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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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the man accused of running down three cops is due in court today -- but he may not make it. donald trump junior compares syrian refugees to skittles -- and it doesn't go over well. plus.. jim carrey is being sued over his silent about it. that's in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome
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the man accused of running over three police officers with his car at a gas station -- is supposed to have a court hearing this morning -- but he may not be there.. team 12's jen wahl is live
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time now for a check of your hot headlines.. for allegedly groping a woman at sunday's cardinals game. police say benjamin mauro grabbed the woman at the university of phoenix stadium. they say the woman was able to fight back using her phone to hit him. construction on the loop 202 south mountain freeway has officially begun. that means starting today.. the eastbound traffic on the loop 202 santan freeway will be affected. the 22- mile extension around ahwautukee and the west side of south mountain is expected to open
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a new report by the chandler police chandler report by the a new report by the chandler department is revealing just how safe driver-less cars are proving to be. the report for august shows the city had three crashes involving google's self-driving cars. in two of the crashes.. the driver of the other vehicle was to blame.. and in the third crash.. a driver was operating the google car. this past year.. chandler has been a test site for google's new vehicles. a phoenix woman is accused of leaving her infant in her car while she went shopping. in court documents -- ciera carter left her 9-month-old baby outside the 99-cent store near 35th avenue and peoria. the car was still running and the doors were unlocked. someone found the baby sleeping in the back seat and called police. the infant is now with child protective services. so far.. the so far.. the nation has seen 29 children die from heat stroke this year after being left in a vehicle. but there are companies that have developed ways to remind parents to
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sensealife is expected to be available starting next summer. and the 20-17 vehicles with the rear reminder feature are the buick lacrosse and the gmc acadia. a new study suggests marriage may improve the diabetes. japanese researchers looked at the medical records of almost 300 diabetic adults. they found married people were half as likely to be overweight than singles and had better blood sugar control. marriage also lowered the risk for metabolic syndrome among men -- but not women with diabetes. you can help save lives by donating today. the race for the cure is about being more than pink.. and your contribution is more than a donation -- it is how we will work to end breast cancer
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the 24th phoenix race for cure is sunday.. october 9th. we hope to see you there. it's arizona restaurant week.. and in just 10 minutes.. we're going to tell you who's participating.. ?and? how you can score a $50 giftcard to any of the places. to any of the places. plus.. the ghost of anna nicole smith has something to say. the incredible video is coming up in the morning juice.. 12 today is back in two minutes.
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###break### ###break### ###break### ###break### time now time now for another check of your hot headlines.. the man wanted in connection to the new york and new jersey bombings.. is behind bars. 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami was captured yesterday.. after a gun battle with officers. investigators believe rahami is the man spotted on surveillance video at two of the locations where explosive devices were recovered. two people are recovering after being shot at a las vegas airport. it happened in the parking structure at the mc-carran international
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their car when they were confronted by the shooter -- who was formerly in a relationship with the female victim. some viewers may find this next video graphic.. two people are in the hospital after a car crashes along the hollywood walk of fame. police say the female driver hit another car on hollywood boulevard.. before crashing into a building on the walk of fame. two pedestrians were struck -- but not seriously injured. the driver was arrested for felony hit and run.. and d-u-i. singer chris in court today.. for his alleged assault with a deadly weapon. brown was arrested after a woman said he pointed a gun at her back in august. brown was freed on $250- thousand dollar bond.thousand dollar bond. ???toss morning juice jim carrey is being sued over his girlfriend's death.. and instead of dealing with it behind closed doors -- he wants everyone to know how he feels about it. the
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carrey's late girlfriend. the man claims carrey illegally obtained prescription drugs for cathriona white -- which led to her overdosing. it's important to note -- even if carrey loses the lawsuit -- he won't face any jail time. this case is all about the money.. and carrey is not having it.. in a statement.. he wrote -- "i will not tolerate this heartless attempt to exploit me or the woman i loved. i really hope that some day soon profit from this and let her rest in peace." it's been it's been nearly a decade since her death -- but anna nicole smith's energy continues to be felt.. with hollywood medium "tyler henrys's" help -- larry birkhead got the chance to reconnect with his daughter's mother.. check this out...
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time for the juicy question of the morning.
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is the worst thing a man can wear on a date. and this is the worst place he can take her. what are these two what are these two things that single men need to know. need to know.
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need to know. ???adlib weather weather???adlib ???adlib
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all this all this week.. we have secrets to preventing hair loss. research shows that it's possible to thicken your hair through your diet according to prevention. so one secret food you should be eating is... spinach! one study showed that women with
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lower iron and vitamin d-2 levels. but spinach is good because it's rich in iron and high in vitamin c which aids in iron absorption. foodies! listen up!! this is your week -- it's arizona restaurant week! from sizzling southwestern and comfort foods to 5-star dining and international fare -- get ready to dig in! we're talkin' 3 course meals for 33 or 44-dollars. restaurants that are participating include ve citizen public house.. t. cook's at the royal palms resort.. tryst cafe.. the market by jennifer's.. virtu honest craft.. the gladly.. nico heirloom kitchen and so many more!! you have until sunday, the 25th to enjoy the prix-fixe menus. for a complete list.. check out our twitter or facebook page. and coming up in our next half hour.. keep watching because we are going to give you a chance to win a 50 dollar gift card for
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does the five second rule work? a new study confirms -- what we all hoped wasn't true... that's still ahead at 5-25. donald trump junior under fire for a tweet that compares syrian refugees to skittles.. and it's not sitting well with the candy company.. 12 today is back in three minutes. ###break### hillary
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clinton and donald trump are trying to look presidential during a time of both crisis and confusion.. team 12's
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democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton took her campaign to late night television on monday. clinton made a guest appearance on nbc's tonight show with jimmy fallon where she poked fun at republican rival donald trump... today clinton has no scheduled events to attend. meanwhile.. donald trump junior is being criticized for a tweet that compares syrian refugees to skittles.. the graphic reads "if i had a bowl of skittles and i told you just three would kill you. would you take a handful?" the maker of skittles has
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"skittles are candy. refugees are people. we don't feel it's an appropriate analogy." and others have echoed that response.. like singer john legend.. he tweeted out "by that logic, you would take everyone's guns away. because someone is gonna kill somebody at some point. but i guess that doesn't count." he later added "oh and human beings fleeing oppression and terror aren't skittles." still ahead on 12 today.. we're previewing one of the restaurants that's participating in arizona win a $50 gift card. pippa middleton isn't who you think she is.. why the celeb is opening up -- beyond the pages of a magazine. that's in the morning juice. 12 today will be right back.. ###break### back..will be right 12
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of a magazine. 12 today
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he's acccused of running down phoenix police officers in a deliberate attack.and this morning, marc payne has a date in court.but... will he show up? big changes could be in store for a very bad diamondbacks team...and those changes might start at the top.the latest on
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this morning... pippa middleton...she is ?not who you think she is...pippa - your morning juice... ???adlib ???adlib welcome ??? ???adlib weather ???adlib ???adlib traffic


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