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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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a deadly shooting at a ususally busy gas station... now police are looking for the two people who saw it... tonight is ?the night... hillary clinton - donald trump... both on the same stage at the same time.the first presidential debate happening in hours.... prince william and princess kate family vacation...but theirs.... is not like yours. we're looking at that.. in the morning juice... juice...morning juice... ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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our top story... the salt river police department is working an overnight homicide. team 12's bryan west is live
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hot headlines...prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for an arizona man convicted of supporting the islamic
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helping to plot an attack at a prophet muhammad cartoon contest in texas. sentencing is set in a few weeks for for abdul malik abdul kareem. an attorney for kareem is seeking a sentence of nearly six years in prison or less. while america sit downs tonight and watches the presidential debate.... we are learning there will be debate next month between senator john mccain and representative ann kirkpatick,.the two candidates will meet face to face on october 10th. unseat the republican senator, who is running for his sixth term. it's a story that's surrounded by controversy and it's now going national an arizona boys' soccer team forfeits, instead of playing a team with two girls. the foothills academy college prep boys' soccer team was supposed to play mesa's faith christian on friday night, but instead - faith christian forfeited the game, when foothills academy wouldn't bench the girls. this is the second time a team has objected to the sisters' presence. they did not play in the first case.
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block the mill avenue bridge over tempe town 12's nico santos is live in tempe... this will be the fourth protest led by reverand jarrett maupin in tempe.and this is the bridge they plan to block where cars and pedestrians cross in both directions all day. maupin says he maupin says he maupin says he wants to ?continu year-old dalvin hollinswho was a robbery suspect.this happened two months ago.the tempe police officer who shot him has almost two decades of police experience.lieutenant edward edward lieutenant edward ouimettehad a body camera but it wasn't turned on during the shooting.the officer saying he thought hollins was armed.but there was no weapon.hollin's mother sarah coleman is expected to be at today's protest with family.protest with today's to be at today's protest with family.she previously said in her own words this "bad cop" is "giving all the good
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this is supposed to be a peaceful's set to start at 9 tempe nico santos12 today. ?? toss to emma morning ?? toss to ?? toss to emma morning juice ?? a royal a royal welcome over the weekend to prince william princess kate.they are visiting they are visiting canada.the royal family are in victoria, british columbia...they met with canadian prime minster justin trudeau and his wife sophia on saturday.the trip marks the first time that princess charlotte has been on a royal tour with her parents. if you are a royal watcher... you can follow the family's journey on social media
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did you see these things did you see did you see these things oe wide receiver antonio brown... is back at it...he was fined a few weeks ago for wearing blue cleats.brown ... wore blue cleats again yesterday... but these ones had pictures of his kids' faces on them!?? ad lib ?? now time for your juicy question of the morning.
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can do this in less than 60 seconds. some women can also do some women can also do this is less than a minute. it's something that men prefer to do in the morning. women.... often before bed. often before bed. what is this. ???adlib ???adlib what is this. ???adlib it is ?the movie ?everone went to see this weekend...we're talking about 'the magnificent seven'...but ... what did jay taylor think about it? money saving monday...and we're putting wasteful
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the magnificent seven....rode away the big winner at the box office this weekend...the movie....starring denzel washington and chris pratt, took in 35-million dollars in its 35-million dollars in its debut. // remake of classic...the 1960 // remake of the 1960 classic...// best movie you've seen // best movie classic...the 1960 //
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// best movie you've seen this year?// denzel this year?// denzel washington playing bounty hunter sam chisolm... chris pratt in this movie as chris pratt in sam chisolm... bounty hunter playing bounty hunter sam chisolm...chris pratt in this movie as well...
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?? traffic ?? ???adlib traffic
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it's money saving monday and today's tip requires a small investment.. but it will save you in the long run. buy a deep-freezer. these guys can get pricey -- a small one will cost around $150-bucks ?but? deep freezers give you the extra space needed to buy in bulk.. and that can cut your food
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lots of pre-prepared meals.. making for an easy dinner every now and then. you call call this... ?d? day for the 2016 presidential campaign.the first face to face debate between hillary clinton and donald trump... happening later this evening. we are live in new york with that... those flavored e-cigarettes? turns out... they might be ?almost as harmful for you as the real thing.that story... in five minutes. ####break####
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####break#### it's the one-on-one voters have been waiting for: hillary clinton and donald trump - onstage together for the first time tonight ... for the first presidential debate. it's happening ig hofstra university in new york. tracie potts is there live this morning with a preview.
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clinton's response? her campaign backfire. potts in hempstead, new york, now back to you. q: what do we know about q: what do we back to you. new york, now potts in i'm tracie thinks it could
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clinton's response? her campaign thinks it could backfire. i'm tracie potts in hempstead, new york, now back to you. q: what do we know about q: what do we know about the audience?a: tba remember -- you can watch the debate tonight -- only on 12 news. that starts at 6 o'clock.. followed by an all-new episode of "the voice" at 8.. and 12 news at 9 and 10. in your morning health check - few teenagers get enough physical activity ... but school could help play a
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... as they become adults. researchers from colorado state university followed a group of high school sophomores for four years. only nine-percent got the recommended one hour or more of moderate to vigorous activity each day. but teens who went to a four year college -- and lived on campus -- were more active than those who did not attend school and lived at home. flavored liquids could increase the toxicity of e- cigarettes. researchers at roswell park cancer inst exposed respiratory cells to vapor from a variety of e- cigarettes. while plain e-cigarette vapor contained potentially harmful ingredients ... the flavored versions caused even more damage to the cells. strawberry, coffee and menthol flavors were most toxic to airway cells. the study also found boosting the voltage of e-cigarettes -- to get a bigger hit of nicotine -- released additional toxins. one in three families struggle with not having enough diapers. this week is diaper need awareness
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need. there are a number of ways you can help get diapers to families who need them. you can visit a diaper bank in your area and donate a box of diapers. online... monetary donations can be made at diaper drive dot org. the social media app snapchat is introducing its first hardware product... it's video-recording glasses. the glasses called "spectacles" can record video ten seconds at a time with a tap of a button.... then the video is uploaded to the memories secf via bluetooth or wi-fi. they'll be available in the u-s in the fall on a limited basis at a price of 130 dollars. u-p-s is testing the use of drones for its delivery system. the company partnered with a massachusetts based robot maker to use drones to make commercial deliveries to remote or difficult to access locations. testing began last week in massachusetts. newly revised f-a-a regulations do not allow commercial drones to fly over people who are not
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within the line of sight of the operators. the rules make commercial deliveries virtually impossible. it has instantly become one of the most popular pizza places in the valley...and now... you can expect to see a whole lot more of lou malnati's around town... ?? ad lib ?? ?? ad lib ?? town...lou malnati's lot more of can expect to valley...and now... you see a whole lot more of
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a deadly shooting at a busy east valley gas station...and this one has police lng the people who saw the whole thing...the golf... and sports world... has lost a legend.we are looking back at the life of arnold palmer...and one father in serious trouble after letting his 5 year old son do this.... yes... that is a kid behind the wheel.wer'e talking about that in the morning ???adlib & toss jimmy
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this morning police are searching for a 12's bryan west is live near hayden and mckellips with more.. ad lib traffic


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