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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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the man accused of running over officers faces a judge for the first time. the latest developments.. in this shocking story... it's weight-loss wednesday and today we've got three tips on how to improve your metabolism. and check out these new gucci slippers what the internet is comparing them to that's in your morning juice. ???adlib welcome ???toss weather ???adlib ???adlib weather new this morning --
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weather???toss ???toss weather weather???toss welcome ???toss weather ???adlib weather new this morning -- new this morning -- new this weather???adlib ???adlib weather new this morning -- the suspect who rammed into multiple police officers makes his first court appearance. team 12's nico santos is live
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and it sounds like he won't be getting out of jail any time soon.he spent the night at the 4th avenue jail after his initial appearance.and you can see 44-year-old marc laquon payne had trouble stand upright throughout his short appearance.the judge -- even interrupting state prosecutors to ask payne to stay standing. ?early yesterday investigators say payne was the driver of this car as it rammed into three offices the q-t on camelback near i-17. one office is thrown into the airand slams into the window of the store.another ran over rolling out from under the car. the third officernarrowly dodging the car and rushes in to try to arrest the driver. ?payne -- accused of intentionally casing the crash that sent two of the three officers to the hospital and quite a mess in front of the convenient store.all officers are said to be o-k.because of the type of accusations involved here the judge ordered payne stay in jail
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conditions of release at this time.he'll be back in court next in phoenixweek. live in phoenixnico santos12 news it's day one in verdict watch for a scottsdale yoga instructor -- accused of flashing a group of underage boys at a bar mitzvah party. prosecutors say lindsey radomski also performed oral sex on one of the boys. but her defense claims she was drugged and the boys sexually assaulted her! the case is now in the hds this morning.. a phoenix pastor is behind bars -- accused of molesting and impregnating a 13-year-old girl. police say 49-year-old jose morales also married a 10-year-old girl in mexico. investigators are working to identify other potential victims. police need your help tracking down a suspect from a deadly hit and run on the i-17. this is farlando smith. detectives say they served a search warrant at his home yesterday -- but he wasn't there. the car involved in the crash.. appeared to be
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and dangerous. if you see him -- call police. a peaceful end to a three hour police chase in southern california.. where a man is accused of stealing a big rig -- then leading police on a slow-speed chase across several counties. at one point.. the big rig was on the i-10.. heading towards phoenix! eventually -- the driver stopped and gave himself up. today marks one year since flash floods devastated a polygamous community on the utah-arizona border. at three cars were swept away by a wall of water -- many of them were children. the same storm later killed seven hikers.. who drowned in a narrow canyon in zion national park. tonight a memorial service is planned in colorado city, arizona. now to a story you'll only see on 12 news.. when it comes to a cancer diagnosis.. the news is tough to swallow -- especially when you consider the potential outcome and side effects.. but as team 12's stacia
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be one side effect patients may be able to avoid... phylis phylis
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phylis drives seven hours from new mexico to colorado for each of her chemo treatments -- that's because the digni-cap is only available in a few states. arizona is not one of them yet -- just colorado and
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a new study reveals household dust may contain harmful chemicals from everyday products. researchers from george washington university tested dust samples from homes in 14 states. they found evidence of 45 toxic chemicals used in vinyl flooring.. personal care.. cleaning products and home furnishings. experts say these chemicals -- which can be inhaled.. ingested or absorbed through the skin -- are linked to cancer.. and developmental and reproductive problems.
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and if you want to lose weight.. you need to rev up your metabolism -- but women's health magazine says there are a few things that can surprisingly slow it down. first.. a weird eating schedule. a study from 20-12 shows eating at the same time everyday can train the body to burn more calories between meals. so stick to a schedule when it comes to food. next.. skimping on sleep. another study from 20-12 shows people who that means they burn fewer calories. and sleep deprivation can reduce the amount of energy your body uses at rest. so get good sleep. and finally.. eating too little. when you don't eat enough.. your body goes into starvation mode to conserve the fuel it has. so make sure you're eating
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was simone biles taking banned drugs during the olympics? the latest russian hack that has people concerned.. and why the i-o-c is coming to her aide... people think they've finally got the secret to donald trump's luscious locks.. and it could have something to do with these slippers. that just ahead in the morning juice. 12 today is back in two minutes. ###break### ###break###
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former army intelligence analyst -- chelsea manning ended her prison hunger strike yesterday.. after the army agreed to provide her with gender reassignment surgery. the 28-year-old was sentenced to 35-years behind bars back in 20-13.. for espionage. shortly after the sentencing.. manning declared her desire to live as a woman. since then.. she has fought for the right to take hormones.. and grow out her hair. congress's recent decision to lift the ban on transgender service
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now legally allowed to go through with the surgery. today.. edward snowden will appear by video at a news conference in new york city. the former n-s-a contractor has been in russia since he leaked classified information about the u-s government. today marks the launch of a campaign urging president obama to pardon the man who some consider a hero.. and others consider a traitor. russian hackers have targeted u-s olympians in their latest attack. confidential medical data of high-profile athletes.. ud and the williams sisters -- were stolen and publicly released. the hackers focused on banned substances that the athletes are allowed to use due to a verified medical need. the international olympic committee.. confirmed that none of the athletes targeted by the hack.. had violated any anti-doping laws. they condemned the hack as a criminal act aimed at -- quote "tarnishing the reputation of clean athletes."
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this is not a this is not a drill -- 150 people will get the chance to meet ?the? david beckham. the soccer stud is promoting his new h&m collection with a meet and greet on september 26-th. unfortunately -- it's going on in l-a.. at the premiere shopping center called "the fig at 7th." if you don't get the chance to drive out that goes on sale at all h&m stores on september 29-th. donald trump's hair is once again a trending twitter topic.. because of this... gucci is selling goat-hair slippers.. that a lot of people are saying look like the donald's doo.. the shoes retail on gucci's website for a whopping $18- hundred bucks. some people
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guinea pig.???adlib now time for your juicy question of the morning... surveys show that up to 50-percent of men who to 50-percent of men who have done this -- wish they hadn't. some say they only did this.. because they were forced too. what is this? ???adlibthis????adlib
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florida just can't catch a break.. the coast was hit last night by tropical storm julia -- which caused some serious damage. parts of florida and georgia are under a tropical storm warning today. isolated tornadoes are also possible along the coast. thankfully.. the storm isn't expected to
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weather dramatic video of an arizona pilot falling unconscious in the cock-pit. and what happens next is mind-blowing. that's coming up in 30 minutes. hillary clinton makes her return.. meanwhile donald trump tries to close in on the p. campaign trail -- just two minutes away. ###break### ###break### ###break###
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###break### ###break### ###break### the latest n-b-c news / survey monkey poll.. shows hillary clinton's narrowed to four points. the poll of registered voters shows clinton with 48 percent support.. to trump's 44 percent. that's a decline of two points in the last week.. and down from the 10-point lead over trump that clinton enjoyed right after the democratic convention. donald trump is trying to close in on that four-point gap.. by reaching out to women and working families. yesterday.. he outlined a child-care plan -- he says will have universal appeal. team 12's brian mooar has the details...
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today donald trump will be in the battleground state of ohio.. for a rally.. and hillary clinton is expected to go back to work today. she'll be on the ellen degeneres show. husband -- bill will hold a rally in las vegas.. and chelsea is hosting several events in north carolina and virginia. president barack obama will meet with the leader of burma today at the white house. the meeting is meant to pre ties between the u-s and burma. the leader of burma is also expected to meet with secretary of state john kerry. your next selfie could be illegal. we're talking about the reason why -- and americans' obsession with selifes -- in the morning mix. that's coming up at 5:45. 50 shades of grey is getting darker -- much darker in a new trailer for the sequel. we've got your sneak peek -- ahead in the morning juice. more 12
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the video is the video is hard to watch...three phoenix police officers run down by a guy they say tried to kill them.the latest on where this
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hacked!what the u-s olympic committee says happened.... incredible video of an airzona air national guard pilot... saved at the last second ... christian... and ana....and a whole lot of really excited suburban housewives....the new 50 shades darker trailer is out...we've got it... in your morning juice... ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy jimmy???adlib & toss ???adlib & toss jimmy ???adlib weather new this new this morning... a new this
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weather weather???adlib ???adlib weather???adlib weather new this morning... a man accused of driving into a group of officers goes before a 12's nico santos is live with our top story.... and it sounds like he won't be getting out of jail any time soon.he spent the night at the 4th avenue jail after his initial appearance.


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