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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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an overnight shooting in glendale sends one person to the hospital.. team 12's jen wahl has the details.. planning to get away? why sky harbor might be busier for the next month. and hollywood is still coming to grips with brangelina's know so far -- that's in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome ???toss weather
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right now right now police are investigating an overnight shooting. team 12's jen wahl is working this top story from near 35th avenue and
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checking your hot headlines now.. tempe police are looking into an attempted armed robbery at a hotel near robbery at a hotel near arizona mills. they say the suspect tried robbing the residence inn near priest and baseline -- but didn't get away with anything. there
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a 16-year-old boy is being charged as an adult.. after he's accused of assaulting a female classmate inside an elevator at the east valley institute of technology. the assault happened five days ago. according to the police report -- the victim said she gave the boy a hug. and that's when he began to grope her and try to have sex with her.. despite her saying "stop." the boy admitted to touching her and said he felt bad -- but also that he didn't feel he had raped her. a statement from the school says the boy is no longer a student there. trouble for allegedly bringing guns on campus. the first incident happened at north canyon high school yesterday morning. no one was hurt -- and phoenix police arrested the teen responsible. the second incident happened at cactus middle school in casa grande. investigators say a 13-year-old boy brought a firearm in his backpack to school to show his friends. classes were canceled at maricopa high school yesterday because of a bomb threat. police say a letter containing several threats was faxed to the school. authorities evacuated the campus and began
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investigators say the same fax was also sent to schools in georgia and ohio. sky harbor international will close its north runway next month for construction and maintenance projects. airport officials say this could lead to delays during peak travel times -- so you'll want to call ahead before heading to the airport. the work is expected to wrap up november 6-th. there's there's already been at least one ly self-driving car in the u-s. and the feds are changing the rules.. to keep this rapidly expanding technology.. as safe as possible.. team
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it's weight loss wednesday here on 12 today.. and we have another tip to help you take the weight off and keep it off. the next time you get the munchies.. just brush your teeth. the scientist who wrote the book, "the body fat breakthrough" says the mint might help crush your desire for a snack. it's even better for people with a sweet tooth.. as the mint will temporarily make anything sweet to taste bitter. think about what happens when you drink orange juice after brushing your teeth. million around wearing fitness trackers.. but new research suggests they may do nothing to keep us fit. team 12's
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it's the end it's the end of an era -- brad pitt and angelina jolie call it quits.. and we have call it quits.. and we have the latest -- on what's turning out to be a very nasty divorce. that's coming up in the
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it's almost time for the susan g. komen race for the cure. join 12 news as we support the race this year on october 9th at the cesar chavez plaza in phoenix. you can register right now at
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last night in charlotte, north carolina.. protesting the deadly police shooting of a black man. police say they were looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they spotted a man with a gun get out of a car.. officers said they felt threatened and shot at the man -- who later died at the hospital. police say the officer who shot him -- is also african-american. dozens of people protested in tulsa, oklahoma last night.. after a police shooting of an unarmed black man. on monday.. police released video of 40-year-old terence clutcher being gunned
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after the officer spotted clutcher's vehicle in the middle of the road. federal officials are filing charges against ahmad kahn rahami -- the man they say planted bombs across new york and new jersey. rahami will be charged with using a weapon of mass destruction.. and bombing public places. investigators say rahami was seen on surveillance video.. and his fingerprints were all over one the devices that did not explode. the house homeland security committee is set to meet this morning following those explosions in new york and new jersey. the hearing will address how to stop future attacks. the n-y-p-d's counter-terrorism commissioner will speak at today's hearing. president obama told the united nations we all can.. and must do better when it comes to housing refugees. mister obama addressed the world body's general assembly tuesday -- his last such speech as president. he called on more nations to open their borders to people seeking refuge from war. a hearing will be held later today to address the rising costs of epi-pens.
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why the company increased prices nearly 400-percent since 2007. epi-pens currently cost around $600-dollars. ???toss morning juice they say all good things must come to an end.. sadly.. that is now true for hollywood's ?it? couple -- brad pitt and angelina jolie - - better known as the couple is in the middle of what seems to be a pretty nasty divorce and custody battle. angie filed battle. angie filed the papers earlier this week.. citing irreconcilable differences.. but t-m-z reports it's more than that. they're saying that angie is done with brad's alleged weed and alcohol use. she says that.. coupled with an anger problem -- makes him a danger to the kids. angie wants sole physical custody of their six kids -- that means brad would only get
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his kids in danger -- and he's willing to fight for them the only good thing to come of split -- all the jennifer aniston memes.. we can't get enough of them.. but let's face it.. jen ann is doing just fine -- i mean.. have you seen her new hubby justin theroux?! we couldn't have said it any better, adele. it truly is an end of an era.. if you couldn't hear -- adele dedicated her concert last
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now time for your juicy question of the morning... 20 percent 20 percent they will not do this in front of a man. many have different reasons on why a man should not why a man should not see this.this? ???adlib
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chance to win a 50 dollar gift card for restaurant week. gift card for restaurant week. with just five days left until their first debate.. we check out the campaign trail to see how hillary clinton and donald trump are preparing. this year's election -- may be hurting your relationship with co-workers.. that is coming up in a half hour.. we'll be right back.. right back.. we'll be half hour..coming up in a that is workers..with co-
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workers.. that is half hour..right back.. ###break### now to ###break###
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###break### now to decision 20-16.. we're just 48 days away from the november election. and the race for president is still neck-and-neck. the latest 'nbc news - survey monkey' poll shows hillary clinton ahead by five points among li two will debate one another ?live? on monday night -- at six p-m. and you'll see that only and you'll see that only on 12 news. meanwhile -- clinton and her allies continue to dominate the airwaves with campaign ads. they are outspending trump by a five to one margin. clinton's to one margin.trump by a five to one margin. clinton's campaign alone has spent more than $96-million dollars on ads -- compared to just 17-million from trump's campaign. on the campaign trail.. donald trump is attacking
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has hammered clinton on national security and terrorism.. but at his evening event in north carolina.. the billionaire republican cast the millionaire democrat as an elitist "friend of the rich"... clinton spent the day at home.. as she prepares for monday's first debate with trump. she also spent time talking about terror with national security advisers. today.. clinton will be in orlando, florida for a rally.. meanwhile.. clinton's running mate -- tim kaine will be on "ellen" this afternoon. it's his first daytime talk show appearance since hillary clinton chose him as her running mate. we're told he'll address we're told he'll address clinton's bout of pneumonia. that starts at 3 o'clock -- right here on channel 12.
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taste test of arizona restaurant week. he has a preview of "barrio queen" in 10 minutes. britney spears has still got it. and she's proving it to the world.. that's just ahead in your morning
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police in glendale -busy right now investigating an overnight shooting.the latest on where this is happening.. in a live report... a night of violent protests in north another deadly police shooting is capturing national attention. 'brangelina'....say it isn't so....the hollywood power couple splitting up for good? we're talking about this story mo ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy


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