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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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picking up the pieces after a plane goes down in the east valley.. team 12's jen wahl has the story.. plus.. construction on the south mountain freeway.. starts today -- and it could impact your commute. and the emmys get political.. what you missed from last morning juice. ???adlib welcome ???toss weather
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today.. workers continue removing wreckage from a weekend plane crash. team 12's jen wahl has our top stories this morning from
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checking your headlines now.. this morning.. extra security morning.. extra security is being called in to a tempe school.. after a threat was made over the weekend. it's directed at corona del sol high school. police say the threat is not credible but they will have an increased presence at the school today -- as a precaution. today we're learning the man accused of driving his car into three police officers -- is in the hospital. the incident happened last week -- and just this sunday.. maricopa county sheriff's
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yet to return to jail. no word on what he is being treated for. payne is due back in court this week. a man reported missing from the green valley area has been found dead in southern arizona. bishop buckle was missing since saturday and pima county deputies found his body last night. reports are out this morning that phoenix's housing market is nearly back on top as the best in the u.s. according a new report from our housing market is one of the to markets in the in the co values have skyrocketed over the past five year.. and the rate of foreclosures has dropped significantly. tonight.. construction is scheduled to finally begin on the loop 202 south mountain freeway. team 12's nico santos is live with how this could affect some valley drivers... tonight... construction is scheduled begin on the freeway. with how this some valley crews should start placing concrete barriers in the's a quick project ahead of the added the main line to reconnect at i-10 in the west valley.this graphic shows the planned route for
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start getting built just yet. meantimecrews will start with improvements along the pecos segment.there are expected to be done setting up rush hour tomorrow morning. shoulders are being widened, and the loop 202 high- occupancy vehicle lanes will be extended over i-10 to 48th street.only eastbound traffic onto loop 202 san-tan freeway will be affected by the construction.previously.... a federal judge previously.... a federal judge heard arguments over the freeway project. opponents believe highway planners violated laws meant to protect the environment.but as it stands -- construction for the main-line of loop 202 should start sometime next year. the 22-mile freeway extension is expected to open in about in
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our arizona cardinals beating the tampa bay buccaneers 40 to 7 buccaneers 40 to 7 yesterday.. 12 sports insider jay taylor joins us now with his take.. ???can carson palmer prove to be a consistant qb?
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continues to put up impressive numbers numbersimpressive put up continues to johnson ???david
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it's money-saving monday.. and this morning.. we'll being giving you tips on how to save a few extra bucks.. today's tip -- try generic brands of items you buy regularly. add up.. and you might discover the store brand is just as good as the name brand. often times.. the only difference between the two is marketing. jeb bush is riding out the rest of this election season.. his hilarious cameo last night at the emmys.. that's coming up in the morning juice. it's a 12 it's a 12
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$50 gift card to any of the participating restaurants. don't change that channel.. 12 today is back in two minutes. ###break### ###break###
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there are still more there are ###break######break### there are still more questions than answers this morning.. after an explosion rocked new york city saturday night. it happened in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. at least 29 people were hurt.. but no one was killed. a second just this morning.. a pipe bomb exploded at train station in new jersey. right now.. five people are being questioned. president barack obama will be in new york city today -- on separate business. he will attend several events surrounding the united nations general assembly. this is in preparation for tomorrow.. when the president will speak to the assembly. a baseball game in denver was delayed friday night -- due to hail.. the storm sent both fans and players running for cover.. just before the bottom of the ninth
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pulled out the tarp.. and several players were filmed filling their caps and water cups with the hail. n-b-c took home several emmys last night.. "saturday night live's" kate mckinnon won for best supporting actress in a tv comedy.. meanwhile.. "the voice" won for best reality competition series -- that's the second year in a row. but the real year in a row. but the real winner of the night was "the people vs. o.j." the f-x show won best limited t-v series.. as well as a string of ???toss morning juice a lot of laughs last night at the emmys..emmys.. host jimmy kimmel kicking things off with a hilarious video.. of his road to the microsoft theater in l-a. the clip has plenty of cameos -- from "modern family's" the dunphies.. to family's" the dunphies.. to james corden and veep's julia louis-dreyfus.
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cast member kate mckinnon's impersonations of hillary clinton and ellen degeneres -- no doubt helped her win her first emmy.. which probably explains why mckninnon -- despite holding back tears -- thanked the two in her acceptance speech.. and both hillary clinton and ellen returned the favor.. tweeting their congratulations. time for your juicy question of the morning. when you buy this.. you are paying a mark up. but we buy this
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all this week.. we have secrets to preventing hair loss. research shows that it's possible to thicken your hair through your diet according to prevention. so one secret food you should be eating is... salmon! hair is a protein fiber which means you need to eat protein to grow new strands and keep the existing ones strong. so salmon has
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in women thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. be the office hero today.. how you can score a dozen free donuts.. the details are just a half hour away.. just 50 days to go until the election.. and the candidates are neck-in-neck. 12 today is back in three minutes with more. ###break### more.
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the events of the past 48- hours are already playing into the presidential race.. donald trump and hillary clinton are both reacting in very different ways to news of an explosion in new york city.. team 12's hallie jackson
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you don't want to miss "the tonight show".. hillary clinton will be joining jimmy fallon. last time ms clinton was on the show.. fallon had her open a jar of pickles to prove she was healthy. no word on what he has up his sleeve for tonight. you can watch that right after 12 news at ten.. still ahead on 12 today.. does "bridget jones' baby" live up to the original? team 12's jay taylor is in with his take.. one man goes to great lengths to get his phone back.. we'll explain what that's coming up in the morning juice. 12 today is
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an incredible story - as hits a home in gilbert...and everyone walks away.we're live with the latest on this... police across the valley busy with several overnight shootings.details where they happened... how far would you go to save your cellphone?one guy managed to take the whole ?stuck between a rock and a hard place thing a little too seriously. ???adlib welcome
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