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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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would not call it cool, but we have cool weather on the day. today, 84 to 89 can w storms and it could be gusty. would see about a quarter of an inch or less. not everyone is going get rain but we have a 50% chance with advisories all over the southwest. this is cold to move through, our first cold front of the season on the first day of fall. i can not remember the last time that happened, krystle. all right, let 's talk traffic now. we the hov lane here on the 51 southbound, that crash just left here at the exit. but we still have a little bit of a domino effect here and you can see that on your speed ratings here as we break down the 51 southbound, it is just modest slowing. 45 miles per hour, seven minutes for the drive. 5, though, start--15, though, starting out on the 101 and going to the stack. here on the 202 eastbound, it looks like everything is off to
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great if you are about to hop on the 202. it looks like the tow truck has also left the scene. so the crashes are basically null and void now. you have all of your travel lanes back. but rush hour is here. this is the worst of the worst, the slowest speeds from the 101 to the stack. emma. all right, tanks, krystle. decision 2016 and the republican campaign makes a stop right near today. vp nominee, mike pence is going to be in phoenix. knee and is live where 3--picot is live where this is--picot is live where this is all
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and now, pence was here a while ago. now they have been really hitting the trail hard, last night, meeting with a group of pastors in cleveland, continuing their outreach to the black community. right now, polls are showing that hillary clinton has a lead of african americans. and now the ram i will is at 6:30 p.m., that mesa. if phoenix, nissan, 12 today. --nico santos, 12 today. well, topping your hot headlines, a second night of violence in charlotte, north carolina. the governor has declared a state of emergency and is sending in the national guard.
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in critical con thing is all happening just days after police shot and killed 43-year- old keith scott. they say he had a gun. but neighbors say he was holding a book, not a gun. three people are in the hospital right now after a four car crash with a wrong way driver. a woman made an u-turn and caused a crash. the extent of unknown. police say that the one of the driver 's pets dies in the crash. a silver alert this morning, police want to find this 92-year-old, he was last seen at the loan butte casino on on chandler--in chandler on tuesday. he is driving a 2006 black dodge ram pick.
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well, one elderly man is recovering morning after he was burned in a fire, it happened a the the salvage yard near 51st avenue and lower buck eye. no word yet on exactly how the fire started. authorities at grand canyon national park say that a body has been pulled from the colorado river and it is believed to be that of a missing guide. the 34-year-old was reported missing on september 12th when he didn't return to camp after visiting a neighborhood river camp. he was working as a guide. well, 6:04 a.m., it is true crime thursday here on 12 today. and the story this morning is all about the deaths of two young women from glendale that happened about 20 years ago. ? [ music ] ?? >> reporter: they were the best of friends, jennifer and die an, two young lay days, 19- -ladies, 19 and 20-years-old, just loving life.
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mini-mart and they bought cigarettes and soda and sat outside of the store for about two hours. and then a man in a blue pickup truck pulled up and talked to the girls, they got in and were never seen alive again. three months later, their bodies were found, murdered about 100 miles north of phoenix. investigators zeroed in on the man in the truck but never found them. killed them knew the area very well. and then there was a stranger twist, the family set up a shrine to them where the bodies were found. four years later, they discovered the pictures were taken out of the frames but nothing else. and they think who killed the two is responsible for that and the families cannot wait for this cold case to be solved. >> and if you know anything about the murders of the girls,
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witness. if that leads to an arrest and conviction, you could get a $1000 reward. still ahead, as they move apart in real life, brad and angelina jolie have already been divided. >> and a woman in the middle of the break up is speaking out for the first time, what she says about the hollywood super- couple 's divorce. >> soon the leaves will be changing. today is the first day of fall. i will have all of the details >> and it is almost time for the sew sanko ran--susan komen race for the cure. you are watching team 12 on this first beautiful day of
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good morning to you, welcome back to 12 today. 6:10 a.m. on this first day of fall. hope you are off to a great start. brad pitt and angelina jolie are now a safe distance away from each other and now emma is here with the morning juice. >> all right, did you know are making another gimangi film. well, they are. the rock post third-degree picture on his instagram account, giving fans a these of what is t--a tease of what is to come. he said a fun, hard working day of shooting in the jungle. so his costars, kevin h ar t,
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as for the rock, he is a doctor. i love jack black, and all of them taxer great cast. >> such a different--er of them. such a great cast. >> such a different tone. and this morning, star couple brad pitt and angelina jolie have been separated at the wax museum. they are now at a respectable distance from one another, thank goodness. this split is happening at the hue seem around the world, including the location down in orlando. lit cal i will, everywhere. --literally, everywhere. all right, very much in love with her husband and not speaking about this every again, how the alleged other woman is breaking her silence. we are talking about a french actress, she is says there was nothing going on between her
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loved many years ago, that is her husband, and father of her son, and baby to be. she also wished them the best in that trying time. how awkward is that? to be in the middle of all of it. especially when you are pregnant. >> it is great for that new movie. >> i am waiting when i am in the mix. when he was hitting on me. time for your juicy question of the morning, evyo will is the most a--they say this is the most annoying sound they have to deal with. here is a hint, you have to deal with it and there nothing you can do about it. >> nico said eating. >> and then i thought clipping your nails while at work. >> yes, i hate a that. why do people do that at work?
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home, you know, frankly. you know, the nails do everywhere. so just do it at your work space, someone else will clean it up for you. >> krystle, stop doing it. [ laughter ] >> not the first thought i thought of, i thought of a child throwing a a tantrum and screaming. >> the number would be much higher. >> okay, zach cannot help himself. oh, goodness. all right, now the traffic at 6 # the--at 6:13 a.m., the crashes are no more but we still have slowing on the 51 southbound, it is just a little tad there on the 202 eastbound, just past the stack, and some slow spots at 10, westbound, 101 eastbound, a long stretch of slowing on the 101 eastbound. and now notice that you can still be on the gas pedal there until about 83rd avenue, so to take it to 75s, six minutes, a
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get too 51st avenue, 22 minutes to the stack downtown. tacking on a few more here. so, stop and go traffic from about 75th to 67th there and then it is a solid orange line, a very slow commute downtown, averaging 27 miles per hour and 26 minutes for the drive from the 101 to the office downtown. and now on the 17 southbound, here, not too bad here, you are mostly pulling off top speeds from the 101 to almost the stack. you can see that we are talking about ten mitts, all the way nothing but--to 20. nothing but green going to peoria and camelback. it is slow connecting to the ten. but if you are going to continue on the 17, you will run into a jam, speeds there will averaging in the 20s. so it is a much better bet to run into a modest slow down there. 17 minutes for the drive and now ahead for the 7:00 a.m. hour drive here, the lines are getting longer and slower on
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some speeds in the 40s on the 60. 20ness on the 50--0s on the 5- -20s on the 51 southbound. well, krystle, yesterday, i don't know if i told you, hay today go to the i.r.s. it was a good event. great event out there. i went to takeout hispanic arrest employees. and--i went to talk to the hispanic i.r.s. employees. it was a loft fun. a great best of your knowledge and i got my taxes you will done. i went through a couple of audits, other than that, it was a great meeting and great folks up there as well. so it was a hot of fun. and they were able--it was a lot of fun. and they were able to talk about the weather, because today, it is the first day of fall, thank you, guys, for that. 7:21 a.m. is when fall officially begins and it is feeling like, well, not quite, still feeling like summer because it is humid. but the next couple of days,
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79-degrees. winds out of the north at five miles per hour and the humidity is 64%. so 84 to 89 with storms on this first day of fall. and the winds are picking up here, they are coming out of the south, southwest, going more to the west once the cold air is moving through and remember, that does not mean it is freezing, just means that the air behind it is cooler than the air in front of it. so also, wind advisories out there, the cool right on through. the first cold front of the reason, coming through at--of the season, coming through at the first day of fall. that is awesome. cool air when i was in texas, they called them northers. they would blow threw and the weather would be great. a lot of 50s on the map here in the morning for sad morning here. --for sad morning here--for
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press cot, remember--press cot, remember, a little bit of weather out there. a good chance to see the rainfall. stormsright about wicken berg- -right around wicken berg and we have clouds out there in the west sally. only nine more day--valley. only nine more days until the monsoon. a person tweeted out, what monsoon? well so, far, quiet, we have a five on the monsoon meter, a seven for northern arizona. so storms, clouds mixing with sunshine, and the storms will be out there, a high of only 89- degrees, we will take that in a flash this time of the year, about 20-degrees cooler than afternoon, today, tomorrow, and into the--than average, today, tomorrow, and into the weekend. crews are responding to a mobile home fire with reports of possible explosions.
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jen. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, matt, let me get you right to the shottingses of the mobile--shots of the mobile home. it is destroyed and the firefighters are still here working on hots spots. just minutes ago, this was a standing home and now it looks like a war zone. you can see the firefighters spraying a lot of watter and there is a ton of stuff on this property. now, a look from sky 12, this shook the entire neighborhood. neighbors are because of this fire and joining me right now is one of the neighbors, ericka, and ericka, what did you hear this morning? >> it sounded like a shotgun, but outside of the door and it shook the house. >> reporter: and others are saying it felt like a gust of wind. were you scared? >> no, not really, because it kind of happens all of the time. >> reporter: yes, it happens all of the time. and so ericka also telling me that the person who lives here
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that. some neighbors had minor injuries but fire says that no one was taken to the hospital, in this case, a miracle again that nobody was seriously hurt. and there are horses in the back of the property, but the fire department does tell us that they were able to be rescued safely, and no other homes were burned, just the one firefighters picking up a plastic chair, i mean, it is tough to say contactually what is on this--exactly what is on the property or what caused this, but we are about to get an interview with the phoenix fire department and we will bring more to you when we know it. >> incredible right there, jen, thank you so much. still ahead on 12 today, it is the first day of fall. and as pulmopins pop up in stores, we are wondering how
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pick a number, any number. we have the answer in just two minutes. >> and sofia look you have never heard her before, that and more when 12 today comes
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if you're told you have cancer, tions with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at welcome back, everyone to 12 today. 79-degrees, a beautiful day ahead as we celebrate the first day of fall at 7:21 a.m. later on this morning.
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12 today trivia on this first day of fall. pumpkins are already out in the stores. so we are wondering this, how much does the biggest pumpkin on record weigh? emma? any last minute guesses without looking ahead? >> 2300-pounds. >> you saw the answer. >> what a guess. >> i really didn't. i heard what you said in the break, that you were 2000 off, and you said 400. >> i said 863. just t answer, take a look at heinous from the peanuts--at linus from the peanuts gang. >> it is the great pumpkin, he is rising up out of the pumpkin patch. >> wait, i had it right now. >> so, so great. okay, we are going to get to the answer, of course, it is not snoopy, 2323-pounds. >> okay, i promise, i did not look ahead.
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i really didn't. >> wow, i am impressed. >> okay, well, apparently- -well, it was a great guess- -the pumpkin weigh off was won in germany in 2013 and no one was squashed his record yet. oh, my gourd, that is huge. >> oh, we can keep going. all right, chicago med is back for its second season tonight. it is the third in a series of in the windy city and i spoke with two of the stars about being the little brother to chicago fire and pd and the pressure be as successful as them. >> is the weight off of your backs now that the show is in its second season? >> i mean, yes and no. i think the pressure on us now is to continue to deliver the product that everybody expects. >> yes.
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writers and the crew does as well, to bring great television episode after episode. you are only as good as the last episode that you just aired. so we are happy that season one wept so well and that audiences came on board with us to willingly and were loving it. >> and they are on tonight on the season premier of chicago med at 8:00 p.m. and then the season premier of the li all right, time now for the shot of the morning. this comes from the tonight show with jimmy fallon, who was joined by see fee--sofia. >> my name is sofia. [ laughter ] >> my english is very good, no? >> yes. >> can you say something to our spanish speaking viewers?
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-just say ben roethlisberger. >> ben roethlisberger. [ laughter ] >> i feel like that is what they need to use when they call him out for sunday night games. >> seriously, she is such a good sport. she has been on ellen before, doing skits with her as well, and she just goes with it. >> he did this with morgan freeman, once, and it is great. you have to see it. >> and nobody has a voice like morgan, ou would you pay more to sit by your father and mother hi on airplane? >> plus, state of emergency, problems on the streets of charlotte for a second strait night. the latest on the violence as the national guard is moving in. and that and more on 12 today
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well, a very good thursday morning to you, welcome to 12 today. we will great to breaking news of a massive mobile home blast in a minute. and also, we are giving away a
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restaurant week. but we start by talking about the very first day of fall. i can not wait to get the $50 gift card. >> you can not enter, jimmy, sorry? oh, bummer. and today is the--sorry. >> oh, bummer. and today is the first day of fall, and then a chance for storms and then cooler, drier air. mornings could become delightful. we can still be warm for october, and it is nice how everything is comin and finishing up, mother nature is finishing up with the heat. 79-degrees, today we are only going to get to a high of 89 wents with a storm around. so the first cold front of the season--89-degrees with a storm around. so a cold front is in the area. we have storms out. this we are tracking those when i am back here in the weather center.
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breaking--jimmy, now to reports of a mobile home fire. our jen wahl just got on the scene and she has new information now. jen. >> reporter: you got that, map mat, reports of--matt, reports of multiple explosions. neighbors out here are saying that it woke them occupy this morning. go ahead and take a look, this used to be a mobile home, now it looks like a wore zone, come- -week zone. it is just gone. the entire neighborhood, actually out here on the street, i have been talking to several neighbors, one on they have telling me that it sounded like someone ran into her house with a car or something like that. so when the firefighters got here, the mobile home that used to be on the property was in flips. and let 's--in flames. let 's take a look from above, sky 12 is also giving you a look at the neighborhood here
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the neighbors say that it felt like an explosion. and firefighters heard several more after the flames began, even after they were on scene and everything is destroyed. now the crews were worried about the other homes on street. none of them had damage and challenges, well, as you can see, there is a lot of stuff on this proper to the best of my recollection there were also- -property, there were also some horses in the back, they were rescued safely. and some neighbors did some minor injuries trying to exit their homes. but the neighbors are also telling us and firefighters that the homeowner is out of town. so, no one was inside, a miracle, dies, it could have- -guys, it could is v been much,- -it could have been much, much worse. in glendale, jen wahl. >> thanks, jen. and now the traffic with krystle. yes, no crash in the way, it is just getting through the
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several slow spots on the 17, 51, also, the 101 eastbound, really slowing traffic down. averaging speeds in the 30s on the 10 eastbound from the 303 to downtown. not too bad on the 17 until you hit the stack and then slamming on the brakes. the 101 eastbound, here, 27 minutes from 75th avenue to scottsdale road. and then also the 202 san tan right now, averaging 50s for 101, a little bit more traffic there, so you are down to 20 miles per hour. and coming up, we have the answer to today 's traffic trivia, it is a, b, c, or d. what is the standard width of a freeway lane in the valley? all right, thanks, krystle. decision 2016 and the vp
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is live right now where it is all happening. >> reporter: yes, he is here later tonight after another campaign stop, he is getting here tonight at 6:30 p.m. indiana governor mike pence will be here at this church, the living word bible church in mesa. this is actually his third visit to the valley since position. and now he and donald trump have been hitting the trail hard, last night, meeting with a group of pastors in cleveland. they are confederating to reach out to the black community because poll right now are show- -because polls right now are showing that hillary clinton has an advantage there. and here is history for you, arizona has voted for a democratic presidential nominee just one time in the last 6 years--in the last six years,
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tonight as he rallies for supporters. but he is so coming from colorado springs before he--but he is coming from colorado ring springs before he--springers before--springs before he gets here. the phoenix police are looking for answers after a human arm was found in a scrap yard. investigators looked for more remains but have not found any. today they are working to figure out longed to and how it got there. if you have seen this man, call the glendale pd. and staff in phoenix are still wondering what thief would steal $400 from a classroom at a phoenix school. the crook broke in through a window and made off with cash that was going to the after
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6:35 a.m. is the time now. and now the morning juice,. >> yes, cow guys, we have new information--yes, you guys, we have new information in the brad pitt, angelina jolie divorce, according to t mz, the los angeles police department is investigating him for a problem aboard a private jet in which he became verbally and physically abusive with his children. pitt was reporto drinking on the flight, this happened last wednesday, he became upset, at some point, screaming at some of his six children with actress angelina jolie, the los angeles county department of children and family services was called by someone who said they witnessed the whole thing, either on the plane or the tarmac. it is alleged by part of what started the separation. a source close to brad tells t
6:37 am
very seriously. he says it is unfortunate that people are continuing to present him in the worst possible light. now the day after this alleged incident happened is the day that angelina jolie filed for divorce. okay, now for the latest in the lima dating news, it looks like e news was way wrong in reporting the pa civilian supermodel was dating ryan see, -ryan secret, because she already--see crest, because she already have a man. she has been dating a football player for months. they were first spotted back in july and says they were together again in blouse ton a few week--in boston a few weeks ago. and they are still very much a thing. >> oh, it is all about them now. >> seriously.
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all right, now to the juicy question of the morning, and here is your answer. one of out ten people, they say this is the most annoying sound they can think of. hint, you will be hearing more of this sound over the next four months. >> four months. >> coffee? >> sneezing. >> coughing or sneezing? >> oh, maybe. >> flu season. >> oh, sniffles. >> oh, jimmy. >> i can totally see that. >> what did you guys say? >> oh, i hate it. i hate it when they have the microphone and then they blow their nose. >> guilty. >> oh, true. >> i have never done it. >> that is what we need to think about on a thursday morning. >> i am sorry. still ahead on 12 today, pay more to sit next to your loved one if it could happen when you fly. --win? it could happen when you fly. >> and nike is going back to
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sneakers. we have the details coming up
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oh, beautiful outside on this first day of fall, oh,
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exact. and it is going to feel like fall this weekend, particularly in the mornings here in the valley. well, now the morning mix, are you tired of paying extra pees from airlines? >> yes--fees from airlines? >> , yes. >> and i--yes. >> and i hope you do not want to sit next to your family. the ceo of one floated an idea and said that the airline is always rooking for new ways to boost revenue and a thought is a charge to passengers to sit with their families, having and extra fee. he said if they want to pay for it. thoughts, would you pay more to sit next to a family member? what about if you have children who were over two, but say younger than 7 or 8. or just say i need a break from you all. >> no, this making me so mad. >> i am thinking to myself, is that the most stupid question on earth? why would we want to pay more
6:43 am
they need to be--from my family. they need to say hey, let 's just charge you less. i mean, it is just so crazy to me. >> i traveled a lot and before i had a child, i had no clue how obnoxious, you know, i kind of looked at people with the screaming baby on the airline like oh, my. and now my entire process has changed. and the airlines in particular, i feel like they are not family friendly because we do not travel as much as someone who is on a business trip. and so i do feel like they do not cater to families like they juiced to. >> i can not--like that used to. >> southwest used to let families board first. >> oh no, not anymore. now i think they want to cater
6:44 am
i get it. however, it is a pain in the booty when you is to get on and 100 people are already on the airplane. >> i mean, it is just ammino brainer,--i mean, it is just a no brainer, if they are going to separate families, why travel with them? >> and you have to pay to sit next to your 3-year-old? >> sorry, matt. >> thank goodness you don't have kids. >> oh y, i do not want--oh, yes, i d to my family. i do not want to sit next to you. it is 6:44 a.m. now a check of traffic with krystle. it is traffic trivia time. the question is what the standard width of the freeway lane in the valley? some are going for a, i have a lot of guesses. john is c. who is doing b? >> me and emma. >> that was my first one. >> don't you dare. >> it could be d.
6:45 am
we have let you slide all of this time, choosing two. you get one. >> pick one, tram. >> i said b it could be d. >> no, you are done, it is b. >> and all three of you are going with b and ding, ding, ding, you are right. >> thank goodness i picked b. >> now, you get a little bit of extra credit if you guessed a, because there are some valley freeway travel lanes, specifically around the downtown area on i-10 that are 11 feet apart, that was bec there. but most of them are 12 feet wide. all right, now to the here and now on traffic, and it is the usual hustle and bustle all over the place here. you do not have to worry about crashes compounding issue here. right now, stop and go on the 10, and the 101 eastbound, and the 17, starting to get jammed on the 2020 red mountain, but- -on the 202 red mountain.
6:46 am
hour drive here, and we are registering some speed readings in the 30s there rob the 202, 20--there on the 202. 20s on the 10 westbound. but the 10 eastbound, it is a red light there, where the speeds are in the teens. jimmy, over to you. all right. hey, it is time to talk about weather, an of course, the tilt of the earth here, it is at 23- degrees, they don't know why, years ago. and pause of that tilt, we have seasons on this earth. without the tilt, it would be summer or winter all of the time. and right now, we are at that point where the earth is starletting to tilt--is starting to tilt away from the. it is the first--from the sun. it is the first day of fall here, it is the start of the cool season here. 7:21 a.m. is when the fall starts and we have the clouds and the storms coming in. look at the rays just coming
6:47 am
nice. this is right over the cave creek area, it would be great for the area. 84 to 89, and developing storms for this first fall day. windscould be out of the west at 0 to 20--at 10 to 20 miles per hour. we have red flag warnings off to the west of us. here a wind advisory, it could be gusty as the cold front is pushing on there. there is some rain ahead of it. so a couple of ol will be around and behind it, the cool air will start to filter in and we will feel it with high temperatures main hi in the 80s. we cannot beat that. okay, now right to the radar right now, and we are seeing the yellows and the reds that we looked for in the heavier pockets of rain, they are moving on through going to the north and they are moving to the east, so heads up if you are up in sedona,less cot, here in the valley--prescott, here in the valley, just big, thick
6:48 am
left until the end of monsoon, today a five here in the valley. six for the white mountains and a seven for northern arizona. web cams looking great. temperatures for today across the backyard, hello, good morning to you, in globe, 84 degrees. thursday in flagstaff, 60. and 69 for prescott with storms that are moving around the area, too. so a few storms around for today, the first day of fall. and then 87, a very slight chance for a storm tomorrow. thmo great. tram and matt, i am elated. >> we are, too. welcome to fall. 6:48 a.m. now. and this morning, north carolina 's dove has called in the national lard--governor has called in the national guard for the city of charlotte and officials are refusing to release any video of tuesday 's deadly police shooting. police say that the mannish shot and--man they shot and killed had a gun.
6:49 am
police office---the father of a man shot by a police alwayser in tulsa, oklahoma said that his son put his hands up. he said that his son knew to put his ands up. --his hands up. and the entire indiana women 's team knelt for the national anthem. and the goinger--and the presidential candidates are going to talk about the situations in charlotte tulsa today. trump 's running mate, mike pence will visit a mesa church tonight. there is a rally at 6:30 p.m. tonight at living word bible church. the indiana governor will be making his third visit to the valley since accepting the
6:50 am
yahoo is investigating and a problem in which hackers claimed to have accessed user names, passwords, and then personal information. cbs has a snag--cvs is delaying curb side pick up, it was going to start today, until next monday. it lets customers order things online. and so many people try today use it that the orders slowed down the system. and fedex is going to hire here in the valley. the company is getting ready for the christmas rush. they plan to add more than 50,000 positions nationwide this holiday season. nike is going back to the future. you can get your hands on self lacing shoes on the monday after thanksgiving. but you have to get and appointment to experience and buy the footwear. still no word on how much they
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well, it is almost time for the susan g komen race for the cure. join us in phoenix this year. you can register right now. and, here is a great deal for you, all right, pick up the phone, it is restaurant week and the 12th caller right now is going to get a $50 gift card, call (602)620-1000. we are giving away one more o the weather, traffic moments away. but first, what is the today show up to? >> good morning, coming up on a thursday here on today, the latest on the overnight violence in charlotte ha that had led the dove to declare- -that has led the governor to declare a state of emergency there. and we will talk with marc zuckerberg 's wife.
6:52 am
world 's fastest man when bolt is here live on the plaza that is ahead on a thursday morning
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message good morning to you,
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6:54 a.m. on the first day of fall. here is krystle. right now, we are clogged with cars in the same old spots, looking at the 10 westbound here from the 202, right now, it take you about half an hour from queen creek to downtown with speeds in the 30s. it is stop and do not just on the 0 westbound--it is not just stop and go on the 0 st on the 17 southbound. and now let 's break down the 10 eastbound, where we have seeds in the teens. man--have speeds in the teens. man, we are getting close to and hour drive. and now 40 from gilbert to the 10. and on the 17 southbound right now, once you hit the 101, you are not going much higher than 38 miles per hour. all right, folks, just fall
6:56 am
minutes, it is the first full day of fall and we are celebrating, also, with a cold front that is coming through, 84, 89, de-cellenning storming- -developing storms possible around the state, not so much to the south, but for us here, we will have a good chance, high around 89-degrees, it will be muggy out there: and then we dry out, friday, a slight chance for storms and then the weekend is great. >> it is looking great. all right, come to your tv and take a look at this. if you i have you have had too much to--if you think you have had too much to eat for breakfast. look at this python with a swollen belly after eating an antelope. it was lying in a field in india and authorities were watching it and it could not digest it, it could spit it up and then have it later. >> that is worse. as if the first time was not bad enough. my gosh, that is so hard to
6:57 am
>> you cannot unsee what you just saw. >> stop it. >> that is so bad. >> that is how i look. >> no, you don't. >> like i swallowed an antelope. >> no. no. okay, first day of fall, 7:21 a.m. kissing the triple digits good- bye, hopefully for good, jimmy. okay. the leaves turning, it is just great. >> favorite time of the year. >> i think it is hilarious that e news was the first to report that ryan was dating i when all and ask,--dating, when awl they had to do was--all they had to do was call and ask ryan. >> my take away is the traffic trivia, that the most phoenix freeway travel lanes are 12 feet wide a couple of are 11 feet in the downtown area because they squeezed in as many lanes as they could. >> and most of us guessed it
6:58 am
guesses. >> yes, but b with us first. >> and jimmy always guesses e. >> all of the above. >> hey, an airline wants you pay extra to sit with your family. i call foul, i say greed. do not do that. >> it is always greed. >> that was my take away as well. do you know how many the u.s. airlines made last >> oh, my gosh. >> as many they need another reason to charge more. >> $26.4 billion, it was up 260%, just in profit, not necessarily revenue. >> and it would be a great idea to take a step back and say hey, we are going give you a good deal, i don't know, it is sad. >> and 12 news is always on we will see you in 25 minutes.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. chaos in charlotte. the second straight night of violent unrest. one protester shot, other demonstrators hurling tables and chairs. a busy hotel forced into lockdown. this morning, a statof emergency in effect as the national guard is called in. the blast. chilling new surveillance video of the moment that bomb exploded in new york city as the fbi searches for these two mystery men to find out what they know about a key piece of evidence. ready to rumble with the first debate just four days away, our new poll shows hillary clinton expanding her national lead over donald trump. but trump is hanging tough in


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