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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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three people spending the night in the hospital -- after a wrong way driver causes a four-car crash out in mesa. plus.. in an election marked by celebrity endorsements -- some of hollywood's biggest stars join forces to push voters to the polls. and you won'ev about her ex's split with angelina jolie. that's coming up in the morning juice.
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???toss ???toss weather ???adlib weather three people are in the hospital right now after a four-car crash -- caused by a wrong-way driver. team 12's jen wahl joins us from the i-10 with our top story... this is the this is the second case of a wrong way driver on
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week.the us 60 is.... right now... checking your hot headlines.. phoenix police are looking for answers after a severed human arm was discovered in a scrap yard. investigators combed the scene yesterday near 25th avenue and broadway road.. for more remains -- but so far.. nothing has been found. today.. they'll be working to figure out who the arm belonged to and how it got there.and how it got belonged to
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headlines.. phoenix police are looking for answers after a severed human arm was discovered in a scrap yard. investigators combed the scene yesterday near 25th avenue and broadway road.. for more remains -- but so far.. nothing has been found. today.. they'll be working to figure out who the arm belonged to and how it got there. exclusive video you'll only see on 12 news -- of a man being taken into custody for allegedly slicing a woman in the neck with a knife. it happened near baseline believe the two are boyfriend and girlfriend -- but they have no clue what sparked the fight. the woman's injuries are not life threatening. the suspect threatening. the suspect has been identified as 20- year-old richard coss. today.. glendale police are on the lookout for ?this? guy. he's accused of groping a woman near 59-th avenue and beardsley. anyone who's seen him.. should call glendale p-d immediately. a mesa man is behind bars today.. facing charges for child pornography. police
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hilton admitted to using an online group chat site to post graphic images of kids preforming sex acts. he also says he kept some for his own gratification. staff at midtown staff at staff at midtown primary school in phoenix -- are wondering what heartless theif would steal $400-dollars from a classroom. the campus was closed yesterday so police could investigate. they say the crook broke in through a window.. and made off with cash that was supposed to go toward the after-school program. the ba backpacks.. stealing snacks and lunches. many of arizona's low- income third grade students are not reading at grade level.. making them four times less likely than their peers to graduate from high school. however, there is a local organization hoping to change
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it's almost it's almost time for the susan g. komen race for the cure. join 12 news as we support the race this year on october 9th at the cesar chavez plaza in phoenix. you can register right now at komen a-z dot org. coming up this weekend is prostate onsite project at tempe kiwanis park. i will be out there hosting the start line. the event is an educational walk bringing awareness of early detection of prostate cancer. to register -- visit prostate check up dot org. still ahead on 12 today.. a state of emergency in charlotte, north carolina. why the civil unrest there -- could create problems closer to home. country stars -- young and old -- come together for a mash-up.. and it is the
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the morning juice. 12 today is back in three minutes.
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###break### ###break### time now for another check of your hot police are ramping up police are ramping up police are check of your hot headlines.. police are ramping up forces to keep the peace in charlotte, north carolina. at least one person was shot and critically wounded overnight.. when protests in the downtown area turned violent. the
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of emergency.. starting the process to deploy the national guard and others to help local law enforcement. 12 news has confirmed a former a-s-u student was attacked while reporting on the protest. she and her photographer were treated for their injuries. as the protests go on in charlotte.. valley civil- rights activist.. reverand jarrett maupin.. is tweeting that he's planning to shutdown mill avenue in tempe this monday. you'll remember about two and a half months ago -- maupin threated to lead marchers onto the i-10.. to demand justice after officers killed two african-americans here in arizona. looking for two suspects who broke into a gallery in old town scottsdale. the whole thing was caught on surveillance video. you can see the thieves breaking into the glass showcases at "native traditions" near scottsdale road and indian school. the owners say the burglars used a truck to rip off the front door and get inside. ???toss morning juice rumor has it -- she's
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nothing going on between her and co-star brad pitt. after news broke that brad and angelina were getting a divorce.. marion found herself in the center of speculation -- all because she plays brad's love interest in their new movie "allied." yesterday.. cotillard released a statement via instagram.. denying any involvment in the jolie-pitt decision to split. she also re-assured she is very much in love with the father of her child -- soon to be children. yes, she is number two. meanwhile.. jennifer aniston is reacting to the news in a very surprising way. the ex-wife of brad pitt.. says this whole thing is karma for how their marriage ended.. back in 2005. u-s weekly 2005. u-s weekly reports she told their source ?behind-the-scenes? that she was "sort of satisfied" that brad and angie's relationship
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theroux last year. and let's just say -- he's not too shabby. if you have tickets to see luke bryan tonight -- well.. lucky you! the hunk of a country singer will be performing at ak-chin pavilion in phoenix. that's at 7 o'clock. it's all apart of
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country lovers -- old and new -- will love this. 30 musicians from the genre have joined forced for this ultimate mash-up -- "forever country." it's all in celebration of the c-m-a awards' 50-th anniversary. the song layers music hits.. including john denver's "take me home, country roads".. willie nelson's "on the road again".. and ?the? dolly parton's "i will always love you." truly you." truly amazing -- you've got to watch the whole thing. time for your juicy question of the morning. surveys show this is the most inappropriate place to flirt with someone. guys who use a pick up line at this place..
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did you know.. a floodplain in north phoenix is shrinking. current floodplain maps were developed more than 30 years ago. now.. new technology and more il that a smaller section of the pinnacle peak west drainage area is actually flood prone. narrowing the floodplain from the light blue area on the map.. to the more precise dark blue streaks. if you live in this area... you probably have questions and concerns about what this change specifically means for you. that's why the flood control district is holding an open house for you to get answers. it's at horseshoe trails elementary.. tonight from 5 to 8 p-m.
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weather???adlib ???adlib weather
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all this week.. we have secrets to preventing hair loss. research shows that it's possible to thicken your hair through your diet according to prevention. so one secret food you should be eating is... oils! specifically -- pumpkin, rosemary and coconut oils.. they're like nectar to the scalp. one study showed
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pumpkin seed oil had a 40-percent increase in hair growth. but if you don't eat them.. use the oils as a pre-wash and post-wash. coconut oil is supposed to protect hair against protein loss and rosemary oil is supposed to increase hair growth. still ahead on 12 today.. nike is going "back to the future" just in time for the holidays.. the official release date of their new self-lacing shoes -- that's coming up in 30 minutes. plus.. some of hollywood's biggest celebs are coming together over politics.. why they want you to get to the polls? 12 today is back in three minutes with
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###break### now to decision 20-16.. presidential decision 20-16.. now to more. ###break### ###break### now to decision 20-16.. presidential candidates -- hillary clinton and donald trump will debate one another
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you'll see n-b-c nightly news' lester holt -- moderating the debate ?live? -- that's only on 12 news. then stay with us for an all-new episode of "the voice" -- and 12 news at nine and ten. donald trump's running mate -- mike pence.. will be in arizona today.. the governor of indiana will be stopping by the "living world church" in mesa. that's at 6:30.. before that -- pence will be in colorado for an event. celebrites seem to be getting involved in politics -- more than ever this year. we've seen scott baio come out in support of george clooney for hillary clinton. and believe it or not -- even ?more? familiar faces are making their voices heard in a new video..
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did you notice a lot of actors from "the avengers" like mark ruffalo like mark ruffalo there? that's
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this video -- joss whedon -- also happens to be the director behind the famous marvel movies. still ahead on 12 today.. it's true crime thursday.. and we're revisiting a case out of glendale -- that's going cold. the full story is just five minutes away. jon-benet ramsey's brother is back in the spotlight -- and he's not happy about it. the details are coming up in your morning juice. back in two minutes with more new.. weather and traffic.
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a wrong way crash on the u-s 60... sends several people to the hospital.we're live with the latest.the valley - getting ready for another candidate visit.this time... mike pence is in town.. tonight... its self lacing shoes.we're taking a look at them... this morning. ???adlib & toss jimmy


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