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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  September 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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i work with problems like this all the time. >> we have a big chore ahead of us. >> we take every day as it comes. that is all we can do. >> reporter: i spoke to a contractor out here earlier today, he told me that this home is a total loss. we are live in gilbert, i am charly edsitty what may have motivated him to come barreling at full speed at three police officers? he is accused of intentionally targeting the officers. tram -- brahm resnik of 12 news is in the media center. >> the african american man talked about killing whites. according to a longtime researchers of hate groups he was a longtime follower. three phoenix cops were targeted
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incidents against police officers. >> there were posts on his faith -- facebook page. >> this post from june 2015. the caucasian need to be slaughtered like the pics they are. when one poster saying he sass and. the assassin. this was him and a facebook photo with the same neck tattoo we see in his mug shot. court documents say that the 44- year-old was homeless and under the influence of alcohol or drugs. many of his extreme posts were last year. he responded to a multiple choice question.
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contribute to retaliate? and he said war. >> reporter: the maricopa county attorney's office, they say he is charged with three counts of first-degree attempted murder. he has a court hearing coming up. live in the newsroom, brahm resnik, 12 n in custody right now after a shootout with police this morning. tonight, federal agents say that he is the man responsible for the weekend terror attack -- attacks across new york and new jersey. >> there is no other individual were looking for at this point in time. >> we will continue to conduct investigative activity. >> the manhunt for the 28-year-
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he was placed on a stretcher and taken to the hospital for treatment. he is a naturalized us citizen. he was born in afghanistan. >> investigators have uncovered bomb making materials, consistent with making the devices. that was pulled from the apartment that was above the family restaurant that his parents own. a young somali man stabbed people at the mall. part of the us-led anti-islamic state coalition. motive for saturday night's attack is still not clear. it is not clear, whether the attacker was radicalized. the suspect in that attack was shot to death after nine people were injured. the latest in technology
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12 news, william pitts . >> reporter: it is called a wireless cell phone alert system. officials are finding that the phone version is the quickest way to get information out and to get to spec in. >> with one color, millions of new yorkers knew his name. his name was appearin monday morning he was in handcuffs. >> wheeling them to devices in new york. -- we were alerted to him on a device in new york. >> reporter: it is an alert system that can allow you information with emergency situations. but this allowed police to give
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the suspect. it is the second time it has been used for the city of phoenix wants that. >> right now, we do not have access to that system. >> reporter: officials can target specific neighborhoods. >> they will call you and make attempts to call you back. they will leave you a voicemail.>> reporter: it only works on landmines unless you signed up for cell phose when phoenix gets signed up, do not expect alerts every day. >> we want to use it for important emergencies, and information out to the community. >> reporter: the city of phoenix has been taking at the system for a while. there is no timeline when the city will get it. william pitts , 12 news .
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news. we start in glendale, police have arrested this man after he was accused of groping a woman at yesterday's cardinals game. she was able to fight against him with using her cell phone. this phoenix woman, was arrested after being accused of leaving her nine-month old baby inside her car, her name is ciera shamorra carter doors were unlocked, the keys were in the ignition and the car was running. the child is in child protective services. adot reduced traffic on state route 60. the lightning caused fire, is at 500 acres now. construction on the loop 202, that begins tonight. only eastbound on the 202, san tan freeway will be affected.
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in three years. coming up next, the weekend explosive attacks, how they have changed the focus on the race to the white house for both hillary clinton and donald trump. wait until you hear what i bruce areas was upset with one of his star players. that is part of coops coaches corner. which places in the valley make this year's list of most gasaway on social media. we will have the answer on 6:15 pm -- at 60 team p.m. team p.m. a look over -- we will have the answer is 6:15 pm. take a look. we will have details on weather coming up.
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this week only on 12 news at 10 pm. >> monday, a band known worldwide with a new movie about the members. >> tuesday, a hiker escaping death after falling 60 feet. >> on watchdog wednesday, dietary supplements they may not be as safe as you think>> thursday, facial recognition, it may be soon be coming to your kitchen and even your child's toy box. >> friday, do we need a border wall?
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there are now 49 more days until the november election. >> the presidential candidates are focusing more on homeland security. donald trump and clinton underscoring the latest terrorist incidents. an example on how they will provide strong leadership. >> donald trump telling fox news, saying it is time to embrace the terrorist suspects. >> do we have a choice? for trying to be so politically correct in our country. this is only going to get worse.>> donald trump blamed
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>> in philadelphia, hillary clinton talk about her experience, talking about the take down of osama bin laden. >> i am the only candidate in this race that has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. >> hillary clinton was quitting millennial's in pennsylvania today. hillary clinton is underperforming with younger voters. let's give you a live look, this is happening in mike pence is holding a campaign rally this evening. he has been spending his stay in the swing state. last week, republican, donald trump, he was on jimmy fallon's show. tonight, is about hillary clinton. happy 42nd birthday ted jimmy fallon.
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our arizona weather was under delivering. >> [ laughter ] >> i'm not the only one that was thinking it was hot out there. >> matt says get ready for the cooler temperatures. >> he will be happy with us forecast. the temperatures are going to go down. it was 105 degrees yesterday. today it was 100 degrees out there. for your forecast tomorrow, the rain chances come in early, 6 am cut there's a 20 percent chance of rain, 78 degrees out there. the morning temperatures will be warmer, we of the clouds, look at our work as high 92 degrees out there. that is a 40 percent chance of rain coming in the afternoon. that will continue throughout the evening and into the overnight hours on into your wednesday. that is an active pattern
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right now, we have a lot of clouds moving through the state. they are moving towards a north park as far as rainfall, look at all this city south of arizona, it is making his way to the north. western side is going to see a lot more than central phoenix. that we are forecasting a quarter inch of rain here in the valley. here is why, you can see all that moisture streaming in from the hurricane all the way tours arizona. this is a decent hurricane, it has winds at 90 mi it is moving up to the north, northwest, it will continue to do so for the next few days. it will then we can on wednesday. that moisture will continue to move into the state. here is future cast cut the height pressure the shrimp high pressure setting over texas. is falling -- here is future cast, the high pressure is sitting over texas. another storm system, it will
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and there's another chance a rainfall. northern, western parts of the state will see most of the rainfall at of this. the next seven days, enjoy the temperatures, 92 degrees tomorrow, 94 degrees wednesday, look at this next weekend, 92 degrees. monday morning, quarterback, it is time to talk about the court just -- coaches corner. coach their players up and even give them some tough love. we began right there, despite a dominating win in which they have been -- they were not happy with how he ran all his routes. >> we left hundred 20 yards and two touchstones out there.
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johnson. >> he then gets sacked. >> he played poorly. >> with sun devil country, the devils rally 4 points in the fourth quarter. the quarterback, he was not nearly as sharp as he was a week ago. he did what he had to do to rally the troops. he needs to do a better job. >> he has to protect himself, you know, that was a really hard hit. he took it -- it was very difficult. >> when he hurdles somebody, i would rather him hurdle one if he could. in that situation right there, i don't know if you can see the guy, you do not want to take a
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>> in tucson, he put on the show. they had a big win over hawaii. the coach with his praise. >> he is a competitive runner, as he tries to score every time he runs, the thing he did good, or dead ball, on saturday, decision-making was good. his eyes were on the right spot. there were a couple times he could have created a play with passing, on the run, he was decisive with all of his actions. and he then gained confidence as the game went on. >> it was a good weekend for all our teams. >> i like it.
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>> [ laughter ] it is money saving monday. we are saving the cash, avoid the tourist traps. that is coming up next. coming your way tuesday morning, on 12 today. we are giving away a $50 card. you can make this of restaurant week to remember. the food you need in your diet to fight
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denny's introduced new buttermilk pancakes and now we're introducing free pancakes for kids. who's crazy idea was this? well, we're pretty sure we know who. for a limited time, kids get our new pancakes in any of these flavors,
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welcome back, everybody. it is money saving monday. we are focusing on keeping your travel costs down. >> come up with a list of tours straps. believe it or not cut there's a place in arizona that made the list. times square, and the hollywood walk of fame, that should come
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the we felt offended that the four corners. >> we checked it out. that is the area in northeastern arizona, utah, colorado, and new mexico come together as a play. the four quarters -- corners is what was searched. the active time says that instead of going there, spend quality time in all the states. >> i disagree. there is nowhere else in the country you can do that. why does there have to be haters out there? >> i know. the voice picked up another emmy for best reality show last night. the. kicks off in less than two hours. the biggest changes, new coaches, alicia keys and miley cyrus.
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the blind auditions. remember to tune in at 7 pm. followed by a one-hour special preview of the good place. on 12 news at 10 pm. a band known worldwide with a new movie about its members. the big tie to the valley on the. up next, the video that has tears. we will show it to you when we come
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coming up on all new 12 news at 6 pm. we have the dirty diaper debate. >> could the parents of small children be in legal trouble? way changing your child could be a case of sex seul abuse -- sexual abuse with the laws trying to say, that is all new at 6 pm. a very special moment was caught on camera. is the video of the day. you will see why, the senior,
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down syndrome. he volunteers as the water boy. when the coach heard that his mom was battling cancer, they plan the special moment, henning -- handing the ball off to him. and both football teams presented him with the number 1 jersey. how awesome is that? >> so awesome. >> you can get the latest news on we will see you at 6 pm.
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tonight. terror takedown. a dramatic shoot-out in the streets. the man wanted in bombings that terrorized new york and new jersey, captured alive after a massive manhunt. the suspect allegedly caught on camera at bomb scenes in manhattan. today's arrest just hours after a new jersey train station. how authorities used evidence left behind and the public's health to track him down. tonight new details about the suspect, a naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan, his past troubles with law enforcement and his travels overseas. and troubling questions. what was the motive and did the bomber have help? "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc


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