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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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arizona? how one school district is trying to create safer areas around school bus. [ music ] if this made you dance, dance, dance, what if justin and brittany did a song together? yeah, those two. it's coming up in the morning juice here. >> the old flame here gettin well, we're in a good mood here. 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday morning. it's pretty comfortable outside too. >> it's getting there, little by little and before long we'll talk about unbelievable weather here. maybe another month or two here, because october can be a little warm here. we're in the 60s right now and
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concrete and buildings. 0 for the valley and 2 for the mountains, so a slight chance of storms well to the north of us. we're below average for today and we like that, crystal? well, feast your eyes on this. this is at brown here and if you're about to hop to the freeways here, looking good. of things. the 10 and 17 are starting to really feel the commotion of rush hour here. 10 eastbound in the red one and here to the stack, averaging 22 miles-per-hour. how about the 17 southbound? averaging 17 miles-per-hour so
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down to the 40s here. thank you. new this morning a man accused of driving into a group of officers goes before a judge. we're live with the top story with nico. >> reporter: well if you're a defendant and you're accused trying to kill three police officers, yourself going to spend the night in jail. here, you can see the man had trouble even standing up here. the judge had to interrupt the state prosecutors to tell him to keep standing. he rammed the car into three officers here on camelback, one
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a third officer dodges it and arrests him quickly. the crash sending two of the three officers to the hospital and basically leaving a quite a mess in front of the store. all officers are set to be okay and when you're dealing with these type of charges, there's no bond in case and he will have to stay in jail at least until his next hearing, next week. let's check the the reward has increased to help in the case of a man killed in front of a fitness place. right now there's no suspect description. a couple of important meetings to tell you about. one at 4 and another at 6:00
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glendale elementary schools will close for up to five weeks. challenger and landmark schools are closed because of structural concerns. students will be housed in an unused school while they fix it. a district in texas is hoping they found a solution to stop cars from doing this, speeding past school bus. they're testing program with longer stop sign arms. they're 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. the district says that the program is working and there used to be about 20 drive arounds and now only 7 to 8. on to decision 2016 and
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confirmed. this comes as trump is about to release his medical records. >> reporter: colon powell confirms co -- colin powell -- today is supposed to be a day of revelations for trump. he's supposed to release his results for his dr. o.z show. >> i don't know why we need such extensive reporting when we all have a right to privacy. >> reporter: also today, trumppromising to release his economic plan. >> those in leadership must put themselves in the laid off factory worker, the family worried about security or the
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to be championing the working people? >> president obama filling in for clinton and she's still recovering and back on the campaign trail tomorrow. 6:06 the world anti-doping agency says that russian hackers broke database and hacked three athletes from the u.s. they posted the records online and the ioc released a statement saying the athletes did nothing wrong and condemned the attack. samsung proposing a new update to cap the battery
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now and they're in talks to launch a similar update. there's been reports of the phone catching fire because of the lithium battery. they have urged people to return those phones for another de vice. the facebook ceo 300 million shares and promises to give most of his stocks way to charity over his lifetime. oprah lost a lot more than weight, she has seen $117 million in wealth vanish as the shares in the company have crashed 66% from their high last year. what is she to do?
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management changes. the ceo will be replaced by the end of year and that announcement was made yesterday. >> ouch, the power of oprah. >> maybe she wants to be the coe. >>eo. >> well, that's a lot of money to lose. >> well, she's oprah and oprah money here. if she would have a vested interest here. >> i love bread, wasn't it? you know what else i love, these two. brittany spears and justin timberlake say yes, they're getting married, no, but what they could be planning very soon. we have our first robotic weather kid ever. just hopefully the batteries
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we're back here with beaunca here up next. = will it be a bad romance or match made in heaven? lady gaga up? that's next up on 12 news
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[ mu] once again and welcome to 12 news today. 6:12 on this wednesday morning here and emma is back here with the juice. >> that's right and haven't gotten your fill yet. has roger found his super bowl half time show? grammy award winner lady gaga
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seems like the natural next thing to do as she wowed with her performance. it would be perfect with her release of her next album. ? i got this feeling inside my bones ?? oh, please, turn it on. it could internet is freaking out. justin timberlake says he would be down to collaborate with brittany spears. the idea of the duo started when brittany said she would be interested in working with him. he was asked about it last
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the headlines, but said i apologize for not being in the know. i'm accessible and to give him a call. please for our sake, return and serve. can you guys even imagine? >> that would be pretty epic. >> it would be epic, oh gosh, i'm hoping for that. well, when we were kids we were able to we're adults and boring and only 7% can do this now. this just came to me now, i can't do it, what do you think it is? >> something physical, push ups? >> well, i can do that. >> push ups? >> well, not right now. >> that's the big hint here.
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>> well the answer is coming up in half an hour. breaking news this morning of a serious crash, two cars involved here at hayden and osborn. when our crews arrived on the scene there's a car fire as well and firefighters are hosing down the cars here. you can see the water all over the road here and you definitely want to avoid this area. we'll talk more about this and the rest of the is crystal. >> well the m.o. in the meantime here, just the scottsdale road. let's go ahead and also take a look at another crash here on the 17. it's the on-ramp here at 19th avenue and you can see, well
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blocking on-ramp here. perhaps another entrance could be a better option here. taking a like at the freeways here's and it's very slow on the 10 here and the 101 eastbound. so we're starting to seecommotion and rush hour there. let's to the stack here about 14 minutes. so here we go, passing peoria here and once you get on to the ramp here, that's when you hit the brakes here. 17 minutes for that ride downtown. let's look outside live here and get a look at the view here. the sun is up and it's a beautiful day here. it's pretty special here too
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guest in here. >> [ applause ] give it up for beaunca here. tell us a little bit about yourself what school do you go to? >> desert springs. >> what grade are you? >> fourth. >> what teachers do you have? >> mrs. wagner. >> do you have a that you play? hunting and volleyball. >> what kind of food do you like? >> craw fish? >> how do you get them? >> hunt them. >> where do you hunt them in. >> we go to the creek. >> i love craw fish, believe it or not, a little potatoes that's what we're talking about here. let's talk weather here and you have gorgeous weather what's the temperature here?
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have here, our monsoon meter islooking dry here to. white mountains at a two here and we're going to be pretty dry here today. do you play indoor volley ball? >> indoor, yeah. >> and here's your school up here and about 75 for the current temperature. should be nice though. have a tropical storm here through the eastern seaboard here and pretty clear to florida and plant city and memphis. the weather changes for us we have a little cooler air mass
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forecasted high, 96 here. -- temperatures for today, below average and you're pretty good here, what is your position on the team? >> we rotate. >> i like setting, i was always a good setter. we're losing daylight every day and we're not this thursday, but the thursday after that we start fall. the forecast here's 96 and bright skies, what else can we expect? >> it will be sunny. >> yeah, lots of sunshine and good weather. are you still hanging out at the pool? >> no.
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books here, we'll talk the weekend next. it's weight loss wednesday and we have tips to shed the weight here. here's some so-called healthy foods here. >> no sugar added ice cream can have a lot of artificial ingredients and you'll probably less satisfied than eating the real stuff. >> okay, salad dressings have a lot of added things. it's really to make your own at home with herbs and spices. >> powdered peanut butter think it's healthier, but nutritionists say don't cut it out, stick with the natural variety.
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to me, the powder stuff. >> get the good stuff and the salad dressings, just make your own. >> so much cheaper too. well still ahead, incredible things are happening at the paralympian games here. and the and we're talking who is your
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[ music ] good morning to you, 6:24 on this wednesday on 12 news today. hope you're off start. it's time for trivia here. the season of "americas got talent" is tonight. who was the original cast of the show, ten years ago when it start? four people started it and none of them were there. >> seal green? >> right channel wrong show. >> the answer, the judges,
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morgan and the host regis. >> wow, really? i would have never guessed that. >> should have just said regis,. >> the cast has changed a lot over the year but the talent has not. here's the shot of the morning here, four visually impaired runners were so fast, they beat the gold medal time set at month. al gerria's runner set an incredible record -- and claimed the gold medal. the silver and bronze ran under that time as well. they're legally blind but have some sight and don't require a guide running along with them,
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could keep up with them? >> a very fast guide. >> well, more than 90 seconds faster than olympian. >> that's a ton. >> 90 seconds? >> wow . >> that goes show you, don't let anyone show you down or stop you from what you truly love. >> that's so inspiring here. >> that's such good stories here. i don't know if you caught the last a man diagnosed with autism and his parents threw him into running and he wants to keep up with the olympians. >> you can catch those games to the network as well. well, this may be the cutest video ever, we'll watch to see if this panda can roll over. can he do it or give up and
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wait and see for yourself, but first could police stop the driver of a stolen big rig before he did major damage in southern california? you're watching 12 today we're
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for the first timewe have his charges in a live report. plus a disturbing story, a pastor arrested and the horrible things he's accused of doing with young girls. also the dancing with the stars show and two men rush the star ryan te hot at nelly's house, but his fans are coming to his rescue. why, save nelly is a trending topic here. >> maybe he needs to team up and get his song in the news here. hope you're off to a great
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ki here and we have a couple of 60 degree readings here, but it's pretty comfortable and we're starting to get into the 80s here. look at this sun burst way off to the mountains here. 77 degrees and that's downtown and the warm spot here. the cooler than normal temps here to the rt for today. still dry and we'll be back with the 7 day and scan the horizon as well. well we're following breaking news this morning of a bad crash that has closed southbound hayden here. one car up on a tow-truck and the other here on its way up here. we had reports of serious injuries here and the red car
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the wreck now. we're talking about how to get around this. >> yeah, it looks like they will wrap that up here shortly. in the meantime, you need another go to here. driver friendly on the 101, just avoid osborn here at all costs here. we here's 10, 60, 101. everybody is involved here with the rush hour here. it's the slowest of slow here on the eastbound 10 to downtown. this sucker here, it's just a fender-bender and it's really enforcing that slowing here. new to the pack is 101
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minutes here. 101 northbound, 21 minutes to frank lloyd wright. new this morning, the suspect that ran into multiple police officers is going make his first court appearance. >> reporter: yes, some pretty interesting accusations here, and it doesn't look like he'll get out of jail any time he spent the night in jail near phoenix. you can see that the 44-year- old had trouble standing up right here. the judge enter interrupted the prosecutor to tell him to keep standing up. he ran into the officers at full speed here. the one officer slammed into
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ran towards the driver to try and arrest him. the crash sent two of the three to the hospital. all are said to be okay now. suspect here is facing three attempted murder charges, so that's why the judge decided no bond is possible and the next appearance is next week. let's get a check of the teacher that flashed boys and also performed oral sex on one of the boys. she claims she was drugged and the boys sexual assaulted her. well a pastor is behind bars after molesting and getting a 13-year-old girl pregnant and also sexual assaulted a
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deadly hit-and-run. this is arlando smith and they served a search warrant yesterday. the car involved in the crash was found outside. if you see him call the police, he's expected to be armed and dangerous. a man is accused of stealing a big rig and then leading the police chase. the driver eventually stopped and gave himself up. well, today marks one year since the floods damaged the polygamist community in utah. many of the people killed were children. the same storm killed 7 hikers
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hand here. >> well, another celebrity is in big time debt to the irs, but this has a twist to it. his fans are coming together to help him pay for it. he owes nearly 2 and a half million dollars in taxes. to help him ra asked to stream his music for him to get a big paycheck. it started with a clever headline who declared that it was take 2 million streams for nelly to pay off 2.4 million in debt. so how many times can you sit
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this is honestly a story that's the opposite of what you hear. so kind of cool that everybody is working together. again, this was a great song wasn't it? as if ryan seacrest needed another reason to show you how great his life is. new couple alert here. it's reported that he's dating adriana lima they have gotten real close. they have been spotted dining out several times. against, it was funny how e. news is reporting this and that's who he works for. i also would like to say, i hold the record for, i don't know, having the biggest salary? i don't know. well the host of dancing with the stars says it was
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people rushed the stage to protest ryan lockty's performance to the show. they're putting new safety measures in before the next taping. lochte says he just wants to put it all behind him well, we'll see what the safety measures are, he has to dance behind a cage. well, when we were kids nearly all of this do this, but now as adults only 40% can do this. in a matter of seconds we'll find out what it is. >> so it's not climb a tree? >> judy says cross legged. >> i think it's touch your toe. >> oh. >> well, by the way, i can do this. >> if i do it one more time i'm
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>> well, touch the floor --. >> touch the floor, i'm wearing like 4 inch heels here. >> well, you get like triple kudo s here. >> well, it was one of the weight loss wednesday tips here to stretch in the morning, jimmy come on h the pants here. still ahead, players finally get their way and how the n.f.l. will let them bend their strict uniform policy. and also why price line is getting rid of a very popular feature.
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welcome back, everyone. in the morning mix here. the uniform policy. a running back was fined for wearing a symbol for the breast cancer, we will find a cure. the league also warned several players it was against the regulations to have 911 tributes on their cleats. so the league is making a deal,
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players can promote a charity cause on their cleats. there's already critics saying that the players should play and the personal messages should not be allowed. here. so what could seem like a good gesture be a bad thing? >> well you wonder where it stops you know what i mean? what organization is decent and what is not. theorganizations have to be approved. i like the way they're going about it, i mean all the charities like the breast cancer ones, i know a lot of the guys wear pink. that really does do its part and promotes that cause. >> those cleats can go for a lot of money. i think it's a great idea. i understand there's uniform
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really understand this one. the 911 deal, i mean it's hard not to let that slide. in the case with some of the players, they face a 20,000- dollar fine and it's not that. much money to them. >> that's a nice compromise here for a day. i kind of think it's apples and oranges though, to calling he was ob jecting something and i can see you know the nfl saying hey you know, these are the rules, but in this situation where people are supporting the 911 victims or a
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comparing it to kaepernick's situation. >> we have an exclusive interview with the nfl later. well, we have a lot of cars here on the freeway here. heads up here new fender bender here, off to the left, 51 southbound and not oc lanes, but certainly it's very obvious here gawkers here. so we're definitely jacking up the travel times here, now 53 minutes to the 303 to the 10 here. 17, southbound, 40s to the stack. right now 24 minutes drive to the 60 westbound to the 10. breaking on the 101 eastbound,
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there and half an hour to scottsdale. 18 minutes, maybe add a plus sign here, for that crash. 55 miles-per-hours here and the 10 westbound, to the queen creek about half an hour here. still moving good to the 202 with the brakes here. some spots are getting down into the tens here and the101 eastbound here, down to the thirties here. well, this morning, nice little shot of the sun early on and it's going to be a great day for the hump day here. we're mainly in the 70s here
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it's 58 right now and it's time to start thinking about the weekend. it's looking dry, you know september is when we wrap things up and it's zero for the monsoon meter right now. for the duration here, for the next five to six days it's quiet. next week we get into the fall time. the humidity is alittle bit more and we have the system to the east here. 69 in buckeye. i just love the 60s, we'll be in there for the next couple of months and it's just perfect. then we get to the 40s and it's chilly here. we have the tropical storm here, julia and having an
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to florida and the southern tip to atlanta, pretty quiet now. once again that seaboard could get a little dicey today. we have a little disturbances to the north here and ushering in fall here. it's the first real taste of fall here and look at the higher elevations here in idaho picking up snow here and in wyoming. down to the south, we're all the way from las vegas and california. we get to 96 today and here's the average. we had the bust for the first part of the year and january and february and march, we didn't get that rain we were hoping for. 16 days left and 16 more days of possible moisture here with
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temperatures continue to drop here as the sun goes down more and more, the first day of fall next thursday. dry skies here until sunday, 95. here's the hot headlines here. the reward has increased to solve a murder in the east valley. a man was murdered outside of an l.a. fitness and was stabbed to death. the witnesses are offe suspect. right now no suspect description. a couple of important meetings for parents tonight. two meetings, one at 4:00 p.m. and the other at 6:00 p.m. at the school district office. two elementary schools will close for two weeks for repairs. challenger and landmark schools
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school. also many morning the recount continues into the fifth congressional primary. the results had bigs leading jones by just 16 votes and that led to an automatic recount and we should have the results bythe end of the week. president obama will meet with the president of burma this week. the leader is also expected meet with john kerry. today, trump is in the battle ground state of ohio for a rally. clinton is expected to go back to work today. she'll be on ellen and her husband and daughter will hold events. you might want to be careful the next time you use
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toxic chemicals. experts say that the chemicals are linked to cancer and problems. customers may no longer be able to submit a price for a price and then find out if the carrier accepted the bid. the bidding process become too complicated for the phones and tablets. good news for amazon prime books for free and will have original programs and stories. they will include a mix of best sellers, family favorites and celebrity classics. zuckerberg is taking the "i'm giving all my money away" seriously. he has promised to give away
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away during his lifetime. blind spot debuts here tonight. the new season opens with jane in government custody and the "blind spot" is on right before the 10:00 p.m. news. we have a final check of traffic and weather here next
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good morning to you and welcome back. it's 6:55 right now on this wednesday morning. gorgeous start to the day and jimmy will talk about the forecast in just a minute. we have a two vehicle crash here at hayden and good news here, the crash here. hayden and osborn is all cleared up here. >> well, it's stop and go here and that's the theme. it's a crawl downtown and where is it not? we're in the midst of rush hour here and we are feeling the
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speeds averaging into the teens here. about 40 minutes if you start at the 303. on the 60 westbound, averaging speeds in the 30s to the 10 jimmy? >> all rights are we're talking about the weather wednesday here. monsoon meter is 0 for the valley here. pretty dry here an chance of storms in the strawberry pines here. beautiful and 91 to 96 here, still on the dry side and of course we stay dry for the next 7 days. no sign of a monsoon and fall begins in 8 days here. take a look at this, absolutely melt your heart adorable video out of china.
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back and trying so hard to just roll over. the panda cub doesn't have a name but in at the base are calling her zeta's baby and the cub is the bigger of the twins that she gave birth to. >> i can't look away. >> that's my favorite. >> that's why i more children. >> [ laughter ] i know, right? >> so sweet. okay, so the take away here is that you can touch your toes here, that's impressive. you're due next month, right? >> you go, girl. >> well, my dance teacher in high school did a hand stand a day or two before birth. my other take away, is i sure
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perform for the half time show at super bowl. >> or timberlake and spears too. and stars always say, you know we'll do that. i want to see it happen. >> get the lawyers together -- >> well i hate dusting and we know how it collects here and to know that all the chemicals collect here, that's >> nelly owes a lot of money to the irs here and you can help him by downloading his music. >> this is bump and set here, with the volleyball game. don't forget we're on our
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?? good morning. breaking overnight. former secretary of state colin powell hacked. his e-mails revealed. calling donald trump a national disgrace. and accusing the clinton campaign of trying to drag him into her e-mail scandal. news, the hackers have more. targeted. chilling video showing the moment a driver plows into a group of police officers outside a phoenix gas station, throwing one of them into the air. >> this is a violent, cowardly act on our police officers. >> the suspect arrested after this violent struggle and facing attempted murder charges. southern soaker. overnight, tropical storm julia


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