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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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3 teens behind bars for making school threats all around the valley -- their calling card -- a creepy clown! plus.. the arizona republic does something it never has before -- endorse a democrat. and k might actually want to be at.. why this 6-year-old asked for a drake-themed birthday.. that's in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome it was a dusty evening.. and pretty hazy night around the valley.. this after the national weather service issued a blowing dust advisory for the phoenix area.
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advisory for a blowing dust service issued weather the national this after around the hazy night and pretty it was a it was a and pretty hazy night around the this after phoenix jimmy -- are we going to see clearer skies today? ???adlib weather new information this morning.. on threats this morning.. information new
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new information this morning.. on threats made to nearly a dozen valley schools on social media... team 12's nico santos is live with the details...
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made against various high schools.including including schools.including police arrested two 14-year-old boys and one 15-year-old girl.they could face felony charges related to these social media threats according to the phoenix police department. dozens of social media posts have been made against a number valley high schools just over the last couple of days. they include at least 10 high almost every threatening postthe profile photo of the user had been changed to a "scary clown" image.concerns spread quickly because people took screen shotsand shared the threatening messages.phoenix and glendale police, as well as the state counter-terrorism center, arve threats have been deemed ?not credible?police also took to social media saying whether or not it's a jokethey're investigating it as a serious in phoenixnico santos12 news let's get a check of your hot headlines.. a man is in extremely critical condition right now after he was shot by police last night. authorities say officers shot the man during a traffic stop near the loop 101 and 19-th avenue -- after he tried running down officers with his car. this morning.. we're told all of the officers involved are okay. there's new information out this morning.. on an m-m-a fighter accused of kidnapping and raping an unconscious
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year-old woman's friend left her outside of a bar.. to go get the car. that's when police say 28-year-old rodolfo ramirez picked up the unconscious woman.. carried her to a parking garage.. and sexually assaulted her. the victim told police she was in and out of consciousness. she says she woke up in the suspect's apartment and ask him if she consented. he said yes. right now.. ramirez is being held without bond. he's due back in court tomorrow. this morning.. an a-s-u student is behind bars -- accused of taking pictures the 21-year-old was arrested on the tempe campus last night after someone reported seeing him do it. police say they searched the man's phone -- and found six photos of women inside bathroom stalls. a burglar is on the loose after crashing a stolen van into a pawn shop in sun city. it happened at a-z pawn near bell road and 99th avenue. authorities say the driver grabbed a few watches and then ran away. no one inside the store was hurt.
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newspaper yesterday. "the arizona republic" has endorsed the first democratic nominee for president in the paper's history. team 12's bryan west has the details... and emma we are talking since the republic started being printed 120 years ago. the republic last night throwing its support behind hillary clinton. in the article the paper syas "the 2016 republican candidate is not ns not qualified. that's why for the time in our history, the arizona republic will support a democrat for president.the article goes on to say that with her record as first lady, senator and secretary of state she has the intelligene and perspective to lead the nation. it also states that trump hasn't even let the american people scrutinize his tax returns and says her flaws - including using a private email server - still pale in comparison to his.back when the paper was published in
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the years the republic's endorsement has influenced voters in the presidential election. we will see what impact this will bring to arizona and how voters will respond in can read more about the decision in this morning's paper.bryan west, 12 today. imagine spending thousands of dollars on a vacation of a lifetime -- only to find out you've been scammed. unfortunately -- that was the reality for people who booked through a scottsdale vacation company. naquin joins us now with the
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again.. look for that story tonight at 10. in the meantime.. if you have a consumer complaint - call 12 for action. our volunteer investigators are here to take your call monday - friday from
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602-260-1212.. or go to 12- news-dot-com and search "call 12". still ahead on 12 today... a little boy has a "trumped up" tantrum at walmart. the hilarious video is coming up in the morning juice. plus.. who says working out can't be fun?! we're taking you to chandler for an alternative to the gym on this weight loss wednesday. today is back in two minutes.
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time now time now for another check of your hot ###break### time now for another
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be held today for the miami marlins' star pitcher -- jose fernandez. the 24-year-old was killed early sunday morning when a boat he was on crashed into some rocks off the coast of miami beach. a private funeral will take place tomorrow. hundreds of protesters took to the streets of tulsa, oklahoma yesterday.. to show their support for terence crutcher and his family. 40-year-old terence crutcher was shot and killed by a police officer nearly two weeks ago. officers say crutcher did not have a gun but was acting erratically and not responding to their commands. the offic president obama will meet with service members this afternoon. the commander in chief will be in fort lee, virginia for the town hall -- which will be broadcast on c-n-n. topics will include veterans.. national security.. and foreign policy. mister obama will also take questions from active service members and veterans in the audience. the federal government could be headed for a potential shutdown this week. a measure aimed at
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senate yesterday. democrats say they will block the funding bil l-- if funding is not provided to help with the flint, michigan water crisis. if a compromise is not reached.. the government could shut-down at midnight friday. it is weight loss wednesday.. and this morning we have a fun alternative to the gym. team 12's jen wahl is live in chandler to explain...
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explain...chandler to wahl is live in chandler to explain... it's almost time for the susan g. komen race for the cure. join 12 news as we support the race this year on the race this as we support join 12 news cure.race for the susan g. komen time for
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it's almost time for the susan g. komen race for the cure. join 12 news as we support the race this year on
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you can register right now at komen-arizona-dot-org. ???toss morning juice a girl turning six a girl a girl a girl turning six celebrated her birthday with god. according to buzzfeed.. 6-year-old leah loves rapper drake so much that she requested that her birthday party be drake-themed. her mother planned accordingly with black and gold drake party decorations.. a cake emblazoned with the ovo symbol and mini-hennessy bottles as balloon weights. there were even fake dollar
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you can bet a lot of people will be going as hillary clinton and donald trump this halloween -- but one little boy is not having it in a new video trending online.. check it out... mom and dads' persistence paid off in the end. they posted a follow-up video this past weekend of the twins playing by the pool in their
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time for your juicy question of the morning. according to one survey.. 15 percent of people have fallen asleep at this place. where is this? this? ?? traffic ??
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???adlib weather
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all this week.. we have all this all this week.. we have amazing beauty secrets with coconut oil. coconut oil is used in many natural beauty products because it's naturally antibacterial and antifungal. so today's d-i-y beauty
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remove eye makeup. it even works on waterproof mascara. just put a little on a cotton ball and gently cotton ball and gently sweep it over your eyes and under-eyes. the oil breaks away the waxy, inky eye makeup and leaves the delicate area hydrated too. once you're done -- wash your face like normal. donald trump may call himself the "law and order" candidate -- but joe biden ?is? the "law and order" vice president. we got the cameo. plus.. hillary clinton and donald trump are both claiming victory after monday night's debate.. we've got the latest from the campaign trail in just three minutes. you're watching 12 today...
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this week.. hillary clinton and donald trump are looking for ways to capitalize on the excitement of their first presidential debate.. team 12's brian moore has the
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and this morning.. alicia machado will be on the "today" show. she talks to natalie morales about what trump allegedly called her -- and why she's voting for hillary this november. you can watch that right after 12 today -- at 7 o'clock. and later this evening.. vice president joe biden will make a cameo appearance in a new episode of "law and order s-v-u."of "law and order s-v-u." the episdoe campaign to prevent sexual assault. biden hopes it's an issue that will get more attention. you can watch that at 8 o'clock -- only on 12 news. how embarassing! one man proposes to his girlfriend in front of hundreds of people -- and ?loses? the ring!! we've got the video just ahead in your morning juice.
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nearly a dozen school threats across the valley.we are talking about that this morning... a historic endorsement from the arizona republic.who... the editorial board says you should vote for in november... and if you are going to and if you are and if you are going to propose to your girlfriend at a baseball game... on t-v.... there is one thing you should story in the morning juice. ???adlib ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy jimmy


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