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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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a wrong way crash on the u-s 60... sends several people to the hospital.we're live with the latest.the valley - getting ready for another candidate visit.this time... mike pence is in town.. tonight... its self lacing shoes.we're taking a look at them... this morning. ???adlib & toss jimmy
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all lanes of the u-s 60 are back open this morning after a wing- way crasha wing- way crashtea 12's jen wahl is live with details. this is the second case of a wrong roadways in less than a week. dps saying its a miracle that no one was killed in this latest one.this morning.. the 60 is back open. several 911 calls reported that a vehicle had made a u turn near us 60 and power in the east valley last night.dps says they wasted no time dispatching troopers to help. unfortunately... minutes after the call... mesa air reported there was a crash.4 people were hurt in total... three of
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chinchilla was killed in the crash.the westbound part of the 60 near signal butte was closed for a while overnight. dps says the driver was an elderly female... dps says... when wrong way driver calls come in... any and all law enforcement in the area are notifies immediately. trt: 15raul garciadps and they are investigating whether drugs... alcohol or age advancement are a factor. coming up in the next half hour... youll hear from dps and how they stop these extremely dangerous wrong way drivers north carolina's governor has declared a state of
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protestor was shot in what police say was protester-on- protester violence. several other people were injured. protestors did thousands of dollars in damage to buildings around charlotte. they also shut down a busy interstate for the second straight night. it's in response to the death of 43-year-old keith lamont scott. he was shot and killed by charlotte police tuesday. one man is recovering this morning - after he was burned in an overnight happened in a salvage yard buckeye.he was trying to put that fire out with a garden hose and suffered minor burns. no word yet on how it started. a silver alert to tell you about this morning.police want to find 92 year old ? ernest karkula.he was last seen at the lone butte casino in chandler on tuesday and was leaving to head home to queen creek.ernest has not shown up yet.he is driving a 2006 black dodge ram pickup..arizona license plate 3-arizona license plate 3-0-2-z-c-e.
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call the maricopa county sheriff's office if you see him. donald trump's running mate mike pence will be holding a campaign rally today. team 12's nico santos is live in mesa with a preview. nico... the rally is set for later'll happen at the 'living word bible church' here in mesand the indiana governor mike pence will is flying solo at this one. this will be pence's third visit to the valley since accepting the republican vice- months ago. he spoke at the phoenix convention center early last month.and he joined trump at a rally august 31 when trump gave specifics on his immigration plan.both he and trump have been hitting the trail hard.last night meeting with a group of pastors in cleveland continuing their outreach to the black community.polls show democratic nominee hillary clinton has a wide advantage among black voters.still trump have five-point lead over clinton in the state of arizona.arizona has voted for
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68 years -- bill clinton, in 1996. the really is set to start tonight at 6:30.more information on 12-news dot-com. live in mesanico santos12 today it's almost 12 today it's almost time for the susan g. komen race for the cure. join 12 news as we support the race this year on october 9th at the cesar chavez plaza in phoenix. you can register right now at komen a-z dot org. it's true crime it's true crime today. and this morning's story is all about the deaths of two young women from glendale.. from about 20 years
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if you know anything about the murders of jennifer leuth and diane shawcroft.. you're asked to call silent witness. if that information leads to an
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it is a case that still captivates america.this morning...threats of a lawsuit... from jonbenet ramsey's own?brother. hot dog...hamburger....or both? hard to believe america hasn't invented this yet...we're talking about it... in the morning juice... ####break#### ?? toss to emma for the
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burke ramsey - is not happy about recent accusations from cbs' docu-series: the case of: jonbenet the case of: ??morning juice ?? toss to emma for the morning juice ??morning juice emma for the ?? toss to
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####break#### ####break#### ?? toss to emma for the morning juice emma for the ?? toss to emma for the morning juice ?? burke ramsey - is not happy burke ramsey - is not happy about recent accusations from cbs' docu-series: the case of: jonbenet ramseyand his attorney says... he's going to sue the network and one of the show's experts.burke was 9 when his sister jonbenet was of the show's experts, dr. werner spitz
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forth a ?theory that burke hit his then 6 year old sister over the head old sister over the head with a flashlight, and accidentially killed her. this - despite the entire ramsey family publically exonerated by the boulder, colorado district has turned into a theory that the ramsey's family attorney says will have a lifetime effect on his client. cbs says it "stands by the broadcast and will do so in court." can't decide whether you want the burger or hot dog? a newd into one. it's called the hamdog. it recently launched in australia and launched in australia and is available at market stalls at sporting events. its inventor applied for and was granted patents for it in both australia and the u-s. he hopes to launch it in the u-s
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time for your juicy question of the juicy question of the morning.surveys show this is the most inappropriate place to flirt with someone.most people say you should be focused on other issues at this place... rather than scoring a date
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strong storms have dumped heavy rains across minnesota, leaving businesses swamped and drivers maple grove, so much water covered the roads - that people had to "push" their cars through with flash flooding - consuming entire intersections - leaving cars - intersections - leaving cars - stranded. several rounds of heavy rainfall are expected into this morning.
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the hit nbc show chicago med is back on the big 12 tonight.. for the premiere of its second seasonseasonlast season we saw lots of drama.. romance and even a cross-over with chicago pd and fire. this season.. the shows stars are back.. and that includes colin donnell and torrey devitto.. who play doctors rhodes and manning. i talked with them the other day while they took a break from shooting.. from the set that's
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you can catch colin and torrey tonight on the season premiere of chme 8 here on channel 12. then at nine o'clock.... you can catch the season premiere of the blacklist. donald trump and hillary clinton - sounding of on the riots in charlotte... that...and preparations for monday's debate...we're live with that... in two minutes... back to the future!marty mcfly's self lacing nike shoes... are now a reality! find out ?when you can get a
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in politics this morning: hillary clinton and donald trump are weighing in on the protests in charlotte. tracie potts is live in washington with that plus, where they are today.
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democrat investigate foundation on his behalf. looking into against the foundation.washington - poll also among presidential hillary clinton and will debate one another for the first time on monday.time on a: tbavoters?among patterns familiar shows some poll also q: that new back to you. q: that new poll also q: that new q: that new q: that new q: that new poll also shows some
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a top democrat here is asking the i-r-s to investigate how donald spent money on his behalf. the agency is already looking into "pay to play" allegations against the clinton foundation. i'm tracie potts in washington - back to you. q: that new poll also shows some familiar patterns among voters?a: tba presidential candidates -- hillary clinton and donald
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for the first time on monday. you'll see nbc nightly news' lester holt-- moderating the debate ?live?-- only on 12 news-- at six p-m. then stay with us for an all-new episode of the voice -- and 12 news at nine and ten. nike is going "back to the future" just in time for the holidays. nike's first self-lacing shoes have an official release date. the hyperadapt 1.0 will be available in the u-s at available in the u-s at select nike retail los monday after thanksgiving. according thanksgiving. according to a tweet by nike's p-r director announcing the release date, shoppers will have to arrange "appointments to experience and purchase" the footwear. still no word on how much they will cost. some tesla owners will be getting a software update. the update makes the model s
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autonomous autopilot mode. tesla c-e-o elon musk says the update should help avoid crashes like the one that killed a tesla driver in florida in may. musk says the update also will allow customers to set a maximum temperature control system to help keep kids and pets safe if they're left in the car. in your morning health check - obese kids health check -morning health check - obese kids and teens may have different germs in their ge normal-weight peers. a yale university study of 84 young people found eight groups of gut bacteria linked to body fat -- and four types which thrived in those who were obese. experts say targeting these bacteria could one day help prevent or treat early onset obesity. canine therapy helps ease homesickness in college freshmen ... and could reduce their risk of dropping out. canadian researchers assigned
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therapy sessions -- where they interacted with the animals and their handlers. after eight weeks - the freshmen said they felt better and were more satisfied with life ... than those who did not attend the sessions. this weekend is the 8th annual walk for prostate onsite project at tempe kiwanis park. i will be out there hosting the start line. the event is an educational walk bringing awareness of early detection of prostate cancer. to register, visit prostate check up dot org. we've been talking about it since it happened...and now - the other shoe has dropped. what some are saying is the ?real reason why angelina jolie is divorcing brad pitt... you know at some point this fall you are going to have pumpkin spice... something.are
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pumpkin spice addicts?the products are everywhere...
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the valley is switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month.
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the valley is the valley is preparing for another campaign visit.preparing for the valley is preparing for another campaign's happening today.. when donald trump's runningmate comes to
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angelina jolie divorce.the details in the morning juice.. pumpkin spice it real?and are we becoming a nation of addicts? ???adlib & toss jimmy ???adlib weather


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