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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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why neighbors are concerned? new technology to combat gun violence and catching up with the stars of the show "love it or list it." our big story tonight another tense night this charlotte, protesters continue to fill the city for the fourth straight night. this following the officer- involved shooting death of keith lamont scott. today police released new video and details from the shooting and jay gray has been following the situation and joins us live from charlotte wit jay. >> reporter: yes, trisha the curfew has been in effect for about an hour here and you can see there are still protesters on the street. it's been a peaceful night of protest for the third night in a row here, but as you talk about new information, new details still allot of frustration and anger here. hundreds of protesters back in the street of uptown charlotte hours after police released new images and information.
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transparency, you are going to get everything that we can deliver. >> reporter: including dash and body cam video of the deadly confrontation between charlotte police and keith lamont scott. police putney says it's not the video, but does contain all the images relevant to the shooting and adds the new footage will not answer all of the questions in the case. >> there is no definitive visual evidence that he had a gun had his hands. you can see something in his hand an officer. >> reporter: police are sharing details from the investigation, pictures of marijuana, an ankle toll sher and loaded gun, evidence recovered at scene and say lab results indicate that scott's fingerprints and dna were on the weapon and say one officer fired the fatal shots and others acted properly and won't face charges from department.
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carolina state bureau of investigation continues as do concerns for scott's family. >> we are left with far more questions than we have answers. >> reporter: they say they are thankful authorities released the new information, but still wonder why police used deadly force? >> how does the combination of marijuana and a gun constitute aggravated active aggression that put the lives of these officers in danger. >> reporter: continue to fuel the ongoing unrest here. jay gray, nbc news. and again protesters say they are going to continue this march for as long as necessary. they want to see all of the videotape they want to see a more transparent process here. there is as we talked about a curfew in effect and it's supposed to be from midnight to 6:00 and you just heard they are not going home until they get answers. >> jay, thank you for that. what is the atmosphere like out
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effect? >> reporter: all right of moving on new tonight police in seattle have arrested the man accused of shooting and killing five people at a mall. 20-year-old man was arrested about 30 miles from the scene of the shooting. the fbi is investigating a motive, but do not support terrorism. in baltimore police are looking for throw suspects in a shooting spree at least eight people have authorities say a father and his 3-year-old child are among those injured. thankfully all of these injured are non-life-threatening injuries. >> one person dead and others injured of a crash in glendale. team 12's joins us live from the scene how all of this unfolded. >> reporter: didi. >> reporter: trisha happened at this intersection around 5:00.
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power pole killing one of the passengers. this entire road was closed down just recently. >> reporter: reaped while police were investigating. produce say two cars were traveling northwest on grand when they sideswiped each other. one car veered off the road, hitting the power line pole and now three people were in that car. all of them taken to the hospital. the front seat passenger died at survive. as for the passengers in the other car, it appears they were not taken to the hospital. now as you can see the road has recently re-opened. police are continuing to investigate whether or not impairment is a factor in this cash. in glendale, didi gatin 12 news. thank you for that. tonight some residents in chandler are feeling on edge after thieves broke into their
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they struck mailboxes in the rancho estate subdivision and the corner of one mailbox looks like it was peeled right open. we spoke with one whom discovered their mailbox was compromised? >> it looks like a screwdriver was wedged in there and popped open and some of the little locks were laying on the floor. they looks like soda pop tops. so they are kind of flimsy. >> she acted a post office spokesperson says it's a good idea for residents to pick up their mail every day and if you happen to go out of town, have the post office hold your mail. in tonight's hot headlines a funeral was held today for a tulsa man shot and killed this happen -- killed by a police officer, that is. friends and family honored 40- year-old terence crutchyer.
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first-degree felony manslaughter. aerial drones are being banned from the preserve in scottsdale. the use of drones will be prohibited from the area of trails this starting october to 20th, due to concerns about public safety and the impact on wildlife there. a first time offense will result anyway fine while a second offense could mean a misdemeanor. right now want to know this turkey belongs to you? call peoria police if you have any information. in light of controversy over gun violence, miami-dade police is using new technology called shot spotter, the high- tech program is aimed to help combat gun violence. team 12's amanda reports. >> reporter: technology and policing are now hand in hand, the miami-dade police department just
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high-tech crime prevention tool the acoustic gunshot detection spotter or shot spotter. >> an acoustic device that picks up sounds, bullets, gunshots that go off in particular neighborhoods. >> reporter: here is how it works the devices can narrow in on where the sounds of gunshots are heard in real-time with the goal of allowing officers to respond faster. >> if a round goes of 25-50' we'll be able to tell where the gunshot went off in the particular areas where they are deployed and not only that, it also picks up sound that we can go back and listen to. so if there is say name that is called out or any conversations that occur while the shootings are going on we can listen to those also. >> reporter: the commissioners approved the $5 million five-year contract to roll out devices before the
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high-crime neighborhoods in miami-dade and will be incorporated into the existing systems of cameras and police will be able to monitor in the real-time center. >> we'll be able to deploy the tools to expeditiously get those out to the community, those areas which have the most violence. >> reporter: the shot spotter technology is also used in about 90 other cities across the country. next on 12 news at 10:00 if you are a fan of hdtv i know i am, you have a chance to meet love it or valley. and superheroes coming to the rescue of children in the valley. details ahead. and it was a perfect day out there today and the temperature right now at phoenix sky harbor down to 79 degrees, just how low will that temperature go for tomorrow morning and how long will they stick around?
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. if you are heading to the home and garden show this weekend you may get the chance to meet the real estate and home makeover pros from love it or list it. monique greigo caught up with the hgtv stars today. >> reporter: step inside the maricopa home and garden show. >> thank you, sweety, enjoy the show. >> reporter:
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heaven. if having so much to choose from is a riggle overwhelming don't worry, hilary nair and david visentin from hgtv's love it or list it are here to help. >> everybody has interesting aspects and perspectives on the show. farr an interior designer and visentin a real estate agent compete to see whether a family chooses to stay in their recently upgraded home or move month to a new property? this weekend they are debuting their first-ever live love it >> it's really designed to be as close as we could make it to approximate a live love it or list it episode. >> reporter: when comes to the real show, tension and disagreements can make for real tv, but both say it's all real. >> you are also dealing with their money which mem want to hold on to. and biggest investment that they have in their lives. so it does get serious. >> reporter: so if you are wondering what next? best move for your biggest investment?
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little inspiration. monique degreeo, 12 news. hilary and dave will have another presentation tomorrow at 10:00 in the afternoon. for more information go to where does an organization that help abused children turn when they need a little help? so superheroes of course. child help has been holding a series called superhero september. all month-long folks have been holding fundraisers with the comic book theme and today those efforts came together at samauri heroes. >> they were able to become heroes and when we want to let kids know that they have that hero in them.
10:15 pm to help the group with treatment and prevention of child abuse. well, if you haven't already overdosed on football yet today, robby baker is your man. robby. >> never such thing as too much football. arizona state in tempe and was out there pregame the atmosphere was electric in sun devil stadium. manny wilkins lookg start his asu career. cal up 7-3. david webb floats out to his favorite target, chad henson. down two touchdowns and asu would fight back and wilkins takes over with great blocks and devils down just one score, really great blocking by asu, but cal the very next possession, the sun devil's definition goes soft and cal
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losing the ball and losing singleton and huge momentum swing. right now cal still up 34-27 in the 4th quarter there. let's head down the south, down the i-10 to tucson and wildcats hosting the 9th-ranked washington huskies. it they do it tonight thanks to dawkins. you know how this is going to end. if this was friday night fever i would give hip slight lead over the wildcats. meanwhile, do you believe in trek games? me neither, the cardinals are set to take on the bill's team 0-2 and the only thing hottest in wings is rex ryan's hot seat. cameron cox is live with more. >> reporter: thanks, robby i'm here at happiest place on earth, seriously, if you are hungry. anchor bar, home of the original buffalo chicken wings
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the board came can face-to-face with the bird's mafia. cardinal fans taking over buffalo. and they are expecting a big win on sunday. 41-13, cardinals i'm going to say 35-14. >> 35-3, cardinals. >> the game is kind of second to bill's fans and it's all about the tailgating and fact they started this morning at 5:00 a.m. >> it's not aut the bills are an absolute mess, 0-2 and just fired their offensive coordinator and a loss to the calendars could cost rex ryan his job. rex ryan, fans or not? >>let's go rex! good judgment, rex. way to fire the offensive corder, baby. >> any chance the cardinals are overlooking them. >> better not be get your [ bleep ] beat real fast. this is a hungry, hungry
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so last time i checked they didn't fire any play. >> reporter: in other words, that is a no. kickoff at 10:00 a.m. and highlights and complete postgame coverage from here in buffalo starting right after sunday night football right here on 12. in buffalo with the cardinals cameron cox, 12 sports. hey, thanks cam. i can't believe they are already tailgating in buffalo. the phoenix mercury advance to the wnba semifinals thanks to 30 points from diana taurasi, and next up series against minnesota in the wnba semifinals. >> no tailgating out at university of phoenix stadium in glendale in weekend as the arizona cardinals are on the road in buffalo. the weather is perfect for those who want to fire up the grill and watch the game with your family and friend. meteorologist matt pace with what we'll see tomorrow and
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whatsoever unlook at past two weeks in phoenix, low temperatures in the 80s and 70s, today though, check out. 62 gorgeous degrees out there. so i asked you on twitter, have these temperatures been a little too cool so far since they have dropped into the low 60 ns no surprise, 81% of you said it was just right out there. and those 11 and 8% of you probably not going to like this forecast because tomorrow morning is almost exactly like what we 65 out there and few clouds, but high clouds are going start increasing over the next couple of days. all the result of a storm system, but tomorrow 95 degrees for your forecasted high temperature. just 2 degrees below that average. here is what satellite and radar looks like. there is stuff happening in your atmosphere and water vapor. look at this destruction, actually dropping directly out of phoenix. you can't see it because there is no moisture with it, but
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next couple of days. on monday and tuesday we're putting a rain threat in the forecast. for tomorrow we're looking avery windy weather and fact winds in the valley could gust between 15-20 miles per hour up in the highcountry we could see 25-35 miles per hour wind gusts. certainly use some caution if you are planning to ralph in the highcountry. low pressure center is dropping out of arizona right now and what it's going do is sit right over the northern portion of mexico. see all arizona and will result anyway slight chance of rain into your forecast monday all the way through wednesday. this is tuesday afternoon. the main threat is going to be to the east, but we still do have that threat in the valley and we'll take anything that we can get. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. slight chance of storms monday, tuesday and wednesday. temperatures about 91 on tuesday. and trisha we warm it back up by next weekend. >> thank you for that matt. >> still ahead on 12 news at
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we'll be watching, item it's almost time for the susan g. komen race for the cure and join 12 news as we support the race this year at craves chavez plaza in phoenix. you can register at >> tonight of-a-kind event for thrill- seekers. the endurocross championship series made a stop at west world, where riders got to show off their skills all on dirt roads and through obstacles. >> you'll see in the outside world put into a spectator- friendly arena, water crossings and wood pit and it's pretty nasty out there and you have guys taking their time and this stuff, it's all high-intensity racing on these ridiculous
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still win and that is exactly what cody did. congratulations to him. >> he said it right there, wild obstacles, crazy obstacles. >> logs and tires. >> can't even ride a bike without worrying about falling over. >> i would kill myself -- no way. >>would you try it once? >> if i did, i wouldn't be back in studio anytime san jose soon. >> i would walk the bike. >> leave it up to cody; righ >> [ laughter ]. >> all right, remem12 get the latest news as it happens on and the 12 news apple and join monique and matt tomorrow morning starting at 8:30.
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head home. don't you work too late now. >> oh, i won't, mrs. clinton. i'm actually closing up the bar right now. so everybody's got to go. that means you, too, sir. >> no freakin' way! [ cheers and applause ] i'm not going anywhere! i can stay here as long as i want! >> senator sanders, i'm sorry, but the night is over. >> no! no, it's not over! it's not over till i say it's >> oh, hello, bernie. i didn't see you sitting behind me. so far behind me you could never catch up. >> oh, shut up. you saw me. you even see me in your sleep, baby. because i'm you're worst nightmare. >> oh, please. my worst nightmare is a mandatory spa day and you know it. >> mine is waiting over an hour at lenscrafters. >> [ laughs ]


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