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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12news at 10:00 tracking the big picture tonight. >> covering the big stori leaving her toddler alone in a running car in a bad neighborhood. >> you won't believe what police say the mom was doing the entire time. we're bracing for rain and a drop in temperatures. >> i'll tell you when you can expect that storm to hit the vat lee. >> driverless cars. are they putting drivers at risk? construction begins tonight on the long talked about 202 extension.
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lives wrong along the freeway date who hopes this day would never come. >> that's tonight on 12news at 10:00. tonight's big story. one that will upset all of you with children. an alleged bad mom in trouble with the law accused of leaving her 9-month-old baby in a -- in a running car in a bad neighborhood. >> team 12 monique griego joins us live free phoenix headquarters with the -- in phoenix headquarters with the disturbing details. >> reporter: tonight, they identified that mom as 29-year- old sierra carter. now they say when she was brought here to the station for questioning, she admitted she knew what she did was wrong. 29-year-old sierra carter is accused of leaving her 9-month- old son alone that car as she went shopping on 8:00 sunday night. >> how could a parent forget about their child or deliberately put them in a car
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documents, someone walking in the parking lot noticed the baby sleeping in his car seat with the car's engine running, ac on, and all the doors unlocked. phoenix police describing the location near 35th avenue and peoria as a high crime area. >> someone could have broken into the car with the car running. >> don't leave the baby in the car. anything could have happened. i just find it appalling. >> reporter: investigators were already on scene at the plaza charly edsitty ring shopping bags. video ofs incident clocked carter for being gone in 14 minute -- videos of the incident clocked carter being gone for at least 14 minutes. >> reporter: carter has since been charged with child abuse and neglect. reporting live in phoenix
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coming our way. here is a live look at the radar as you can see storms are already entering the southern part of the state. we're dry here in the valley for now, but that'll change by the time you wake up in the morning. meteorologist matt pace joining us live from the 12news forecast center with the hour- by-hour breakdown. >> hi, caribe. just to the south of caribe devine grande, probably putting down light to moderate rainfall. the green you see over that the clouds are starting to lower a little bit. no rain reported at this moment. but here is a break down of your forecast as i want to show you the entire state. it could completely change the weather. for tomorrow, some isolated areas of rain around the phoenix area. about a 20% chance of that. a lot of activity moving over the western side of the state. check out this rain by wednesday afternoon. i'll have all the full details
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crews are about to start building a highly controversial freeway. it's been at the center fighting for more than 30 years. we're talking about the loop 202, the extension. >> that's right. it will sneak around the mountain and connect to i-10 in the west valley. ryan cody joins us live. this deal has been for years now? >> reporter: yes, right along pacos road, something that adot says should have an upset for the flow of traffic. but for some of the folks is that live around here, this is a day they hope would never come. the largest road project in state history is officially underway tonight. right in bobby's backyard. >> as you can see you are already in my backyard and you can hear the noise and see the
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are going to make it wider and louder. >> reporter: two more lanes plus an hov in each direction. that should cut down on traffic along the 202 and i-10. plus give larger semitrucks an option to avoid driving through downtown phoenix by cutting through south mountain. >> you can tell when a tractor trailer or a motorcycle or a big truck is coming through there. i can hear it even with my door closed. i know it will make a in favor and those oppose. >> i'm going to have to adapt to my situation and my surroundings. >> reporter: now the project should happen bit end of 2019. we are live, 12news at 10:00. >> ryan, thanks. tonight, the gilbert couple who survived the plane crash,
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is an incredible story. they tell us that despite losing their home they are thankful to be alive. tonight doctors are still treating the plane's pilot for burns after he parachuted out of the aircraft along with four other passengers. the lebows also managed to save their beloved pets. >> we are grateful to god to be alive. we take every day as it comes. that's all we can do, just brth plane's wing caught fire shortly before the crash. the ntsb is is investigating. homemade bombs blowing up. tonight, the man police say is responsible for planting them in new york and new jersey is behind bars facing attempted murder charges after a shootout with police. more charges including
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u.s. citizen born in afghanistan. now there's a lot of moving parts in this case. jay gray is sorting them out for us tonight. >> reporter: homemade bombs exploding across new jersey and new york. just hours after police publicly identified the man they say is responsible, a 911 call leads them to the suspect 28-year-old ahmad rahami, spotted sleeping in the doorway of a he initially tried to run and then apparently stopped and drew out at police. >> the suspect pulled out a handgun. >> a gun battle erupted. rahami was shot several times, but conscious as he was loaded into an ambulance at the san. investigators say at this point he's the lone suspect in the case. surveillance video pulled from an apartment above the new
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on an unexploded pressure cooker. >> and we will conduct to ensure we completely understand rahami's social network. >> a closer look at who left more than two dozen injured and a string of communities here on edge. that's the latest from new york i'm jay gray 12news at 10:00. authorities used phone alerts to help track down rahami sending out a massive get during the monsoon. it gave information asking people to keep an eye out. new york's mayor says that alert helped find rahami. the city of phoenix is working on getting access to that system, but they will not use it all the time. >> we don't want to do it where people just ignore it. but if it is the real important emergencies, for information we want to get out to the community. >> reporter: the city says they are waiting to get equipment to that alert system, which the
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new information tonight on two men here in arizona accused of having terrorist ties. up first the suspect at the center of the first isis- inspired terror trial on u.s. soil. the federal judge will sentence abdul karim on october 25. jurors are finding him guilty for conspiring to commit a terror attack last year in texas. prosecutors say he plotted and bankrolled the attack along with two other men. police killed the gunman before they could hurt anyone else. now to suspect in a maricopa county superior courtroom today. khan is accused of planning an attack on various government buildings in arizona including an mvd office in mesa. his lawyer maintains that the fbi has no evidence that khan could actually pull off a terrorist attack. a review hearing is scheduled for mid-november. now to decision 2016 just 49 days until you pick a new
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ma'am -- jimmy is asking her about the balancing act between being personsable, but also coming across the serious. >> you don't talk about isis with a big grin on your face. they're a barbaric evil group that we have to face. but it is a constant balancing act. you know, how do you kind of keep the energy and the positive spirit? well taking seriously what you need to. >> tonight, clinton is also saying that she better after pneumonia forced her to take a campaign break. you'll see jimmy's full interview with hillary clinton on the tonight show. that's coming up right after 12news at 10:00. meanwhile republican candidate donald trump holding an evening rally in battleground north carolina. trump going offscript and offstage to check on a supporter overcome by heat. trump, again taking swings at clinton and her belittling of
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>> clinton's decision has left us with the threat that we face today. >> trump and clinton both say they are promising to release more information about their health. more stories that you can't miss coming up. driverless cars. they've already had accidents on valley streets, but it might surprise you who has been at fault. ? [ music ] ?? >> there's a never heard of them, but this group is being called the most influential band in the world. >> we threw 120 yards for two touchdowns. >> the cards win dominant and so big. why is the coach not happy with yesterday's 40-7 win? we take you behind the scenes with miley and alicia on their first night as judges on the voice. >> reporter: tomorrow only on 12news at 10:00.
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well a year later we're catching up with evon asero as she continues her musical dream. that's tomorrow only on 12news
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here is a couple of other hot headlines happening across the valley right now. the man accused of running over three police officers with to have a court hearing in the morning. but will mark payne be there? he's apparently in the hospital for health problems. all of this is coming as his social media accounts reveal racist comments. he apparently made them about slaughtering white people. a long-time researcher of hate groups at the antidefamation league says that mark payne's post shows he was a follower of extreme black nationalists. an arizona cardinal fan is
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abuse accused of groping a woman at yesterday's cardinals game. police arrested benjamin morrow. now, new court paperwork reveals that he apparently put his hand on a woman's leg in the stairwell and then slighting underneath her shorts and underwear, touching her butt and private parts. another woman says that he touched her behind as well. he is denying the entire ordeal. new tonight have you seen any of google's self-driving cars roaming around the streets it's a scary thought of a computer driving us around, but it is happening and it is having us do double takes. >> oh yeah. but are self-driving cars putting the rest of us, for example, in danger at the same time? >> kevin kevin joins us live -- kevin kennedy joins us live with the details. kev? >> reporter: every day we go into the car to go somewhere. one out of every 165,000 miles we'll get into a crash.
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one crash in 1.9 million miles. can be anywhere from easy to frustrating. that includes dangerous. in june there were 371 accidents, 95 people hurt. in july it was 411 crashes, 111 people hurt. one was killed. in april the city partnered with google to have cars on the road. so far there have been crashes when technology was doing the driving. according to chandler police reports, the cars were involved in two crashes. the car was being operated by a person. >> we have not had any concerns with how they are operating their vehicle. >> national crash statistics show for every 100 million miles driven there are 185 accidents. so far google cars in four cities including chandler have logged 1.9 million miles with
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car. >> if we thought it was a safety issue we wouldn't be involved. >> the cars are equipped with radars, censers, camera -- sensors, cameras. >> they have 365-degree view to detect what is going on around them. >> reporter: and so far google cars seem to be working. because they always have a person sitting in the driver seat if a crash were to occur, it would be the driver's fault, which city of chandler would not be held responsible. kevin conidia 10 news at -- 12news at 10:00. a car making some big plays that -- a play that makes up some big moves against tampa. but they couldn't avoid the ire of head coach. and coop is with us. i mean if you ask the average cardinals fan how did they play? they will say he played a great game. >> off the charts no doubt
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against the bucks, he says that david johnson played poorly making several mental mistakes that cost the cardinals on the score board. >> reporter: dumps it off to johnson and look out. looking for a block from floyd and he got that. now, looking for the same. >> we left at least 120 yards and two touchdowns out there just from mental errors by >> reporter: coach is not happy from the mistakes from the second year runningback. >> he played poorly other than making a couple of big plays. >> i definitely have some plays that i didn't do well on or if i had some mental errors on and i want to go and correct those. >> reporter: johnson may be hard on himself, but his quarterback is willing to forgive. >> he had just run like 90 yards and broke a bunch of tackles. i was tired from just jogging
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i looked at him in the huddle and he was pretty gasped. he's the type of guy to make a mistake who doesn't make them again. >> oh by the way, johnson ranks 10th in the nfl in two important categories, yards per rush, yards per reception. keep in mind when he has the potential to be one of the greatest of all time. >> coop, i'm sure that we would all agree that he would rather get hit by a linebacker than to that is one thing that i think that cardinal fans and everybody could appreciate about bruce. he is not just willing to accept your best. he wants it all the time, leading to a great game. >> all right, coop, thanks. wow, b.a. is strict. >> yes, he is. all right, moving along, season 11, can you believe it or the voice is now officially underway. the hit show, which you can
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blind auditions. >> well in case you missed it, here is a quick glimpse of one of tonight's big moments. ?[ music ] ?? >> miley cyrus and alicia keys are the new coaches joining adam and blake this season. we caught up with them behind the scenes to talk about the struggles they face and what they bring to the show. because you get really caught up with your artist and what they are about and what their dreams are and how great they are. >> we're a little more nurturing and like we really get, it is just that instinct, that checked thing that you want to make people feel comfortable. >> you can watch night two of the blind auditions tomorrow night at 7:00 right here on
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now only on 12news if you've never heard of hill song you will very soon. the band is known around the world. they're from sydney, australia. and actually they come out of the hill song church, which now has 17 locations worldwide. one of them is right here in phoenix. >> team 12 joins us with the growing popularity of hill so. hillside united is the most influential band in the world with more than 20 million albums sold. songs translated in more than 100 languages and playing to crowds of up to 100,000. >> reporter: their songs are inspiring and uplifting. >> i mean i hope that with the influence that we do have that it will help them to see that
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i would love to use it to en-- encourage people. >> reporter: they hope to do that with even more people with their new movie. >> the message is powerful, but also kind of the underlining message of the film that god uses incredibly ordinary people to do some extraordinary things. perhaps they are encouraged by them being able to do something extraordinary if they e has more than 500 million followers on facebook, more than a million on twitter and instagram and just recently appeared on the today show. ? [ music ] ?? >> we write songs to be sung. we write songs for churches, to sing, for people to be able to draw an inspiration closer to god. for us that's what it is about. >> you have churches all over the world.
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congress right here in phoenix. >> yes, i have not been able to go to a church service in phoenix yet, but we're hoping that we'll be able to come see them soon. >> reporter: in the meantime you can see hinge song united on the big screen. >> what do you hope that people will leave the film with? >> really that it is a chance to leave hope rise. that you know, really being encouraged by the st bunch of ordinary guys and girls from sydney, australia that all we ever really wanted to do was to serve the church and god and that right now in a world where there are a lot of things that could pop up on the screens to take hope away from us could leave us worried or hopeless that we have actually something to be excited about. so whoever you are, whatever you're going through that you can go to this movie and really be encouraged with more hope than what you have ever had before. >> the movie let hope rise is
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>> thanks. it might be a nice day to go to the movies tomorrow because we will have overcast skies. also a lot cooler temperatures. check this out. a 20% chance for rain in the morning. 78 degrees out there. by the afternoon only 92 degrees, well below average for this time of the year of a 40% chance for rain moving into the forecast. this is all in response to hurricane payne sitting right off the coast of pa -- of baja. you can see all and you can see it is continuing to move up towards the north, getting a little stronger just near casa grande. that'll probably move up towards gilbert and also over towards apache junction a little bit later on this evening. but as far as your rainfall totals and also your dew points, they're going up and that is going to mean that we could see heavy rain especially over the western side of our state. in fact that's when we could see up to half an inch of rain. here in the valley only .1 inch to a quarter of an inch of rain
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staying down over the next several days. you can see your seven-day forecast all the way down to 92 degrees by next weekend. the new iphone 7 is water resistant, has a better camera and better headphone. but is it actually worth spending your cash on?
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we got married in june... ...on tunaday. there's a subway? $3.50 sub of the day to help you remember life's important days. every day a different six-inch sub for just $3.50 at subway? every day of the week. her name is teri... ...she was born on
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okie dokie. it is time to find out who is coop's mvp of the night. coop, what is this about family and brotherly love? >> family trumps all, even when it comes to a shot of glory or winning. check it out. we're talking about the world triathlon series in mexico. yeah, british triathlete johnny romley was in the lead, but became dehydrated and was looking to quit. but along comes big brother who gave up a chance to win the his younger brother to the rest of the way to the finish line. and how about this? johnny finished second and alex for third. no doubt brotherly love here and my mvp of the night. hey, 12 days is all that remains for the diamondbacks regular season tonight. at yeah the diamondbacks in san diego, a part of their final road trip of the year and not a good start to the trip for the diamondbacks. padres win it 3-2. >> all right, thanks, coop. on this money saving
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upgrading? >> our partners at consumer reports finds that apple claims that the iphone 7 is water resistant up to one meter for 30 minutes. it's true. and as for the telephoto lens it takes sharper and bert overall pictures, but the primary lens is similar to the prior iphones. >> and the controversial headphones that work with the lightning port instead of the traditional wire, consumer reports finds that there is no difference in sound quality. candidate hillary clinton joins jimmy just a couple of minutes
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so you can catch the valley's michael phelps on the ellen show tomorrow. that's at 3:00 and only on 12news. don't forget we're always on. you can get the latest news wherever you are the 12news app, and our facebook and instagram pages. be sure to join tram, matt, emma, crystal tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. they'll have the very latest on these rain chances.
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t's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" "boo!" (screams) halloween time at the disneyland resort means there's wicked fun in both parks... and make sure to see the twilight zone tower of terror before it's final check out. "trick or treat." [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- the democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton.


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