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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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right now on 12 today, why the cops told a teen to swallow his marijuana. unrest in charlotte as protestors take to the streets for a third straight night. and the patriots prove why they are so much better than the rest of the nfl. all right, everyone, it is 6:00 a.m. it is friday, jimmy q, we have to talk about the weekend, unmatched. yes, it is just great. you know, if you are in the east valley, you are probably saying hey, what is going on out there? the humid is dropping and it started this morning around 3:00 a.m. in the morning, the dry air started to filter in. and this is the east valley right now, still muggy and humid out there. but our dew point, 36 out at sky harbor. and you can see how the dry
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fountain hills. gilbert, yours just dropped to 45 and it feels so great when you are in the 40s. so you will notice it when you step out the door. but overall for today, the cold front is moving right on through that way as well. so there we go, cooler weather, today 's forecast, 81 to 86. i do to the like humidity- -i do not like humidity. so unfortunately, we do have an accident to report at 6:01 a.m. it is right here live on the got camera,--adot camera, the left lanes are blocked at university. so only one right lane is open. so if you go to way, give yourself a few extra minutes because it is going take you some time to get through the area. and now the maps, we have glean all green--have green all over the place except for the 10 eastbound. we do have another accident, it is not causing any issues on the 101 eastbound at 7th avenue, the shoulder is
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slowing down for sure from 75th avenue and then another area that is slowing down is 17 southbound, it is starting to slow in that air. so if those are the routes, you need yo give yourself a few extra minutes. vanessa, thank you. 6:02 a.m. is the time now. phoenix police take amanita custody after a stand off jonah- -take a man into custody after an overnight the suspect gave himself up, we do not know what he was originally wanted for. his name has not been released. three phoenix police officers are resigned after they were accused of forcing a teen to eat marijuana. three officers were all in their first year with the department, it happened last week during a traffic stop. a 19-year-old driver says he
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found about a gram of pot in his car and that is when they allegedly told him to eat the marijuana to avoid being take ton jail. so, the teen says he did and he was aliu today--allowed to go. two out of officers involved are being investigated and the third is considered a witness. well, protests in charlotte, north carolina for the third night were mainly peaceful. last night there in effect. the police chief said it was to keep the peace. you could not tell what was in the man 's hand that was shot. >> it is unclear what he is holding in his hand.
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something that is going to be a challenge and why we want to have the investigation completed. freeze. >> and the city 's curfew was just left add few minute ace go. new develop--uplifted a few .ms ago. and now--few minutes ago. and officer betty shelby has been charged with first- degree manslaughter. this morning the tulsa man 's mi celebrating his life. well, take a look at your yahoo password today because the company has confirm add huge data breech. and get this, it happened back in 2014. yahoo had just now determined that the hackers may actually have gotten access to names, e- mail addresses, security questions, an answers.
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all right, 6:04 a.m. is your time. and the new acare yum is- --aquarium is open in phoenix. and on this friday, nico santos is out having fun out there. >> reporter: oh, yes. oh, yes, a lot of fun, this is definitely a cool place to be. and we have been seeing sharks, we are going step out on the land for a quick second and just s behind us, the animal ambassadors, i heard he likes to dance. any dancing? oh, he is make a little camera shy. and here is leo. so tell us about your friend here and we will go down the line. >> yes, so this is angel. angel here is a green wing bird and he is an animal ambassador. they can actually come out and meet the guests one on one to
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much? >> he does. he says hi, hello, and all kinds of other stuff. >> reporter: and he is a bit of a messy eater, here on the floor, there are the shells here and there. and now what is this? >> this is nigh jell. he is a cockatoo, they are one of the largest in the world, they are from aught rail yeah and--australia and pacific area and they can live up to >> reporter: so before we move on, can people pet them? or keep a distance? >> well, they are not animals that our againstings can actually--that our guests can interact with, but we have animals that the guests can interact with. so there are a lot of opportunities for that all over the aquarium. >> reporter: and on down the line, an alligator or a crocodile? >> we have an alligator.
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distance here. but if you are brave enough, they are right off of 101 and you have to come on down and check everything out. guys. [ cheering and applause ] all right, does it even matter anymore who the quarterback is in new england? thts texans on thursday night football, a game 245 the texans were favor--a game that the texans were favor today win and they did it behind a third- spring quarterbacking, the fist rookie starting quarterback for new england since 1993. the pats rolled 27-0. >> so of course, we have to bring in jay taylor, now i am wondering, if tom brady is sitting back and watching the
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lot more pressure, because he has the second string and third string quarterback coming out and killing it in the games. does it add more pressure to him? >> not really, well, it is like if drew, where he took over and never got it back. so i think in his mind, that is what he thinks about, i do not want to lose my position to another young guy. i think for him, he knows how the offense works. now we are seeing what good teaches the younger guys when they step in, they do gap planning to make it successful for them and--they do game planning to make it successful for them and they do little things and they switch it each week. so it make it very hard to game plan. so it is a lot of stuff that they did, actually more, they can do more. and i think for this offense, and for the team, they will be excited. they can move forward, no one
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that, the expectation is just higher to get to the super bowl. >> and now, you know, the arizona cardinals are hitting the road, they are playing the bills in buffalo. is this pretty much in the bag? >> we should have this. but buyer beware. when you are playing against a team at home, they have to get a win, that becomes a dangerous team. i think for the cardinals, ey let the struggles continue. and then, offensively, the cardinals are playing and the buffalo bills have a very good defense. so they need to execute like last week, set up the run, stretch out the run and the pass because if they do that, they should be able to get out with a win. but i think the game is telltale, our offense verses their defense. 6:09 a.m. is the time now. still ahead on 12 today, are
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gwen and brake? >> and how the baltimore others helped to sent--how baltimore helped send big poppy into
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it is 6:12 a.m. on this beautiful morning. brake and gwen, will this one last? >> --blake and gwen, will this one last? >> no, it is not going to last. >> she stopped by ellen today and ellen goes there, asking about her relationship with blake shelton and the question the world wants to know, when are you two two getting married- -you two getting married? >> before i make plans, because i make plans way ahead of time, tell me when you are getting married because i just need to know so i can clear that schedule. >> oh, you are crazy. [ laughter ] >> just metlet me know. >> --just let me know. >> okay, i will let you know. >> no, now. >> oh, my gosh, she is stunning. anyone else have a girl crush?
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talks about working with pop star justin timber lake. that is right here on channel 12 at 3:00 p.m. and i think they are not going to make it. >> yes, because usually when you are the first one after the situation, it is too fresh. >> no, but i want to believe in love. hey, and we are watching adam, we are all waiting for that picture, the singer and his wife, they welcomed a baby girl, her name is dusty rose. congratulations to the new mom and dad. gwen who is on ellen today, told her that she has already face timed adam and seen the baby, and says she is so cute. again, they have not released a picture just yet. who knows when they are going
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later on. apparently she looks just like mom, who is a supermodel. so, perfect. and now the juicy question of the morning, 40% of men say that this is the one thing they wish women would stop doing in the bathroom. i am very surprised i single women rarely do this. married women often think there is nothing wrong with doing this. huh? so we want to know, what do you think it -leaving make up all over the counter. >> well, the single women thing, they rarely do this. >> well, that throws me for a loop, was you know,--because you know, all women leave hair in the sink. >> maybe it is the razor thing. >> yes, maybe. >> i don't know. vanessa, what do you do isn't the bathroom that annoys men? >> oh, being the single woman, this makes sense, maybe not
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laying and? because i put mine away. >> i kind of thought men liked that. >> i don't know. >> when you are married, just leave them on the floor, i don't know. >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> a little different at tram 's house. >> all right. >> i don't do that, but i don't know, i thought the opposite. >> oh, wow. >> it depends on what they are. >> right. go on. >> okay, go on. all right, at 6:16 a.m. this morning, there are no accident is to report, which is go good news. and good news on the 143, a live shot of the 143 southbound at university. that accident has cleared up and all of the lanes are back open. so that is good news for you on this friday. and now a look at the big picture, green all over the place except except the slowing area of the 10 everybody. in the east valley, we have green all over the 202 san tan, the 202 red mountain and the 60 is looking good. but like i said, the 10 eastbound is slowing down, so
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travel times heading out at this moment, at 6:16 a.m. so if you are on the 10 heading eastbound, 75th avenue, 13 minutes. the stack is 17 and 7th street is going to talk you 21 minutes. and is it going to jimmy? hey, look at this, i will tell you, it is a great day, it is friday, a lot of haze and a lot of cloud cover, it is still mur east valley. this is looking towards the east here, you cannot see the superstition mountains. the humidity has gone down, if you are saying, you are in glendale, if you are in surprise, sun city west, just great. dew point is 36 right now, that is out at sky harbor, so it is going to the sceptral part of the valley--to the central part of the valley. you can right there, 36 for phoenix. so the dew point is all the way
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comfortable in the morning, especially with the temperatures where they are right now at about 73-degrees. dew points for the for a east valley, you are going to- for the far east valley, it is still humid. the cold front is out of the area, so the cooler air is going to filter in and we will really notice it tonight and tomorrow morning, and then a little bit of a heat up by sunday. but i would take this weekend any day, it could 2011, 20 2-0 18 degree- -108-degrees. usually we are about a month behind the rest of the country when it comes to our fall temperaturings cooling down. but right now, we are doing- -temperatures cooling down. but right now, we are doing really nice up here. it can still get warm, we are not done yet, but there's this is a nice break for us. a couple of showers around the south. and for us, most of the cloud cover, all of the moisture is just moving off to the east. the monsoon meter, a zero for
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and we are not done yet. this could be a chance for showers, once again, looking east, there is the cloud cover, everything is pushing off to the east of us, but themselves drop and--but temperatures drop and ten degrees warmer in the junction because you have more humidity, it is stabilizing the temperatures. okay, 34 right now for the grand canyon. 86-degrees on friday. saturday, 89. downtown, tram, we could see temperatures in the 50s. so fall has arrived, tram. >> very nice indeed, jimmy. 6:19 a.m. is time. still aheaden 12 today--ahead on 12 today, do not stay home this weekend, because there are a lot of things going on in the valley. >> plus, it is the largest aquarium in the southwest. but before, that our morning
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aquarium hold? think about it, take a guess, the answer is coming up in two minutes. o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers.
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here we go, 6:22 a.m. is your time. live pictures right now at the aquarium, just opened in scottsdale. you can check it out this weekend. nico santos is there live behind scenes, with details on what you can see out there. but that brings us to our 12 today trivia question, it is the largest aquarium in the southwest. so how many gallons of water does the it hold? last minute guesses, everyone. >> j t says 100,000. >> tram 8000. >> jq? >> i will say 400 [ inaudible ] thousand. >> you guys are all wrong. here we go. ? [ music ] ??
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didn't hear that is that? well,--hear that? no, now to the answer. >> way off. >> 2 million gallons. >> 2 millup gallons of watter. >> and more than three miles of under ground piping to keep it all flowing 2 million. >> 2 million. >> i know, that is crazy. >> and now back to the song, i like that so aquarium. ballet, festivals, music, dining, they are all things that are happening this weekend. here is a look at this weeks things to do. >> reporter: how about taking in some ballet and the stars, it is free to be the at fountain park in fountain hills and tomorrow at steel indian school park if phoenix. just bring a blanket or a lawn
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olympics again at the largest celebration of brazilian art and culture in arizona. the 7th annual event is happening at the scottsdale center for the performing arts tomorrow from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and tomorrow as well, fiesta kicks off the celebration of hispanic heritage month. hue sick, arts, crafts, and other activities--music, arts, crafts, and more. and if you outside and enjoy live music, there is a fall concert series at 5:00 p.m. and it is the last weekend for arizona restaurant week, when you can enjoy three course meals for a great deal. so buy now and eat up. ? [ music ] ?? let 's get to your shot of the morning, everyone, the boston red socks slugger david
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tour. he got the exact dugout phone that he destroyed three years ago in a fit at batter 's rage. also, a check for his favorite charity, $10,000. >> i wonder who thought to save it. >> oh, that is great. >> bit i can't. >> yes, the first thing that you throw in the trash can and they kept it. >> yes, and you know, because the baseball guys, sometimes they cannot keep their cool. >> told have kept that ice cooler, too. a great great--they would have kept that ice cooler, too. still ahead on 12 today, it is more than what meets the eye. >> yes, there is a new car in town and this one is real, men, control yourselves, the video is coming up at 6:30 a.m. right here on 12 today. >> reporter: and we are teeing off with the basketball hall of
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speed may not be available in your area. call today. ?? right now on 12 today, two shootings last night have the police on the hunt for a suspect. >> reporter: and right now, we are aning out with-consider we are hanging out with some cow nosed rays. coming up, we are going to hang out with some penguins. you do not want to miss that.
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>> oh, mark 's daughter asks him to rap and then regrets it. that is coming up in your morning juice. >> like a tiger dad right there. hello, 6:30 a.m. on the dot. and now live outside right now a look from the roof cam, a beautiful friday morning and we are talking highs in the 80s, jimmy. oh, it is just really nice out there. and we have dry air coming in as well. but, a little humid still, if you look off to the east, isn't the clouds way up there, and- -this is the east valley, you can see the clouds way up there. it is going to feel really nice tomorrow morning, and we started out with humid levels, now the humidity is just coming down across all of phoenix. 81 to 86, developing sunshine. you are going to love the weekend forecast. all right, well currently this morning at 6:30 a.m., there are no accidents to
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and now a live look from the adot camera, the 60 at country club and things are moving along just great over there. and now the big picture, at the the maps, so no accidents but slowing on the 10 eastbound. so, that is a your normal slowing there. and then there is another slowed area, it is on the 10 westbound around, oh, 48th street right there, a little bit of slowing there. so i am going to give you a look at the drive time right now, on the # 1 headen no minutes. the--101 heading northbound to the 60, six minutes. and then say boulevard is going take you 18 minutes. and police in glendale and peoria are searching for two suspects in two shootings last night. the first one happened at 95th and peoria avenues. and a second man was shot less than two miles a way at 95th
6:32 am
connected. a former mma fiter is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in old town scottsdale. he was caught on video carrying the woman to a parking garage where where that alleged assault happened. investigators say he took the woman to his home and aall thed her two more times before dropping her off at an intersection in tempe. a to you con man accused of preying on young girls facebook has--a man accused of preying on young girls on facebook has pleaded not guilty. he said he had sex with 13-year- old girls. he is facing up to three years in prison if he is convicted. a maricopa county detention officer is facing charges of having sexual relations with an inmate. authorities say that roy admitted to having contact with
6:33 am
he as worked at the jail since 2013. well, new this morning, basketball hall of famers and basketball personalities are hitting the golf course, team 12 's jen wahl is live at lichfield park. a fun day today, jen. >> reporter: yes, it is. good morning to you guys. a beautiful shot this morning, before we go ahead and talk about what what we are doing- -about what we are doing out here, take a look at this, it is set up for this event, the basketball hall of fame golf classic and i think things will be just perfect on the golf course today. tee off here in just a little bit. and joining me live right now is bernard king, he is hall of famer here, former new york nix player. so--nicks player. --knicks player. >> well, first of all, good morning, it is very exciting to be here. it is a very fun atmosphere. we are going to have great weather today and this is my
6:34 am
the event. and it is a great deal of fun, and it is great for the hall of fame and the many groups that they support and so excited to be a participant of this. hopefully my golf game is on this morning. >> reporter: well, it sounds lining you have been to a couple of similar tournamentings across the- -tournaments across the united states and somewhat so great about being a part of this? >> well, interactivitying with all -interacting with all of the individuals in the tournament. and seeing everyone in the hall of fame, it is really a joy. and it is really quite enjoyable. >> reporter: well, great, i know you were inducted into the hall of fame in 2013. so congratulations march. and now joining me--for that. and now joining me is john, you are going to talk more about the event and what it is like to be out here.
6:35 am
everyone knows jerry here and he is the chairman of our board: and his big thing is building a family. the hall of fame has become a family for basketball people. so having a golf tournament is very natural for us, it raises money for the newseum. and it is just a great time to get people together and have some fun. >> reporter: and z president and ceo of the basketball hall of--and as president and ceo of how important is this event? >> well, it was the first event outside of springfield, massachusetts three years ago, and it really has made us go beyond our home to take it to a national scope. so it is very exciting to be here and we love the support of the basketball hall of famers and the people in phoenix. >> reporter: yes, we are looking forward to it and welcome to phoenix to you as well.
6:36 am
this morning. and we will be here getting video and more interviews, guys. so tune in later today. >> what a great event. all right, thanks, jen. hey, parents, finding something for your kids to do over the weekend can be tough. >> yes, but the new aquarium could hook them. nico santos is out at the aquarium. hey, nico. >> reporter: how many people get to say they actually get to hang out inside of doing here at 12 tuesday this morning. but we have to warn you, it is a little bit before their normal wake up--normal wake up time. so they are all shy over there. leo is here to join us and explain more about the penguins, these are south african penguins? >> yes, they are actually a warm weather penguin. so they live in a warmer environment. >> reporter: and so everyone once in a while they are kind of talking. they are still trying to see
6:37 am
they are still meeting each other? >> no, these guys all know each other. but there are a lot of different--but they are a lot of different ages, most of them are actually juveniles. the ones with the parker faces still have the baby feathers in. and the dies with the white around their face, they are a- -the guys with the white around their face, they are the adults. >> reporter: do you think they will come say hi in. >> well, they are coming over al fish. oh, one is in the water now, it is just so amazing to be up close and personal. today we have seen sharks, alligators, fish of all kinds, it is in scottsdale. and now if someone wants to come down tonight and this week, how much does it cost? >> well, for a single adult it is $34.99, we have discounts for children and military, and seniors. we have family passes and if you guys are going to come time after time, you want to upgrade
6:38 am
annual pass. that is all found on our website. >> reporter: we are also going to have that on it is off of the 101. and as you are seeing here, the penguins are having fun. this is my final dad joke of the day, where to penguins go to dance? >> where do penguins go to dance? happy feet. >> reporter: they go to the snowball. [ laughter ] >> oh, man. nico. >> nico. >> hey, passes, i am looking for passes. >> jake taylor has been saying this all morning. i want to come see this place. >> oh, boy, okay, all right. and now the morning juice, emma. all right, it is maybe one of the best bits on late night television, jimmy dropped the latest installment of celebrity
6:39 am
actually read. >> paul rudd is the most boring vanilla dude. you know he just sits at home with his wife eating a bland spaghetti dinner talking about his day. >> why does ryan always look like he is triting to get a fart out without making any noise? >> he looks like impersonating matthew. >> i mean some of them are quite thought out. i mean, they have to dig for these mean tweets. >> oh, that is hilarious. >> and now i need to ask you guys, should we read ours? >> my answer is no. >> oh, sure, why not. >> oh, gosh. >> it just rolls off. >> one of these days we should. >> oh, no.
6:40 am
he dropped a rhyme when his daughter asked him to rap, that is mark, and she immediately want today take it back. >> i am a 45-year-old and i have to rap and if you keep mis- beheying i 578--misbehaving i am going to give your behind a slap. it is call add spanning. >> okay, so listen--called a spanking. >> okay so, listen, the daughter was fr is hilarious. asked him to rap on the show and then he raps about disciplining her. >> and it is a parent 's duty to embarrassing your kid. so do to the ask he. >> he called her out--do s do not ask. >> he called her out big time. >> oh, look at her, she is dying. >> yes, stop it. all right, now to the juicy question of the morning, and your answer.
6:41 am
stop doing in the bath. room. --bathroom. most say women will do this on a daily basis. >> okay, so that switches it up for me a little bit. because you do not use a razor every day kind of thing, i would think. so i am going either toothbrush or using the other person 's sink. you know, sometimes you have a two sinks and then it why are you on my side? stay on your side. >> okay, tram. >> you know, the hair being all over the place, clean up, anything that has to do with clean up after yourself, i think it is like get it together. >> all right, the answer is- -oh, using their sink? talking. just talking in general? >> what? somebody actually said that on my facebook.
6:42 am
we are trying to communicate. >> okay, okay, i think i understand now. if the guy is taking care of his business and she is trying to talk with him, some men need to concentrate, that is the only thing i can think of. >> okay, seriously. okay. do we need go there? >> no, we don't. no. >> seriously, i do not want to go there. >> okay, if stephen is doing his business, i am going far away. i mean any wife, come on now, you do no anyone is doing their business. >> some i guess do. still ahead on 12 today, the oregon ducks drop another sick uniform and we have to talk about it. it is in your morning mix. you are watching 12 today. >> and if you thought that was cool, this is going to blow your mind, it is more than meets the eye. yes, transformers, they have come to life and we have the rid owe to prove it--video to prove it.
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6:45 am
it is time now for your morning mix and stop us if you have heard this before, the oregon ducks new uniform is sick. >> yes, this one literally makes them look like their mascot, the orange socks and shoes really complete the duck look.
6:46 am
and jay taylor is joining us now, but first, tram, what do you think? >> well, fist of all, the video is sick--first of all, the video is sick. >> it is not bad looking, it is their mascot, they need to look like it, i guess. i have seen better. >> and let 's be honest, oregon is known for their uniforms. that is one thing that the school does, i mean, one of the alums is a nike owner, that helps a and it helps with recruiting because the high school kids see this and you win, it is like i want to go there, i want to win. is that the whole saying, you have to dress the part. and so they dress it and a lot of teams across the nation, if you think about it, a lot of schools have gone to this where they have multiple uniforms because they want that jazz, they want that five-star recruit to come in and say not only do we win, we dress like winners. >> and insane swag. i think that oregon not ohm
6:47 am
back up it. and it would be different if they were like my byu cougars that cannot win a game. >> well, i think that asu needs to upgrade their uniforms. i think this is another part of it and you have to think about the color, moo maroon, there are so--maroon, there are so many ways to go. i like when they do the black out, that is really cool. but i think at this maybe ten--at this point, maybe ten changes, i think is this is oregon 's 12th or 13th uniform. >> oh, well, they can back it up. >> they really can, that is the thing. all right, vanessa, now your uniform. well, you know, i went to gcu and we do not have a football team. oh well. all right so, we have an accident in the clearing stages. it is the 202 westbound at
6:48 am
but it does not seem to be causing a lot of issues, people just keep moving on and then going to the next exit. a look at the maps and the big picture right now, we have the typical slow traffic, especially on the 10 heading eastbound, it is slow over there, but for those of you in the east valley, i want to give you a heads up on the 202 this weekend, there is a closure, 202 eastbound between greenfield and power road from friday from 10:00 p.m., that is tonight, until monday at 5:00 a.m. and you can use the 60 eastbound. if you are on the eastbound from the 303 to the 7th street, 35 minutes. from the 17 southbound to the visit, it is 32--split, it is 32 minutes. but i will keep you updated on any new accidents as you are heading out the door. jimmy, how is the weather this morning? oh, just great. there is a lot of hog out there around the--a lot of smog out there around the valley. but temperatures are starting
6:49 am
71-degrees, this is out at sky harbor. and we have 36, that is the dew point, we are not dealing with the humidity from yesterday. it should be a good hair day. dew points are really dropping. we started out steamy, and we have dropped way down that the nice. so it is going to feel really nice on this second day of fall, 8 # to 86, a beautiful, beautiful--8 beautiful,--81 to 86, a beautiful, beautiful fall day. and we have something out there, a lit--have smog out there. so air quality is so so. but the cool air is going to continue to filter in and i think tonight our temperatures drop, we should see 50s tomorrow morning around the valley. so it will feel really good. downtown area, you will be at about 65-degrees. 86 for the high today, the
6:50 am
so way hotter, so we are happy. slight chance for showers up towards the north, northeast right now, a little bit, right around parts of shin lee, but going south to the, we are looking good. the monsoon meter is dry for the southern arizona, up to the north, a slight channels for showers, a--chance for showers. a better chance for for a eastern arizona--for for a eastern airport. and tonight is just lovely, emma. temperatures in it is great. great tailgating weather as well. it is a huge event, too. >> and the average is 98- degrees. >> yes, this is money. the tulsa, oklahoma police officer charged with killing an unarmed black motorist has turned herself and she was released on $50,000 bond.
6:51 am
surfy in charlotte--curfew in charlotte, north carolina is over. people have been ordered off the streets over night until a state of emergency is lefted. the public wants to see the video showing the shooting. an indiana teen accused of trying to join isis is due in court today. he was trying to provide support or resources to a terrorist organization. he w indianapolis---stopped in downtown--he was stopped in downtown [ inaudible ] in june. and a--in indianapolis in june. and a now retail center is coming to scottsdale. it is going to be called the black at pima center. it is expect today the be largest retail development in the scottsdale area. construction is set for next year, and the center should be open in 2018. well halloween is just a month away. the national retail federation
6:52 am
will spend--shopper will spend nearly $83 this year. and it is still arizona restaurant week, and the # 2nd caller to call right now--and the 12th caller to call right now is going to get a gift card, it is (602)260-1000. so, good luck. 6:52 a.m. is your time right now. a final check of your amazing weather and the traffic that you have to face when you head out the door, that is all
6:53 am
o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and i approve this message
6:55 am
oh, welcome back, everyone. 6:55 a.m. it is smoggy out there, jimmy q. and now a look at the your streak of no crashes. yes, an accident on the 202 westbound at 24th street, the exit ramp is closed. that is the only thing at the moment. so if you are heading out, there are no accidents besides that one. so good job. i am dreaming of hiking oak creek canyon in another few weeks or so, the leaves will stat to change. it usually does not feel like
6:56 am
october and right now, this is fun more today. 81 to 8--this is money for today. 81 to 86-degrees: tomorrow morning when you wake up, think of me, it is beautiful, sunny, and dry right through the weekend. it is great for everything that you want to do. it really more than meets the ol turkey has actually done it, turning and actual car into a transformer. that modified bmw3 is control bade remote and the company who made it posted this video that shows it literally turning into a robot from a car, into a robot, back to car, and then- -back to a car, and then again. it is trending on facebook. think about a regular car in
6:57 am
surprising everyone. making it come to life. >> the closest thing i could think ant, i think it was a year ago, that robot at universal studios, it was making the comments and you were just like oh, my gosh, it is moving so well. >> look at that, and then it takes off and gets a speeding ticket. all right, final take aways. >> he does not think that blake and gwen will make it. i think that they will. we will let beth - we will bet on that. >> he is not the only one. >> this is the car, let 's get this rolling. and then transportation will be great. >> vanessa. >> i am still shocked that men have a problem with their wives talking to them in the bathroom. that means i am staying single for every. >> yes, i would have thought the number would be higher. >> all right, patriots, big
6:58 am
of the greatest--help of the greatest living american, thom gray. and mark--tom brady. and you know, mark cincinnati mark, he is not afraid, and rapping on queue, that was impressive. he can just drop it like that. >> all right, go cardinals, taking on the buffalo bill this is weekend. >> and you are wearing red today. >> yes, because i expect good things out of them. >> and be f monday as well. >> red on monday is right. >> asu, too. >> hey, is 1-1 2 news is always- -hey, 12 news is always on at and our mobile app. we hope that you make ate great day and weekend. go out to the aquarium a
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. outrage and unrest. streets in charlotte for the third straight night. protesters ignoring a new curfew, demanding that footage of a deadly police shooting be >> release the video! release the video! >> while in oklahoma, the officer involved in a fatal shooting there now charged with manslaughter and turns herself in overnight. set for the showdown? it's crunch time as hillary he clinton and donald trump prep for the highest stakes moment of the campaign yet -- the first debate just three days away. clinton holding mock sessions behind closed doors, as trump tries out his new attack lines


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