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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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nearly a dozen school threats across the valley.we are talking about that this morning... a historic endorsement from the arizona republic.who... the editorial board says you should vote for in november... and if you are going to and if you are and if you are going to propose to your girlfriend at a baseball game... on t-v.... there is one thing you should story in the morning juice. ???adlib ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy jimmy
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we are working to gather new information into an officer involved shooting.the suspect is in extreme critical
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trying to ram police.this all went down near 19th avenue... north of 12's
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teenagers arrested after a series of threats to valley 12's nico santos is live with more.... phoenix police have arrested three minors in the threats made against various high schools.includin arrested two 14-year-old boys and one 15-year-old girl.they could face felony charges related to these social media threats according to the phoenix police department. dozens of social media posts have been made against a number valley high schools just over the last couple of days. they include at least 10
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at least 10 they include days. last couple of just over the last couple of days. they include days. they include at least 10 high almost every threatening post the profile photo of the user had been changed to a "scary clown" image.concerns spread quickly because people took screen shotsand shared the threatening messages.phoenix and glendale police, as well as the state counter-terrorism center, are investigating the claimseven though the threats have been credible?police also took to social media saying whether or not it's a jokethey're investigating it as a serious in phoenixnico santos12 news have arrested in the threats made against schools.police arrested two 14-year-old 15-year-old girl.they could charges these social the phoenix dozens of been made high schools days. at least 10 every postthe of the user changed to a image.spread because people took shotsand threatening phoenix and police, as well as the state terrorism investigating the claimsthe threats deemed ?not credible?police also media saying whether or joke they're it as a serious crime. live in phoenix12 news hot headlines this morning... crews rush to knock down an overnight fire in glendale.the fire destroyed a house near 55th avenue and maryland.we are still working to gather m
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last month was a result of the combination of two prescription drugs. the pima county medical examiner's office says the combined toxic effects of an opiate painkiller and of an opiate painkiller and an anti-anxiety medication led to hemmila's death. he was 22 years old. a second former arizona state univeristy football player was sentenced for his part in a failed credit card theft. jayme otomewo will sesrve three years of supervised probation. he had pleaded guilty trying to steal a credit card in december of 2015. it is weight loss wednesday and a new workout craze can take your fitness goals to new heights. you can get in shape on the trapeze, a hanging hoop, and aerial silks. plus.... it's a full body workout too. team 12's jen wahl is ready to exercise down in chandler.
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?? toss to ?? toss to morning juice ?? brad pitt is finally brad pitt is brad pitt is finally family problems ... and divorce from angelina jolie.... sort of. see... brad narrated the documentary 'voyage of time' but he's not attending a screening for it.pitt told e- news... quote... "terrence malick's voyage of time is an incredibly beautiful and unique experiential imax film for children and families chronicling the birth of time. i'm very grateful to be part of such a fascinating and
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currently focused on my family situation and don't want to distract attention away from this extraordinary film, which i encourage everyone to see." - end quote... angelia jolie has requested sole physical custody of maddox, pax, zahara, shiloh, and twins knox and vivienne, with pitt receiving visitation rights. ?? ad lib ?? advice...if you are thinking of proposing to your girlfriend at ... say.. a baseball game... don't do what one yankees fan did.the guy was ready to propose.. he was on the big scoreboard even, when he dropped the ring and they he couldn't find it.29 year old andrew fox says he started to cry because he thought it was gone forever.. but the fans around him helped
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minutes.. it was found in the cuffs of his bell bottom jeans. his bell bottom jeans.he then got down on one knee and she said yes! time for time for your juicy question of the morning. according to one survey, 15 percent of people have fallen asleep at this place. if the at this place. if the percentage is right... someone in this studio has taken a nap
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taken a nap here. it's a place that each of us visits on a daily place. daily place. hillary clinton - tries to keep momentum after the debate...while donald trump tries to flip the script.we are live in washington with the latest on decision 2016... learning to get his groove on...this young kid is hoping
5:13 am'll meet him.. in two minutes... minutes...
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####break#### minutes...him.. in two you'll meet'll meet him.. in two minutes...
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####break#### today, our wednesday's today, our today, our wednesday's child is a sweet young boy who loves trying new things. and this morning, he's learning how to get his groove on.
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if you'd like to learn more about tristan or helping a child in foster care, please contact aask- aid to of special kids at 602-930-4900. organizations like aask help families build relationships, and change the lives of children like tristan through adoption. for more information you can also visit their website at: ?? traffic ??
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weather weather a historic decision by the arizona republic...who they say you should vote for... in november.
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hillary clinton wants to capitalize on her debate performance while donald trump wants to change the conversation. both candidates will be on the campaign trail today. team 12's edward lawrence joins us live to dig deeper into the presidential race. hillary clinton is going after younger voters today. she will make a campaign stop with senator bernie sanders at the university of vermont.
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donald trump will head to the midwest for a campaign event in chicago.. then iowa.. and finally wisconsin. edward lawrence nbc news, washington.q: how will this election play with women now? a: something about flotus campaigning for clinton today in paq: when will we see if the debate affected the polls? a: tba and this morning - an historic moment for the arizona republic. it is backing a democratic presidential candidate for the the first time in history. the tradtionally conservative editorial board came out in support of hillary
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the paper has been around for 126 years and this is the first time.. it has endorsed a democrat for president. when asked why -- the editorial board said they believe donald trump is not a conservative and not qualified for the job. they believe clinton has more experience and a better temperment when it comes to the challenges facing our country. phoenix police -involved in another deadly shooting.we are live with the latest on that.. in five minutes. and one very disturbing story about cameras, and
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phoenix police - investigating another officer involved shooting in the department.we are live with the details on this...nearly a dozen school threats across the valley.the latest on that story as well.. and if your day is planned out by what your zodiac sign says...then we are sorry to shake things up.but don't blame us...why nasa is chagning the game for you ... game for you ...we are talking
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traffic we are working to gather new information into an officer involved shooting.the suspect is in extreme critical


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