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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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an overnight shooting in glendale sends one man to the hospital..and has investigators trying to figure out why it harbor airport...closing down one of its runways...details on that... and the big changes it's going to cause...and disney drops a controversial costume... just before halloween.would you we're talking about it in the morning mix... ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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one person in y jen wahl is live near 35th
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taking a taking a look at hot headlines this morning - a 16-year-old boy is being charged as an adult.. after he's accused of assaulting a female classmate inside an elevator at the east valley institute of technology. the assault happened five days ago. a police report says the victim gave the boy a hug. and that's when he began her.. despite her saying "stop." the boy admitted to touching her and said he felt bad -- but also that he didn't feel he had raped her. a statement from the school says the boy is no longer a student there. tempe police are looking into an attempted armed robbery at a hotel near arizona mills. they say the robber tried robbing the residence inn near priest and baseline -- but didn't get away with anything. there are no injuries -- but the robber is still on the run. sky harbor international will close its
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construction and maintenance projects. airport officials say this could lead to delays during peak travel times -- so you'll want to call ahead before heading to the airport. the work is expected to wrap up november 6- th. after months of secret construction, apple has unveiled a massive solar plant, built in the desert.the 300 acre solar plant is located in florence it will power apple's mesa data command center with the spill over into the grid to power homes and businesses on the salt river projects power system. it's always a tough choice... where to eat for arizona restaurant week? this morning.... team 12's nico santos is checking out
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if you're one of the millions of people who uses tinder -- you may get a uses tinder -- you may get a kick out of this story. tinder and spotify are now teaming up to make it a little easier to swipe and little easier to swipe and find love. starting today, tinder users can pick their favorite song to display
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also opt to have tinder display your top artists, if you want to give people a fuller picture of what you like to listen to. as you can may either people to you the love of a grandpa can actually be measured.. by the size teddy bear he buys his granddaughter. madeline r. madeline jane's grandfather bought her this teddy her parents had some fun with it. madeline loves her bear.. the one her grandpa could barely fit in
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and because breakfast is the most important meal of the day to mcdonald's... they're expanding the all-day breakfast menu you'll be able to buy mcgriddles all day..this was tested in select markets and obviously sales were very good for mcdonald's to expand it nationwide. now time for your juicy question of the morning... 20 percent of women say... no matter what... they will not do this in front of a man. some because they don't want to be judged. but research shows doing this.... with a man present or not... helps self-confidence.
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this? ???adlib??? time for that second juicy question of the morninga recent survey found about 50 percent of people.... think they are excellent at this. many of us might decide to do this tonight... or maybe the
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moana is one of the most anticipated movies of the holiday season...but this costume????could be one of the ?worst in history.we're talking about that in three minutes... it's weight loss wednesday... and we've got tips on how some simple vitamins...can help cut the pounds...
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####break#### disney - known for its incredible animated movies... has another one coming out this thanksgiving...'moana'... follows a young pacific island princess while she looks for a fabled island.along the way she meets the mythological demigod..?maui.who... in the movie is voiced by dwayne 'the rock' johnson.the film is gaining praise for telling the
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voice actors of pacific islanders descent. the problem isn't the move... in true disney fashion, the marketing is already in full swing.what is stirring up controversy is disney's recent release of the accompanying ?halloween costume.?halloween costume.take a look...take a look...the costume.. is a bodysuit depicting brown skin... covered in tribal tattoos.and predicatably - it has the internet in an outrage... with many people tweeting they don't want to it the creepiest thing disney has done.... what do you think? are you offended by the idea? the idea?offended by are you
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the idea? ?? traffic ?? ?? traffic ?? ?? traffic ??
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???adlib & toss jimmy
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it's almost time for the susan g. komen race for the cure. join 12 news as we support the race this year on october 9th at the cesar chavez plaza in can register right now at komen a-z dot org. things are getting ugly in north carolina...after yet another deadly police shooting. we'll update the situation there ... and he c-e-o of the company that makes the epi-pen goes before congress today... with a lot of explaining to do. those stories coming up in 15
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time for some 12 today trivia. we're celebrating arizona restaurant week out at barrio queen this morning. and their signature drinks are made with tequila. so our question to you.. what plant does tequila come from? think in a half hour. wall street is eyeing a decision by the federal reserve this afternoon. the central bank wrapping up a policy meeting, not expected to raise interest rates, which could affect all types of borrowing costs, from mortgages to car loans. overnight in asia, the bank of japan held rates in negative territory, sparking a rally in markets. on tuesday, the dow rising nine points to
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52-41. it's weight loss wednesday here on 12 today.. and we have another tip to help you have another tip to help you take the weight off and keep it off. and women's health says specific vitamins and nutrients can help you flip an internal switch to tell your body to burn more fat.this includes vitamin d. studies show vitamin d helps make sure your body listens to your body listens to insulin and burns glucose.. which is sugar.. for energy. along with that.. is calcium... from da in fat cells and researchers think the more calcium a fat cell has.. the more fat that cell can up.. omega-3 fatty acids. they can trigger enzymes that trigger fat-burning cells. they can also send signals to your brain to burn fat and decrease appetite. you find them in fatty fish like salmon and nuts.and finally.. mono- unsaturated fatty acids.. from olive oil, avacados and nuts. research shows they zero-in on belly fat.... and increase
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we are celebrating restaurant one of the most recognized places in the valley...the barrio cafe...?? ad lib ?? and it is the one story that everyone is still talking about this morning... brad
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police investigate a shooting. we are live at the scene with the latest. stomach violent protests erupt in charlotte, north carolina after another officer involved shooting. stomach a child country store tries to make a comeback on the voice. remnants of hurricane pain pulling a lot of moisture across the southwest. i will give us a slight chance
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we will feel the humidity on this wednesday. right now outside we are in the 70s for the downtown area. 2.63 and winds at about 3 miles an hour. a little shower to get toward the north of us here around flagstaff. but overall we are looking pretty quiet. kingman a few showers in the area. for today you can expect a mix of clouds and sunshine with a slight chance of showers on the final day of time on the 10 eastbound and the avenues. all we needed was another crash that was walking at one point off to the side for a while now still reinforcing the slowing in that area. so really packed like sardines as you can expect making it a tad bit worse we also had a pretty cap -- cramped


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