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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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partly cloudy skies. 77 at 7:00. we're in the 80s by 8:00. light winds, grab the leash and the collar, fido will want to drag you around the block a few times with temperatures like these. 75 at this time in some neighborhoods. and 81 degrees by 8:00. it's such a pleasant morning out there. and you're going to enjoy it on your ride into work this morning. maybe live dangerously, throw down the windows, and open up the sunroof. it's for your evening rush hour, 96 by the time 7:00 rolls around. we have chance for showers and storms. more on thatcoming. a man taken into custody after allegedly pulling a gun on an officer. >> reporter: this started as a traffic stop over night that
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trigger of the gun being pulled. no bullets were involved. all ever it all ended behind us. to set the scene. it started at 1:30. a trooper conducted a traffic stop near the indian school road exit. it started pretty normal, standard, the trooper asking for the man's license and registration and getting that. but at the same time, he noticed a large bag of drugs, likely marijuana, in the car. the driver something, at that time the trooper backed away saying her heard a loud click. which he only describes as the trigger of a gun being pulled but the gun was empty. the trooper later found him at this apartment complex. the man was hiding in one of the bushes here. at this time, he's in custody as investigators continue to question him. >> scary situation out there. thanks for the update. coming up on 6:02. hot headlines this morning, the
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looking for this 28 yeared man for questioning in a new york city bombing. he's identified as ahmad khar hahami. an explosion on saturday injured 29 people. authorities found five devices in a bag in new jersey. one of the devices explode. the bag was found near a new jersey train station officials to suspend service. more hot headlines, 12 news confirmed this man accused of running over multiple phoenix police officers at a quick trip is now in the hospital. we're working to find out exactly why mark pain was taken to the hospital and why his condition is not being released. he was arrested last week and faces several counts of attempted murder after reportedly trying to run over three police officers. the incident was captured on surveillance tape. there will be an increased
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sol high school in tempe. the tempe police department wants everyone to know the threat is not credible. the increased police presence is for precautionary reasons. phoenix's housing market is back on top as the best in the whole country. according to this report from home values have skyrocketed in the past five years. the rate of forclosures has dropped significantly. construction on the loop south mountain freeway will begin tonight. only eastbound traffic will be effected by the construction. the 22-mile freeway extension is expected to open in about three years. now let's check your traffic this morning. >> monday's off to a good start. we have good, nice, cool weather. no accidents to report at 6:03 this morning. we have stop and go traffic on the 10 headed east.
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adot camera. traffic is moving well in both directions. the sun is shinning on that area. let's take a look at the big picture. the only issue we have is the 10 eastbound. it starts at 83rd avenue and continues to go slow into downtown phoenix. for east valley drivers, things are looking good. 60s good in both directions. same thing with the 202 san tan. travel times, northbound. indian school road will take you 12 i'll take a close look to let you know if anything changes this morning. today workers continue removing wreckage from a weekend plane crash. team 12's jen wall has one of our top stories from gilbert. >> reporter: good morning to you, tram, looking at this home now that the sun is coming up, we're getting a better picture of it. and it's hard to believe that
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so go ahead and take a lookment we're going to start with the damage on the left side of the house. you can see the window blown out. some smoke there. a huge crack in the side. the roof completely caved in. two people were inside at the time when the plane crashed into this house. and they are also okay. you can see the windows in the front are blown out. you can see straight into the house. curtains hanging and the couple's vehicles still in the garage more than 24 home just after 7:00 p.m. saturday night here near gilbert and ray. firefighters say a man and woman were inside the home when the plane blew through the roof. miraculously, they were not hurt. the home, unsalvageable. and neighbors are pitching in this morning creating a go fund me page for them. the pilot of the plane was ejected and rushed to a burn center. the pilot radioed in that the plane was having problems just
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to be a sky diver, parachuting out of the burning plane before it crashed into the house. firefighters said he suffered second and third degree burns to his arms and upper body and is in the hospital in stable condition this morning. a lot of people in the east valley are sharing his go fund me page. it identifies the pilot at ryan kilgor from tempe. she was flying to a planned jump in gilbert for the annual plane landed safely at the event at the gilbert civic center before the crash. there are links to both of the go fund me pages at go to our website and click on this story. live in gilbert, jen wall, 12 today. this morning we're talking about sex scenes and the voice. >> my goodness. emma is back with the morning juice. well i'm glad i can bring this to you. this afternoon, stars of how --
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appearance on the ellen show. with any interview with ellen, you never know when the conversation will go. >> throw me up against the wall. i threw my back out for two weeks and my hip. i limped around for two weeks and i said no more walls. i just want to be on a bed and i don't want to move. i don't want anyone on top of me. i don't want to be anybody else. >> all right viola davis also talks about her daughter's love for beyonce and future aspirations to be an actress. maybe not that kind of actress. you can catch ellen today at 3:00. and things really get going
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not bad. the season premier of the voice airs right here at 7:00. major changes. we get alisha keys and the artist formerly known as hannah montana. as with every season, it should be a lot of fun. right after the voice tonight, we get an hour preview of nbc's new after life comedy, the good
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parks and rec. hopefully this will stand up to that. three out of four of us could do this as a kid. three out of four adults say they can't do this any more because they might hurt themselves. so we want to know, what is this? are you guys the same as me? everyone who is responding is saying cart wheels. >> swing on a swing set from cindy. >> that's a good one. sp hand stands. >> what about double dutch. >> i could never master that. >> jump rope. >> that was really tough. >> just jump rope in general. >> could you do it? >> one way, i could run into it. i had to time it. >> and run right out. and somebody else jumped in, i got all screwed up. >> keep your guesses coming in. we'll have answers in a half hour. each week we see the red sea rise on sunday.
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and does our jay taylor agree with those findings. what cardinals superstar ran around the field dressed as that?
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this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history.
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we'll build from it. we'll make our first road trip this week. it's going to take more effort than we've been putting in to get a win on the road, all right. division's all evened up. all right. everyb week's a big week now. every week's a big week. let's go. >> that's right. it's time to fly east and get ready for the buffalo bills. the cardinals looking ahead after a huge win at home over tampa bay. yesterday we were joined by 12 sports insider and former cardinal jay taylor. >> the defense was lights out. >> they were definitely lights out. you talk about the defense a week before against the new england patriots. struggled a little bit. giving up big plays.
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there. patrick peterson getting that earlier interception in about the first three minutes of the first quarter. and from that point on the defense never looked back. and you talk about james winston, he played very good the week before against the atlanta falcons. four touchdowns, 280-yards. this defense stepped up, shut the running game down. and helped the offense. gave them the space they needed to get that offense going. >> the offense put up more than ya game. what happened this week that didn't happen a week ago against new england? >> first of all, they started off fast. they got their tempo going. they made good plays. larry fitzgerald making catches. david johnson squeezing out tough runs. and that got the offense doing. offense is all about rhythm and timing. once you get that rhythm and timing going, things click. that was my problem with the preseason. they didn't get that going. that's why they struggled the
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they have to keep it going. going on the road, it's tougher for offense to get going. they have to start fast. >> real quick, for the bills, how does that play out? >> the cardinals should win. but it's tough. the team is 0 and 2. they fired their offensive coordinator. but they do have a dominant defense. this offense will have to work on things and play them well. but i think defensively they can handle the buffalo bills offense. it's a matter if the offense gets going fast. >> forbes magazine is a list of supposedly the best fans in the nfl. the packers followed by the dallas cowboys and the denver broncos. do you agree? >> when you talk about the packers, you're born a packer. you have no option. okay. you're looking at a town and a city, they're the only people owned team. the actual people of greenbay own the packers.
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your family members are on the wait list. so i think that's fitting. and you can say that for the minnesota vikings, the chicago bears, that midwest area, denver, dallas is the same thing, they're america's team that started in the 70s. that makes a big difference for a lot of people. you think about what dallas represents. they were on a tv show. you know. you think about roger. he's a military guy. ended up winning super bowls. that. >> for many, they're a childhood favorite. >> exactly. exactly. i can see that. >> when i played in kansas city, that was a tough place. it was always packed out. look at seattle because of their success. i think as things progress on. you'll see changes. but the oldies but goodies stand out. >> 6:16 right now. let's check your traffic on this monday. here's vanessa. >> i agree the cardinals fans are the best.
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report. that's good news for you on this monday. it's a good way to start the week. i have a live look from our adot camera. the 10 at the mini stack. traffic is moving along really well. let's head to the max and take a look at the big picture to see how things are looking. it's stop and go on the 10 eastbound into downtown phoenix. it's definitely slowing around 75th avenue and it continues to 35th avenue. other slow areas around the valley, if you're using grand, peoria. no major issues to worry about there. another area, around seventh street. we have stop and go in that area. no accidents. i'll keep you updated if anything changes. but the weather was so amazing this morning when i stepped outside this morning. >> it feels so comfortable out there. how about this for a little bit of a motivation on your monday? when you look at today's date in the climate books.
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digits. 99 degrees. unfortunately, we won't live up to that expectation today. we might get into that century mark again. maybe pushing it to 103. but in the day's ahead, we'll live up to that expectation. wait until we get further down on that line graph. it'll be so nice out there. here's a look at the score card so far. since we typically say bye year. average is 109. where we over achieved is the tally on the 110-degree days. there were 30. the record is 33. way too close for comfort on that. three days until the official first day of fall. 25 days until we're tracking high temperatures in the 80s. 53 days until snow bowl open. you'll hit the slopes in no time. 66 days until thanksgiving. all right. clouds are starting to take
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radar, we'll be ringing some rain out of them later on tonight, in the mean time, my goodness, are they making for a stunning sunrise. i mean it's on fire this morning. you should check out the one photo i posted on my facebook and twitter, it's just glowing orange and red. here's another look here. we can't get enough. this is from downtown. also seeing the sky light up. that's the theme today. mixture of sun and clouds. really plain old clouds tonight. we really boost it in the southwestern part of the state here. up to an 8. we'll go with a 2 for the valley in southeastern arizona. those numbers will get an upgrade by tomorrow. a 4 for northern arizona. and a 3 for the white mountains. some of the showers and storms could be locally heavy. you might get a good drenching down pour out of this. we're tapping into tropical
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it's barely a hurricane. it will weaken to a tropical storm soon as it gets closer to us. and that's when we'll draw upon that moisture and bring in those chances for rain. let's jump ahead to the seven- day forecast now, shall we? you have to keep your eye to the sky for showers and storms right through wednesday. big drop off on the thermometer. but humidity will be on the increase. then by the weekend, start making plans now. highs in the low 90s. a low temperature of 66 on saturday. tram? >> sounds good. who's hungry this morning. arizona restaurant week is here. and we want you to have dinner on us. and who is ready for halloween? just because you make millions playing for the arizona cardinals doesn't mean you can't dress up like an iconic movie villain. we'll find out who that is when
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if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
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good morning. welcome back to 12 today. we continue to follow this story of a small single engine plane that slam into a home in gilbert over the weekend. these are live aerials from sky 12 over the scene. you can really see all the damage this plane caused. the two people inside this homemade it out and are okay. we're told the pilot of that plane is in the hospital. team 12's jen wall is just
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minutes on 12 today. as we approach 6:24 on this monday morning. let's get to your 12 today trivia. a season premier of the voice tonight. this is the eleventh season. our question to you which is supposedly too easy. who were the judges on the first season? i couldn't remember. that's why i wrote the question. think back to 2011. any last minute guesses. >> we know for sure, c lo and >> they were the first to sign on. christina aguilera made it official. and the last to join the show, my favorite judge, blake shelton. this season, blake and adam. and miley cyrus, and alisha keys. the voice premiers tonight at 7:00 on 12. who won season one? >> javier colon. >> where is he now? we do not know.
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hey foodies. this is your week. because it's arizona restaurant week. from sizzling southwestern and comfort foods to five-star dining on international fair. get ready to dig in. we're talking three-course meals for 33 or $44. restaurants that are participating. include kafe bink. tryst ca many more. you have until sunday to enjoy the menus, for a complete list check out my twitter and facebook page. coming up, keep watching, we'll give you a chance to win a 50- dollar gift card for restaurant week. more than enough for prefixed menus. horizon shot of the morning comes to us thanks to the arizona cardinals. quarterback carson palmer came
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the outfit is the result of a most friendlily game played during practice by the cardinals. they try to lob balls into a garbage can, the winners get to choose a game day outfit for the losers, patrick peterson is part of this as well. the marshmallow manmade his debut when the original ghost busters was released. i'm pretty impressed he can still do those drills. look at those he might want to dress like this every week. >> i saw that before the game. what was going through my head, if carson palmer has a bad game. do you go back to the fact that he was joking around before the game. but it worked. something worked really well. >> so let's keep it going. 6:26. just ahead on 12 today, don't panic, brace yourself, some
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hollywood. we know who won the awards in the morning mix. we'll talk about fashion at the emmy awards.
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good morning. it was a dry weekend. it was a warmer weekend. but prepare yourself for big weather changes. new research has many asking, does marijuana make people skinny? plus the new morning mix, we'll have your red carpet review of the emmys. >> that and more coming up on 12 today. good morning, we begin with breaking newsings the fbi just released this moster trying to track down ahmad khan states citizen of afghan descent. 30 people were injured in that blast on saturday. there are several reports out that he could be part of a terror cell. he's considered extremely dangerous. fbi agents pulled over a car in brooklyn. and were questioning occupants in connection with this investigation. the hunt for the suspect comes hours after a backpack that appeared to contain a pipe bomb
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examined it at a new jersey train station. once again, the fbi is trying to find this man ahmad khan raha mi. a source is telling cbs news that five people were being intire gated in that car -- interrogated in that car were pe we are in the final days of summer, and we could be ending it with some rain. >> what a way to wrap up summer no less. well, it's tomorrow that you'll probably be flicking on those windshield wipers. but this morning, the weather isen our side. it's going to be a beautiful drive into work. so pleasant out there. temperatures range from 75 to 84 degrees for the morning rush. partly cloudy skies. clouds will be on the increase throughout the day. and we'll throw in that slight chance for showers and storms on your drive home.
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that we'll be ringing the rain out of the clouds. 103 is the possible high temperature today. 96 degrees by the time rush hour is over. let's take you hour by hour. this is our initial stab at how we think things play out in the over night. boosting chances for showers and storms after midnight to a 20% chance, a 30% chance tomorrow morning. and then a 40% chance for the rest of the day. in the mean time, dry air is calling the shots. look at these dew pois. pleasant today. then steamy tomorrow and wednesday as we track the chances for showers and storms. tram? crystal, thank you, authorities are investigating ideatedly over night shooting in guatalupe. nico santos is on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: we're working to confirm a lot of information here. this happened at 10:30 last night. what you can see behind us is that sheriff deputies are still on scene here investigating for
6:33 am
about a gunshot in the guatalupe area. this is all happening near priest drive and guatalupe. and this particular road right here is blocked off on both sides. and it has been for the last eight hours or so. you're seeing video yesterday after the call came out as investigators arrived to the scene to start their investigation. one person is dead is all we understand here. what led up to the shooting. and what they're working to figure out. in the mean time, this neighborhoon blocked off. live in guatalupe, 12 today. 6:33 is your time. hot headlines, police tell us a man was shot a couple hours ago near 37th street and thomas. he was rushed to the hospital. he's expected to survive. police have not made any arrests. and there will be an increased police presence at corona del sol high school in tempe this morning because of a
6:34 am
credible. there will be more officers on campus today stating the safety of the students in the schools is their top priority. construction on the loop 202 south mountain freeway will begin tonight. only eastbound on to the loop san tan freeway will be effected by that construction. the freeway extension is set to open in three years. a check of traffic this morning, here's vanessa. >> traffic is looking good at a lot of slowing. typical for this time of the morning. a live shot, the 10 eastbound at 67th avenue. it's moving along. but slow around 75th. but that's usual around this time. let's head to the maps and look at the big picture, we have red spots and yellow spots. and orange which means things are slowing down. i'll give you a closer look at some of those areas. grand is slow around camel back in you're going in that direction. and the 101 eastbound, things
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cave creek headed eastbound. be careful of that. let's look at travel times on the 10 from the 303, 41 minutes. if you're on the 17 from the 303 to the split, 30 minutes. and on the 60 headed westbound. the 202 to the 10, 18 minutes. but i'll keep you updated if anything changes this morning. thank you vanessa. a plane crashes into a house, and amazingly everyone gilbert with the latest. jen? >> reporter: good morning to you, matt, incredibly hard to believe that everyone walked away from that crash. the pilot did suffer burns to his upper body. but let's get a look at the damage on the home. you can see the left side. there's a huge crack that pretty much runs most of the top of the house. you can see exactly where the plane landed. only damaging this home right here behind us.
6:36 am
there are pieces of the home in the front yard. some window screens. part of the garage. you can see through the front windows of the home. if we walk over to the garage, you can see the couple who lives here, their two vehicles are inside. but they are not. now there's a fence here as crews will continue to work on this home. the plane plummeting into the house after 7:00 p.m. on saturday near gilbert and ray. firefighters say a man and woman were inside when they were not hurt. the home unsalvageable. the pay lot was ejected and rushed to a burn center. the pilot radioed in that the plane was having problems just before communications cut out. incredibly, he's also said to be a sky diver, parachuting out of the plane before it crashed into the house. firefighters said the pilot suffered second and third degree burns to his arms and
6:37 am
hospital now in stable condition. a lot of people in the east valley are sharing his go fund me page too, identifying him as ryan kilgor from tempe. he was flying the arizona sky hawks, a valley parachuting team to a planned jump in gilbert for the annual constitutional fair. all the sky divers from the plane landed safely at the event at the gilbert civic center right before the crash. now, we do have links to the go fund me pages on our website, and if you'd like to help out any of the folks involved, go there, click on th you're able to get those link. for now, live in gilbert, jen wall, 12 today. all right jen, thank you, 6:37. let's get to your morning juice. >> if you were not watching the emmy awards last night, you probably saw your twitter feed explode with tweets about kate mackinnon. she won in a comedy award trophy. during her speech, she thanked
6:38 am
and finally, thanked hillary clinton whom she's impersonated countless times on snl. and hillary clinton tweeted back. she sent her is this tweet. congratulations on your emmy, kate, big fan of yours too. tonight hillary clinton sits down with jimmy fallon. last week he received permission to mess up donald trump's hair. many are waiting to see what he has in store for the democratic presidential candidate. you can catch the show right here on 12 news at 10:00. coming up after 12 today, nick jonas stops by the today show. he's going to talk about why he wants to become an accomplished actor. he wants to talk about his range. he wants to go from a boy band actor to a gritty actor who wins awards. he was in phoenix for a concert with demi lovato. crystal, this is you.
6:39 am
okay. crystal henderson was out there as well. she got very close to them. but she wasn't able to get a selfie. which i know was the point of going, right? >> well, of course. >> well, how were they? when they passed by? >> well, as you could see, all smiles. it just happened so fast. everybody's with their camera trying to get the best shot. and actually jen took that picture, we were compiling all of our pictures. >> how long did you wait? >> we were out there at least a couple hours. some people were there since 9:30 in the morning in the blazing sun. it was crazy. we wanted them to give us more than three minutes. that's what it seemed like. >> wow, there you have it. catch it on the today show. get a selfie with the tv behind you. that's a good plan. >> what can i say? let's get to your juicy question of the morning and your answer. 3 out of 4 of us could do this as a kid.
6:40 am
if they do, they might hurt themselves. my mother-in-law says riding a bike. >> that's what somebody else said on my facebook page. >> i feel like more people can ride a bike. >> climbing, somersaults. >> outside of the splits the only thing i can think of is kick ball. >> twister. >> i dislocated a knee playing kick ball. >> twister. >> that's a gr wheel. saved for another day. >> matt said he'd do a cart wheel if it was cart wheel. it's not cart wheel. >> just do it any way. why not. >> twister's fun. all right. 6:40 now, it's a study that has people scratching their heads. ahead on 12 today, people who regularly smoke marijuana may be more trim than others. >> i obviously don't smoke marijuana. and they want what? the reviews are in.
6:41 am
best dressed and worst best celebrities at the annual emmy
6:43 am
it is money saving money. you can make a few dollars from selling clothes you don't wear any more. one way of knowing what you wear and what you don't wear, turn your hangers around, and after wearing the item, turn it
6:44 am
at the end of the year, look at how many hangers are still turned around and go ahead and sell those clothes. >> that's a good idea. if you don't use it in a years you probably don't need it. game of thrones took home the emmy for best drama series julia louis dreyfus. let's talk about fashion. the best and worst dressed according weekly. viola davis and kristen bell. viola with a bold fashion statement. kristen with a floral print and a poofy skirt. do you agree? >> no doubt. more princessy. >> kristen was on my list. viola looks stunning. but what i don't here, prianka
6:45 am
pleated dress. that was my favorite. >> that one is all over the internet. i saw it this morning. great dress. on the flip side. the worst dressed. amy polar. a pea green dress that did not get very good reviews. that's on the left. then nancy odell with that black mesh design, ladies, do you agree with them here? >> yeah. i thought there were more bad dresses than good dresses. i wa enthralled by any of the dresses this time around. which is a bummer. that's why i watch the emmys. >> do you like the more classic look or the more avant-garde ones that can be hit or miss. sometimes they hit. but if they don't hit, they miss big. >> i like the classic ones but like kristen bells where it's so elaborate. it was one of a kind. that i think just makes a statement. i applaud that one. >> i'm more into like the met
6:46 am
>> however, there's little bits and pieces that you see in those dresses that you know are going to be hot for whatever season we're going into. so that's why when you look at the emmys, you don't want to look @ exact dress, but the colors that people are wearing, maybe like the little accessories that are going on. chokers are big. and they were big at the met gala. it's accessories and pieces that you have to pick out when you watch these shows to know what to look forward to. >> think of a met and i it went on for miles. beyond over the top. beonces outfit. taylor swift looked like, i don't know. it was interesting. >> a lot like what i'm wearing today. >> let us know what you think of the emmy fashion. let's check your monday drive to work and school. >> it's just fun to get dressed up and get dolled up in these beautiful dresses. good news on this monday morning.
6:47 am
a live look from our adot camera. traffic is moving really well in both directions. let's take a look at the bigger picture at the maps right now. we have a lot of slowing, stop and go, typical morning traffic. you know at this time, 6:47, a closer look at the east valley now, it's slowing on the 60 westbound around the mesa area. we have slowing on the 10 around the tempe area. and the 202 around chandler. travel times now, if you're on the 60 heading westbound to the 10 g minutes. the split will take you eleven. and seventh street will take you 15 minutes. other than that, you're good to go. if you're headed to work right now, it's your typical stop and go traffic with no major accidents. how's the weather looking this morning? >> well, you know, it's monday. so i'm thinking about the weekend. aren't you? i thought maybe you might want to make plans now, because it's free entrance into national parks on saturday for public lands day.
6:48 am
d crater looking good here and walnut canyon with a high near 65. more sunshine than anything for the weekend. it's really going to be nice. now, today is looking pretty good too. and i'll tell you why. look at the climate books on today, 99 is the average. so we're finally saying bye to the triple digits almost. that's the we don't always play by the rules. in fact, today we might get into triple digit territory. in fact, 103 is what we're forecasting. it depends on the clouds. if they really sneak in and shroud the skyline, we might drop lower than that. but looking like triple digits are possible. 98 for gila bend. flag staff 80. kingman at 96. and 93 for page. let's talk about the monsoon
6:49 am
especially in southwestern arizona. let me make this clear though, this is for tonight. today we get away with a dry day with a mixture of sun and clouds. then we're going to see our atmosphere really get injected with a lot of tropical moisture. a 2 in the valley in southeastern arizona. we'll see bigger numbers tomorrow yet. here's why, hurricane pain, barely a hurricane at 75 miles per hour. it's going to make its way up into our region. and that is what's going to fuel us for the potential for showers and storms starting tonight. so on the monsoon meter, a 2, up to a 4 tuesday and wednesday. and then a 1 on thursday. monsoon, it's going to be calling quits pretty soon. monsoon 2016 ends in 11 days on september 30th. this might be the last horah as we draw upon tropical storm.
6:50 am
91 degrees for a high tomorrow, yes, please, i'll take another. it looks really good. the rest of the seven-day. first day of fall on thursday, lows in the 60s on saturday morning. crystal, 6:50, hot headlines now. the fbi and new york police are still looking for this 28-year- old man for questioning in a new york city bombing. he's identified as ahmad khan an explosion in manhattan on saturday injured 29 people. authorities found five devices in a bag in new jersey. one of those devices exploded as the bomb squad was trying to disarm it with a robot. the bag was found near a new jersey train station prompting officials to suspend transit service. authorities are saying this could be an act of terrorism. a jury will decide the fate of bridget anne kelly and bill as the bridge gate trial begins. the former allies of governor
6:51 am
conspiracy and fraud in a nine count indictment. it alleges they arranged lane closures that caused gridlock on the george washington bridge in 2013 2013 this delayed commuters for hours and left emergency vehicles slow to respond. the two defendants planned the lane closures as revenge on a mayor who refused to endorse chris christie for reelection. no one was hurt when a plane went off the run way at the denver international airport. grass. the pilot used an emergency reverse engine maneuver to stop the plane from going into a ditch nearby. prices at the pump are moving higher because of problems at a major pipeline that carries gas to the east coast. the week happened a week and a half ago in alabama. it carries 1.2 million-barrels of gas a day. we checked with aaa, gas prices remain low at this minute.
6:52 am
gallon of regular unleaded. but last year at this time, we were paying 2.41 a gallon. the cofounder of lyft says self driving cars will handle most of the company's rides in the next five years. he also says personal car ownership will one day come to an end. lyft is all ready testing self driving cars in phoenix. can smoking marijuana make you thinner? researchers at the university of miami did a study and found people who used ju body mass index on average than those who did not use marijuana at all. researchers say the idea that people who use the drug then come down with a case of the munchies is not really true. many of us spend too much time surfing the web on computers and smart phones. but people who use the internet excessively maybe at risk for mental health problems. canadian researchers surveyed 250 college students about
6:53 am
their day to day activities at home, school, and in social meetings. ar maties i have a deal for you. today is national talk like a pirate day. you can get free donuts if you participate. speaking like a buccaneer will show you a free original glazed donut at krispy kreme. but if you dress like a pirate, you will walk out with a free dozen. you have to go all out though. not just a parrot on your shoulder. qualifying costumes must include through pirate items such as ani patch or or a bandana or a snap chat pirate filter to digitally dress like a pirate. i have a better deal for you right now, it's arizona restaurant week, and the 12th caller right now is going to get a 50-dollar gift card.
6:54 am
1000. this is our first of five give aways this week for you. >> best of luck. 6:54, stick around, we have a final check of your forecast and traffic before you head out to start your monday.
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good morning. welcome back to 12 today. no accidents to worry about. your typical stop and go. the 10 eastbound. starts to get really busy afternoon 83rd. on the 60 westbound it gets busy around mesa. crystal, what about the weather this morning? bright sunshine greeting you now. but clouds are taking over throughout the day. you can all ready start to see them here on doppler radar. as we take a look at the seven- day forecast, chances for rain in store tonight and through tuesday and wednesday. off rain chances plus a big bonus, highs in the double digits to finish out that seven-day. >> so nice. fall into the double digits for good. >> exactly. take aways, i have to say arizona restaurant week gets me so excited. as a foodie, love, love, love. we're giving away free 50- dollar gift cards. more than enough for prefixed menus.
6:58 am
fancy restaurants and eat for a fraction of the price. >> yes. try restaurants you maybe wouldn't otherwise try. you might as well go get a christy cream. all you have to say is arr or dress like a pirate and gets dozens. -- krispy kreme. my family takes part in it. my take away has to do with weather. climate averages point at the fact that we average h out. for me, it's the football team with the kid with the down syndrome. >> twister as an adult, should we try it? are we going to hurt ourselves? 12 news is always on. and your favorite social media app.
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que ?? (m?sica) ?? armed and dangerous identified in connection with the pommings in new york and new jersey. a massive manhunt under way. m near a commuter train station in noynl overnight. one of those exploding as the police robot tries to disarm it. are the incidents connected? is there an active terror cell at work? the politics of terror as donald trump and hillary clinton head back on the campaign trail today, new questions over how each responded to those bombings. was trump too quick to judge?


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