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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  September 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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roadside assistance. they can provide help and alert other drivers. >> you see people on the side of the road trying to change their own tire on the highway side with their feet actually over the white line. it is scary to see. >> reporter: if you are behind the wheel and you come upon a stranded diver, give them -- driver, give them space.>> you must move over for any vehicle displaying pryor if you cannot get over, hit the brakes and slow down or you could have as much is a $200 fine or worse it could be someone's life. aaa also recommends that drivers have an action plan in case they break down. always have a cell phone and charger handy to call for help. 12 news all new at 5:00. dozens of threats on social media again several valley schools. tonight investigators are confirming the profile of the possible culprit.
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clown image. ryan cody is live at copper canyon high school in glendale with details. >> reporter: police have arrested three juveniles in connection with those threats. almost every threat posted by an individual online who has an image of a clown as their profile picture. putting a face like that too is -- it is obviously something that will strike fear into parents, students and teachers across phoenix in glendale evening. police are not sure if these threats are credible, but they are taking them seriously for obvious reasons. the posts are linked to mass shootings. one says bye-bye marybelle with a gun and knife emoji -- maryvale with a gun and knife emoji.>> word starts to spread
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school. suddenly you take what could be an ambiguous post made out to above -- a bunch of different schools and now each school has concerns and rightly so.>> reporter: several student -- students commenting online this evening about how empty some of the classes were and in maryvale in particular. the fear is where they'll -- reel in police are working to find out if the threats threats are not carried out. tiki 10. let outside where rain chances of been on the rise today. right now most of the clouds are off to the south of us in some of us are seen sunshine. this morning it was a different
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things are quiet now. we are far from out of the woods. i want to zoom down to the south to show you what is moving up from the south. we have had showers and storms moving up to the north and right now they are just south of casagrande. the main threat here is that these threat -- if the storms produce enough when to pick up -- wind and to up the storms. we will watch for that along i- 10 into the valley. hopefully we will not see the dust and get the rainfall moving in from the south. here is the forecast with the chance of showers overnight and even into tomorrow. there is a possibility of dust. temperatures falling to the 60s and 70s. we will have the forecast coming up in just a minute. vanessa, back to you. now to maricopa where the u.s. border patrol says that a nation was found dead in his home after
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he has died from an apparent suicide. maricopa police responded to a 9-1-1 call last night. they ended up exchanging gunfire with jeremy russo. he joined border patrol back and 2011. this asu student has been arrested accused of taking pictures of women in bathroom stalls on the tempe campus last night. af found six pictures of women inside the bathroom stalls. at pima county medical examiner has released the information about player, zach hemmila. he was also a star football player at chandler high. he died from combined toxic effects from oxymorphone and alprazolam . one is a painkiller and what is it -- is an anxiety medication. his death is lasted as an
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hillary clinton and donald trump wasting no time as they return to the campaign trail after the presidential debate.>> reporter: trump was in his home state of florida. then trump claimed that he won the debate last night in front of cuban-american supporters. hillary clinton is in another swing state today at this rally in raleigh. clinton will see bernie sanders on wednesday to college affordability event in new hampshire. last night beat monday night football in the ratings. 80 million people watched trump and clinton go head-to-head, that is the most-watched debate ever. that does not include the folks who chose streaming options. the previous record was set back between the debate between
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reagan. team -- the team 12 inside -- political insider is here with his debate report card. >> it is an on conventional record card. donald trump is great again. but the debate flunked its biggest test.>> reporter: donald trump gets a w for winning the debate on social media. his temperament owned the top moment on facebook >> i also have a much better temperament than she has. you know? >> okay. >> reporter: hillary clinton gets a w for winning back social media. trump's many faces get an e. he could be the first in moshi president. clinton's study habits when an a+ plus with a hall pass from
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this debate. and yes i did.>> reporter: the hottest issues get a grade of mia, missing in action. jobs, terrorism, benghazi, the border. the biggest and best while ever was invisible at this debate. those untouched topics are ripe for discussion at the town hall sunday. the questions are coming from voters who have not made up their minds. those who have not made up their minds did not get a lot of help last night. social media obviously abuzz last night. we asked the 12 news twitter account who is winning the debate over all and was a twit -- clinton or trump?>> here are the results of our very unscientific internet poll. 72% of those who voted online say trump one and 48% voted for
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rest, does your canned pumpkin contain something other than real pumpkin? also meet the valley hospital worker who has found a unique way to spread sunshine to others while she gets their meals prepped. here is today's social sound of question. which arizona attraction makes the list of the 10 weirdest roadside tourist traps in america?
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it is turn back the clock to stay here on 12 news. making better food choses help you feel better. >> here are five things you can eat to lower cholesterol. this starts with breakfast. oatmeal should be the first choice in the morning. black beans are on plenty of menus here in the southwest and they help you get rid of cholesterol too. >> salmon always gets a shout out during this segment. it is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which helps to lower ldl cholesterol. an apple a day really does the
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fighting cholesterol.>> kale lowers cholesterol and it is good for fighting heart disease. blueberries and other foods rich in plant sterols are effective in lowering ldl cholesterol too. this story has pumpkin lovers freaking out since food and wine published an article saying that canned pumpkin is not pumpkin at all.>> say isn't so. but after digging, the truth is that libby's, the top maker of canned pumpkin here in the united states, uses a special kind that tastes sweeter and is less stringer that stringy than regular -- less stringy than regular pumpkin.>> the article
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winter squash. they have said that the dickinson pumpkin is a real pumpkin. >> it is canned pumpkin all the way. >> you cannot call it pumpkin if it is not a pumpkin. >> it is still accord, as they say. -- a gourd, as they say. everything from specially trained therapy animals to drum circles. >> we have heard food-service employee that is providing her own way of spreading sunshine in the hospital. by singing. >> reporter: there is an infection making its way around the campus at the medical center. an infection with a distinctive sound and personality. what we might call an infectious personality. the kind that comes with a flashy smile and a song to match.>> you make me happy when
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you will never know dear -- >> reporter: the song that she sings to patients every day is a surefire way to chase the blues away.>> some of the patients feel alone because they are in a room and the family members are at work and cannot be here. if i sing, that makes them happy. >> reporter: she has been working in hospitals for the past 23 years and the last 12 here at>> dan: estrella -- at banner estrella. >> we are banner soldiers and banner soldiers never give up. >> reporter: this soldier's weapon of choice has been about a dozen songs.>> i started doing it naturally because this is my happy place. >> reporter: she is the first to admit that her voice can be annoying at times, but not to the patients that she serves.>> she is always singing and humming a tune.
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your life.>> please don't take my sunshine away. >> reporter: wow. she is my new hero. i want to be that happy.>> i want whatever she is eating, drinking, watching or reading. whatever. >> there is probably a delicate balance because there are some patients that may not necessarily want singing at the moment. i am sure she can gauge that well enough that patient loved it. if you heard that coming down the hallway, how could you not smile? singing this so well received around that hospital that if she is not singing, people will stop and ask her what is wrong. at that point she snaps into another song and she is back in her happy place.
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weather that could be moving into the valley here pretty soon. we have showers and storms developing down to the south. let's go over to the radar and take a look at that weather that we are seeing right now. it is pretty quiet right now and you can still see patches of sunshine and clouds down to the south. if i widen the shot a little bit, you can see that out o heavy rainfall just about to make its way into the casagrande area. there are concerns with this. the fact that we could see gusty wind coming with this in addition to blowing dust. it could begin to make its way into the valley and that's what we are watching. we are moving up to the north into the white mountains where we have had showers and storms moving into eastern arizona pretty much all afternoon. now they are the northwest of
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we have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect until 5:45. with a severe thunderstorm warning, we are looking for the potential for damaging wind and hail is sholopossible along with deadly lightning. heads up if you are in that area which is north and west of the area. all of this is brought on by an area of low pressure that is parked to our south. it will move through here in the next couple of days that we will stay unstable, so to speak. the wind is gusting and those areas. it and currently 71 in prescott. the high today was 87 which is below the normal of 96. that storm will eventually move its way northward and bring again more instability to the high country and also eastern arizona for tomorrow. in the valley, we will stand about a 20% chance to see more rainfall. i think the best thing is that the temperatures are lower than average all the way into the weekend.
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thursday. then we will see a lot of sunshine and temperatures around 90 or so. all right joe, thank you. it is time to roll with our top live nfl stories here at 5:00. defense in some cases and the lack thereof in other cases. we will have -- highlight the top nfl stories. blanketed the offense. the chiefs recorded 2 defensive touchdowns without intercepting jets quarterback ryan fitzpatrick's a whopping six times. it is not unusual to see the chiefs meeting and interceptions. at number 4, the giants and the redskins. these two put on quite a
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dangerous showdown. a lot of eyes were focused on this matchup on sunday. in the fourth quarter beckham broke loose and finish the game with seven catches for 120 on yards. however, the redskins had a 29- 27 win. number three. the eagles quarterback continues to impress leading the eagles to it when -- win. he has still yet to throw an right behind him is prescott who has 98 pass attempts and he too has yet to throw an interception. at number two, the minnesota vikings defense. talk about a unit that has carried a team. even without starting quarterback taylor bridgwater and adrian peterson, the undefeated that -- vikings continue to shine and surprise thanks to their dominating defense.
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vikings head coach, mike zimmer, make it might not over bill belichick for coach of the year honors. when we come back, my number one take away from the nfl. it is not good news for the
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all right, let's take me to the number one nfl from -- team from weak 3. the bills had 200 yards rushing against the cards defense. the last time the cards defense was burned for over 200 yards was in 2014 when the seahawks, marshawn lynch the seahawks' and marshawn lynch had his crotch holding dive into the end zone. troy niklas is on the injured reserve. we will have more on these moves coming up on 12 news at 6:00. thank you. but an open sunroof has to do with the own sheep video of the
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coming up all new a neighborhood caught in the middle of a police shootout overnight. >> now one neighbor is describing the moments that had everyone in the neighborhood taking cover. >> when i heard it, i told her, get over here quick and grab your phone, we are going to call 911.>> reporter: what happened after she heard the shots ring out and how she found out the whole ordeal was
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i only barks because i was lonely. the heartbreaking facebook photo that has gone out to raise awareness about 300 million dogs and cats that are killed each year just for existing. >> that is heartbreaking. are you ready for the oh mg -- omg video of >> a guy forgot his lunch and his wife tossed it through the sunroof of the car. >> i wonder if that was a sandwich. >> hope it wasn't tuna. thank you everybody, we will
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tonight, historic showdown. the fireworks, fact-checks, and the fallout from the first clash between donald trump and hillary clinton. the most watched debate in american history. plus, the former beauty queen thrown into the debate crossfire. trump doubling down his attacks on her appearance. blazing inferno. a blistering heatwave fueling wildfires, threatening hundreds of structures, residents under emergency evacuation. emotional plea. a little girl moved to tears in charlotte, her powerful message about police shootings. and new details about the man whose death sparked a week of protests. house explosion. a sudden blast levels a home, killing a fire chief and father. and crying in baseball. a star pitcher honored after his shocking, tragic death. "nightly news" begins


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