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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  September 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>>reporter: i reached out to the school for more information and within the statement that reason part, immediately police was notified when the student notified the teacher of the incident. the male student has withdrawn and the mesa police are recommending charges. we have also learned the maricopa county atty.'s office is recommended two other students are in trouble tonight, both accused of bringing firearms on campus. the first involved the teenager accused of bringing a handgun to north canyon high school earlier today. no one was hurt and police took the teenager into custody. the second happen a cactus middle school and casagrande. investigators say a 13-year-old boy brought a firearm in his
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family. a bomb threat shutdown classes for the day in maricopa high school. investigators say whoever is behind this could be facing felony charges.>>reporter: parents tell me they waited for up to one hour to pick up their students here from desert wind middle school after a bomb threat was made early this morning. it started like any other bus ride to school for students. >> we were driving and in the bus charter got a radio call saying to the school that we were going to a butterfly. >>reporter: the girl would later learn her drive was diverted because of a serious threat. >> i was like what is happening? this cannot be happening. >>reporter: around 6:30 am police say a bomb threat was faxed it to the high school. administrators directed in the school was immediately placed on lockdown. >> we had units that search the entire campus. the notion there could be an
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we take very seriously. >>reporter: parents falls buzzing with this message telling them to pick up their kids. >> my first thought was to get to my kids, they had already set that they were moving him so i knew he would be pretty far away. >>reporter: students and needed to be picked out robust to desert winds middle school. >> i think the school did a good job of communicating to let us know what was going on. >>reporter: all other schools in the district were placed on march -- on lockdown. threat was sent to schools in atlanta and ohio. police gave the all clear at the high school around 10:30 am. the threat remains under investigation. investigators in maricopa say they think the threat may be linked to an internet hoax website. >> something similar happen in flagstaff last year.
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crashed into a gilbert home praise their sons actions this afternoon, calling him a hero for saving the lives of four passengers on board. >> on saturday night the plane caught fire and ryan was burned before parachuting, craft. the ntsb is still investigating. ryan underwent his first surgery this morning and is in stable condition. experience and is a licensed commercial pilot. this is experienced his parents say was critical during those moments. >> with the heroics of a a pilot who was more concern for others than himself during a crisis and with the outpouring of support from the community in the days that followed we remember that the world is still feel with people who care and are honored to call this pilot our son. >> the family also expressing sorrow for the loss of the home where the plane crashed and
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monsoon season is almost wrapped up, but the gloomy day in the valley and the rain and other parts of arizona can be blamed on just one thing, the remnants of hurricane pain. heavy rain has been falling at times in flagstaff. some neighborhoods have experienced street flooding and temperatures have dipped. we will be freezing with high. the valleys in the 50s, but back here in the valley a f the day, not a whole lot of precipitation. so where is the way right now and what can we expect for the rest of this evening? our meteorologist is here with the answers. >> that has been the thing, very light rain today. look up to the north, a lot of rainfall stretching over towards lake have a sioux city. we are starting to watch some thunderstorms, they are very isolated, but we could see a
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interstate 10 and interstate 8. certainly use some caution. look at all this rain in the high country. some locations saw just over an inch of rain. it is starting to clear off from the south of towards the north, the heaviest rain to the north of flagstaff you may see a lot of activity moving into the northeastern portion of the state over the next couple of hours. we still have a slight chance of rain in the forecast throughout the evening hrs long was the ground? how have those details coming up. now to headlines from around the nation and the world, the fbi says the new york bombing suspect was carrying a notebook containing extremism ramblings when he was shot in capture yesterday. >> the writings included references to a cleric killed during a job strike in 2011. the agency also said it checked
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ago after his father called him a terrorist during some sort of a family dispute. officials say no links were ever found to any terrorist organization. doldrums as he is predicting the hillary clinton will copy his language on policies of national security during next week's debate. speaking at a rally in north carolina he says that clinton will get tough and echoed his calls were straw borders. clinton has said that donald trump uses anti-muslim rhetoric that benefits recruitment by extremist the debate will be happening live right here on 12 news next monday night and 6:00. more details emerging about an airstrike on a convoy yesterday near aleppo, syria, they killed 20. witnesses say the attack on the warehouse and convoy was prolonged and intense and that the aerial bombardment continued even after rescue
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wounded from the flaming rubble. the uss american planes were not responsible and is blaming russia. the air force as one pilot was killed and another injured when they had to eject from a spy plane shortly before it crashed in northern california today. the plane went down in a mountainous region about 60 mouse for the sacramento. it crashed shortly after taking off during a training mission. among the many challenges that world leaders are considering this week at the of antibiotics. experts are warning that overuse is contributing to drug- resistant germs that could lead to millions of deaths and also undermine the global economy. the rise of untreatable infections is being propelled by the way drugs are being used in both people and animals. on this term at the clock tuesday, we have three easy ways to look and feel at home by healthier. why not younger in the process?
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catastrophe? even an long-term power outage can put you in a buy. we are helping you prepare on this get ready day. who claims the title of the most famous band from arizona? let us know your gas using the ocial sound off. we will reveal the answer at
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tonight, remember the arizona teenager who worked on a cantaloupe farm before competing on the voice? well, a year later we are catching up with her as she continues her musical dreams. that is tonight only on 12 news at 10:00. blind auditions continue tonight on the voice. remember billy gilman? he had a brief career as a child country singer. tonight he is hoping that at least one of the coaches turns around to help them jumpstart that career once again. see if that happens tonight at 7:00. and then stay tuned at 9:00 for the premiere of this is us, a shared 36 birthday binds the characters. the show features mandy moore and sterling k brown who just won an emmy for the people versus o.j.
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it is time back on tuesday and we are giving you ways to look and feel younger. here are three small changes you can make to improve your help does my health. watch what you are drinking. and that of soda or alcoholic beverages tried either deluding half of your juice with water or choose an infused water instead. >> breakfast is key to if you hate eggs are breakfast pool, no problem. e something that is good for you.>> and you don't need to go crazy at the gym, just simple walking for 30 minutes will help.>> and of course remember the sunscreen. if you are going to be walking outside make it a habit. >> someone who doesn't use sunscreen so much, mark curtis. >> i have actually started. i am much better than i used to be.
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day when americans are supposed to make sure they are prepare for disasters. a natural disaster or a man-made disaster, today we spoke to an expert who said we don't have to prep for an end of day scenario, but we should have enough to stay safe in the event of an emergency.>> we're definitely not prepare. >>reporter: urban survival expert with over 30 years of experience. the first thing he tries to get people to do is get a disaster can and stock it with essential items to cover a variety of emergencies, starting with his five alive. >> a way to make fire, purify water, a knife, shelter, and a way to signal or lighting. >>reporter: pollution also be in your kit. he suggested in investing in
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>> it could be for 72 hours or for a family of four. >>reporter: water is critical, but the experts say be mindful of where you store it. >> the thing with bottled water is you have to keep it in a dark place. if you keep it in a sound that place the plastic will start breaking down. >> he also recommends that you built your own first day medical kids with items you won't run out of quickly. >> i don't want to be that person that goes to run to the drugstore and the shelves are empty.>> and finally, todd says have a family plan ready when disaster strikes. >> we need communication. if cell phone towers go out we have two-way radios. turn to this channel, everyone knows that we are okay. >> good advice. he tours around the country teething -- teased -- teaching
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it has been cloudy out there for most of the day. what is left of hurricane pain has not only been bringing clouds, we have been seeing rain throughout the day and parts of arizona. how long will the rain be sticking around? how much do we actually get? our meteorologist joins us with the answer. >> flagstaff has seen a lot of rain, just about a quarter of an inch. evening we were probably not pick up more than a 100th of an inch. today, everyone enjoying those cooler temperatures. the average for this time of year is 99. for tomorrow, below average temperatures as well. we are keeping a 20% chance of rain in the forecast.
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to diminish. your monsoon meter sitting in a four in arizona and the white mountains. that will be for most of the activity is. here is all the moisture right now streaming into the state. this is one to quickly move towards the east. we are watching another storm system that is going to drop into arizona by thursday and bring us a new chance of rain. there is the rain for tomorrow up towards the north, this cold front, it is going to sweep in on thursday and friday drinking breezy conditions in the valley, but much colder air is coming in by friday. look at your seven day forecast, 92 one thursday, 89 degrees by friday, even this weekend well below average with temperatures in the low 90s.
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my top five nfl stories as we prepare to enter week number three of the season and hugh jackson has to be wondering if a black cat is lurking around the teams complex. in a week number one robert griffin the third went down with a shoulder injury that is expected to keep them out six that is expected to keep them out 6 to 8 weeks. his replacement josh goes down sunday in week number two with a shoulder injury, leaving the browns to go with cody kessler. different starting quarterback since 1999. number four, let's stick with the subject of quarterbacks. the eagles traded sam bradford for a pair of future draft picks. he looked sharp in his first start leading the rivals in a win over the packers in the first game ever played in the new stadium.
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starting quarterback job over to carson wentz. although he played only one preseason game because of injury he has looked more like a seasoned veteran and leading the eagles to a surprising 2-0 start. and number three the seattle seahawks picked to win the super bowl has scored only one touchdown throughout the first two weeks of the season. russell wilson has a sprung angle, but you would expect more than one touchdown thus far. >> this might be the exact team we need to play. they may be the best team in the league, but this is the exact team we need to play. we will see how we measure up against the best in the league. >> seriously, what is wrong with rex and why would he say something idiotic like that? that is what he does. the man is on the high sea in buffalo in terms of his job. his brother runs a defense that
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the offensive coordinator. his team is winless after two games and the cardinals are just the teams to build -- the bills need? why would he say that? stay right where you are. straight ahead, i will give you my number one nfl story and it
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all right, time to reveal my number one nfl the first two weeks of the season, and it is the face of the cardinals franchise, larry fitzgerald. those whispers of him having lost a step could no longer be heard. of course he wishes the talk of his retirement will go away. he continues to play at a high level and arguably still has the best hands and football. he is tied with mike wallace for touchdowns to the opening two weeks of the season.
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and my number one nfl story for the first two weeks. >> good stuff. we don't want him to go anywhere anytime soon. >> what does this tiny newborn have to do with the omg video of the day? that is coming up next. do not forget it is almost time for the sus joining 12 news as we support the race this year here in phoenix. you can register right now at
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denny's introduced new buttermilk pancakes and now we're introducing free pancakes for kids. who's crazy idea was this? well, we're pretty sure we know who. for a limited time, kids get our new pancakes in any of these flavors,
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coming up at 6:00, flooding concerns as parts of the sta community is pleading with help as they tried to keep their homes from going under water. >> we are not asking for a miracle, we just need help. >> were neighbors are working to keep their home safe and what the city is doing to help out. finally, the video of the day. we are heading up to italy, that is where a woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday.
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she finally had a successful pregnancy after four miscarriages. she is 61 years old. >> maria is not the oldest woman to give birth this year, that honor goes to a 70-year- old woman from india. she gave birth after undergoing in virtual -- in vitro fertilization. >> congratulations those sleepless nights. >> you are so diplomatic. 12 news is always on. get the latest news as it
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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tonight, missed warnings. new revelations about what the fbi knew about the bombing rampage suspect two years ago from his own father. and the anti-american sentiments found in his bullet-pierced journal. skittles outrage. donald trump's son getting backlash after comparing refugees to poisoned candy. and new allegations of misused charity money by trump's foundation. hot seat. the ceo of wells fargo grilled over millions of fake accounts opened in customers' names. what he said today that outraged congress. police shooting uproar. as anger grows over the fatal shooting of an unarmed father of four, tonight we hear the officer's side. and self-driving dangers. with more and more hitting the roads, the feds urge new rules to prevent crashes.


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