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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  September 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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just graduated from willow canyon high school and she was taking classes at glendale community college and wanted to be a pharmacist. she had plans to go to mexico for an upcoming trip. >> it is a lost. i will not be able to hear her wonderful stories when she would come back from mexico. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil was held and it standing room only. she will be cremated and her mother has this message for everyone. >> people need to stop drinking and driving. they need to stop texting while they are driving. these are things that are killing people on a daily basis. >> reporter: a go find me
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been set up you can find that on our website, we start in the west valley, two separate car crashes. one of the crashes involved a one-year-old boy. he was rushed to the hospital and he is in extremely critical condition. three adults were hurt. they were taken to the hospital. the one one this man is connected to a sexual assault. this man right here, he was caught on surveillance video. anyone with information call scottsdale police. it is official, they have formally announced the recall of 1 million galaxy seven smart phones that purposes of burn
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they are offering replacements or refunds. if you have one can't just return it. a scary situation in new york's penn station. shots were fired as busy commuters headed home from work. investigators say that two nypd officers were attacked by a meat cleaver. their injuries are not considered life-threatening. officers did at the suspect. the suspect is being treated for non-threatening injuries. a 13-year-old boy is dead from a shooting in columbus last night. police chased down two possible suspects. one point a weapon from his waistband, and the pistol had a
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and it was actually a bb gun. the parents are distraught and they are seeking support as they seek answers in this tragic shooting. he was accused of intentionally targeting three phoenix police officers outside a quick trip near interstate 17 and camelback. the video chi most of us have seen. -- the video, most of us have seen. the car comes barreling at the officers and one goes flying into the ai a concussion and the other one has a broken leg. our local police departments having trouble finding recruits. >> it is a legitimate question given the circumstances. kevin kennedy is outside. >> reporter: recruitment numbers were steady or rising.
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forward. all across the country, we have seen the violence. >> officer down. >> reporter: police officers are targeted. five officers in dallas, and three others in that and the threat that ridge different baton rouge louisiana. >> officers were shot and killed in the line of duty. including cow one from phoenix. >> it seems like every day you go out there in terms -- and there's more more people that dislike you. for whatever reason it is. >> there are more protests against police. >> they see that the times are changing, but it does not deter them from becoming a police
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that this climate could impact his numbers. >> there is a concern. is a little bit more dangerous now.>> reporter: if and when reason the back of despite recent events could attack -- recent event this. recent event have not affected people that have taken that was. we kevin kennedy, 12 news we're taking you now to the decision 2016 campaign trail. hillary clinton begins hitting the swing states after battling pneumonia while donald trump focuses on his tax plan. is not just the media or the fans, is the face of the franchise noticing that the
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sound off question. which is the best city to celebrate oktoberfest? we will have the answer straight ahead at 6 pm -- 6:15 pm on 12 news this was the coolest low temperature, how long will these temperature state around -- the ground i will have the details coming up around, i will have the details coming up. tonight on 12 news at 10
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who killed elliston feldman is the scottsdale -- elliston feldman? is the -- allison feldman? is the case going
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we lost trailblazer today. >> she was a true legend inside and outside the state capital. more on the legacy that she leaves behind. >> reporter: she died this morning at the age of 94. she has been in hospice care as she recovered from a fall at her home. most people remember her hairdo and her false eyelashes that she carried off in style. but her true legacy is
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one of the lowest moments. she became governor at one of the darkest moments in arizona history. >> because of the situation the state was in. it was a crazy time. >> reporter: it was 1988, the state legislature through the governor out of office. the canceled the martin luther king holiday. >> she had a calming influence. >> reporter: she was a democrat and worked her way office secretary. she became the first female. >> she used to call herself the mother. she was a mother and figure. that is partly that's why she was so good that time.>> reporter: she lived by her
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>> she had knowledge of the state that was incredible.>> reporter: she was the first female class president at globe high school. she went on to play professional softball. >> her hairdo was great. >> reporter: radio station had a look-alike station contest for. >> -- of radio station had a look-alike contest. -- a radio station had a look- alike contest. >> reporter: there will be a memorial mass at a later date at the parish. plenty of memories on social media. governor doug ducey shared to respect as arizona people mourned her passing, he tweeted this picture.
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attitude. this is a bubblehead -- bobble head of her. >> i always enjoy talking to her. every time i talk to her i learned something. even though i was the one asking questions. i would end up something about her or arizona history. she was always classy. she was a great ambassador for our stay. >> a mother, she was married once, never had any children, someone tell me that's why we were all her children. >> she seemed like a great woman. i wasn't lucky enough to meet her. there are 53 more days until america chooses a new president. hillary clinton is reblooming
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trump is just a few points under. she focused on north carolina. donald trump was talking about his plan to make childcare tax- deductible. do not forget to tune into the tonight show with jimmy fallon. donald trump will be a guest on the show. that is right after 12 news at 10 pm. daunting. >> valley man headed back to school and made it his mission to teach his classmates about the importance of voting. giving us a closer look at the project. >> reporter: he is a 48-year- old student at chandler, gilbert community college. >> i have children in college.
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students about voting. he then started project 3-d. >> i talked to the director at student life your. he took off with it. we created it together. >> reporter: from a personal perspective it is important for young people, told -- college students to be involved with the process. is all about reaching out to our students here and helping them understand how important it is to be involved in the democratic process.>> reporter: the program has grown so quickly that there holding multiple vents not only for students but for the entire community itself. >> it has been a process, for sure, with such a huge organization, it has been worth
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>> is the fully motivating me to be more of an educated voter. >> if one of these young people walk out of here and they are empowered with the sense of responsibility and they feel courageous and hopeful, about our democracy, then i have achieved my goal. >> it is important to vote. is important voices to be heard. we are loving these below temperatures. here is matt price -- pace. >> flagstaff was at 32 degrees and they warmed up to 69
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tomorrow we will start the day at 71 degrees, certainly get outside and enjoy that. 99 by the afternoon. it is a little bit below average for the summit your. as far as thunderstorm activity, it has moved into new mexico that is where it will stay for tomorrow. the monsoon meters sitting at zero. things will change copy of high pressure setting over texas, we are tracking this low pressure will pull moisture into the state. that will lead to a slight chance of thunderstorms. today, 65 degrees tucson, dirty 5 degrees like staff. the next seven days -- 75 degrees in flagstaff. and next seven days, there's a slight chance of rain next tuesday. it is a snapped to palmer.
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is career number touchdown 100. >> what a catch by, larry. >> it never gets old. it is his 100th touchdown catch. that's typical. when he was asked where it brings in his book, he said 97 from jerry rice. is a longshot motive -- longshot elliston place until he is 40 years old. it's about the next game, the tampa bay buccaneers come to town sunday and have to make sure that that offense does not wait till the second have to wake up.>> we have to start early, and keeping the defense on the sidelines. those guys had way too many
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>> we have -- last weekend. >> we have to do forward. it doesn't matter how we get it done.>> it is a thursday, meaning it is time for the throwback there's a moment. we will take you back to 2013, this is patrick peterson first career 200 reception -- interception. doing a victory for the cardinals. >> i didn't know that was in the last four manage of the game. -- four minutes of the game. but that was the first time having a two. game in my home state. it was a phenomenal game.
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in my home state. it was a phenomenal game. the kickoff against the tampa buccaneers is at 1:05 pm on sunday. coming up tomorrow and 12 today. >> the weekend is here cut let's have some fun. i have a rundown of things to do. the one thing at phoenix zoo. find out why oatmeal may help you sleep all starting tomorrow
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denny's introduced new buttermilk pancakes and now we're introducing free pancakes for kids. who's crazy idea was this? well, we're pretty sure we know who. for a limited time, kids get our new pancakes in any of these flavors,
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college football, much more than its being the first road game. asu has done well there recently but it is hard to lure the best players from texas to arizona. >> the have to compete with the big 12. that is a big challenge. they have done well. we continue to do both -- while
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inspirational uniforms. they will were these this week. each part of the jersey represents something special. it represents the ship. there are so many unique things . you have to check this out. >> it is really really cool. >> i love the details. that is the best part of the whole thing. >> thank you. what these people are doing in the video of the day. we will explain that will be returned. get it all
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coming up on 12 news at 6 pm. time high. the sheriff says that he is running tight ship. that is all do tonight at 6 pm. so far this year 29 children have died being left in trapped in a hot vehicle. study showed that it could happen anywhere, to anyone. we will tell you what is being
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>> this is really cool. there is a big team effort to rescue these amenities. working together to save the manatees. it is a team effort. >> look at these guys. where are you from? >> mesa? >> we love having you here. wave to the camera and say,
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breaking news tonight. police attacked. two officers assaulted by a man wielding a cleaver. the attacker shot at the scene, the fbi trying to determine, is this terrorism. don't use them. a new federal recall on the samsung phone blamed on sparking now growing fears about other samsung models as well. back on the trail, hillary clinton returns after her health scare, to a virtual dead heat in a new poll. and a new call for donald trump to release his taxes from the leader of the gop. desperate 911 call. an abducted woman leads police right to her captor. tonight the shocking discovery made at the scene. and sniffing out danger. an nbc news investigation revealing k-9 units at


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