we going to tax and regulate it and send those proceeds to underfunded
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criminal drug dealers? >> they voted to legalize medical marijuana in 2010. arizona teens ranked the most irresponsible in the country, and as a a matter of fact, a new study looked at some things, for example, sex and drugs, and the state in our state is shocking. ryan cody will break it all down for us. decisions, no surprise there, but to find out arizona teenagers are coming to the most irresponsible in the country, that will raise some eyebrows. there may be a logical explanation. >> pressure to fit in will make even the most responsible teenagers make bad choices. >> if you don't do the cool things, i guess you do not feel
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part of that cool group. >> nearly 10% of teens admitted to trying cocaine, 35% drinking alcohol, 45% say they did not use condoms during sexual encounters. >> the reward center is going to trump any decision. >> katie now travels the country, training parents on how understanding how their brains function. >> it is not developed in e- mails until around age 22 and meals around age 30, so when you're looking at risky decision-making and impulsiveness and irrational thinking, it is really based on an underdeveloped rain. >> what is it about arizona that makes teenagers act more
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>> we have a transient community when you look at it nationwide, the number of transplants that we have that stay and then leave, attachment issues for students, you are in school for a couple of years, then you move. i think that is a piece of it. >> these numbers are the lowest they have been across the nation. teenagers are making better decisions now than they have before. the hope is that they will continue to prevention methods decrease. >> ryan, i will tell you, i cannot imagine how hard it is to be a teenager now, with social media and trying to fit in, and you add in the fact as ryan pointed out that people continually move them other places, then you are really forced to fit in and make bad decisions in an effort to be popular or to fit into a certain group. >> a good point but i am
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that i really think arizona is is a great place to raise kids or a family. >> it seems that we had challenges that met others have across the nation as well. but good luck to the teenagers and the parents of these teenagers. >> before we go to a break, a quick look, hillary clinton and her - - national lead over donald trump has narrowed to just four points, points, and the latest tracking poll, showing clinton with 48% and trump at 44%, a decline of two- point in the last week, down from a a 10-point lead that she had just after the democratic convention. >> revolutionary technology that helps cash - - cancer patients keep their hair. halle berry and mary g - - mary j leitch, how do they look so young? they reveal the secret next.
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entertain the crowd. watchdog wednesday, the things that parents don't think about. that is all new
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now is story that you will only see tonight. when it comes to cancer, the news is always tough to swallow, especially when you consider the potential outcome and the side effects. and stacia shows us there could be one side effect a patient can avoid. >> a side effect of chemotherapy that most cancer
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the stairs and the questions. but now it no longer has to be the case for patients at the university of colorado hospital. >> i dealt with cancer every day of my life in my job, so i i never would have imagined it would happen to me. >> she was floored when she was diagnosed with rest cancer. >> i was shocked. it was the last thing i would have ever thought. >> funding herself relating firsthand with a struggle of her patients deal with. >> i was a mess, i did not believe it would happen to me. so she worried about outcomes, treatment, and she could not stop thinking about a glaring side effect. >> for a woman, here is so important. everyone says oh, it is okay, it will be that bad, but it but it really is, it really is. >> it brings us to our - - her second treatment.
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>> the new fda approved method to detect your hair and keep it from falling out after chemo. >> the cells stop dividing, and they stop making here, you don't let the toxic agent get close to it with the blood vessels, basically clamp down the blood supply to the skin. >> personal image mean something to phyllis. >> i didn't want to look sick. it was so important to me no waiting area and look like a cancer patient, i don't want to look sick. it scares them. >> that feeling that something is normal in a world turned upside down. >> i want women to be able to keep their hair. >> they make a seven hour drive from new mexico for each treatment because they do not have those caps in stage. she hopes by bringing more
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equipment to make it happen. as of yet the technique is not available in arizona, but will put a list of places you can get it online. turn back the clock tuesday, tonight we have five of the best beauty tips from the stars. they were posted online and the simple trips - - tips can help threat - - reconsider oil. gwyneth paltrow loves how like omega-3 oils feel on her skin. blowdry your lashes. to make your eyelashes curl, take a hairdryer out - - dryer to your curler. three, wipe off your lipstick, halle berry says that she puts on red lipstick and then wipes it off and applies lipgloss to make her i - - her eyes look
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and sarah jessica parker lately sprays the clothes in her closet with perfume, when the model is basically empty, she pours the remainder on 218 should - - on a t-shirt or a dress. >> wash your face even if you are tired, mary j bly dash says she never goes a night without washing her face, and you have to get all of the dirt and the makeup out of the porous, no matter what. on his feet! he has tied the record in one game. and it is taught by fitzgerald. another amazing catch. a spectacular touchdown and a spectacular career. >> time to play everyone - -
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guessing game. and if larry is really playing his final season of the year, none of us believe that is true, true, but would he be an instant hall of famer? >> he could quit tomorrow and he would be a slamdunk verse about hall of famer. this is his 13th season and here are his numbers. 187 games, 1000 receptions, 13,000 yards, and years left on the contract. it is true, he is chasing jerry rice and his numbers and he will have to play beyond his current contract. 208 touchdowns, i guarantee the cardinals and the fans would love to see him chase. >> get him a ticket right now. and a tied record with eight touchdowns in a single game
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saturday, could it be the start of a record-breaking season? >> eight rushing touchdowns through two games, a 10 game flip on the schedule, no, i don't think he could break the scheduled - - for the most rushing. the most has been held by barry sanders. there is a possibility that he could break the record but i am confident that he could break the single-season record, if he stays healthy i will guarantee that he can get it done. he has at least one doesn't touchdowns left in his game, and asu does not run the wildcat for obvious reasons. >> johnson makes magical things happen when he has the ball but should he be getting more than the 20 touches that we saw on sunday night? >> you back, johnson should touch the ball 20 times per
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him down. simply too good guy to gifted not to touch the ball more than 20 times per game, plus he is recently married with a son on the way, he should be all the way to the end zone most of the time. >> there is no need to get all choked up. so he will be around a while. it is all good. >> i agree with >> we are making a lot of questions tonight, tonight, and so far we are all 0-2, someone is going to be 0-3 after this week, we are picking the packers, and some of us like the vikings. >> good luck choosing things as we know, she always wins the monthly raffle here. except for this time. >> i figured i had to break the trend opposite of how you guys
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and it was a gorgeous day out there, a gorgeous sunset, a lot of you are capturing this, hidden valley from arlene, out at lookout mountain, mike wallace shows us this beautiful picture of the sun going down in the west, even out toward casagrande, pink, shades of purple, thank you for putting that up on our facebook page. here is is a look at the radar, quiet, clouds are out th over into the white mountains, mainly to the east, also to the west, and again, a lot of the activity today is starting to wind down, the wind advisory is gone in that it - - and in the high country it is lighter, but still breezy. 25 miles per hour in flagstaff and 26 in winslow, low-pressure sliding north of us, and we had
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keep our temperatures down here. and that is cooler than what we expect this time of year. and in arizona we could see - - some left over moisture. the rest of us will be mostly sunny, in phoenix, 76 degrees, clouds clearing out by tomorrow, 96 here, 67 in flagstaff, 73 in temperatures are looking good, we stay in the 90s through saturday. >> your video of the day is still ahead. stay with us, we will be right
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welcome back. did you get a drink of water? well, coop is back and of course he is here to share his mvp of the night. >> i'm all about free food. are you with me? okay. my mvp of the night had a big hand in providing a some
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the long haul, 13th - - his 13th career home run, and in the fourth, he goes again, this time he gets free tacos from taco bell. then he hurries back to help the diamondbacks when, which means free pizza and papa john's for everybody. mvp of the night. left. they need to run one and clinch a playoff spot but the sparks are in and - - in on a 39-45 run. they have another chance to clinch it thursday night against seattle storm. vanessa? >> thank you coop. and i want free tacos and pizza, we are talking later my
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appearance in dancing with the stars, last night was interrupted by protests. and some audience members rushed to the stage, security is seen removing the men from the stage and one of them yelled liar before the station went to commercial. another video shows four different women escorted out after they shirts protesting him. he said that the interruption was hurtful. >> it's hard but i'm getting over it. it feels like someone reached inside and took out my heart and just stepped on it. >> the men who rushed the stage were arrested. and police are calling this a preplanned action. joined jimmy fallon coming up after the news. stay with us, we will be right
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every day a different six-inch sub for just $3.50 at subway? every day of the week. her name is teri... ...she was born on sweet onion chicken teriyaki day. and our video of the night, the texas peewee football coach showing off his new - - his moves. the king went - - the team went on to win the game by a huge
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- shailene woodley, carol burnett,


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