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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. of course a few showers around the valley and a high of 89 degrees. all right thank you jimmy. new this morning, one man is dead in shot at authorities. at 9:00 last night, dps was called out to a domestic violence situation. officers were met with gunfire. one officer returned fire. and the family inside of the house made it out safely. the man firing at officers remained inside the home. a swat team used explosives to open the front door. the robot went inside. the man was found dead inside of that home.
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self inflicted gunshot or if the officer that returned fire hit the man. the entire situation remains under investigation. we'll have a live report in a half hour. this morning one man dead, three people rushed to a hospital after a crash happening on i 17. we're told by dps that a car had a flat tire on the freeway near 16th street. three people inside the car got out to change the tire while a fourth person was still in the car. while at changed, a pickup truck barreled into them. a 22-year-old man was killed. three others are in the hospital. one in critical condition. the driver of the pickup truck has been arrested. authorities believe he had been drinking. for more live team coverage on this big accident here's jen. thank you. an incredibly sad story on this tuesday morning. and it's causing a huge back up on the 17 southbound all the
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i've been showing you different cameras throughout the entire morning. this is i 17 and grant. you can see vehicles are at a complete stand still. all you see in the southbound lanes is wall-to-wall traffic here. what you'll want to do to avoid this is use the 51 or i-10 eastbound. the 51 is a little more clear this morning the i 17 southbound is closed from 7th to 16th because of getting a look at the rest of the valley. we had another crash in the 17 northbound at dunlap. but it was off to the right. not impacting the roadway too badly here. the east valley is nice and clear so far. but drive times especially on the 17 southbound, this continues to increase as more vehicles are added into the interstate this morning. so from 303 to the split, it's going to take 84 minutes. make sure you give yourself some extra time and find an alternate route as you're
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you'll have to. all right. thanks jen. checking your hot headlines this morning a former arizona state football player sentenced to three years of supervised probation. talking about deonte reynolds. he was handed that sentence in connection with a burglary. he pleaded guilty to trying to steal a credit card. this morning glendale police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman at a park near 91st. investigators tell us that the suspect drove by the woman grabbed her by the hair and then pulled her under the bridge to assault her. a life sized bronze statue is going to be going up of the late singer/song writer glen fry. he's been installed in the standing on the conner park in winslow arizona. a statue that many feel looks like jackson brown that stood in the city's downtown area since the late 1990s.
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eagles song take it easy that included the lyric, standing on a -- in winslow arizona. you have so many different things you have to be able to do and i don't believe hillary has the stamina. >> let's let her respond. >> well as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace teal, a ceasefire, a of new opportunities around the world or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee he can talk to me about stamina. >> the reactions are pouring in for that moment and many more after hillary clinton and donald trump went at it for 90 minutes last night on trade, taxes, racial tension, terror, foreign policy, and as you just heard, their health. team 12's tracy pots is in new york this morning.
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>> hillary clinton on what came out. >> we'll get the economy to work for everybody. >> donald trump on what didn't, bill clinton's infidelity. >> were you tempted to mention indiscretions. >> i was very tempted. >> this first debate exposed competing views on jobs. >> typical politician, all talk, no action. >> trump, tax imports and lower business taxes. trumped up trickle down did not work. trump challenged to release his tax returns. >> when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted. >> there's something he's hiding. trump unapologetic for how he does business. >> to the thousands of people that you have stiffed over the course of your business, not deserve some kind of apology? >> i take advantage of the laws of the nation. >> unapologetic for backing
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president obama's birthplace. >> i want to get on to defeating isis. >> clinton doubled down on what trump said about women. >> who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs. rosie o'donnell, i said very tough things to her. and i think everybody would agree she deserved it. >> did any candidate move the needle for many undecided voters ? abc news, new york. last night is just beginning. looking ahead, the next debate will be the vice presidential debate. that is next week. a week from today in virginia. the second presidential debate is sunday in st. louis. that's a town hall format. the last debate october 19th in las vegas. it's now 6:07. let's talk the morning juice. >> you almost think the debate should be in the morning juice. too much to talk about, emma. really.
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because tom hanks is down for a wedding crashers sequel. the oscar winning actor was jogging in central park over the weekend when he ran into newlyweds, elizabeth and ryan as they were taking wedding photos. tom, congratulated the couple before posing for a few shots with them. how cool is that? even planting a kiss on the hand of the bride. he later posted this selfie on his twitter account. and the star morning. a come pain to generate stronger support for military and veteran care givers. the campaign sponsored by former senator elizabeth dole who recently announced hanks as a campaign manager. the fastest man on the planet talks to ellen today about life off the track.
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olympic gold medalists up about adopting a cheetah. and goating serious with his girlfriend, cassie bennett. >> so you'll be married soon it seems. >> no. my mom wants me to get married. give me sometime. >> is your girlfriend pushing you on it or no? >> no. >> then yeah, it's up to y'all. >> that's what's happening. >> she's not saying put a ring on it. >> she might be thinking it. you never know. but she's not [ laughter ] >> we all play that game. usain, the things that go on inside girl's minds. catch all of ellen's interviews. usain bolt. he's been on a few times actually. he's a fabulous interview. not only is he good on the track. he's good performing. he knows how do a an interview. adopting a cheetah.
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question of the morning surveys found that up to 80% of men share this secret. oh we got a hint. for married men, their wives usually know this secret. oh. for guys in long relationships their significant other always knows this secret. what is the secret? and why do so many guys try to keep it a secret? >> gosh. >> rico said eyebrows. that they get >> tweezing waxing. >> a lot of people said manicure, pedicure, that they enjoy it. or they get skin care products or get facials could go along with that. >> all that stuff doesn't seem like a huge i can't tell anybody. it's got to be more a salacious or something. we could soon be getting a look at that right there.
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look at elan musk's new plan for the red planet. and mcdonald's is extending their all day breakfast menu to include familiar items like the mcgriddel. we'll make needs and tell you about the menu coming up in two minutes.
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i'm no marketing guru... but this guy is. he's from madison avenue. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. "mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company.
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i don't think that's...oh, ok, it is. fresh, delicious chicken from sanderson farms. welcome back everyone. 6:13 is your time. it's the morning. we're talking breakfast. big changes this week for people who love breakfast.
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sandwiches to the all day menu. brian west is spending the morning at the restaurant near 7th and mcdowell. i have to say, you fit the park. you look great. >> thank you emma. but you know it's all smoke and mirrors, it's just a costume. i don't know who let me back here either quite frankly. i think it was this guy jerry. tell me a little bit about this while i make one of the breakfast menu to include the mcgriddle sandwiches. >> how did i do on this? >> pretty good. would this be ready to go out? >> if the customer wanted it without bacon or sausage, yes, totally i'm hired. let's show you around here. we have workers in the back. oh my gosh emma, i thought for a quick second i saw jimmy q,
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check out that energy. oh my gosh. he is so excited about this. so this is the new all day menu . you can get the mcmuffins. the fruit and yogurt parfait. i think he needs to come back and do weather for the station. jimmy let's put some pump in that step. >> he's so much more fly than i am. guys it's happening all day. starting today. come out. get some breakfast. >> wow. >> i can't believe that. >> tell him decaf next time. decaf for ronald mcdonald.
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espresso shots. guys, i'll toss it back to you. bring it back to you. a lot of excitement out here for the all day breakfast menu. let's get to traffic this morning. >> i want some of what he's having. i need that kind of energy this morning. 6:16. we're getting a wide look of the valley. the 10 if you stay outside of the phoenix area. as you look to the east into gilbert, scottsdale, chandler, but the 17 southbound is still shut down. this is a look at the 17 and vanburon. the signs warning drivers closed from 7th to 16th. and it's backed up for miles this morning. so also i want to give you a look here to drive drive. this is the 10 eastbound. we're starting to see slow downs at 75th avenue in the red zone to 51st avenue. it opens up some. but we're in the red for this entire commute from the 101 to 7th street taking more than a
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202 red mountain, san tan and the i-10 westbound if you're in the east valley, are nice and clear so far. and jamming ahead now to the 8:00 hour, that's when the roadways really start to back up. if you're heading around the broadway curve, west into phoenix on the 10. getting down to 35 miles per hour. another slow spot, the 51 southbound. jimmy, they wanted you to dance. we want to see that hop, skip, and a jump there from ronald mcdonald. >> i am pull me and the 12 news weather team in this. we go down to this. comparing us to a clown. >> we'll dance. how dare them. >> we better bring back food. that will make up for everything. the dew points 49. winds out of the southeast at 8 miles per hour. 74 for deer valley. 74 for sun city west. 24 hour temperature change,
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degrees cooler right now than what we were yesterday at sky harbor. a 2 for the monsoon meter. only a few more days until this is done. four more days until the monsoon meter is said and done. 9 degrees. lots of clouds. breezy and cooler. dry conditions for now. but we do have some storms. right towards the south of us. 89 degrees. average is 96. we're going typically we can be hot in the month of september. the record is 107 degrees set back in 2009. that was not a long time ago. still a monsoon. four days left. and i'll tell you what, we'll count our blessings. we're waiting to get into an early fall pattern. october is be on the warm side too. but everyday that goes by we're cheating mother nature out of the heat in phoenix. showers to the north.
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closer to casa grand in toward maricopa. right now, pretty quiet. about a 20% chance for showers. this low pressure system will be moving up toward the north. that will draw in more clouds and showers and a thunderstorm as well. for today, wednesday, and thursday, it's going to keep our temperatures below average which is nice and when we finally clear out saturday and sunday. matt and tram. how about me? >> emma? >> still day breakfast expansion at mcdonald's has us like yum. and it's the topic of the trivia question. what's ordered at mcdonald's 75 times every single second. think about it. the answer is coming up in two minutes. and come fly like an eagle in our shot of the morning. yeah, you're watching 12 today.
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tonight at 10:00, after an all new this is us, new numbers show arizona is dead last in attracting teachers and keeping lucrative jobs in other states. ways to turn it around. that's tonight on 12 news at
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers.
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good morning to you. 6:23 on a gorgeous tuesday morning. 73 degrees outside in downtown phoenix as the sun slowly starts to come up. let's get to your 12 today trivia. we're salivating about do that got us thinking about the golden arches. what is ordered at mcdonald's 75 times every single second? ladies? last minute guesses? >> i feel like french fries is too easy but i'm going to go with that. >> i wanted to say ice cream. the little ice cream cone but no. >> french fries and ice cream cone. here's the answer.
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he loves taking mcdonald's hamburgers. >> remember this commercial in the 1990s. it gives away the answer. hamburgers. mcdonald's sells 75 hamburgers every single second. >> just a regular hamburger not the big mac. >> just a hamburger. >> not the quarter pounder. >> oh. >> i don't know that i've ever ordered just a hamburger. >> you guys want to get your shot of the morning? this is going to give you chill. it's the wing suit flying world winning the championship. because no one died. followed by the united arab emirates. wings for love world cup 2016 was held in china. oh my. those are people. those are bodies that are just flying through like that. >> they are flying about 225 miles per hour. >> i mean what a rush. >> no way. >> would you guys do this. >> never in a million years. >> really.
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but i wouldn't do this. not any more. >> i remember the initial park where it's like okay jump out of a plane and in my mind this is the most una church thing un, natural thing. my husband thought it was going to be cool and romantic and i hated it. >> i got a rush out of >> never and i won't. >> i told my husband we need to go before we have kids. i'm not saying i would never. but oh, that's a sketchy -- sketchy thing. >> too many things can go wrong. 6:25, still ahead on 12 today, athletic education, a school in chandler helping students learn and compete at a higher level. an exchange of gunfire in maricopa between police and a
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more details coming up. he made $20 million while behind bars and that's not all. what lil wayne admits got him out of prison early on good
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right now on 12 today, part of a major valley freeway shut down after a tire change turns deadly. online threats made at several valley high schools. we're about to scare the heck out of mom. we just stole her phone. and she's going to go she's walking. [ screaming ] >> watch out parents. britney spears reminds you why you need to stay alert. details are coming up in your morning juice. good morning everybody. 6:29 is the time now. and jimmy, are we going to get any rain like we did yesterday? yeah a chance of showers. i think we have a better shot for today. maybe lightning and thunder.
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of us. we're looking to the south. to the east where the sun's coming up. i'm going to tweet this picture out if you want to go to my twitter account. it's a beautiful one. 73 degrees. humidity 49. winds out of the southeast at 8 miles per hour. only four days left until the end of monsoon. and we have a chance for it today. a 2 in the valley. a better shot toward the north. the forecast today, cooler than average. about 89 degrees. lots of clouds. and a few showers around as jimmy, thank you. 6:30, we're live in maricopa. >> reporter: before we get into some of the details here. we want to show you what's happening here behind us. the call came in at 8:45 last night. it's been a nine-hour investigation scene in front of us in front of the neighbor's home. you'll see a number of evidence markers marking shell casings and other things, as we understand, the person here was
6:31 am
shooting at neighboring houses. the top floor is where he was at when he was shooting is my understanding. you can see some of the windows are blown out. not clear if it was from his own bullets when the men here fired at police. the call came in as a domestic violence call about 8:45 last night. officers from the maricopa police department arrived on scene. they were immediately met with gunfire. a scary situation here last night. at least one officer had to return fire and ri family inside the home was able to make it out safely, thankfully. investigators were saying the adult male fired at officers. he was shooting at surrounding houses the swat team and the maricopa police department had to create a barricade situation and a perimeter around this neighborhood. swat helping set this up. they had to use an explosive device to breech the front door, which is on the other side of the house from our perspective here. you're not able to see that
6:32 am
this was hours later when they finally found him dead somewhere upstairs. at this time, it's not clear if it was from a self inflicted gunshot wound or if it was the officers firing back who hit him with a bullet eventually killing him. more details coming up. for now, in maricopa, 12 today. let's check your hot headlines at 6:32, a man is dead. three people rushed to the hospital after a crash on interstate 17. we're told by dps that freeway near 16th street. three people inside the car got out to change a tire while a fourth person remained in the car while the flat tire was being changed, a pickup truck barreled into them. a 22-year-old man was killed. three others are in the hospital. one in critical condition. the driver of the pickup truck has been arrested. and authorities believe he had been drinking. one person taken to the hospital this morning after being shot. the shooting happened a couple
6:33 am
no arrests have been made. a house gutted by an early morning fire near 31st avenue and glen rosa when firefighters arrived on the scene the house was engulfed in flames. crews had everything under control in a half hour. no one was hurt. phoenix police are investigating online threats made against several high schools yesterday. administrators alerted parents but did not cancel classes. authorities have not given any specific details on those threats. but extra police were on campus just as a precaution. no word on what measures are planfo several people were arrested for blocking the mill avenue bridge yesterday. the reverend jared and dozens of protesters stopped traffic in tempe. the demonstration was in response to the deadly shooting of a 19-year-old in july. the reverend says it's the first of what he's calling moral monday protests. is it possible for athlete and performer students who train hard to be able to attend
6:34 am
have more options to choose between public and charter schools, this academy is setting a new standard in the valley. chandler's elite performance academy is offering more choices for our valley kids. >> be a star athlete and student like sydney's olympic idols. >> simone biles. >> it sometimes takes a few twists and turns to nail both. >> i want to go to the olympics. i like to have a challenge. and i that i don't just sit at home. >> her elite performance academy is setting her up for success. the public school in the chandler district runs owen a modified schedule. the day starting at 7:30:00 a.m. and wrapping at 12:30 p.m. >> from there they're bussed or picked up to go to their practice facility. they're talented kids that probably practice between 4 to 5 hours each day everyday of
6:35 am
prove they're dedicated to a sport or the arts. if it wasn't for this school, sydney says she'd have to learn from home. >> i didn't want to be home schooled. my mom works. my dad works. and we wouldn't have time. >> these kids get the same amount of instructional time in core subjects as traditional schools. long transition times and recess are cut. >> this is how the school district is acknowledging the ff that we have. >> students like sydney can fulfill academic and athletic dreams while coming home in time for dinner with the family. >> these athletes and performers their brothers and sisters can go to the school as well even if they're not dedicated to programs too. and that helps the family stay together. they can all eat dinner together as well. >> that's huge. i thought that was really neat. it's a public school. you wouldn't expect that. >> it's happened with private
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people. let's get to more morning juice. here is emma. someone is releasing a tell all book. and you will not guess who it is. here's your hint. ?[ music ] ?? uh-huh, lil wayne. rocking to the ban his time in prison and his recently penned memoir, it's gone till november. he says he earned a staggering $20 million while being locked up. the money came on songs he'd done with various artists before being sent to prison. and here's the most incredible part. he claims he was able to get out on good behavior after just eight months for playing match maker. saying he set up a corrections
6:37 am
wayne was sent to jail for gun charges in 2010. he also talks about a very interesting conversation he had with drake and while in prison, he officiated a same-sex marriage. we're about to scare the heck out of mom. we just stole her phone. and she's going to go nuts. she's walking. [ screaming ] britney spears' sons pull the ultimate prank on their pop star mom. scaring the bejesus out of her. she laughed it off. she posted this video for fans on twitter and instagram. she also promised pay back. that's what happens when you have two little boys who get your phone. >> too funny. >> how cute is that? i love that.
6:38 am
question. surveys found up to 80% of men share this secret. most will never tell their friends about this secret. even though their friends likely agree with them. most women think men have this secret because they lack confidence. so what is this secret that men need to just let out of the bag? just say it matt say it. i saw some online say use hair drinks. that's funny. that's cute. do you. a cosmopolitan. >> i just like vodka. just give me vodka. it's way too much sugar. way too many calories and the sugar makes you feel worse the next day. >> i'll drink it for him. i'll drink both for him. for all of you guys. oh my gosh. jimmy likes those too.
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all right. still ahead on 12 today, it's life saving technology. but you can not have it. what a recent lawsuit unveiled about apple that will have you scratching your head. and elan musk wants to send you to mars and help you live there on top of it. his plan, coming up next in your morning mix. you're watching 12 today. right now it feels amazing outside. but we're on storm watch. i'll be back. i'm looking for some storms
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?? grandkids! noooooo! freaky fast thank you, sweetie who wants a cookie?
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good morning. once again welcome back to 12 today. it's 6:42 on this tuesday. pack your bags folks. we are going to mars. space x boss elan musk says humans will be on mars in a decade. and today he'll outline his plan to colonize mars. he says we have the capabilities to form a drive for humanity. and it could be warmed up using nuclear weapons. okay. first of all, do you think humans will one day go to mars much less live there? >> i think with technology, the way it's going and the way it's headed, i think there is a possibility. >> i think it will happen. i just don't think that -- i think it will happen for the sake of oh we went to mars and we can live there. you know what i mean. >> for the accomplishment of it.
6:43 am
do i want to live after i graduate college. you wouldn't think mars. >> it's more of a novel idea that we can do that. >> is it basically like what the moon was say 50 years ago. when we first went to the moon it was a huge accomplishment. there was a space race with the soviet union. we got there. we planted the american flag. and went back a few times. but pretty much since then, it's a moot point. >> exactly, it's for the accomplishment to say that we've been there, done that, conquer another planet or who knows what. as far as another question is do you think our children will one day live there? now, i think -- i don't think my children zack and zoey will, but future generations ? yeah i think that could be a possibility. >> maybe mark watney's kids
6:44 am
it's eight months to get there. eight months to get back. that's 16 months. that's a commute in space. it can do a lot to the human body. and they're worried about that. both physically and mentally. >> and you wonder the toll that it would take on the body. are you aging faster? you know, even -- i'm trying to think -- mark kelly the astronaut spent a year in space and that was a they're studying that to see what it could mean for a potential trip to mars in the future and that was just a year. >> that was incredible. i'm curious to see the results of that analysis. and then, you know, we'll see what happens on mars. but not any time too, too soon. they're talking 2024, 2025. let's get a quick check of traffic on earth in the valley. good morning, i saw a thing
6:45 am
helicopters in the sky that are drones and would take you to taxis like to work. i'm not explaining this very well. instead of taking an uber on the ground you fly where you need to go. it's hard to believe all these things are happening if this day and age. remembering watching the jetsons growing up. here's a look at the rest of the valley, i-10 eastbound at 83rd avenue. we have a crash crews are working on clearing. there's another one that's cleared around 59th avenue. keep that in mind this that's reopened. but the 17 southbound at northern, also a little bit slow this morning. because there was another crash on top of the closure at i 17 and 7th street. and so that's kind of slowed things down. even though it's been moved off to the right. i-10 eastbound, the drive taking an hour, 17 southbound from the 303 to the split. not as bad. we're in the yellow zone there. 40 minutes for that drive.
6:46 am
well from the 202 to the 10. i want to give you a traffic future cast for this tuesday. this is jumping ahead to 8:00. the broadway curve does start to back up a little bit. i 17 southbound. we probably won't be feeling the after effects from the closure that happened early this morning. so that should open up once you get north valleys. but even then, we're down to 30 miles per hour. the east valley is pretty good. the 101 northbound into scottsdale tends to back up he's outside enjoying this incredible fall weather. >> you have to come out. even for a second. it's gorgeous. there's a light breeze out here. we have mostly clear skies. but there are some storms that will slowly be coming up from the south right now. even casa grande, maricopa. you could see a little weather in the area. but what a great way to start things off. seeing the sunrise, sitting on
6:47 am
tea. 73 outside. that dew point makes a difference. when it's dry and the humidity is gone. it's comfortable. we're still in a monsoon. we have four days until that's said and done. a 2 for the valley, northern arizona, a 4. now it's at a 5 for the day. 84 to 89 degrees. lots of clouds mixing in. but right now starting out with blue skies. we're about 10 degrees cooler right now than we were this time yesterday. and we can feel it. 89 for the high today. close the 90s. sun's all ready popped up here at 6:20 was your sunrise. right now the time is 6:47. that's the rainfall. showers up north around flag staff. sedona, light showers. some cells there with the yellows and the reds, that indicates more rain, heavier rainfall coming across the area too. so that could make its way closer. and it will make its way closer to the valley. so we could see storms coming up from the south of us.
6:48 am
there, it's that low pressure system right there. that's going to come out of the sea of cortez. that's going to push all the moisture up in towards our area for the next couple days. it'll keep our temperatures down too. you can see what we'll expect here. we'll get into some clearing here as we move into about late friday. prescott, 59, kingman also 59 degrees. highs for today, 79 for e. show low, 67. 68 for the grand canyon. lake havasu, 91. seven-day forecast, mainly shower activity, if we see any, it's only at a 20% chance of rain. 94 for wednesday. still breezy for today. in the mornings just feeling spectacular. i'll tell you what, this part of september could still be very hot for us. we're cheating mother nature out of the end of the hot season. and then october. so it will be beautiful.
6:49 am
out here, we'll take it. it's beautiful. >> all right. sure it. thank you jimmy. time for your hot headlines. it's back to the campaign trail for your presidential candidates. hillary clinton is holding a rally in north carolina. donald trump is holding one in florida. last night the two mixed it up in the first of three scheduled presidential debates. a suicide bomber has blown himself up in a busy commercial area of iraq's capitol baghdad, killing nine civilians. a police officer says the bomber walks up to a gathering then set off his explosives latent vest. 28 civilians were wounded and the explosion damaged near pi shops and cars. the world health organization says 92% of the world population is living with polluted air. the organization is now urging leaders to put better policies in place to help prevent the deaths of an estimated 6.5 million every year who die from pollution. the recommendations are based
6:50 am
countries. how is this for a unique way of dislodging painful kidney stones, hop on a roller coaster. a urologist in michigan became intrigued when several patients returned from vacations to theme parks, they said they were able to pass the kidney stones only after being jostled around on the roller coasters. a reminder that it's almost time for the susan g komen race for the cure. you can register right now a komen scientists say the nausea and vomiting that effects so many pregnant women can mean the pregnancy is going well. they studied 800 pregnant women. those with symptoms were likely to carry to full term. doctors don't know why it causes nausea but think it could be related to hormones. according to the new york
6:51 am
would lock out a driver's phone if the device was being used by a driver. a lawsuit related to a distracted driving crash in texas. why aren't they using it? phone makers say the tech is unreliable but experts suggest that companies worry about telling people what to do and losing customers to the competition. well, twitter may have two more potential suiters, cnbc is reporting disney and microsoft may be interested in buying the social media site which is struggling to add grow revenue. a sale could happen in the next month or two. a new report finds credit card payments have surpassed cash worldwide. this is the first time ever. analysts say the shift has happened gradually over the past two decades as technology such as mobile payments made it easier for people across the globe to get access to financial services. it's a popular debate, what are the correct toppings for a hotdog? president obama is weighing in on this. the president says ketchup on a
6:52 am
the age of eight. he made this known. >> i have to disagree. >> i kind of agree. i don't put ketchup on my hotdog any more. >> ketchup, mustard, relish, onion,s sauerkraut, load it on. >> i'm with you. 6:52 is the time. let us know what you think. what do you put on your hotdog, final check of weather and traffic next on 12 today. but first what's coming up on the tuesday, the take away interest donald trump's hillary clinton's first debate clash. we'll break down the biggest moments and how they could reshape this race. and we'll get reaction from the two vice presidential nominees when senator tim kaine and governor mike pence join us live. and it's a star studded morning in studio 1a oscar winner tom hanks, samuel l jackson and mandy moore are all stopping by. we have a lot to get to on a
6:54 am
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6:55 on this tuesday. good morning to you. welcome back to 12 today.
6:56 am
of your traffic. here's jen. the roadways are starting to clear some in areas where it's been a complete mess this morning. but the 10 eastbound from 83rd avenue into phoenix kind of at a crawl right now. the 17 southbound has been backed up to northern this morning. that also starting to open up after the deadly crash. now here's a look at i-10 eastbound at 67th avenue. a parking lot again. so give yourself extra time as you are heading out the door. even the 101 eastbound in the north vall to scottsdale road is in the red zone taking 40 minutes for that commute. all right. i just got back from outside. >> i want to tell you about this story. >> one san jose california woman is being paid for her honesty. she found $5,000 tucked into a dominos box when her pizza was delivered. she reported it to the company. they were thankful. dominos is giving her free pizza for a year.
6:57 am
now, i'm wondering, what on earth is $5,000 doing tucked inside of a pizza box. it could be the savings from a delivery person. they make a lot of money. >> 5,000? i could see 500? but 5,000? >> it could be money from the restaurant. cash from the restaurant that somehow ended up there. >> somehow ended up there? >> or it could be drug money. >> so many take aways from britney spears to ronald mcdonald dancing. and it takes a fortune to be a princess. but i have to say, kidney stones, you can pass them by riding on a roller coaster. okay. that's a new one. >> i learned today jimmy could moonlight as ronald mcdonald. i think we have a halloween costume for him. >> how dare you. i'm not talking to you. >> take away.
6:58 am
not put ketchup on your hotdog if you're over the age of seven years old, or eight. and i found out that tram puts ketchup on her fried chicken which my mom always says if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all. >> then why do you keep saying it during the commercial break? golly. i like it. i love ketchup. >> today mcdonald's is extending their all day breakfast menu. they make fast. they can make a mcgriddle in five seconds. coconut oil, use it for everything. i have to take dance lessons from ronald mcdonald. that guy had moves. >> he had so much energy all morning. >> thanks so much for joining us on 12 today. 12 news is always on. your favorite social media apps and eat more ketchup.
6:59 am
thanks for watching 12 news.
7:00 am
good morning. face to face. good morning. face to face, hand to hand combat, donald trump and hillary clinton go after each other in a spirited first debate. >> all talk, no action. >> there's something he's hiding. >> record. >> hillary has experience, but it's bad experience. >> and getting personal. >> this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> did either candidate move the needle? we will ask our decision 2016 team. and the vice presidential candidates tim kaine and mike pence weighing in live today, tuesday, september 27th, 2016.


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