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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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down. >> trump and clinton going for the jugular. team 12 fact checking. can brain scans help you determine which candidate to choose? dust and rain in the valley. only on 12. the new apps that let your kids talk to one another without you knowing it. what you need to o know to protect your family. 12 news at 10:00 starts right now. good evening once again everybody. the presidential cda have for one another personally and politically during the first debate tonight. >> there was a handshake but no kiss and with maybe 100 million u.s. voters watching this the debate took a personal turn quickly. >> hillary clinton delivered the best zinger of the night.
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criticized me for preparing for this debate. and yes i did. and you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president. i think that's a good thing. >> all talk, no action. sounds good, doesn't work. never going to happen, our country is suffering because people like secretary clinton have made such bad decisions. >> clinton also blamed trump for not releasing tax returns saying maybe he's not as rich to be. he slammed her for private state department emails. >> one of the most heated comments of the night came over clinton's claim that trump supported the iraq war. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. >> that is absolutely proved over and over again. he actually -- >> and there was even more battling on crime and race. >> well, clinton then charging
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and the first black president. she had even bitter critiques during their battle. this fiery first debate could leave millions of undecided american voters looking for positive reasons to vote for either. maybe this will help. joe dana joins us with a fact check. >> both candidates were accused of ag nonpartisan website is calling out donald trump more than clinton. >> during the debate clinton highlighted two controversial statements trump made in the past one related to climate change. >> donald thinks that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the chinese. >> i did not say that. >> in fact a tweet from trump in 2012 stated this.
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comment that trump made about business owners and pregnant employees. >> someone who has said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers. who has said -- >> in fact this is what trump told nbc in 2004. >> pregnancy is never -- it's a wonderful thing for the woman and for the husband. it's an inconvenience for a person that is running a business. >> for his part trump exposed a flip-flop by clinton on the transpacific parer in the debate. >> i said i hoped it would be a good deal but when it was negotiated which i was not responsible for i concluded it wasn't t. >> clinton was more than just hopeful she spoke out more than 40 times in favor of the deal. >> clinton was also called out for exaggerating her jobs plan. remember when this two disagreed on the effect of ending stop and frisk policies
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clinton said it has gone down. the new york police department confirmed that clinton was correct. the department sent out a tweet to say that murders and overall crime are dramatically down there. >> joe thank you for that. meanwhile arizona voters here also making their voices heard in a new poll. the survey by data orbital shows donald trump holding on to a small lead. libertarian johnson is seeing a boost. he received 9% of the vote. but 11% remain undecided. looking ahead the next debate is the next viet presidential debate next tuesday october the fourth in virginia. then the second presidential debate will be on friday the ninth at washington university in st. louis. it will be a town meeting format and that last face-to-
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be the university of nevada debate in las vegas on october 19th. new tonight sheriff joe arpaio ignoring the threat of a possible lawsuit to air a new attack ad. >> penzone tells us he will sue the sheriff after the ad aired today. brahm resnik has the story. >> he was expecting to see the ad again. it accuses ex-wife but the threat of a lawsuit and the rejection of the ad by penzone's ex-wife isn't stopping arpaio. >> four years ago joe arpaio fired this attack ad at paul penzone. >> in 2003 paul penzone pushed his then wife against a door. >> it stems from his break eup with his first -- breakup with his first wife. this year he was ready.
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technique again, he faces defamation lawsuit by the campaign. >> penzone attorney mike manning issued that threat in a june news conference. penzone's ex-wife issued this statement. portraying paul as physically aggressive during our marriage was inaccurate and misleading. it was dirty politics and the use of family against an opponent is totally offe. manning warned the media against running an arpaio attack. >> after paul penzone assaulted his ex-wife. >> arpaio's 2016 version of the ad started airing monday and it's tougher. penzone's response? his campaign will sue. >> absolutely. it's shameful. >> polling shows penzone leading the 84-year-old arpaio
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>> asu law professor betsy gray says penzone as a public figure facing a high bar to win a lawsuit. the key questions? >> did sheriff arpaio issue the publication of an a statement that's false. >> and did arpaio disregard the truth. >> it sounds like there could be a case that could be built. >> penzone is daring arpaio to repeat this to his ce courage. but he doesn't str courage to do that. >> -- doesn't have the courage to do that. >> the campaign is not concerned about penzone's threat. the ad is supported including a sworn statement from his ex- wife. every embarrassed politician threatens to file a lawsuit but so far the law firm hasn't identified a single inaccuracy. the voters have a right to
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12 news issued this statement on why the station ran the new ad. we are forbidden from sensoring, modifying or rejecting advertising messages. thus 12 news accepting the ad in question. the woman you saw in the ad is his current wife not his ex- wife. we apologize for that. paul penzone was em employeed as an expert before he ran. taking a look at more hot headlines. police officers arrested three people today after they blocked the mill avenue bridge during a moral monday march. they blocked the north and southbound lanes to show support for the family of a robbery suspect that a tempe police officer shot and killed in july. one of the protesters taken
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a road and failure to comply with law enforcement. glendale police looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman at a park yesterday. they say the suspect drove by the woman several times before he approached her with a gun, grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her under the bridge to assault her. we're on weather watch right now. this is sky 12 capturing monsoon dust sweeping into the valley ear and we even got a little bit of rain around the area. you can see here, not a whole lot. in fact i was checking all the rain gauges and i could only find one spot in scottsdale that picked up four one hundredths of an inch. elsewhere just sprinkles. it certainly cooled us down. here's a look at the radar tonight. lots of glean on the map. i -- green on the map.
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definitely some sprinkles within this. primarily over northern maricopa county and possibly portions of the far east valley. here's the bigger picture. this is part of an area of low pressure that is down to our south. it's bringing that moisture in. tonight we're going to continue at least a slight chance overnight. 66 to 73 for overnight temperatures. and then tomorrow that same low chance of rain. keep the umbrellas around because this will last the duration of the day into the evening. 85 to 90 so cooler than normal temperatures and on the breezy side those winds out of the east at ten to 15 miles per hour. your seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> see you again in a bit. now only on 12 news. here's a question for you, do your political views have as much to do with science as they
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>> it's an interesting question and exactly what a brain study being conducted in scottsdale is focussing on. ryan cody is putting it to the test and ryan what did you find? it's the argument of the century, trump or clinton. >> we've all been in the middle of it at some point but have you wondered why so many become ir rational? quickly? their may be a sc it's hard to hang around the water cooler these days. >> as much as 95% of decisions are made at the emotional level. >> dr. ron bonnstetter studies why people do what they do? >> when people say they've really looked at the issues i would want to quiz them. >> so he did. >> todd fox is a registered republican planning to vote for donald trump.
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leader. >> but dr. ron bonnstetter thinks he can figure that out without hearing him say it. pictures flash for just a second and a half. then electrodes send his brain activity to a computer to tell if he reacted in a negative or positive way. >> there's definitely a neutral response to a >> what was he looking at? this picture of hillary clinton. >> what would happen if it was something he liked? >> a flare on the left side. >> nothing surprised me. it's just incredible that with technology we're able to utilize it. >> we get a better response when we ask what they don't want. >> politics are so emotional but this is scientific fact.
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phenomena. >> democrats generally have a stronger reaction to things they do not like. whereas republican brain waves trigger a stronger to things they do like. it's similar to the technology that you would see in a lie detector test, just a little different. >> it's so interesting. because you can see personality traits for both parties if they're staunch democrats or republicans. >> science is a beautiful thing, thank you so much. now to an exclusive. turns out that pit bulls mauled a chandler woman and her dog and now her husband is sharing her survival story. >> only on 12, new apps that let your kids talk to strangers wouts you knowing it. what you -- without you knowing it. what you need to look out for.
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bulls mauling a chandler woman and her dog. and the most emotional story in sports tonight that everybody is going to be talking about at work tomorrow. graphic video of alleged gator abuse has the internet in an uproar. here's jimmy. >> samuel l. jackson and gee that rodriguez are here -- gina rodriguez are here to play truth or door. tomorrow only on 12 news at 10:00. after an all new this numbers show arizona is dead last in attracting teachers and keeping them from leaving for lucrative jobs. ways to turn it around. that's tomorrow only on 12 news at 10:00. don't go anywhere 12 news at 10:00 will be back in 60
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here's another hot headline.
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across the country. charlotte, north carolina remains in a state of emergency with the national guard patrolling throughout the city center on this seventh night of protest. people are angry over the police shooting and death last week of keith scott. there are calls for the city's mayor and police chief to resign. a chandler man speaking only to 12 news tonight. sharing some gruesome details about a pit bull attack. he says his wife was her dog were attacked. it happened in their neighborhood. clint hickman says the two pit bulls attacked their dog and then went after his wife. the dog received several bite wounds and has drainage tubes on his face. as for his wife she tried to break the fight but her hands and head were ripped out in a -- and a six piece inch of her skull was as well.
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ring around and close it up. because of the size of the wound she has to get a plastic surgeon consultation to make sure it's healing. >> maricopa county animal control has identified the owner and both dogs are licensed and rabies vaccinated. the owner is not facing fines right now. well it's our omg video of the night. causing outrage on social immediate. it shows a man sawing a tail off an alligator in georgia. the video was poersed last night. the -- posted last night. the man who shot the video repeatedly asking the man with the knife if he has a permit to do this. right now authorities are looking to see if this was any sort of a hunting violation. according to several witnesses the man reportedly threw the
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tail. tofrjts a story you'll only see on 12 news tonight. >> one of most dangerous -- one of the most dangerous things in your teenager's world is in their hands right now. >> now they're taking aim on the internet. >> team 12's ryan cody shows what you can do. >> it's everywhere in the classroom. cell phones loaded with apps designed to keep secrets. >> stricter parents who tend to look at their phones. parents don't look through the apps assuming there are games. >> but an app like kik is no game. an easy way for predators to seek out teens online. >> anybody with ill intent can find them. >> katie specializes in educating parents and teachers
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poses to teens. >> it's scary when you look at live streaming apps and apps that allow live streaming services. on the per scope app and the kik app they click location services if it's not private it will show the cord nates of your home. >> you can search based on gender and age. >> girl, 12, chandler. >> it doesn't stop there. teens know you're looking for the apps and e know it too. so now they're harder to find. you think this is is calculator? think again. it's the latest way to disguise a picture sharing app. >> whether it looks like a chal collator or looking like a -- calculator or looking like a game. >> there are ways to keep up with what your teen is doing. >> if you're giving a phone at 9 or 10 have a data contract
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i would also say a central charging station those phones and all devices including laptops should be on your nightstand by 9:30 at the latest. keep up with the apps. we'll talk in six months and do this story and it will all have changed. >> an ever evolving danger for this tech savvy generation. >> scary stuff. >> i've go realize i need to be a social media expert by the time she's a teenager. >> these apps are free and can be down loaded in minutes. -- downloaded in minutes. >> it's about education and knowing these real dangers without sugar coating the issue. fires and then it's picked off.
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it's still loose. and it's picked up by aaron williams. and williams will take it all the way. >> this one is a good fashioned butt kicking. >> coop, rough day in buffalo on every aspect of the game. the play that we're looking at here is indicative of the kind of game it was for the cards. >> no doubt about it. taillon matthew failed to recover the fumble. a lot of us were screaming just fall on the ball. what did his head coach think about the play. >> pick it up and score, that's what he does. a great play. it was nice to see it because it looked like taillon again. >> he's getting close. >> well, let me tell you.
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problem with taillon math ewe trying to score -- matthew trying to score because look they're down two scores. you need to make a big play. if you're only down a score and have the lead, fall on it. >> here's what worries me. the road doesn't get any easier when they take on the rams on sunday. >> two up and one down for the rams versus the cardinals one up and two down. >> fingers crossed guys. >> okay. >> okay come on everybody. >> positive, right? >> it was a nice day, right? >> awesome weather. >> it was pretty fantastic. a lilt bit of rain -- a little bit of rain. it was cooler and windy. the only thing i would take away is the dust that we had today. but this is what's controlling our weather right now. an area of low pressure that's down over northwest mexico and
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moisture and instability that led to dust moving in. also some dust showers. i wasn't able to find measurable rainfall except in one spot in scottsdale. what we'll see tonight is just some sprinkles, some light showers as the moisture continues. today # 1 degrees. that was -- 91 degrees. that was five degrees cooler than average. 75 in cave creek. sand tan valley 75. and 76 in a wa too key. a few gusts out there but nothing strong. this area of low pressure is going to continue do be a factor over the next couple of days. tomorrow focussing mainly on eastern arizona but on wednesday focussing on northern arizona. and then on thursday the valley will be in on a chance of rain. but i think a lot of moisture
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a five there in the whoit mountains. a four in northern arizona and expecting to see a few showers towards tucson and to yuma. temperatures below normal all the way through thursday as will the rain chances. by friday back to sunshine and wrapping up the monsoon officially. temperatures just below 95 degrees. >> don't go to bed just yet 12 news at 10:00 not over yet. for the national anthem and now she's under investigation.
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well the miami marlins honored the memory of jose fernandez tonight. he was killed in a tragic boat accident last night. coop, i was telling you when i was in miami i covered him. he was stellar on the field and off. a very ceremony today. >> one day after their star pitcher lost his life the marlins had to take the field tonight against the mets. and the entire marlin's team wore his number 16 jersey. tears streamed down the faces of the players and coaches. the mets hugged the team and extended their condolences. talk about your tear-jerking moments.
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batting helmet. he stepped to the plate in his usual left-hitted stance and gordon cranks a solo home run to the upper deck. it's his first home run of the year. he cried running the bases and continued to cry on his way back to the dug out. i'm not sure if there was a dry eye in the entire building. marlins won 7-3. oh by the way fernandez would have been the starting pitcher ton for his tragic death. trending tonight a u.s. navy sailor under investigation after refusing to stand for the national anthem. >> the reservist posting on facebook about why she's following in the footstep of others. >> i feel like a hypocrite singing about the land of the free when i know that only applies to some americans. >> don't go away samuel l. jackson joins jimmy on the
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i'm not sure where september went but october begins this weekend and it's almost time for the susan g. komen race for the cure. we support the race on october the ninth. you can register at
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eally tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- samuel l. jackson.


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