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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa, caribe and coop starts now. >> we begin with breaking news tonight. at least t p and one more critically hurt after a shooting at this mall in washington state. >> it happened at cascade mall in burlington 65 miles north of seattle. police say at least one suspect was spotted leaving the scene before they got there. the total number of shooters at this point is unknown. >> that suspect is on the run. police did however tweet out this photo of the alleged shooter.
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one is critically hurt. no word of any other injuries tonight. we'll bring you more updates as soon as they come into the newsroom. >> just the fact that a video shows my client carrying the victim is not kidnapping. >> she was taken against her will having sex with somebody she did not consent to is sexual assault. >> our other big story professional mma fighter faces a judge accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. >> he was caught on camera last weekend carrying the victim to his car. >> police say her friend left to get the car and when she got back her friend was gone. >> trisha hendricks is live in the area where it happened with more from attorneys on both sides. >> this is where scottsdale
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surveillance come ra carrying a woman in her mid-20s over his shoulder. he then allegedly took the woman to his home where he assaulted her two more times before dropping her off at an intersection in tempe. >> you are here on allegations of two counts of kidnapping, class two felonies. >> he stands before a judge during his initial appearance as she reeds >> three counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual abuse. >> she tells the judge there were no statements made by the victim that she was kidnapped. >> the fact that a video shows my client carrying the victim, that's not kidnapping. the statute requires substantial evidence for the court to find probable cause. >> the defense says there's not substantial evidence up to this point.
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she was extremely drunk. >> as for the sexual abuse charges. >> there's no physical evidence. >> a much different perspective than what the victim's attorney had to say. reiterating the defendant's statements. >> he had sex with the victim three times throughout the night where she was deadweight. she woke up for a minute and then was right back out. but he stil >> she believes there is sufficient evidence. >> she had absolutely no about to consent. -- no about to con sent. -- anlt to consent. -- about to consent -- abuilt to consent. >> now police say it appears this was an isolated attack. tonight rodriguez is being --
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10:00. taking a live look now outside an absolutely perfect fall friday night. will it last the rest of the weekend? meteorologist trisha hendricks hen joining us now from the forecast center. >> we'll be getting in on this all weekend long and tonight it begins with temperatures we haven't seen since may. that's right not a typo. some valley locations will be in the 50s. th be around sunrise at 6:17. as far as temperature stacking up in the afternoon we're going keep that theme going of below average territory. we maxed out at 88 today. tomorrow 90. and 94 on sunday. each and every day below the seasonal averages. and because we're really dialling down on the humidity, it's going to feel so pleasant out there both days. and not too shabby to start the workweek either. in the high country a lot of
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all -- enjoying sunshine all over the state. freezing in the high country tonight. the first presidential debate is a few days away and many arizonans are wondering what the candidates will say about border security. will creating a wall provide a real strategy for controlling immigration? in a new series that we're calling verify road trip shek david explores that. >> this to me is a giant major national security issue. >> you can plan security but you don't do it this way. >> my name is divide. i'm a -- david. i'm a veteran reporter and now i work for you. i'm taking real people out on the road to get their questions answered. and you're coming along for the ride.
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the united states and mexico share a border that's 2,000 miles long. but only one-third of it is covered by a wall costing $2.4 billion. presidential candidate donald trump wants to finish that wall. >> i want it impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall. >> we wanted to know how well the wall we have works and because you hear we're taking along someone who will likely vote for trump so he can see it for himself. he is nick, a businessman, father, and small town city councilman. he likes the idea of the wall. >> here we are. what do you want to know? >> i cant want wait to see the -- i can't wait to see the wall. you hear about it your entire life.
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want to touch it. >> that's robert cameron with texas border tours. he's taking us on an atv ride along the wall. and there it is, the border wall. seeing it up close immediately nick has a question. >> why is there a hole? what's the and that hole? and this hole? >> we saw them all over the place. we found perm nant gaps in the -- permanent gaps in the wall big enough to drive a truck through. by treaty neither the u.s. or mexico can build in flood spots of the rio grand. the wall frequently cuts through private property and farms while the government can
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can't take away access to your property. >> these gaps or breaks on the wall allow farmers to bring their equipment in to till this land. >> does this make sense to you? >> no. before this the wall was here. just imagine. >> nothing? >> it was open. >> you can only cross here now. >> and in many cases that is what's happening. the gaps funnel migrants into easier for border patrol to round them up. >> i can't even knock. hey can i come in? >> do we need a bigger border wall. >> absolutely, 100%. this is 20 feet it needs to be 40, 50 feet higher. >> when you're a stone's throw away from mexico you start to see things differently. >> what are you observations here? what have you seen?
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doesn't matter what political affiliation you're with. we could do more. >> we also met republican party chair sanchez at the sacred heart catholic church. in 2014 it struggled to care for a surge of unaccompanied minors from central america. >> would a bigger wall keep them out? >> it's more than a wall. the only thing that will stop >> sanchez wants funding for more agents on the ground and patrol boats in the rye owe grand. >> a -- rio grand. >> a continuous wall is an emotional response to a very real problem that needs a solution. >> and nick is coming to realize the border holds more surprises than he expected. we're talking to tomas he manages a water district on the river.
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that's happened here? >> we've been shot here next to our pumps. >> shot at but not hit. he thinks he got too close to drugs caught up in a grate. >> do you think they were trying to kill you? >> maybe. >> then he pointed out a man in a tree on the mexican side staring back at us. >> oh. >> do you see that guy out there? >> yeah. you only read about that. get some people or bundles. >> we could be standing here in the middle of a drug deal. >> that's always comforting. >> early the next morning we're an hour east in brownsville where a two-lane road cuts through the fence. tony is a former democratic official and a vocal opponent of the wall.
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>> no, we don't need any wall. we need people. we need technology. we need boots on the ground. >> what would happen if you closed these gaps? >> you would kauft this community. half -- community you would cut off this community. >> so we've built a wall and there's a school right back there. >> yeah a couple. >> there's a school on one side of >> yeah, no, it doesn't make any sense at all. >> right around the corner from here is pam la taylor and her -- pamela taylor and her sign. the fence isolated her home and she's had some surprise visitors. >> i have an illegal sitting in the rocking chair. >> you had a person sitting there? >> a surprise edition.
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>> 40 kilos of marijuana. >> 40 kilos was on your property? >> yes. >> she's continued to see a steady stream since the wall was built. she even leaves cold water out so they stop coming to her door. >> you would like the wall gone completely? >> it's not doing any good. >> nick's heard a lot, seen a lot, let's wrap it up. >> the wall we have you feel that wall is working? >> no. from what i've seen no i don't. >> so we did verify the wall we have now does not work the way most people think it does. many people down here across party lines think the wall doesn't work at all. so to nick's question, do we need a bigger, badder border wall. >> i guess in all honesty we do. >> only one person said more wall everyone else said more boots on the ground.
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americans would feel better knowing the gaps are closed. >> but then you trap her and the schools on the other side of the wall. so how do you close those gaps? >> it's a woshlgable problemch. >> -- workable problem. >> so twhiel many people see the flaws -- so while many people see the flaws, that's not what nick concluded. he thinks the cost and effort to finish the wall is don't take my word for it, take his. >> anxious to see what else they come up in discussing these huge issues and bringing along nick and other folks who have some questions and want to see it. >> it's interesting how they got four or five different people's opinions near the area. >> not just about the reporters in this case. i think it's going to be fascinating. >> according to a new survey
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trump. >> the poll finds hillary clinton leads trump by a big margin among latinos. 71% say they'll vote for her. with just 45 days left until the presidential election there are still a lot of undecided voters out there. the race between hillary clinton and donald trump is neck and neck. they hope to sway voters by debating one another on monday night. you'll see lester ho moderating the debate live only on 12 news at 6:00. then join us for an all-new episode of the voice and then 12 news at 9:00 and 10:0 . moments away disturbing cell phone video showing what sparked those violent protests in charlotte. violent video not for the faint of heart. a sideline sneak peak at the best high school football in the valley tonight.
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here's look at your hot headlines. hundreds of protesters in charlotte after police killed keith scott. the frustration is adding to the anger. unsettling footage showing the moments leading up to his death. >> so we don't know what happened prior to the video but in the footage you can hear police shouting drop the gun. you also hear miss scott tell them her husband has a brain injury.
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bombing case leaving a suitcase with the pressure cooker on the street. two men then open it and leave it there. one man even kicks it. a woman calls 911 and police show up with a robot to check it out. take a look at this dangerous climb in hong kong. the boys scaled the tower spiral on top of a skyscraper and recorded the entire climb on a helmet cam. they had a drone as well. no word on how past security or whether they're facing any charges tonight. it is the biggest talker of the night, nasa is clarifying the science when it comes to the new zodiac sign which shifted the signs around and added a new one. >> the internet is freaking out. is this for real? >> kevin kennedy is in the center with whether you should get that trenty tattoo --
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your online profill. >> -- profile. >> my horoscope says i need to think through any decisions. so watch this. >> to truly understand what your star sign is, you have to travel back almost 3,000 years when the zodiac is divided into 12 parts corelating with the 12 parts of the al here's the problem the babylonians fudged a bit. there are 13 constellations in the zodiac. >> they decided since they had a 12-month calendar it was easier to get rid of the 13th. >> nasa clarifying this week. based on the science it should be included. which means 86% of us were born under a different sign. sglo you can go to --
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that would be your true sign. >> your sign based on atronmy. but -- astronomy. but at this store you get it based on astroll ji. >> it's -- astrology. in this world compared to that world they are worlds apart, i think. i do know this con stelation -- kons telation feels like stelation -- kons telation feels like pluto. so changing con stelations are you still what you were the answer is yes, and no. but what they both know. >> don't panic. don't worry about it. it hasn't matched since the start of this sort of western zodiac and astrology. >> if you like being an
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maybe we should ask con few shs what he -- con fushs what he thinks. >> your sign is your sign that doesn't have to change. as for mine. guys i'm going to stick with it. kevin kennedy 12 news at 10:00. friday night fever ? ? ? ? >> as the song says in the fall we play football. >> oh we certainly do, coop it is a big night of high school football across the state tonight. >> it is, i'm excited. we're all excited. friday night fever is about an hour away and our team as
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games than anyone else. >> checking in at sunrise national high school. so far this season certainly looking like the team to beat in 4a but not if the mustangs have anything to say tonight. we'll have all the highlights and the winner, our game of the week. now we'll check in with robby baker. >> the bears, it's homecoming you can see the homecoming court going on behind me. half-time. who will come out on top? tune into friday night fever to find out. bears in the studio tonight. >> taking on williamsfield. i saw a catch i've never seen before in my life for a touchdown. we're going show you that tonight on the fever. i didn't find the cameron crazies i found the campos
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[ cheering and applause ] >> hills taking on cortez and it's all coming up. [ cheering and applause ] >> i'll tell you our gang has way too much fun. this is diamondback baseball. former diamondsback with his 44th home run of the year. the walk off in the 12th gives our friday night fever game they're cranked up and ready to roll. it's official it's fall and mother nature is giving us some cooler term ps for some -- temps for some of our events. krystle henderson is here to show us what to expect. >> i think the word that keeps
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temperatures from five to 15 degrees cooler than this hours ago. 73 in phoenix. sun devil for life so i've got you covered for the big game tomorrow. sunshine and temperatures in the 80s for tailgating. temperatures fall off into the 70s after 10:00 and after the sun devils secure that win. if you're headed to route 66 thermometer readings in the 70s. also a big weekend in pine top lakeside they have their artisan's festival going on. 50 degree reading at 9:0 . 60s after that. a couple of clouds mixed in with the sunshine. why not take advantage of this weather and a free pass to our national parks. low 60s for your high same for the grand canyon.
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here in the valley continue go wrong. whatever you have planned outdoors temperatures are below average and look at these morning low temperatures. the coolest since may. slight chance for showers tuesday and wednesday. and two high temperatures in the 80s on monday and tuesday. don't go away for the love of the game a young fan gets some unexpected love from players on the rival team. the viral story after the break. sunday only on 12 news at 10:00. the vl lee shocked the world by -- valley shocked the world by winning gold. now he's doing mixed marble arts. that's only on 12 news. 12 sports is sponsored by
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12 sports is sponsored by your valley hyundai dealers. titans undoubtly broke the hearts of a bunch of lions fans beating them 16-15 nay may have converted within little guy. >> the video we're about to show you has gone viral. >> it shows several player of the tennessee titans coming up on a young fan wearing a jersey of the detroit lions. watch what happens next. yeah there they are coming down
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slapping five get a little love from the young lions fan. you see wesley woodard picks the kid up and carries him. the mom is taking the shots and loving it. i'm telling you, walker, the tight end, even gave the kid a signed football. so my question to you is, obviously mom and dad have reared the kid right. they live in detroit. they gave him a lion's j love from the titans i wonder if you now root for the titans and give up allegiance to the lions. >> you don't have to give it up. you can love both teams. it's just tricky when you play each other. >> there's no way in the world the lions are going to win so it's safe to root for them. >> don't go away will forte the
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on the tonight show right after
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finally tonight if you're looking for something fun this weekend why not spend some time at slide across america. until sunday more than 25 water slides will take over salt river fields. we have more details on stay connected and get the
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halloween time at the disneyland resort means there's wicked fun in both parks... and make sure to see the twilight zone tower of terror before it's final check out.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will forte,


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