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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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run over phoenix police heading to court this morning.....or.. is he? it has happened... again!a valley mother - stands accused of leaving a young child locked in a hot car while she went shopping. hillary clinton takes to late night t-v....and she's talking ?bromance with jimmy fallon.... in the morning juice... ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy???adlib & toss ???adlib & toss jimmy ???adlib weather
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???adlib traffic three phoenix police officers scrambling for their lives.. trying to avoid a speeding car aimed right at them. this morning the guy police say was behind the
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team 12's jen wahl is live with that... a glendale man has been
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a glendale man has been arrested for allegedly groping a woman at sunday's cardinals game. police say benjamin mauro grabbed the woman at the university of phoenix they say the woman was able to fight back using her phone to hit him. a phoenix woman is accused of leaving her infant in her car while she went shopping. according to court documents -- ciera carter left her 9-month-old baby outside the 99-cent store near 35th avenue and peoria. the car was still running and the doors were unlocked. someone found the baby sleeping in the back seat and called police. the infant is now with child protective services.protective services. construction on the loop 202 south mountain freeway has officially begun.
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the eastbound traffic on the loop 202 santan freeway will be affected. the 22- mile extension around ahwautukee and the west side of south mountain is expected to open in about three years. an american airlines flight from phoenix to tampa, florida made an emergency landing at tampa international airport overnight. passengers say the plane's left side landing gear would not activate and flight attendants had everyone brace for a crash landing. thankfully... at the last minute... that landing gear engaged and the plane landed safely. hundreds of firefirs wildfire at vandenberg air force base in california. the canyon fire has burned more than 45-hundred acres at the south end of the base. it is zero percent contained. parts of the base are still without power -- running on generators. pizza hut is taking stuffed crust pizza to a whole new level this morning.yesterday, the company unveiled its grilled cheese stuffed crust looks like a normal pizza, but this comes with cheddar and mozzarella cheese
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baked ?onto finish off the grilled cheese crust-- it is topped with toasted breadcrumbs and melted butter. a large one-topping pizza will cost you 13-bucks. this week... this week... prepare your taste buds and dig's arizona out there and try something new.... that's exactly what team 12's nico santos is doing
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2016...and your morning juice. the two go together like... toothpaste and ?orange juice. ...except when it comes to jimmy fallon.democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton took her campaign to late night television on monday.take a look. clinton made a guest appearance on guest clinton made a clinton made a guest appearance on nbc's tonight show with jimmy fallon where she poked fun at republican rival donald trump.just last week... trump was on the show...and jimmy fallon... did the unthinkable and messed
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bueller???... bueller??? nothing says ?retro like ferris bueller's day off and 8 bit video games.we found the perfect combination of both. now you can call in sick to school... and cruise around chicago in your friend's dad's classic 1961 ferrari... while reliving your glory days from high school.cinefix... posted this video online....ferris... in 8 bit glory...they also have a number of other hollywood blockbusters re-done in 8-bit...the perfect way to waste time instead of chasing pokemon...tram - matt? favorite video games and favorite movies as a kid - go! ?? ad lib ??
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time for the juicy question of the juicy question of the morning.surveys show women think this is the worst thing a man can wear on a date.and this is the worst place he can take her.what are these two things that single men need to know. time for the juicy question
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time for the juicy question of the morning. times more likely to happen to a man than a woman.what is this? spending too much time online.... is the same as drinking too much.. or
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doctors think so.we're talking about the reason why... in three minutes. popeye used spinach as his secret to get stronger...but you can use it for something else...your hair.we'll explain in 10 minutes.
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####break########break#### you probably know someone who just can't put their phone down or stay off facebook or twitter, even for a few minutes.psychiatrists say social media addiction is a very real thing.they say they're seeing more and more addiction... and the effect it has on the brain. some of those effects?doctors say social media activates the rewards center of the brain in a way similar to cocaine use
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all this week, we have secrets to preventing hair loss. research shows that it's possible to thicken your hair through your diet according to prevention. so one secret food you should be eating is... spinach!! one study showed that women with hair loss have significantly lower iron and vitamin d-2 levels. but spinach is good because it's rich in iron and high in vitamin c which aids in iron absorption.
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ready with all that you need to know in three minutes... a drug bazooka?believe it!what the cops found just across the border... that's at 6:05.
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####break#### that's at 6:05.border... that's at 6:05. ####break#### ####break########break#### time for some 12 today trivia. this morning we've been showing you highlights of hillary clinton on the tonight show last night.. just like we did last week with donald trump. so the question today.. who was the first presidential candidate to go on a late night talk show? think about it and take a guess.. we'll have your answer
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you can help save lives by donating today.the race for the cure is about being more than pink.your contribution is more than a donation, it is how we will work to end breast cancer forever. here is what you need to know about the upcoming... race for the cure. the 24th phoenix race for cure
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is sunday... october 9th.we hope to see you there. he is accused of trying to run down three phoenix police officers...and this morning - marc payne is scheduled to be in court.the question is... will he actually show up? that's at six... you can't miss all the planes in the sky at any time of day around here...but are they all following the correct flight paths?that's at six...
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right now on 12 today, are planes going off course? what officials are saying.
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diamondbacks. and girl power invades the voice set. that is all coming up. but we start with meteorologist krystle henderson talking about chances for rain today. yes, man, look at the dark skies out there. if there is any rain drops falling, oh, we cannot see them in this picture, it is really just scattered in nature. and switching over to the satellite and radar, you can see a swath over here, but, bark is for a worse than the bite. again, light showers at worst. and that is it, no lightning, just a very light breeze out there. looking apartment the last hour in the valley, it is really- -looking at the last hour here in the valley, it is really just fizzling. that does not mean that we are


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