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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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it's a fun friday on 12 the zoo. plus what do the cardinals need to do most to not start the season with two straight home losses. jimmy fallon messes up donald trump's hair. we'll get to that in a minute. a big fire on the freeway. team 12's brian west is live with more from the u.s. 60 near alma school. >> reporter: we're actually waiting to just turn around
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we saw several troopers. we passed over the freeway. we could see traffic was insanely backed up. at least hundreds and hundreds of cars. we were told by dps to turn around. this is us headed north. you can see the u.s. 60 sign right there. we're just going to pull up right here to where the 60 is and try to give you a better vantage point of the onramp. this is where traffic is off of the freeway. we're pulling up right here. we've seen plumes of smoke that have been coming in this area right now. it looks as if the smoke has gone down. we're hoping to get a better live shot here from mesa police. they've shut down this area right now. so we just were told the media area is behind us in a parking lot. we'll wait for the light to
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looking at. we have probably several hundred cars that are backed up. we see several flashing lights up ahead. the accident is just down the onramp on here. we're hoping to get a better vantage point. do you see the back up right here? hopefully you can see that. that's what they're dealing with. it looks like a complete stand still. u.s. 60 is completely shut down. we're going to turn around and get you a better live shot in a few minutes. >> for more on this, here's is avoid u.s. 60 at all costs. both directions in the east valley. not only do we now have the 60 east shut down. all lanes, off limits at the loop 101. what you're seeing here is the left over traffic behind this mess trying to get around. they're going to clear the freeway. no one will be allowed to head east of the 101. then we have the hov lane blocked on the westbound side of things. and the back up is going on for
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damage is done. seven vehicles involved is what we're finding out. a major mess on the 60. you saw the flames and the smoke earlier. though the smoke has cleared, damage done. and you're seeing the effects of this. this is another vantage point of everybody getting off the freeway at the loop 101. here's the solid wall of brake lights headed westbound. the fire was on the other side of things. and it's having just a major impact. so what you're going to want to do i, 60, i mean, i would just start off on the 202 in either direction. but make your way from the 101 to 202. red mountain or san tan freeway. if you're in the nearby area, and you need to hop around, maybe your work is in this area, use baseline or southern. stay off the freeway away from this. this is likely to impact the entire rush hour morning commute here. i want to show you what it's doing to travel times all ready. 17 minutes from gilbert to the 101. 21 miles per hour the average.
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things. so look at the 202. your options here. so much better. traffic is flying on those freeways. >> crystal, thank you, new this morning, we're learning that construction on the loop 202 will begin on monday. only eastbound traffic on to loop 202 san tan freeway will be effected by that construction. the 22-mile freeway extension is expected to open in about three years. the south mountain freeway will complete the loop 202 and loop 101 freeway system in the let's check your friday weather. >> you know what, weather right now, we have clear skies and just cool weather, temperatures continue to drop where it's 70 degrees for the downtown area. what a nice change for us here. clear skies, the radar's looking pretty quiet. but we have 70 downtown. buckeye at 60 degrees. we're still looking, hopefully we can see a 50-degree temperature in the valley.
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we can break that barrier. flag staff, colder by 1 degree than you were yesterday morning. 0 for the valley. for today, 92 to 97 degrees with mornings feeling fantastic. more on the weekend forecast, tailgate weather, anything else you're doing, and oktoberfest weather, that's all coming up. it's 6:05. hot headlines at 6:00, police are looking for this guy in connection with a sexual assault at the scottsville w hotel this month. officeon not he's a suspect. only that they believe he has information they need to solve the case. we've learned that phoenix's police chief will be pulling in close to $300,000 a year from taxpayers when she starts her new job next month. the new chief is jerry williams. she'll make $197,000 a year. she's all ready collecting a public safety pension of $84,000 a year for her previous service. who's ready to start talking playoffs ? with a win
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mercury have made the wnba playoffs. the playoffs start next wednesday. over night asu football coach todd graham tweeted out this picture. the sun devils are focused and ready. rock walk in san antonio, asu is on national television tonight as the team tried to start the season 3 and 0. they're playing the university of texas, san antonio. well, football is profitable, ask every teen in the nfl, forbes magazine team. so get this, the cards, they're worth more than $2 billion. with a b. the lowest team, the buffalo bills, at a billion and a half. the highest though, the dallas cowboys at $4.2 billion. and they haven't even made a super bowl in 20 years folks. but they are a love team, right rico? our floor director? oh yeah, from texas. >> ouch got to throw that in there about the super bowl
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about conservation while making us smile. team 12's jen wall is checking out what's new at the phoenix zoo. >> reporter: if you listen closely, the lions are waking up with us as well here at the phoenix zoo this morning. we're standing in front of one of the nature connects exhibits. you see we have a zebra and a rhino. and like you said, this is all exhibiting endangered species and conservation eco systems. very important here, as we try to save world. joining me live to talk about that, is linda with the phoenix zoo. >> thanks for coming this morning. 27 sculptures total. they're scattered all throughout the zoo. we've been installing them all week. horticulture is now coming in, putting finishing touches on a lot of sculptures. this rhinoceros is interesting, if you just get the right angle, it disappears as you go passed it symbolizing the
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zoo, they get to see animals, they get to have a connection with them. be inspired about what they can do to take care of animals in wild habitats around the world. >> it helps put it into perspective for us. maybe it's not something we think about everyday. for a younger generation, tons of kids out here checking this out all ready. hundreds of thousands of legos across the zoo with these sculptures, some weighing 625- pounds. i hear there's a life sized polar bear and some others. >> we have a with her cubs. it's over 600-pounds. and 133,000 legos. that's the biggest one we have here. >> reporter: finally this weekend, a huge grand opening, and there's a big celebration for all of this. >> saturday and sunday from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. we'll have our safari train running. you can hop aboard the train, complimentary, it'll take you throughout the zoo. you can get off at certain lego
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the sculptures are scattered all the way down to harmony farm at the other end of the zoo. >> so awesome. if you don't have time to check it out this weekend, don't worry, catch this through january 2nd and zoo lights is also going to be inner mingled with all of this art. an incredible time of year to check this out. we'll have ticket details coming up on our website, tram cannot wait to get the kids out? >> i can't wait, are begging me right now. i can hear them. tram is working your morning juice right now and talking about donald trump. >> did you see this folks ? this is hilarious. if you didn't, come to your screen right now. donald trump was a guest on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. first jimmy fallon thanked trump for giving him such great material to work with every single night. i love his impersonation of him. and then he did what so many of us have wanted to do.
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[ cheering and applause ] i'll be gentle. >> the answer is yes, but the people in new hampshire where i'm going to be in an hour from now, i hope they're going to understand. >> did you say yes? >> go ahead. [ laughter ] wow. donald trump everybody. >> i can't believe he went there. seriously. >> i can't believe donald trump let him do it. >> that's so true. okay. it's the real deal. it's not a toupee. >> that's more hair than i thought he had. >> it's very long. no kidding. >> good for you, that was hilarious. hillary clinton plans to sit down with jimmy fallon on
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tonight miley cyrus will be on the show. and she's on the today show this morning at the top of the hour. aparenly people, likely women can't get enough of the mini trailer for 50 shades darker. it's become the most viewed trailer in history folks. in its first 24 hours alone, this trailer right here was watched a whopping 114 million times across you tube, facebook, and instagram. sopu the old record holder was star wars, the force awakens, that was huge in and of itself, that trailer was only watched a mere 88 million times. 50 shades darker hits theaters next february. and you know we're going to get our jake taylor to go watch it. >> really? oh my. bring the towel. okay folks. let me go back and talk about
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men will use 95 to 100% of this. women will use 50% of this. but it often takes women longer to get this. so the question my friends, what is this? >> jay, the master of answers this morning. >> shaving cream. that's mine. shaving cream. >> that's a good one. >> why does it take women longer to >> what about computers ? >> computers ? >> take that back, remotes. high-end remotes. >> you got me on that one. i'm like steven, i can't get this to work. >> the remote, the phone, the laptop. >> any technology. my team, i can't get this to work. >> stumped again. >> keep your guesses coming in.
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to panic, jay taylor is up next with what needs to be done for the bird gang to remain confident. plus, more than 60,000 fans will drive out to the university of phoenix stadium to cheer on the team. jimmy is back in five minutes with your game day forecast. you're watching team 12. freaky fast.
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to me, practice, it's a different energy. i can feel the sense of urgency, of guys wanting to get back in that winning column. coach hasn't said much about it. but good teams don't lose twice. >> that's right. good teams don't lose twice. the cardinals need to win this you simply cannot lose your first two home games in the nfl. >> no, you can't, former cardinals jay taylor is here. we have the buccaneers this week on sunday. and their a quarterback just named nfc offensive player of the week. that's making me a little nervous. >> should be a little nervous. you're looking at a team with the tampa bay bucks that's a very good young team. you're talking about evans and jackson. two receivers that are 6-5. their quarterback is 6-5.
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touchdowns he had last week against atlanta on the road. the cardinals need to be prepared. this defense will be tested. if the offense comes out and does what it needs to do, gets that rust out. more efficient with david johnson, i think the cardinals should be okay. i think what's more important, like he said, good teams don't lose back-to-back games. good teams also are hard to make the super bowl if you start out 0 and 2. so there's a lot of things going on there. also this is a team that you might see you want to get this win at home. you want to take care of business. i think the cardinals will be focused. i think last week was a wake up call. and these guys understand now, it's like you know what, each week, just because they say we're supposed to be in the super bowl. it doesn't mean it's going to happen. we have to make that happen. >> talk about two things that can help that happen with guys going to the super bowl. david johnson and fits had about 08 years. fits receiving. johnson on the ground. will they perform as well this
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fitzgerald. the ultimate pro. he's going to be there. he's going to produce. they really need to lean on david johnson. he's a dynamic player. he runs the ball well, catches it out of the back field well. and has that speed and power to run people over. if they want to be successful. they need to start running the ball. running it well. that will help the passing game. allow them toby time, to stretch the field to throw the deep ball. i think that's what you'll see. a hedo and taking shots down field. >> because you used to play for the cardinals. your prediction, is you think the cardinals will win but it'll be close. >> i think the cardinals will win 24-20. it's going to come down to final two or three minutes in my opinion. >> we hope you're right, thank you for that. 6:18. we have an update on breaking news. we received viewer video of the traffic disaster on the u.s. 60 right now. take a look at this. there's a major fire on the freeway.
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viewer, crystal, this is a horrible situation. >> it is terrible. i mean we've seen cars catch fire on freeways before. but to learn that seven vehicles were involved in this, including a dump truck, look at the size of that fire ball. the flames shooting way up into the air. look at all of that smoke. it lasted for so long. this video is incredible. and i hope everybody was safe taking this picture on the westbound side of we never want to encourage you to do that if you're driving. but thank you for capturing that video if you are safely in the passenger seat, say, and you can share that with us. you're looking at the 60 eastbound shut down at loop 101. what you see here is the last of the vehicles that were stuck behind this fire finally getting around it by sneaking by. one lane only here in the hov lane to get around. no more smoke or flames as you can see here but evidence of
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around there. of what came earlier before. westbound lanes, boy, looks can be deceiving there. it seems like everything is moving without issue but not so fast. this is the traffic being forced off at loop 101. this is the westbound side of things here. where we have a major, major snag here heading up towards alma school. this is at country club. you can see the solid wall of brake lights here. and by the way, the hov lane is also shut down heading not to mention, you have all of the looky loos hitting the brakes and slowing down to see what's up on the eastbound side of things. don't hop on the 60 at all. use the 202. whether it be the red mountain freeway or the san tan freeway. you have the nearby streets. you don't want to deal with this in the westbound lanes. right now the loop 202 is looking great. in two minutes, i have some
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also, your shot of the morning has to do with art lovers and a very special toilet. we'll talk about that when 12
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team 12 continues to follow breaking news, a horrific scene out on the u.s. 60 in the east valley. sky 12 is now over a dump truck and what we're told, seven vehicles totaled that were involved in a crash and caught fire this morning. the u.s. 60 eastbound is shut down. this starts at the loop 101. you want to avoid this area the best you can. this was a huge fire that happened this morning. a dump truck caught fire that involved six ot avoid the u.s. 60 eastbound at the 101. crystal will have the latest. it's time for 12 today trivia. we're all about the phoenix zoo and its new nature connects art exhibit. the question we have for you, how many animals call the phoenix zoo home? any guesses? >> hundreds ? >> are you talking individual animals. >> not species.
6:25 am
>> over 300. >> way more than 300. >> 867. >> the answer, more than 1400. the place is packed. it also has 30 species of animals that are endangered or threatened. it's a great place for the family to go. they have animals made of legos that are incredible as well. we'll talk about that more this morning. it's time for some fun things to come. >> this weekend, wine, food, and live music, it's a great combination for all of us. >> ready to rock? head to tempe marketplace for the free concert series. starting at 7:00 p.m. tonight. for the foodies it's arizona restaurant week. about 100 restaurants are participating offering three course meals for a great deal. if you love wine, adults only are invited to the arizona science center, where you can unwind tonight from 6:00 to
6:26 am
tasting, live science demos, music, and more. tickets are $12 a person. >> cheers for that. >> i know. love it. our shot of the morning has to do with art and toilets. in most museums, you're never allowed to even touch the art. >> starting today at the museum, you can actually sit on the art. take a look at this. let's call this a royal flush as part of an italian artist replaced the toilet in the museum's fourth floor restroom with a fully functional replica cast in 18- carat gold. whoa. it sits in a unisex restroom. viewers are invited to use the solid gold toilet just as they would any other facility. anyone who pays the price of admission can use it. and a guard actually stands outside. the toilet will be cleaned
6:27 am
>> a spokesperson for the museum says this toilet evokes the american dream of opportunity for all. the opportunity to do your business i guess. >> that is crazy. >> would you use it? >> you know what, if i was there, why not? how many times do you get to say i squatted over a golden toilet? i'm not a sitter. big difference. >> stop it with the sound of working a 40 to 50 hour workweek and your boss doesn't seem to care. that might change. amazon changed the way we shop in your morning mix, could it change the way we work? and jen wall is live at the phoenix zoo, that and the latest on the traffic nightmare in the east valley, when we
6:28 am
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good morning. our top story riw, take a look at this. we have received some viewer video of the traffic disaster that is on the u.s. 60 right now of this major fire. you can expect major delays in the east valley. at least half a dozen vehicles, including a dump truck were involved in this fiery crash. we have team coverage for you. we begin with team 12's brian west who is live on the freeway with the very latest. brian? >> reporter: we just arrived on scene, watching this unfold.
6:31 am
degree vantage. this is actually where the accident is happening. just down the u.s. 60. these are eastbound lanes. this is around alma school. that accident is just below the bridge. which is extension road. now, what we're looking at is about seven or eight police vehicles. we also just saw a ambulance go on the on-ramp and head down that way. it looks like as far as the crash, there's no fire. when this first broke out, it was originally a dumpster truck, or a t fire. a car crashed into it. and then we saw about five other vehicles that were involved. i want to show you, take a look. the road completely open. when we got here, this roads was packed. hundreds and hundreds of drivers. but thanks to mesa pd. and arizona dps. they were able to divert traffic down here to the onramp and we've had officers out here directing them to get them around this horrific crash.
6:32 am
lingering, that was from this which broke out about 45 minutes toen a hour ago. but for now, we'll toss it back to you. live at the u.s. 60, brian west, 12 today. >> for more live team coverage on this crash, here's crystal. >> the u.s. 60, the freeway you want to avoid at all costs this morning. and i'm not just talking about the eastbound lanes that are shut down. i'm also talking to you, who are about to hop on the westbound lanes. avoid it and the delays are mounting. you're looking at live sky 12 video right now of what we learned. seven vehicles involved in this fiery crash this morning. the flames and the smoke are gone but damage is done. let's take a look at the domino effect as we switch things over to the adot cameras here. eastbound lanes, all off limits. traffic forced off at the loop 101 in either direction. crews working the scene here. doing their investigation.
6:33 am
solid wall of brake lights here. and it's getting longer and longer if you get stuck in it. your mo in the mean time, loop 202. whether it's the red mountain or the san tan freeway, that's your best bet. your other go-toes would include baseline, southern, something like that. who wants to get stuck in this? or that? you want to avoid the 60. 202, i mentioned that as being very driver-friendly. it so is. top speeds on the red mai from power road and the 10, sure beats that nightmare. we have great conditions, temperatures finally the change has begun. i can pretty much say the transition between our summer pattern and a fall pattern. the first indication is your mornings start to cool down. if you step outside, it feels great outside. a 70 downtown. that's the coolest we've been since way back in may. 66 for peoria, buckeye, 61.
6:34 am
i don't know if we're going to slide into 50-degree readings around the valley. we're at 31 degrees for flag staff, sedona, 57 degrees. this is the coldest flag staff has been all season long. below the freezing mark, usually september 24th, that's the first day of freeze up there in northern arizona. but 0 for the valley. tram, we don't have a good shot at rain, but all ready, i'm loving this transition with the cool weather. >> thank you, 6:34 now. results of a recount involving thousands of ballots in arizona's fifth congressional district are expected today. they should be announced at a court hearing. 86,000 votes were cast in a four-way primary. sheriff joe plans to appeal the first round of punishments issued over his decision to prolong his immigration patrols.
6:35 am
them stopped. he's filed court papers saying he intended on appealing a july 20th court order that requires an overhaul of sheriff's internal affairs investigations. part of arizona's history is gone this morning, sadly, a former governor, rose, the first female governor of this state has passed away at the age of 94. she died yesterday morning at a hospice facility. she had been there since she was hurt in a fall last month. she serd 1988 to 1991. the arizona department of education has released the latest az merit scores. they show students around the state improved in math and reading proficiency. 38% of arizona's more than 1 million students who are proficient in both the math and the reading portions of the az merit for the fall of 2015 and the spring of 2016. it's now 6:35, let's talk about ellen and the emmy's, tram has your morning juice.
6:36 am
here, ellen. today carrie underwood will make her tenth appearance on the show. in honor of this big milestone, ellen decides to give the singer quite a scare. >> so this is a picture of us ten years ago. >> oh my goodness. oh my goodness. well, all right. >> well, you look beautiful. and i think i got better. >> i think we both got -- >> that's amazing, right? >> ten >> i feel like -- i should give you a gift of some sort. i don't know what it should be. [ screaming ] >> i love it. i love it when she scares the celebrities. it's hilarious. okay so after the scare, carrie will perform her new single, dirty laundry. also on the show is actor seth rogan.
6:37 am
then stick around for 12 news first at 4:00. we're talking the 68th annual emmy awards at the microsoft theater in l.a. but you can't have an awards show without that right there. red carpet. when it arrived it was rolled out by producers and show host jimmy kimmel. crews are taking care of last minute finishes touching here. the awards broadcast is sunday night on another network. but get ready for valley. we're talking at the phoenix premium out lets. demi lavato and nick jonas make a special appearance at the shopping center. they're actually giving a q&a session with shoppers, and they're going to take pictures. two lucky shoppers will win tickets to see them live in concert along with a one on one meet and greet with the stars. how lucky are you? this afternoon's event is free.
6:38 am
i see crystal. she's raising her hand. she's like i'll go. q&a with nick jonas. >> hello, yes. >> i'll go check out demi. >> i thought you were more into the backstreet boys. >> that was back in the day. >> now she's fast forwarding to the future with nick. time for your juicy question of the morning right here. take a look at your screen. when on vacation, men will use 95 to 100% of women will use about 50%. what is this? now, if the percentages were turned around, i would say sunscreen. because i think women would probably use more sunscreen. but women only use 50%. >> the free toiletries they give you in the hotel. >> that's what i was going to guess. on vacation. >> oh, wow, clothes they pack.
6:39 am
we crystal? >> they could have said you over pack. >> seven pairs of shoes, three jackets, two blazers, eight shirts. >> do you want us to look good on vacation or lot? >> you can look good but plan better. >> it's better to over prepare than under, right? >> but there's over and then there's extremely over. >> we don't stick to the same, you know, shorts that's about it. >> if you sleep in your underwear you're fine. >> hair spray. >> you know who has to carry your luggage around? >> and we appreciate that muscles. attention parents, have you started your christmas shopping? if not, you might be in the minority. plus, the tram my workweek.
6:40 am
nine hours a day when you could do 30 hours a week. could it become the new norm? we'll talk about that in the morning mix. i'm going to get my
6:41 am
6:42 am
good morning to you. welcome back to 12 today. it's 6:42 on a gorgeous friday morning. and a very comfortable 70 degrees outside. we've dipped a little bit more.
6:43 am
30-hour workweek? amazon is trying it out with employees. these employees will still get the same benefits as a 40 hour worker but be paid 75% of what a full time employee makes. the spokesperson said this could work with the younger generation who want more of a work life balance without putting in 40 or 50 hours a week. the first question here is someone who works 30 hours can be productive as someone who works 40 hours a week. >> i definitely think so. we say this a lot in the news so knowing that, you know, you're not going to be working an extra ten hours, then you're very deliberate, you're very focused on what you need to do. don't interrupt. don't disturb me, i have work to do. >> put on the headphones and you're good to go. >> a lot of people multitask. when you say 30 hours. you're working from home a lot of times too. there's certain times you're doing work you don't realize it's still work.
6:44 am
getting back to people. social media. >> i can see this maybe for someone looking for a second job on the side. they don't want to put in 40 hours. they're trying to make more money. i can see a lot of young kids wanting to do that. >> oh gosh yes, the millennials, it's all about that work/life balance. they want to go out and travel and do things and experience things. >> but let's be honest here, 47 million americans live in poverty. can they afford to the salary a full-time employee makes. >> i think it's pointed to a certain subset of people. the person looking for that type of job. or that second job. i don't think somebody would do that as their full time gig. especially if you're trying to pay the bills. you need that extra over time. so this is for a certain set of people, they just need a little spending money.
6:45 am
though? >> i think it's more -- so you have part time, and then you've got the ones who work a little more than part time. like the 30 hours. but it goes back to that work/life balance. some people, they don't want to sacrifice their family time. they still want to spend time with their kids. or what have you, or travel, or go places. a long extended camping weekend, what have you. >> would you take a 25% pay cut, if you were guaranteed that you would just work 30 hours a week. >> 25% pay cut. give up $100. that's no question. but here's the thing. >> 25% of your paycheck is a lot of money. >> it is a lot of money. and it's hard. as a mom of twins, they're only two. i never have enough time in the day. i'm stretched from the moment i get up to the moment i go to bed. but i love what i do. i'm still in it. and i love it. and when that love, you know is not as enormous, then, i would
6:46 am
i'm having a good time. >> for me, it's a situation, it depends on your situation, if you're in a situation that you can do that, then you would do something like that. if you can't, you wouldn't. >> what about you, you're asking us all these questions. >> i wouldn't, no. work hard. not to say you're not going to work hard if you work 30 hours. but i love what i do. the work-life balance for me, this is my life. work is my life. let us know what hit us up on facebook and twitter. we're going back to our top story. a big fire on the freeway. team 12's brian west is live with more near the u.s. 60 and alma school. >> reporter: that's where we were for the last hit. we moved closer to the accident. we're at extension. what we now know is this dump truck was headed westbound. take a look at the center median. we see skid marks going straight into them.
6:47 am
concrete, debris over there. to the right of the accident, we see four or five people standing on the side talking with people with the arizona department of public safety. what else we can see, i don't know if you can see, if we zoom in right over here, there was a white truck that was also involved in this accident. it appears that this truck was headed westbound along u.s. 60. that's when for some reason it went through the center median. we're hoping to get more information for you and bring you this accident, here's crystal henderson. loop 202. that's the game plan around this. and you're going to need that alternate route throughout the morning rush hour. we're looking live right now. sky 12, the pieces left behind from that fiery crash. portions of the freeway. you saw other angles too with what was left of the vehicles tangled together there and burnt to pieces here. all eastbound lanes of the 60
6:48 am
loop 101. there's another vantage point of what we're left with here after that terrible morning fire there. you do see the median that was, you know, just torn down there as that truck went through it. and still learning more about this crash, and what's involved with it. whether there's injuries or anything like that. we'll keep you posted on 12 today in the mean time, i don't know how many times to say it to you. but do not get on the 60. we're not just talking about the eastbound lanes. we're talking about the bo and the solid wall of traffic that is slowly creeping for miles trying to get to this point. by the way, hov lane in this westbound side of things also off limits here at alma school. so, 202, whether we're talking red mountain or san tan is a good option for you. in the mean time, another crash here, possibly involving a motorcycle is blocking the ramp on the 60. this is westbound just before
6:49 am
here for you. again looking back here at the picture, or lines keep getting longer on the 60. and i don't want to leave you out if perhaps maybe the 60 isn't part of your route to work. the 10 looking slow. the 101. the 10 westbound. building volume on the 202 san tan and the 101. if you need an alternate route, the red mountain looks smoother than the san tan. right now starting out with great weather. it seems that the transition has begun. we're getting into the cool season here. and 60 for the san tan valley. flirted with the 50s early on this morning. in another month or so we'll see more owe of that. we'll see more of that. so far down to 70 this morning in downtown phoenix. how long has it been since we've seen that? all the way since may 31st before we had cool temperatures. for the high country, so far, flag staff, 31 degrees this
6:50 am
so we're really doing pretty good here. hopefully we can put an end to this and get into the cool temperatures. look out mountain, beautiful skies. as far as sunday, the average high temperature for sunday will be 100 degrees. we're going to be a little above that, 105. and february 5th, the super bowl, the average temperature is 69 degrees. temperatures keep going down. we're going in the right direction now. a couple storms north of us. but pretty quiet here. bus stop weather, matt, i think we'll be looking pretty nice too. look for temperatures, 74 to 79 degrees early on for the kids. 97 for phoenix. 81 for payson. and tailgate weather will be excellent out there. temperatures in the 80s. a high of 102 degrees.
6:51 am
chance of storms next week. 6:50 now, new this morning in your hot headlines, we're learning that construction on the loop 202 south mountain freeway will begin on monday. only eastbound traffic on to the loop 202, san tan freeway will be effected by this construction. the 22-mile freeway extension is expected to open in about three years. it's now 52 days until we head to the poles this morning. senator john mccain will host a town hall meeting to talk about the current state of obama care. > she's feeling great. she made her first public appearance since a bout with pneumonia yesterday. this morning she's set to hold an event in virginia and be joined by first lady michelle obama. in one hour, donald trump will hold a campaign event in dc at the trump international hotel, mean time, donald trump's campaign spokesman says the republican presidential candidate now believes president obama was born in the u.s. well, you've heard about it, and you've seen it, now you can actually buy it.
6:52 am
the only problem is, if you didn't preorder, you may not get what you want. apple says initial quantities of the iphone 7 plus are sold out worldwide. twitter launched its first thursday night football streams on its website last night and the reaction was pretty positive for the game between the jets and the bills. the stream was free of any major glitches. 6:52 now, stick around, we have a final check of weather and very important traffic news from the east valley before you start your
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back to 12 today, it's 6:55. do you want to sit in this for five miles? i didn't think so. the 60 eastbound is shut down at the loop 101. the delays are getting lo so use the 202 instead. red mountain or san tan, it's a lot more driver-friendly. taking a look at the big picture too. you can see rush hour playing its part on the 10 westbound, the 10 eastbound, the 101, you name it. we've got slow spots. a 50 minute drive from the 303 to downtown. speaking of the 60, yeah, again, looking at very slow traffic approaching the 101. 13 minutes there.
6:56 am
go-to if you decide to hop on it there, you'll run into modest slowing on your way to the mini stack. 202 san tan from power road to the 10, 20 minutes. great day for today, starting out as cool as we've been all the way since way back in may. we're going to be dry right through the weekend forecast. here's your seven-day forecast. i'm just so excited about this. i'm becoming -- people are starting to talk to me again around town. it's like i did something to them. 105 for sunday for the cardinals game. and of course the chance of storms as we finish off monsoon. and fall starts next week on thursday. >> six more days until fall. we cannot wait. final take aways now, big game sunday, the cards are going to win. hopefully, fingers crossed, kickoff 1:05 against the buccaneers and you're thinking they will win. >> i think they will win, 24- 20. >> that sounds like a good
6:57 am
it's being taken away from you. you're not going to see snowden or blair witch but you're going to see bridget jones this weekend. >> he's sensitive. >> and 50 shades darker when it comes out next year. >> yes. and that's actually my take away, 50 shades, 114 million women i'm saying has viewed that. more than 88 million for star wars. that blows my mind. >> will it >> no. >> they'll watch the trailer but they won't go see it. there's a lot of bored housewives out there. that's what that tells us. there's an electronics company in virginia that lets you take your dog to work everyday. and i'm totally going to be at phoenix premium out lets for nick jonas. and get demi lavato's autograph.
6:58 am
fork. they'll take on san antonio. big time. when in rome. good team. great team. >> thank you so much for watching everyone. make sure you stay with us all morning here on 12 news and on we'll have the latest of what is a traffic disaster out in the east valley, one more time for you, this dump truck we're told crossed the center median, so right now, eastbound u.s. 60 at the loop 101 is shut down. we're told about six cars slammed into that dump truck and caught on fire. it's going to there for a number of hours. >> just an awful situation. and we're hoping and praying that hopefully there are no fatalities in this crash. we're waiting for word on that. of course we'll get you more details when we come back in a half hour for another news update. thanks for watching everyone. the today show is next. 12 news salisbury on and your favorite social media
6:59 am
12 news is always on
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when will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry? >> this morning trump about to make what he's describing as a major statement on the controversy. we'll be live with the latest. burn notice. a new federal recall of those samsung phones blamed for sparking dozens of fires. this morning, growing concerns that other models could overheat


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