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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 14, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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money." i'm jim cramer and i >> breaking disgrace. a blockbuster statement from one states man towards one donald trump. plus the new york to >> this is not a woman's issue, it's a family issue. >> reporter: it was ivanka trump helping her dad present a family friendly plan. a driver charges at full speed. new details this morning. a cyber group known as fancy bear exposed the medical files of some of the biggest athletes.
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named julia. and when the ballpark goes to the dogs. "early today" starts right now. >> good morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> i'm frances rivera. >> former secretary of state colin powell gets injected into the 2016 race after h pariah in hacked e-mail. the e-mails to emily miller, a current journalist who was powell's former aid, tied to russian operatives was reported by buzzfeed news, powell also said trump's whole birther movement was racist saying that's what the 99% believe. adding trump is, quote, in the process of destroying himself.
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mitchell, quote, that hackers have a lot more e-mails. political analyst steve schmidt spoke about it when speaking to brian williams. >> i think you can count, brian, the number of people that qualify as legitimate statesmen to less than 20 chief among them is colin powell. he is broadly respected in this country and colin powell saying -- general powell saying donald trump is a national disgrace cuts. his opinion matters. endorsements are ove i shis one to matter. his as an antagonist for donald trump is not good news for donald trump. >> the trump campaign quickly pointed out that powell has voted democrat in the last two elections. attorney general eric schneiderman has opened up an inquiry into the trump's foundation question of impropriety. it says trump spent donor money
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group connected to florida ag pam bondy. this is what the attorney general said about the inquiry. >> we have been concerned the trump foundation may have engaged in some impropriety from that view. we've inquired from it, had correspondence from it. didn't make a big deal but we have been looking into the trump foundation to make sure it's compliant with the laws that govern charities in new york. >> they say the information goes back to june. the trump campaign released this statement in response, "attorney general eric schneiderman is a
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foundation for years and has endorsed hillary clinton for president. this is nothing more than another left-wing hit job by hillary clinton. he endorsed hillary clinton and fundraising on her behalf. he has previously gone after one of trump's other ventures with a lawsuit against the university. the ag inquiry comes open the same day they come into an investigation into the trump foundation. >> new poll numbers show 48% trump, 43% clinton. trump is set to campaign through the battleground state. and hillary clinton will be back on the delivering remarks in north carolina before heading to washington for the hispanic caucus gala. it will be four days since clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia. tim kaine said he only learned about it on sunday. >> when were you notified about this pneumonia diagnosis? >> we talked sunday and i reached out to her as soon as the incident happened. >> you weren't informed on friday? >> i talked to her on sunday. >> don't you think that was delayed?
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way. >> the return to the trail comes as trump makes a play for middle class women appearing alongside of daughter ivanka. they proposed a family leave program while incorrectly slamming hillary clinton. >> this is not a woman's issue, it's a family issue. it's an american issue. it's an issue that's often been discussed but has yet to be solved. my father plans to change that. ld largest expense. i would think that more so than housing. yet very little meaningful policy work has been done in this area and my opponent has no child care plan. she never will and if it ever evolves into a plan, it will never get done anyway, all talk. no action. >> in fact, clinton released her
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while trump hit clinton, the democratic presidential no, ma'am me has a worthy roster of stand ins including her husband who is fundraising for her on the west coast and president obama who campaigned for her in philadelphia. >> he's not offering policies or plans, just offering division and offering fear and he's betting if he scares enough people he might scare up enough votes to win this election. now this guy is g i mean, he wasn't going to let you on his golf course. donald trump says stuff every day that used to be considered as disqualifying for being president. and yet because he says it over and over and over again the press just gives up. we cannot afford suddenly to treat this like a reality show. >> trump responded by tweeting,
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working instead of campaigning for hillary clinton? the president sounded concerns over hillary clinton's lack of enthusiasm calling into miami's hot broadcast. >> my concern is just making sure that folks, particularly african-american fourth quarter, don't suddenly say, well, you knower, we're not as excited because barack and michelle are leaving. and so we're just going to not register and we're not going to vote. if we have that attitude, then we will turn back a lot of the progress that has been made. trump's pun running mate hits north carolina. phoenix police are on edge following a violent allegedly targeted attack on three of their officers as they stood up at a gas station. here's a warning for you about this incident. it's captured on surveillance
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the officer, throwing one officer several feet. he was on his first day of the job. he suffered a head injury. the other suffered a broken leg. the third officer suffered minor injuries when he struggled to arrest the driver. mark payne faces two counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated assault. the agency says an electronic database containing information on many olympians was hacked. @least. nbc's miguel almaguer has the story. >> reporter: the world anti-doping agency says the hack exposed controversial medical data from top athletes, simone biles, venus and serena williams and elena delladon.
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fancy bear. thought to be russian through the phishing of e-mail accounts, but targets some of the biggest stars. simone biles had a medical exemption to take a banned substance. she took a stand on twitter. i have adhd and have taken medicine for it since i was a kid. tennis superstar venus williams reacting, i was disappointed to learn today that my private, medical data was compromised. i followed the rules. rules to a t and have done everything they should have done and to suggest or imply anything else is absolutely false. >> reporter: fancy bear is the same organization tied to the hack of the democratic national committee. the russian government denies any involvement. >> cyber-terrorism is real. this is a form of terrorism that has invaded their lives. >> reporter: wat says it deeply
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that it represents to athletes whose confidential information has been divulged through this act. >> i characterize this as a weapon of mass distraction testimony russians want to distract from their own problems including the doping at the olympics. >> reporter: wada says hackers are working to undermine their organization, some of the biggest stars in sports are the true victims. miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> somewhere along the lines of it >> personal medical records, that's crossing the line. that's too disturbing. still ahead, the bizarre story after weeks of improvement after the paws and jaws of hungry polar bears. we'll tell you about that. >> first, bill karins is tracking tropical storm julia for us. >> it hit land late last night. the winds kicked up yesterday afternoon and evening in northeast florida. enough wind gusts were crossing
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georgia as we go throughout the day today. big rain shield mostly off shore. confined problems. winds only at 40 miles per hour. we're not going to see a lot of problems with the winds. it takes it harmlessly into central georgia and dissipates it in the next two days. that's a big look at the weather story today. here's a closer look at your day ahead. temperatures couldn't be more comfortable than this. what a great air mass in place over sacramento, fresno, bakeel too. temperatures very enjoyable in areas like palm springs this morning. a little warmer this afternoon. you want to talk impressive, how about super typhoon meranti just passed by the southern tip of taiwan with winds of 180 miles an hour. it produced some epic waves and made for some incredible pictures like this. the damaging winds will head towards china today.
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good news to start your morning off. this just in from the polar bear siege is over. rescuers reached the arctic base. they took a detour to help five meteorologists trapped inside a remote outpost. at this time ten polar bears had swarmed the area, some sleeping right outside their windows. they ran out of flares to scare them away. they also lost a guard dog to the hungry bears. this morning the helicopter was able to scatter the bears while the crew dropped off flares and puppies who will later be used as guard dogs. hopefully the polar bears will stay away for the time being. >> good news for the folks who were trapped. oprah winfrey is on the lookout for a new ceo to shape the company weight watchers. how much exactly? $117 million drop.
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since its peak in value when winfrey came on board. stocks surged then by 300%. shares were down 6.6% on tuesday with investors now estimating the company's worth at just over $600 million. >> talking about millions, billions. just a day in the life. >> yeah, exactly. still to come as far as "today" when we fast forward, the u.s. and israel, expected to sign a massive military aid agreement under the deal. the united states will reportedly provide military with $38 million over the next decade. that is the largest amount of assistance the u.s. has ever pledged. nsa whistle-blower edward snowden is expected to give a news conference to make his case for a presidential pardon done. he has been living in russia under asylum since 2013. later on "today," matt lauer's exclusive interview with nfl commissioner roger goodell
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and gas is $2 a gallon. how do you even -- thank you for reminding me. thanks, obama. >> even with all that good economic news, the market ended in the red giving back monday's gain. >> let'sd moving your money and appetite. landon dowdy joins us. >> apple says it's resolved issues with the download of its i0s 10 software. they were saying their phones were disabled and apple was giving them 20 messages a minute. apple said the glitch only affected a small number of users and recommends they connect their iphone to a computer
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10. mark zuckerberg is saying he's going to give away his money. he has sold $300 million in stock over the past month. he's promised to give away most of his facebook stock to charity over his lifetime. and listen up for this one. if you're hungry. olive garden is taking all you can eat to heart on thursday the chain is celebrating the 21st anniversary by filling 21,000 one hour. the event starts at 2:00 p.m. eastern at passes cost 100 bucks each for all you can eat. >> not too bad. we're going to try to log on and see if we can get one be of those passes. just ahead, michelle obama tries a new gig. plus, for all you thrill seekers, which steel roller coaster has been named the world's best.
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cotton, vasoline and stuff. oh, bernie sanders should know. it's halloween. >> i thought it was. >> she is such a good sport. you got to love the fact they went in there. you see the secret service, they didn't clear the cvs out. >> she'll knew once you get the receipt how life will be outside the white house. ticket awards to honor the best steel roller coaster. look at this thing. that is located in north carolina. they got it 325 feet high. it reaches speeds of 90 miles per hour. >> i will be there this summer for sure. >> i'm happy with a bumpy new york city bus. that will do it for me. this is "early today." , and be . are my teeth yellow? have you tried the tissue test? the what? tissue test!
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the man accused of running over officers faces a judge for the first time. the latest developments.. in this shocking story... it's weight-loss wednesday and today we've got three tips on how to improve your metabolism. and check out these new gucci slippers what the internet is comparing them to that's in your morning juice. ???adlib welcome ???toss weather ???adlib ???adlib weather new this morning --


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