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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  September 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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tell the man to eat it to get out of being arrested. he does. investigators say he got sick and complained to administration. all all with less than a year on the job, all three of them resigned. >> i can tell you based on the information that i have termination was inevitable. it was coming. so i'm very, very displeased with their activities. and i was going to fire them. >> reporter: officer, jeff farrior, back to sergeant. chief joe yahner says ferrier knew about the complaint but did nothing. >> he needed to start the process immediately and he told the sergeant to delay by several days. >> reporter: the cops wore body cameras but never turned them on. >> the camera footage was not on. it was not available. >> reporter: maryvale is supposed to be the birthplace, the testing grounds of the body camera program. body cameras are an issue people fought for. he says this incident shows phoenix police need to make changes. >> if you know something is
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officer called to uphold the law, protect and serve, why do you have to be told before you will tell the truth? >> reporter: yahner says az post the organization that certifies cops will get the information about this case. they could then decide whether or not they want to revoke those officer certifications. if that happens it's unlikely those cops will ever be cops again. live in phoenix, william pitts, 12 news. >> thank you. now to our other big story, the race for president focusing on the valley once again. vice presidential nominee mike pence is making another visit this evening. arizona is proving to be a major battleground state in this election season. republicans are fighting to keep it red. brahm resnik is live in mesa with a look at what pence is expected to say tonight. >> reporter: this town hall getting going. you can hear the band behind me.
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not a great turnout for this event. mike pence making his third visit in just two months, cementing arizona's status as a battleground state. his running mate donald trump is up just four points over democrat hillary clinton. earlier today pence was in colorado springs colorado and he was asked for his reaction to protests after the police shooting in charlotte, north carolina. pence said he believed the country should stop talking >> donald trump and i believe that there's been far too much of this talk of institutional bias. or racism within law enforcement. that police officers are human beings. and in difficult and life- threatening situations, mistakes are made and people have to be held to strict the count.
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to say he's a christian, conservative and a republican in that order. i expect we'll hear from him on all of those topics tonight. the town hall starts at 6:30. live in mesa, brahm resnik, 12 news. with pence in the valley here are the fast five fyi you may not know about the vice presidential candidate. pence was a democrat as 18. he voted for jimmy carter not ronald reagan. he hosted the mike pence talk radio sh f he served 10 years in the house before becoming indiana's governor. he has been viewed as a potential candidate, pence was the top choice at a value voter summit. looking at pence's family history his irish grandfather immigrated through ellis island back in 1923. mike pence is scheduled to speak in a half hour. you can watch his address streaming live at or on the facebook page.
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for a complete recap and reaction. valley democrats gathered this afternoon to speak out against the hate in the presidential campaign. party leaders called on pence and his running mate donald trump to apologize for the birth or controversy involving president obama. they also expressed their concerns of trump gets elected. >> i'm discouraged because i want to know how could we let someone stand up and represent our country >> enough hate is enough. it doesn't belong in arizona and it does not belong in the white house. >> democratic leaders also called on valley residents to get out and vote on election day. and encourage others to do so as well. tune in next monday as hillary clinton and donald trump will face off in their first presidential debate and it's only right here on 12 news. you'll see "nbc nightly news" lester holt moderating it live starting at 6:00 p.m.
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at 9 and 10. okay. let's get a check of the weather now. today is the first official day of fall out there. you can see from our video from sky 12 getting caught up in those clouds and rain at times, bringing us some measurable rainfall in the valley as we sort of transition out of our monsoon pattern into more of a fall-like pattern. that's what we saw today. a look at what we can expect for the rest of this and i think for the most part i think we are done but we cannot rule out another shower may not spark up in another way. the wave that moved through earlier, starting first in the southwest valley through the central valley, downtown, pushing into scottsdale, fountain hills, we picked up over half an inch of rain in paradise valley and also in the south part of the valley. good rainfall, sky harbor
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called us down, temperatures in the 70s throughout the valley, very few of us hanging onto the 80s. gilbert and queen creek at 80 degrees. for the rest of this evening as i mentioned, keep a slight chance as we head through the nine, 10, 11:00 hour as there is moisture in western arizona that could make its way down here. otherwise enjoy the 70s and we have a great day tomorrow, we'll talk about below normal temperatures coming up in just a bit. joe, back to you. >> we will. >> a $250,000 grant to help prevent the spread of zika virus. maricopa county is one area expected to have a high presence of the disease. what health officials are doing to prevent an outbreak. >> reporter: we know zika can be spread through mosquito bites but it can also be transmitted through sex. which is why health officials are handing out thousands of
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message to consistently and correctly use condoms to be the best method of presenting the zika when it is sexually transmitted. >> reporter: arizona family health partnership plans to give out more than 270,000 condoms as part of their initiative, get protected not infected. women who contract zika are at risk of having babies with defects. >> it can primarily affect the fetus with microcephaly, other brain abnormalities, as guillain-barri syndrome. >> reporter: maricopa is one of seven counties expected to be a hotbed for zika activity. >> we have a high population of travelers. coming in from zika infected areas. so yes. arizona is definitely a hotbed especially the southern part. >> reporter: you can get kits and prevention materials starting october 1st at health
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still coming up on 12 news essex, rising tensions in charlotte, north carolina. what authorities are now doing after two nights of violent protests. yahoo hacked. the huge number of people now at risk that use the company's e-mail service. ranking the best states for working moms. how does arizona compared to the rest of the country? facial recognition may be coming to your kitchen. tonight only on 12 news at
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right now let's take a look at your hot headlines. protesters taking to the streets of charlotte once again. it's the third night of demonstration sparked by a deadly police shooting. we now know one person was killed after last nights protests. the national guard has been called in and north carolina's governor has declared a state of emergency. maricopa county detention officer is facing charges of having sexual relations with an inmate. authorities say roy remy admitted to inappropriate contact with a woman in custody at the australia jail. it reportedly happened last month. he has worked at the jail since 2013. yahoo has confirmed a huge data breach affecting at least 500 million accounts. the company says it happened in late 2014. hackers may have gotten information including names,
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payment card data were not stolen. users who have not changed their password since 2014 should do so now. still ahead on 12 news at 6:00 the group helping connect military veterans with potential employers. the ash -- where does arizona rank on this year's list of best and worst states for working moms? next in sports the bills want to pick some cardinal gear for his
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an organization on a mission to put military veterans to work made a stop in the valley today. recruit military held a job fair attendees had a chance to meet face-to-face with companies looking to hire. organizers help vets who have little experience to craft resumes. >> if you just got out of high school and joined the military, you learned that one trade, sometimes that's not really relevant to the civilian world. >> event coordinators say they expect about 120 job offers to be made from today's event. they plan to hold another job fair in the valley in february. for more information head to
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where does arizona rank on this year's list of best and worst states for working moms? according to wallet it doesn't look good for arizona. our state ranks number 46 in the nation. researchers looked at things like best daycare systems, lowest childcare costs and lowest gender pay gap. vermont ranked number 1 from working moms while nevada ranked last. i don't want to put you on the spot, but you are a working mom. do you agr i mean i've had a great experience being a working mom. my maternity, paid leave and all of that. it was great. >> that's because you secretly commute from vermont everyday. >> [ laughter ] every day. the first day of fall we said goodbye to summer. seemed like it went by so fast. today the weather is working
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of fall because we've got some cooler temperatures in the forecast for tonight. and then had some rainfall for today and some pretty good rainfall at that. happened very quickly but we got quite a bit. tolison, .71. paradise valley .71. even sky harbor picking up measurable rainfall today at .26 and south mountain about 0.2. as i said it did happen fairly quickly. take a look at is the showers basically raced from the west valley through the east valley and now they are gone. for the most part, our fairly quiet with the exception of mohave county. heavy thunderstorms there. for a few hours now. flood advisories issued there at one time. severe thunderstorm warning on this complex of storms. all of this happening north of kingman. very doubtful any of this is going to come your way. as we see this continue to push through arizona, we'll keep a slight chance in the forecast out there. tomorrow is when the real treat
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to be in the 60s across the valley. 61 to 71, great waking up. tomorrow's afternoon high temperatures only topping out in the low to mid-80s. more than 10 degrees cooler than this time of year. lots of sunshine out there tomorrow, winds out of the south at 5 to 10. a few more hours to deal with really strong winds happening up in the northwest part of the state. 40 mile-per-hour guests in kingman, 43 in bullheadc wind advisory expected to expire at 8:00. it's one of our final times you'll be seeing the monsoon meter. two tomorrow. and three over into the white mountains. accounting for a little bit of moisture left over in that instability. we do warm-up a little bit but we stay below the normal. 90 saturday, lots of sunshine. get out there and enjoy it. next week although temperatures will be climbing, we only make it to our hottest day of 96 on
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for the next seven days. vanessa, back to you. >> thanks so much. almost time for the susan gee common race for the cure, join 12 news as we support this race and this year it's on october 9 at the cesar chavez plaza in phoenix. you can register right now at the website. >> now let's send it over to cam with the scores. and if it's brutal, it's still honest. rex is a hell of a coach. he knows how to get his guys in position and knows how to teach it. >> to coaches with the same model. coach them hard, hug them later. rex ryan called the cardinals the exact team they need to play right now. they are 0-2 facing a 1-1
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carson palmer has an off day. yeah. times are rough in buffalo. the bills are an absolute mess. allowing an average of 400 yards per game. but it was there offensive coordinators got asked last week. anthony lynn is already changing the culture. he wants their bottom of the league offense to pick up the pace. >> getting the ball to our playmakers. we have a bunch of talented guys. and i think coach lynn has a great vision as far as doing what the football. >> looking forward to a big game. the game plan we have is pretty good. not as much thinking, just going out there to play. >> one player you need to keep an eye on, chandler jones. when he played in buffalo with the patriots he had a career- high three sacks. jones grew up in rochester, 75 miles away from buffalo. lots of friends and family there at the game. it's time to go shopping.
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to wear. >> i'm doing that today. when they let us out of here, i'm going to go to one of the pro shops to get cardinals t- shirts. they are not going to be sitting in the cardinals stands. for my family for -- for my family members. probably about 20, 25 shirts. >> a good man. kickoff 1:00 on sunday. 24 hours away from kickoff of week five of friday night fever. sawadogo taking on sunrise mountain in our game of the week. in studio. cortez is our fan vote game of the week. catch the fever tomorrow night at 11:35. 's back -- the coyotes had their first day back to school as the media dropped the puck on training camp. the coyotes will have lots of new young faces on this team including their general manager expecting big things out of this team. right, shane doan?
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that's his expectations. that's our expectations. we understand that's maybe unrealistic but that's going to be our goal. we want to find ways to win every night. >> much more on the coyotes tonight at 10:00. twenty-first season for shane doan. 20 here in the valley. he feels younger, though. >> you just don't see that in sports anymore. that's amazing. >> very rare. great guy. up next on how a special girl is living
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the blacklist makes its return to nbc in tonight's premier, many of the loose ends from last season coming to focus. but into blacklist fashion, the story also becomes more complicated. catch the blacklist tonight at
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finally a 5-year-old little girl from right here in the valley is living out her dream. it's all thanks to make a wish. veronica has a life-threatening heart condition but she left for disney world this morning. she says she is most excited to meet her favorite princesses. >> looks like she's dressed as one as well. >> sweet little girl. her favorite disney princess. >> okay. we hope you have a blast, veronica. >> we sure do. hopefully she will share pictures with us. thanks for watching 12 news at
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investigated for child abuse. brad pitt investigated for child abuse? >> and angelina filing for divorce, now on "extra". child services probing brad pitt. the explosive new report. an intoxicated pitt got verbally and physically abusive with one of the kids on a private jet. today brad fires back. plus jennifer aniston's best friend chelsea handler unleashes on angelina.
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that's why. >> and where we've seen the man who ambushed hadid. >> the front page story here in new york. anthony weiner's new sexting with a 15-year-old. >> and -- breaking news about her husband joe's life behind bars. >> i think he looks just like you now. >> what? >> plus -- >> we're behin ashley graham and kate hudson and ryan gosling dare to take on mean tweets. >> always look like your trying the squeeze a farth out. >> from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital l.a. hey everyone. i'm mario lopez. what he says really happened on the set. >> also coming up my ex baby


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