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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa, caribe, and coop starts now. >> at 10:00 tracking the big picture for you. breaking news tear glass protesters fill the streets of charlotte. >> stopping threats in arizona. what the fbi is doing to keep students safe. decision 2016. the republican vp candidate returning to the valley tomorrowment. men accused of behaving badly. the search is on for a valley groper. while an uber driver is busted.
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>> dietary sum mrements may not be as -- supplements may not be as safe as you think. and the disney controversy. 12 news at 10:00 starts now. following breaking news as violence breaks nout north carolina in the -- breaks out in north carolina following a protest with dem spray or thes clashing -- demonstrators clashing with police. at least one critical injuries suffered during a protest. a pool of blood marks the sidewalk outside the hotel where things escalated. city officials say a civilian shot the person, not police. >> back up a little bit. that is tier gas i can feel the -- that is tear gas. i can feel it. >> as you see there police
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several times tonight to try to get people to go home. we've also seen protest or thes tossing -- protesters tossing tables and chairs. police taking two protesters into custody. seven police officers have been hurt. monique joins us with more of the breckenridging -- breaking images. >> the north carolina governor declared a state of emergency. demonstrators clashing with police as both sides dispute what actually happened in a shooting that involved a black man being shot by a black police officer. >> loud booms echoing through the streets as police faced off with several hundred protesters in downtown charlotte. officers using rubber bullets and tear gas to try to get people to leave the area. >> the crowd gathering in
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of keith lamont scott. authorities say brentley vinson, a black officer, shot the 43-year-old after officers encountered him trying to serve a search warrant on someone else. they say he had a gun. multiple witnesses dispute that saying he had a book. after the initial wave of clashes some protesters continuing to engage with police. officers pushing back la the night continuing their efforts to break up the crowd. and authorities have already made several arrests but the night isn't over. police and protesters remain in the streets. reporting live monique 12 news. >> thank you so much. meanwhile 12 news confirming tonight that a former graduate student from the water cronkite
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coast. she has been tweeting that agitators punched her photographer. mary filing this report from the scene moments before the violent incident. >> kind of a volatile situation off and on all night. there are two factions here, the group that is trying to keep the crowd calm and at bay. they were actually chanting love at one point and then the other group who a couple of sticks were thrown over my head. we did encounter some tear gas. it's been an ebb and flow the entire evening. >> doctors are checking out mary and her photographer. we do wish them well. the situation as you have been seeing there is volatile. we will bring you updates during the rest of the show if anything changes. more breaking news.
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charlotte reverend jart maupin planning a moral monday shut down in tempe. you'll remember two and a half months ago he threatened to lead marchers on to i-10 after two african americans were killed in arizona. stay with for continuing coverage of the charlotte protest. and of course the overnight developments tomorrow on 12 news the morning. more breaking news. the westbound lanes of u.s. 60 are shut down in mesa and so are some of the lains in the eastbound -- lanes in the eastbound direction. a bad crash. an suv in the median. and a car off the side of the road. this is near signal butte road. dps on the scene. not saying when the lanes will reopen but big back ups in the area. . exclusive video. a man being taken into custody
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tempe police say the couple is believed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. no word on what sparked the attack near baseline. the woman's injuries are not life-threatening. the suspect has been identified as 20-year-old richard cos. a disturbing discovery. a severed human arm in a scrap yard. investigators combing the scene for more remains, they're working to figure out to put it bluntly who the arm belonged to and how it got there. now on to our other big story at 10:00 tonight. countless schools all across the country canceling classes after getting threats. just yesterday here in arizona maricopa high school evacuated because of a bomb threat. and today more than 60 schools and universities in canada doing the same.
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live from fbi headquarters with what they're doing to stop the reign of terror. >> it's a difficult challenge for investigators to track down the people doing this. the reason it's difficult is pretty simple. you can send an anonymous fax from in where and any laptop. it takes about three minutes and is almost impossible to trace. it's happened again. another day and more bomb ths. this time 63 schools in canada evacuated. 19,000 students sent home. that comes one day after a threat forced evacuations at a maricopa high school. >> i was kind of nervous. >> the bomb squad called in, the students sent home. >> there could be an explosive device. >> the threat came early in the morning delivered electronically to the school and two others across the country. >> it's a fax.
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responsible will be next to impossible. the threat typed through a computer. the process simple. only a few clicks, put in a number, and hit send. >> it wasn't a typed up note it was probably sent from a scam website. >> identifying the desktop or laptop is possible but if the person sent it from a library or business with hundreds of computers finding him or her would be difficult at best. seeing threat after threat, few people ever caught. now as for that bomb threat in maricopa the fbi is working with police down there. they do not believe the threat is credible but will continue to investigate in hopes they can somehow identify the people responsible. we're live in phoenix i'm kevin kennedy 12 news. developing now. staff in midtown primary school
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steal $400. more than 100 students showed up to a closed campus today. the crook broke in through windows, making off with cash that was meant to support an after school program. a featurer telling 12 news she found -- a teacher telling 12 news she found her classroom in ruins. >> i just peered around the corner and my eyes watered because i saw pushed in. so i knew they had come into my room. >> school officials say class will resume tomorrow morning. well, right now three men accused of behaving badly. first of all glendale police are looking for that guy right there who allegedly groped a woman near 59th and beardsly. this is a sketch. anybody who has seen him should call glendale police immediately.
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pornography. 39-year-old jonathan hillton admitted to using an online site to post graphic images of kids performing sex acts. and a 37-year-old california man is accused of exyulely assaulting receive -- sexually assaulting several female passes while driving for uber and lyft. jeremy is being held without bail. his alleged victims between 18 and 19 years old. there may be more victims out there. and we are going to switch into this direction right now and take a look at our live cameras from the downtown area. as you can see our last day of summer 2016 is wrapping up and with it comes a major cooldown for us. talking temperatures dipping several degrees below the
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that breezed by buckeye. doing the same towards wickenburg. it looks clear for now but we could see a slight chance of a shower or two. as for tomorrow temperatures well below the average. we're talking highs 84 to 91. we're going continue with a 30% chance of rain in the valley throughout the day. and it could get breezy. winds coming out of the southwest at ten per hour. i'll tell you about a wind advisory coming up in a little bit. vanessa, back to you. let's go to some more hot headlines across the state. dramatic video of a smash and grab burglary caught on surveillance camera at the native tradition store in oldtown scottsdale. you can see the thieves breaking into the showcases. the shop's owners say the burglars used a truck to rip
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inside. so far, though, nobody has been arrested. west valley neighbors protesting hickman egg farms. they've been waging a two and a half year campaign against what they say are environmental regulations. the federal environmental protection agency is stepping in. calling on hickman to remove himself from all discussions of air quality violations. maricopa county officials attorney fees for racial profiling case against sheriff joe arpaio. most of the costs will fall on taxpayers. the amount of taxpayer money now spent on the case is nearing $50 million. now to decision 2016. and news that republican vice presidential candidate zachary penton will be in mesa -- candidate mike pence will be in
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smaller but the stakes are higher. >> he's said to hold it at live livingworst church at 6:30 in the evening. >> trump and pence rallied in ohio doubling down on rival hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton solution is very simple, more of the same. more taxes. more regulation. >> our latest nbc su puts clinton five points ahead. >> and don't forget everybody clinton and trump will debate one another for the very first time on monday. you'll see nbc nightly news's lester holt moderating that live on 12 news at 6:00 p.m. then join us for an all-new episode of the voice and then 12 news at 9:00 and 10:00. former congressman anthony
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power problems leading to a blackout on an entire island nation. dietary supplements may not be as safe as you think. simone biles in the valley and inspiring others. and disney controversy. >> and here's jimmy. we do not change the channel. >> tomorrow on 12 news at after the blacklist season premier facial recognition may be coming to your kitchen, even your child's toy box. that's tomorrow only on 12 news at 10:00. don't go anywhere 12 news at 10:00 will be back in 60
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and here's a look at hot headlines across the country tonight. most of the island of
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city power plant. millions are in total blackout conditions and officials don't know when the power will be restored. authorities canceling all public school classes for tomorrow saying it could be up to 24 hours for the power to be fully back on. former congressman anthony weiner has been caught sexting again. reports say this time with a 15- year-old girl. weiner is accused of sending explicit messages to the gi time. weiner says he has no one to blame but himself and that he's sorry. congress grilled mylan's ceo over the skyrocketing cost of epipens a live-saving drug. many were hoping for an apology. heather bresh didn't give one. she defended the costs which soared from $1 nushgz 2007 to now more than $600.
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million. weight loss wednesday here at 12 news and we're taking a look at dietary supplements which are a $40 billion a year industry. >> but they're not as safe as you think. >> 23,000 people a year wind up in an emergency room after taking a supplement. and a consumer report greed -- calls out 15 ingredients. >> they're easier to get than prescription drugs and they carrie-anne aura of -- and they carry an aura of being more natural. >> for the most part supplement makers don't have to prove their products are safe. they don't have to prove they work as advertised and they
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contain what they say they do. because the regulations are so weak dietary supplements can be contaminated, ineffective, spikes with illegal drugs and have harmful side effects. >> the council for responsible nutrition representing supplement manufactures say they're regulated and the vast majority are safe. consumer reports has identified 15 ingredients to avoid that health hazards. people use yohimbe but it can raise blood pressure and heart reality and cause seizures, liver and kidney problems and possibly death. yet consumer reports found those 15 supplement ingredients in products sold by gnc, cvs
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consumer reports feels the best way to protect the public is stonger regulation. -- stronger regulation. many can react in dangerous ways to prescription drugs. you should tell your doctor what supplements you're taking before taking a new medication. well a young gymnast in gilbert got an olympic surprise tonight when simone biles showed >> she was one of several athletes to visit kids at the usa youth fitness center. and also hometown hero alex naddour. they took pictures, signed autographs and left everyone there dreaming of gold. >> it could happen. you never know. we have a lot of talented athletes at the gym. i'm looking right now at some of them.
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better than i was when i was younger and definitely the girls. >> alex, by the way i have your handguards from rio. i want to give them back to you so call me and we'll set it up. alex and simone and more members of team usa will be performing at the gila river arena. >> i thought you said you sold those on ebay. >> i was gonna keep those or make money. let's talk arizona football. rex ryan making some of the news and notes you're going fill us in on. >> let's start with tieran matthew. he's one of the best defensive players when he's right. but he's not quite 100%. he's nine months removed from acl knee surgery so the
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back or have him play his way back to his usual form and role. he's waiting the for day matthew tells him he's ready but that may be a little ways off. >> even though i want to get in the box and blitz more and do different things other than playing the middle of the field, i just want to be mindful. it's a long season. and i'm sure my teammates would rather have me in december playing those type of >> no doubt. nice honor today for marcus cooper who's only been wearing the red and white for 20 days he was the defensive player of the week for his performance sunday against the bucs. >> did you know rex ryan and rob ryan were both cardinal coaches back in 1994 when they served as assistants on their dad's staff?
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jobs. >> it was a great opportunity for me really to learn. you know, it wasn't like i was a great coach. i needed that experience. and the best thing about it was being with my father obviously. i learned a great deal from him and, you know, so those years were really important to me. >> all right. cardinals and bills kick off at 1:00 in buffalo on sunday. that's 10:00 er win or go home in louisiana this afternoon. playing a single elimination playoff game. 18 apiece from dawon and britney to win it 89-78 to play the new york liberty in another single elimination playoff game on saturday. caribe? >> good job to the mercury. can you believe it? we are saying good-bye officially to summer 2016.
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this is the time of year where the earth is neither tilted towards or away from the sun. instead the sun's rays are lined up just perfectly with the equator. that brings the equinox. equal hours of day and night. roughly 12 hours each. again fall begins at 7:21 in the morning on september 22nd. for some of nus th for some of us in the high country it feels like fall. here in phoenix it's pretty much perfect at 85. 78 in gila bend. i think for the most part we're done but we can't rule out a slight chance that a stray shower will move in. tomorrow the situation is going to be wind especially for the northwestern part of the state. a wind advisory in effect. that's due to a cold front
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with the moisture that we have left over and we're going to see some decent storm chances in the valley towards the high country. once that front passes we'll get those cooler temperatures coming in. quite a bit cooler than we would expect this time of year. average high is 98. tomorrow 91 with a 30% chance of rain. then we dip to # 8 on friday -- 88 on friday. over the weekend we warm up a little bit. the temperatures in low 90s through wednesday. disney under fire at the center of a halloween costume controversy. and a home run ball that brought a mother to tears is part of my mvp of the night next. we got married in june... 12 sports is sponsored by your valley honda dealers. six-inch sub evt for just $3.50
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... ...she was born on
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests,
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because you deserve leaders you can trust. 12 sportss is sponsored by your valley welcome back everybody. it is that time of the show when we check in with coop for the scoop. and for his mvp of the night. tonight this involves a very special family moment, right? >> indeed it does. i want to tell you there's nothing like a son or daughter getting it done big time in front of mom or dad. trey up from the minors making his big league debut in the
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major league hit and it's a home run. his mother beth is in tears of joy swelling with pride while trey runs the bases faster than anyone ever to hit a home run. his mom was given the home run ball. that's going on the mantle for sure. special place, special moment, special time. my mvp of the night. next month disney introduces us to its first poll >> they're facing some criticism. >> the costume is a brown body suit covered in tattoos. twitter are accusing them of cultural appropriation calling it an example of brown face. >> disney has yet to comment. others have commented saying it represents a character not an entire culture. >> don't go away everyone.
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