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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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we will feel the humidity on this wednesday. right now outside we are in the 70s for the downtown area. 2.63 and winds at about 3 miles an hour. a little shower to get toward the north of us here around flagstaff. but overall we are looking pretty quiet. kingman a few showers in the area. for today you can expect a mix of clouds and sunshine with a slight chance of showers on the final day of time on the 10 eastbound and the avenues. all we needed was another crash that was walking at one point off to the side for a while now still reinforcing the slowing in that area. so really packed like sardines as you can expect making it a tad bit worse we also had a pretty cap -- cramped
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some modest slowing on the 10 eastbound. it is the west than getting in on the rush-hour slowing shooter. 24 miles an hour how he liked to average between 101 and the stacks 21 minutes for that right, 34 minutes from the through 32 downtown. 17 southbound looking pretty good pretty easy pc although it is down into the 40s. the 16 west i'm good and pulling out top speeds. stomach police are investigating an overnight shooting. we are working this top story from your 30th and avenue. gunshots early this morning and investigators have been here since about 2:00 a.m. they are still at the arbiter of partners trying to figure out exactly what went down in one minutes in the hospital. here's what we know so far from police. two men who both live at this
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some type of fight broke out and one of the men who together with the bullet. the victim in this case has nonlife threatening injuries and the suspect is in custody. police believe the two know each other, they just need to get to the bottom of what happened during the fight. they are currently working on that right now. authorities also tell us no one in the complex is in danger at this moment. stomach protests erupt over night in charlotte, north carolina after a police officer shot a black man while serving an arrest warrant for a different person at an apartment complex. demonstrators threw rocks and water bottles at police . police say while searching for the original suspect officer saw a man get out of the vehicle armed with a gun.
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determine the man was a threat, so they shot him. oklahoma's governor is asking for calm after 200 protesters showed up outside the coastal police of -- department upset over the shooting of an unarmed black man last friday. video shows turn scripture outside of a stalled suv. officers say he did not respond to commands and walked back to his vehicle with his hands up. one officer shot him with a taster. officer betty shelby fired gun. investigators found a vial of pcp in his car but no weapons. toxicology tests are not finished. stomach president obama will be meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin and 90 in new york. the white house says it will likely b their last before a president obama leaves office. for both leaders at the culmination of a relationship that has been testy at best. stomach the ceo of a company that makes the epipen will step before congress today to explain why the company jacked up the price of their murders
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it sparked outrage among those who need to potentially life- saving kit. my lung, the makers of epipen face and new york state antitrust investigation. is time for morning juice with anna, talking more about one of our favorite shows back. >> week one of the blind auditions of season 11 voice wrapped last night with a very familiar face. a child country store who is all grown up now trying to make a comeback as a pop he may be on his way after getting all four judges to turn
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guess who that was? any idea? commit not a clue. >> this is billy gilman. you guys are a member him? it did not take long for a couple of judges to connect the dots. blake shelton told billy gilman and he was making his first album when billy's hit song, one voice was out. then miley cyrus got her turn and thought, wait a second, i know you. >> was there a video where you were on a school bus at one time? >> i know who you are. let me take care of you. >> i used to open for your dad okay. so will not be miley taking care of billy he actually chose adam levine. as for the hit song billy had when he was 11, one voice. we will take you way back on this wednesday,
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do you kind of remember it? >> i totally remember it. if we did not see this video this was huge back in the day. >> humongous was right. early gilman even sang at michael jackson's 30th ... he did this thing. it was a top 20 hit. this was major. this guy had tons of success but that's kind of his problem going to voice. >> you signed by sony and then started to grow up and as what happens boys voices change around 14 - 15 years old. that's when he was dropped by sony and never found his footing. that's what -- why he's now on the voice. >> it will be a blast watching him get it back. recent surveys show about half of us think we are great
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ones say, they are in the right mood were doing this for an hour or two. >> the way they put these questions together. we want to know what is this? i say dancing. >> of course. >> there's another kind of dancing you can do to. >> i know. >> hook, bar-b-q >> bbq for a couple of hours? >> yeah. >> abbas, thatld absolutely. >> keep those guesses coming. you have one? i guess not. still ahead, is your hairline fading fast? your diet can help, foods you can try that could keep your mean intact.
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representing mesa this morning. we will tell you more about that and your forecast for this final day of summer. stomach jimmy fallon honored in a most unlikely and unusual way. where fans can walk through his set. this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats.
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across the southwest, particularly here in arizona we love our mexican food. more than 100 wrecks -- restaurants, some mexican of taking part of arizona
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have a big doggy bag to go before you leave. >> i cannot make any promises because we may end up eating all of us before we leave. food is so good here. take a look at some of us out here. we will talk about this in just a moment. let's get a taste of the environment. there is a lot of artwork dedicated to the day of the dead, very important holiday for latin american chicken in mexico. lot of people are. their things for cell as well. come down to some shopping we are talking about restaurant week this is the location in scottsdale. there is a special history behind this dish here. i'll let the the executive chef explain how this came about. >> it was created in pueblo, the governor happened to be in
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something symbolic, something that would represent the country in mexico so the landscape came up with that. ever since these pomegranates, now it is in season. so september being of particular month the independence day that's when they first came out. >> you will notice it is visually they have the red, white, ingrained that the representation of the flag and patriotism behind it: every scene in mexico. just to give you an idea so you can listen as chicken breast, dried-up pots, gold imagines, onion garlic, roasted poblano pepper and that is just the two. and it comes with mashed potatoes and chipotle which is kind of like cabbage. this one is the chef's favorite dish, with cisco question what this is very traditional in mexico, southern mexico in the yucat?n. this is a slow roasted pork. we take the pork
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-- spices and garlic wrapped in banana leaves and slow roasted for about 12 - 14 or so comes out with pulled pork with java with pico de gallo and this is from the yucat?n. pickled onions served with black beans and green rice. >> any mexican food with pickled onions is always good. >> we've been talking the food we've had appetizers really good. take a look down here it's a must-have if you go to a mexican restaurant this one has little with vanilla sauce on top of it. you have t from today until sunday to enjoy any of the restaurants participating in restaurant week. than restaurant week with britney again and britney talking about some tequila to pair with these two dishes. >> we are all celebrating back here. stomach crystal hour the roads? >> know how to try to talk with all that saliva my mouth. this rack is on the 140 c. -- 143 south dundas pass with 202
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scene. now you know what is up we see the flashing lights. stomach loaded with cars unusual mckinney's gun is about a third in a ride from ottawa to downtown and seeing some slowing in their 101210 - 17 and of course the one eastbound 217 and 51. it's not too bad just about six minutes - 11 minutes to camelback and then that's when you run into a pretty crowded commute tryingo so past few are still looking good supplying by camelback. again that is when you have the slowdown is when you get on the 10. so it averages out into the 50s for your ride about 18 minutes from the 1012 downtown. now we are talking the traffic future cap so give it 45 minutes in a look like this on the 10 stop and go traffic down into the teens. we have a big slowdown
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in 202 we have some 20s reading you're getting close 210 on the 60. of course we have the orange zone all over the place as it becomes more crowded. what more company on the 51 and the one-to-one eastbound. it is time, our wednesday weather cam. this is cassidy. and you are from mesa, correct? what s you go to cassidy? >> know webster's >> hoosier teacher customer commitments that is to make you think she teaches fourth grade, right? what is your favorite subject? let's get on with the weather forecast. okay cassidy, what is going on out there right now? >> cloudy and 79. >> 79 degrees lots of clouds as well. how about the forecast for today
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today is also the last day of summer. a couple of showers up toward the north little bit of shower activity coming in through parts of flagstaff, north of flagstaff. we are looking pretty dry right there. cloudy skies from flagstaff downpour the south of us. temperatures for today, your forecast in height 95. the average is 98 and the record is 107 degrees set back in 2011. ar stuff will be coming in more consistent from the california coast. it will make its way here but only a slight chance for today. then things slowly start to pick up even more as we move in. if your storms up toward the north with the cool system coming through by friday. temperatures will really feel comfortable saturday morning with big storms rolling through chicago right now. there are some travel of visors across parts of o'hare and midway.
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virginia or the northeast required. new york city has cloudy skies from new york to boston. in the southeast from tampa down to miami looking out partly cloudy skies and great conditions. temperatures not a lot of chilly weather we're 30 last week of flagstaff starting at 52 write-downs for flagstaff. the monsoon just about over 10 days left for the end of the month. we will say sayonara. two for the valley today, too for southwest arizona. and of course tomo s about 7:21 a.m. slight chance of storms rolling around, 94 for gila bend, and 77 profess god, flagstaff, a few showers and 67 greece. a better shot of rain off to the high country. cap force -- i. chance of shower what will be happening
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season for us with temperatures about 91 and scattered storms thursday and friday. saturday we have saturday morning temperatures will be 65 0. some of the outlying areas could see temperatures in the 50s we will feel fall by saturday morning. let's go meet your family from mesa, thank you all so much. stomach all ee >> research so it's possible to thicken your hair through your diet according to prevention. one secret food you should be eating his oysters. studies shows zero appears to be super nutrient when it comes to preventing and treating hair loss. apparently oysters contain more zinc per serving than any other food. but if you cannot stomach oysters, others think pac foods
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stomach we are celebrating arizona restaurant week and today we are in barrio and their signature drinks are made with tequila. i morning tribute to you is this ? what plan does tequila come from? >> will have your answer coming up in two minutes. weight loss wednesday and just in time for holiday season tips how not to pack on the pounds when you go party.
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we are celebrating arizona restaurant week this morning. stomach their signature drin so the question is, what plan does tequila come from? any guesses? >> agave. spirit without going to have no idea. through a quick general. he rebuilt. >> here we go.
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tequila aides to take on different flavors. different above a drinks are called miss cal. but to be tequila it has to be blue about a period too >> it looks just like in alastair plan. >> that's what i thought. stomach it is weight loss wednesday right here on the big 12. with another tip to help you take the weight off and keep it off. to make these tips come from jillian michaels. she was a trainer on the biggest loser of ar she says if you want to lose weight you have to plan ahead. if you go to a party into filling and a healthy snack before you leave home so you're not tempted to splurge so much. also take a healthy dish with you so you know you have something nutritious to me. >> she says if you are traveling, bring food with you. pac small meals that you can make in a hotel or take a long packet of nuts or roman butter
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>> realistically it's hard. >> how do you do it? >> a trouble with a lot of protein power by the tendency to lose a lot of weight. stomach tied no for your shot of the morning. a familiar face on nbc getting love across the country. idaho's annuals farmstead corn shape of tonight show host jimmy fallon. the maze is nearly 20 acres and contains about 1 million ears of corn and it is a year-round process to be ready for this friday's corn maze and pumpkin festival. the farm owner says cutting the pathways takes a couple of months. the final result is revealed when they check it out from overhead. >> that is amazing when they do
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this hears is? you had no >> you know? >> i know kerry clary -- stomach sky harbor goes under construction. what they have planned that could change your flight schedule. stomach brad and angelina is over. think it may be behind the
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violent protests erupt after a deadly police shooting. and we are taste testing the cuisine and scottsdale. stomach wise simon cowell really thinks grace vander wal is the next taylor swift. stomach early this wednesday morning at 6:29 a.m. lots of clouds outside with a lot of humidity. temperatures will be below average for this final day of summer. no big concerns of your traveling anywhere across the
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no yellows or red indicating heavier pockets of rainfall. they don't rule out a chance to shower with a high of 95 more rain coming in the forecast for tomorrow. stomach where the duo of crashes right now. first 101 northbound on the ramp at warner this crash is partially blocking with debris. see the line forming used ray or elliott instead hop on the 101. this as we now have more emergency crews on site 143 south dundas as the tool to a washington. an earlier crash was blocking the right lane now you have emergency crews also taking off that space. to keep far left on that one. we already knew the 10 a long line for me they are now we have a smattering of more slow spots here and there on 17. the 101 and the 10 heading westbound. also in one northbound between the two of two and 60 let's
6:31 am
go starting at 75th avenue 2501st where you have speeds getting as low as 36 miles an hour with 23 minutes to take that to scottsdale road. one-on-one with them pretty slow between the two two that stretches 12 minutes from the met red mounts to frank loyd wright. so pulling out top speeds on 51 southbound. checking your hot headlines right now. employees are looking into an attempted armed robbery at a hotel near arizona mills. the suspects tried victims. no injuries but the suspect is still the run. stomach a 16 -year-old boys being charged as an adult after he is accused of assaulting a female classmate inside the elevator at the east valley institute of technology. the assault happened five days ago. according to the police report the victim said she gave the boy a hug and that's when he began to grope her and try to
6:32 am
raped her. this statement from the schools as the boys no longer a student. stomach two students are allegedly in trouble for bringing guns to school. the first happened at the north canyon high school yesterday morning. no one was hurt in phoenix police arrested the team responsible. the second incident happened at the cactus middle school casa grande. investigators say 13 -year-old boy brought a firearm to school his backpack. stomach sky harbor international will close its north runway next month for construction and maintenance projects. airport officials say could lead to delays during peak travel times so you want to call ahead before going to the airport. the work is expected to wrap up november 6. stomach it is always a very tough choice where to eat for arizona restaurant weeks. >> you have from now until sunday to take full advantage. so this morning we are out checking out barrio queen in scottsdale. >> we are certainly taking advantage out here.
6:33 am
here the enchilada suite starts with the tree so on top and divided that it was so good. in the explosion of flavor in your mouth. they'll and i'm pretty sure is one you'll one you'll like. for now you know we talked about food we are getting the party started behind bars. we have another drinks to make. >> it is one of our signature drinks this time of year and it's kind of a secret drink th that has to do with the fruit of the season which are pomegranates. so we like to infuse a little bit of pomegranates with the pomegranate with horror, palm jews and then a little bit of tequila which has a high rating of about 95 so it is really good tequila. >> let's get started. we will put some of the ingredients in it. it is not on the menu so i will say again for our viewers at home if you want you want to try this this
6:34 am
there were nowhere shaking, we are stirring it is a beautiful cover it was on the table earlier, like a nice bright peak but it has tequila in there. would you say this is a strong drink or on the sweeter side? >> it's a little bit of both. it is definitely a stronger tequila we put almost about 2 ounces of tequila in men than you have the pomegranate record and then we also topped off with the beautiful pomegranates nice fresh pomegranates on top. >> it is a beautiful drink once again not on the menu. so with this drink in particular since we are talking about food and restaurant week, would you pair this with one of one of your place question asked him at the chili's in the pomegranates of the sweeter dish and then a little bit of tequila to you with us. >> we saw that in the last segment as well. wish we had snow vision is very pungent and amazing.
6:35 am
restaurant week what is the bar and restaurant scene like? >> with two happy hours seven days a week from 2:00 p.m. through 6:00 p.m. as well as 9:00 p.m. to close. in the bar scene is fun and vibrant with actually have to bars. one in the canteen and on the side of the restaurant and then this is our main our main dining room bar pre- was a cantina patio is a lot of fun while people wait for their tabl. is arizona restaurant week. if you've been looking for twist on breast -- mexican food at mexican soul food. barrio queen in scottsdale and gilbert $33 and it comes with the drink so you cannot beat that. >> you meet those curls and fun. stomach emma is here with some juice. >> l. and welcomes the youngest americas got talent winner in 10 years. 12 -year-old grace vander wal joins her show today and she
6:36 am
some until called for the next taylor swift. >> after the show, simon cowell called me into his dressing room and we talked. and he was like, that's what i meant when i called you the next taylor swift, not because you look like her, because you sound like her, he said because he's worked with taylor swift and she is strong and knows her opinion. he said that's how he feels about me. her other guests today on alan. only regular channel 12.
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lady got us brand-new video for her song perfect illusion. and a rumored dog a super bowl performance may not be an illusion this morning. the six-time grammy winner has agreed to headline the event. this after a rendition of the star-spangled banner -- banner wow the crowd last year. the nfl has yet to confirm the move. we all know how that went one d- delta and down. so we'll see how long will take this c the new video is outcome of perfect illusion you can check it out right now. time for your juicy question of the day and your answer. a recent survey shows about half of us think we are great at doing this. although that number is probably a bit inflated. people who are really good at this can do it fast, they can do is slow, and they can get a great cardio workout.
6:38 am
>> dancing. >> more for loose. >> we should do our 12 news version of that. >> we are not good though, that's the problem. >> i don't know if we want too. >> i might be scarred for life. >> that's because i'm comfortable in my skin. >> why god has sayat stomach brad pitt and angelina jolie are call it -- pulling the plug on the marriage it's what people are talking up this morning and so are we. right now we have showers up to the north and the possibility for more rain. not just today but for tomorrow on this final day of summer.
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angelina jolie has reportedly filed for divorce from brad. the couple had only been married for two years they been together for the past 12. according to both people and teams he court documents it obtained show mr. lee has asked foys in a statement brad pitt says he is very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the well-being of their kids. coming up in about 20 minutes just cable the editor-in-chief of us magazine says it could be about the parenting style because the pair came from very different backgrounds. >> over the years they would tell people one of them was very strict and the other was very soft. so parenting all of these
6:43 am
>> you can catch the full interview with people magazine's editor on the today show coming up at 7:00 a.m. that brings up what could be a tense subject in many herald -- households. the parenting style beta reason for brad and angelina splitting? >> will we ever truly know? we've been reading about there could be possible adultery involved with his costar on his new movie, allied with there's also rumors that there was lead involved and alcohol and that brad is going through a midlife crisis. so this whole conflict of parenting style is news to me. >> i think so too but i could see how to create contention because when you come from completely different backgrounds i think that's what's so important in choosing a mate is that you need to find someone who kind of comes from
6:44 am
same cloth almost. the same values, believe, the same idea what it comes to parenting. my husband and i never sat down as it is what we are going to do what you like throws a book at your face, no. but because we kind of came from the same i don't know ideas >> a kind of just works itself out. >> it helps the situation. and then you think you know sometimes oppote i know in our family stephen it's kind of a give-and-take. sometimes i'm a harder one depending on how unruly my kids could be. sometimes stephen will take more hard-line approach. i think at the end of the day there has to be some kind of the compromise and that has to be some kind of a happy median >> you guys support each others to make guessing you be on the same page. because if one strays that will be an explosion of arguments
6:45 am
totally different pages. stomach and just so people know the pages is to come from brad pitt is an oklahoma boy he's a down home boy crept their angelina jolie the daughter of john voigt grew up in hollywood. >> let us know what you think on twitter and facebook. >> this wreck at the 101 northbound has quite the domino effect. street there are a lot of gawkers overlooking breaks. so might i suggest you hop on at elliot instead that way you will dodge the delays. they're on the freeway once you hop on from the two of $0.02 in. traffic is going no better than 12 miles north. we have slow spots all over the place 45 minutes into rush hour.
6:46 am
stomach we are in the red zone one-on-one to the sacked 41 minutes for that right. at four minutes after taking that all the way downtown so don't expect to go any faster than 18 miles on that stretch. 17 southbound. once you hit the water one you're hitting the brakes 37 miles an hour the average 43 miles an hour the average once you pass the stack. on the 60 westbound to starting say little more company on slowing their modest slowing into the 40s. we are seeing things get a little clogged up on the 10 westbound starting of the king quake -- creep to the 6013 minutes that right at seven minutes to take that to the split. still pretty good on the 2202 adding -- averaging speeds in the 50s. right now at locale -- clubs with a couple sprinkles possible little bit of activity on the radar coming in. you can see the sun opening up. should be a pretty nice day
6:47 am
in phoenix. 79 0 still humid out there with light winds and no big storms to tell you about. 90 - 95 and a chance of shower for the last day of summer. southwest winds about 5 miles - 10 miles an hour by this afternoon. 95 for high temperature with the average to be 98 but we are in double digits now for averages. no more triple digit numbers the highest we get is 107 degrees weeks before goes back down. now it will decline even more rapidly at 98. next week will be down to mid 90s at least. one of seven is of record could be pretty hot to finish off here. light showers up and down across our area you can feel the moisture coming up from the south making its way across the area but the bulk of the moisture is off to the west and southwest of us. have your stuff will be up to the north also it could be moisture as a result of hurricane pain putting moisture
6:48 am
front will come in by late thursday, friday, saturday morning we could wake up with temperatures in the 50s around the valley. could be -- should be incredible to start things off. so are starting to push off across the mid-atlantic and dry across the south and east. we are in the 70s for temperatures and 52 for flagstaff and 79 for casagrande. only 10 more days for the end of monsoon too for the valley and four for the northern arizona. these numbers are going to estimate to about a four for tomorrow. in the valley we are expecting a bigger surge of moisture to come in. 91 degrees for thursday and friday 80 0 for a high with a few showers out there feeling like fall. >> time for a final check of your hot headlines. the streets of charlotte, north
6:49 am
shooting of a black man reportedly armed. authorities used tear gas to try to break up the demonstrations. during which 12 officers were injured and marked police vehicles were destroyed. stomach the governor of oklahoma is urging residents to remain calm as investigators invest the federal shooting of an unarmed black man. about 200 protesters gathered last night outside the coastal police department. stomach the man accused in the h over the sale of a video game has been declared mentally competent to stand trial. the maricopa county superior court commissioner made the ruling in the case of 19 -year-old heir to ought. he has been indicted on charges of first-degree murder and armed robbery. police say he killed a teenager who refuse to give up an xbox. stomach officials at sky harbor said flight delays are possible when the airport takes one of its three runways out of service for a month. airport has several minutes of
6:50 am
departure delays could be up to 30 minutes during peak travel times. the runway goes out of service in two weeks. stomach dolphin, arizona will open next month. that attraction that allows visitors to interact with dolphins will be opening its doors october 15. dolphin or as arizona's near loop 101 and david boulevard near aussie aquarium. it allows visitors to view the dolphins in three experiences ranging from $60 - $200. stomach drivers in the us are wasting billions of dollars every year on expensive gas they do not need. according to aaa, american drivers blew about $2.1 billion on higher octane fuel in their cars actually needed. only 16 percent of americans actually drive cars that need the premium fuel. despite this fact 16 million
6:51 am
filled up on at least once last year with higher grade gas. experts say it makes them feel posh or that it is better for their car. stomach after months of secret construction apple has unveiled a massive solar plant built in the desert. this 300 acres solo -- solar plant stomach tender and spot if i are teaming up to make it a little easier. starting today to her their favorite song to display on their profile. you can also opt to have tender display your top artists if you want to give people a better picture of what you like to listen to. as you can imagine this may either attract people to you or repel them. stomach the nfl continues to deny all reports that lady .- dot i. will be performing at the super bowl halftime show. the league's senior vice president of communications has been doing damage control for days saying in several
6:52 am
are just not true. lady .-dot opera form the halftime show at last season's super bowl production she just sang the national anthem. stomach -- stomach is almost time for the susan g., race for the cure. join us as we support the race this year october 9 in phoenix. you can register right now, daisy .org. stomach we have quite the deal for you because it is arizona restaurant week. the 12 caller to call right now will get a $50 gift card. 6,022,601,000. this is the third of five giveaways we have going on all this week. stomach coming up on wednesday they were here in charlotte with the latest of those overnight protests brought by another fatal police shooting. stomach millions use them
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jeff rossen is putting to the test. stomach what was behind the breakup of angelina jolie and brad pitt? why should asking for sole physical custody of their six children?
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northbound. it is a wreck on the honor and a warner you can use ray or la but i would suggest of the two elliot is your best bet because we have delays on the freeway even though that is on the on ramp. web another crash off the right 17 southbound is helping to reinforce the slowing of greenway. you will see the slowdown skip there on the 17. then you're back in action couple of milestones you back in the usual commotion of rush hour. knitting is done at the one-to- one to downtown, that whole stretch and also on the 10 westbound. heads up on the 347 northbound. there's also crashed north of casablanca. we're also seeing some of these troubled times really getting jacked up especially on the chinese gun about a 15 minute ride. stomach we are watching the radar with a couple of showers out there a couple of raindrops coming into the downtown area you can see a few greens out there is pretty nice.
6:57 am
on this final day of summer. 20% chance of rainfall and tomorrow we will bump it up to about 40% chance of rain tomorrow the first day of fall and attempted jurors by saturday morning could see some 50s. stomach that is lovely. stomach a couple of takeaways besides the fact i still won't bother to perform. adjustable brad and angelina thing people are going to be talking about it a lot. worry about the kids if they are okay. saddle the way around that will we ever really know what happened? spin it now. sadly. stomach why do we want too? to make billy gilman on the voice. a country star who was huge when he was young i was making his comeback that's what's so great about the show must wear this is one of the best seasons ever. :-) and alicia proving to be in credible coaches. stomach my mom loves them. stomach their fabulous.
6:58 am
everyone on twitter, how would you rate arizona's summer this year? i got 36% with :-). 30 % with a flat face and 26% with the angry face. though we will get more angry faces. >> i put in an angry face for you. thank you did? >> it felt really good. in a going into the weekend temperatures in the 50s for saturday morning which would be just an incredible feeling. stomach i'm going to spend the day trying to figure out what song to put on tender. stomach you get one song. stomach attract or repel. stomach one song. stomach what do you think right now to make it would not be handsome not that there's anything wrong with hanson. i have to seriously think about it. stomach 12 news is always on 12 news .com, your favorite social media apps.
6:59 am
o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers.
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. violent protests erupt in charlotte overnight after another deadly police shooting. trucks, and lighting fires closing down an intetate. at least 12 officers injured in clashes. we're there live. motivated by hate, first terror charges brought against bombing suspect ahmad rahami, writings from his personal journal including praise from osama bin laden and terrorists.


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