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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  September 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> reporter: neighbors say the boy frequently played outside and made runs with other children. >> just an average kid. it's horrible that this help the -- that this happened and the young life was taken before was able to grow up and blossom. >> reporter: the investigation is still ongoing but at this point police say there are no pending charges against the parents. making hot headlines at ipm. we begin with a former phoenix firefighter arrested in a glendale sexual assault case. 52-year-old suspect is accused of sexually assaulting a woman under a glendale bridge. wilson was ordered held without bond during his initial court appearance earlier today. he faces sexual assault, kidnapping and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges. he was fired from the phoenix fire department several months
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shooting and 19th avenue in north phoenix. it happened after an drug sting operation. police say they were forced to shoot 26-year-old john carpenter . he is driving a car that ran this program to the police cruiser. he was -- he remains hospitalized in extremely critical condition. 22-year- old a passenger the deal call was arrested on weapons charges and an outstanng we're getting our first look at anne use of slamming his pick up into a group of people yesterday. he hit them while they were all trying to change a flat tire. the 61-year-old suspect faces one count of manslaughter and three counts of aggravated assault after the crash that killed one of those good samaritans. a preliminary breath test showed a suspect with a blood alcohol level of point .118 was
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had been injured after police say a teenager opened fire at the town the element to school in south carolina. injuries to the students are not considered life-threatening and all the other students and staff members are safe. the suspect, a teenage boy was taken into custody shortly after the shooting. the city to say they found the suspects father shot to death inside a house not far from the school. it has been a day of mourning in miami as fans d route of late marlins ace jose fernandez. the marlins wearing white t- shirts that read rip. the procession began in a park and ended at a catholic church for public viewing is underway. private funeral for family, friends and teammates will take place tomorrow. jose fernandez was killed early sunday morning when a boat carrying him and two other
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miami beach. sheriff joe arpaio democratic challenger is expected to hold a news comments tomorrow to vessel that he will sue arpaio over new attack ad. the attorney warned arpaio that he would be sued if you ran the ad alleging pension assaulted his ex-wife. we will stay on top of that. decision 2016, will sheriff joe arpaio be rejected by voters? >> reporter: it could happen but the democratic and republican insiders believe it will happen. if the election were held today , arpaio and mountain view would likely lose. to arizona sheriff's. >> the nation without borders
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to national republicans stars. >> it is unsecured, it's not safe. >> reporter: may be heading for a fall. >> there is a great likelihood will sheriff's could go down. >> reporter: both would be underdogs at its election were held today. >> it's not a rebuke of the immigration stances, it's a result of all the baggage they ring to the table. >> reporter: arpaio's bid for a seven term is weighed down by taxpayers multimillion dollar payouts for his court cases. >> my one the truth will come out on that one also.>> reporter: being hammered by hafley door ad campaign eligibility of abuses. polling shows both trailing their opponents. arpaio legging paul penciled in this year's race, the other behind tom o'halloran in the congressional race. >> i believe it's dysfunctional
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>> i will defend call as an energy source and it means jobs . here in this district, 3 to 5000 jobs. >> 41 days to go until election day. arpaio has millions of dollars to spend on tv ads, he hopes to get outside help. they both face each other tonight and was likely to be their final debate. show repulican presidential candidate will head to arizona next tuesday for a campaign rally in press kit. >> trumps treatment of women has become a hot issue after he allegedly bullied a former miss universe. >> two days after hillary clinton brought the story to the debate, we see how the story is causing waves in the presidential campaign.
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after hillary clinton personally. >> ec all the days of hillary takes? she's failed women and children. i have created thousands of jobs for women in this country. >> reporter: the nbc news survey monkey paul found 52% of voters believe clinton won the debate that revived the charge, trunk fistric trump is a sexist. >> the way he talk about it was wrong. >> reporter: >> he called this woman miss piggy. >> reporter: today that 1996 contested with after term. >> that hurt me. >> reporter: so did michelle obama. >> if a candidate regularly and certainly makes cruel and consulting -- insulting comments about women. >> reporter: clue clinton has a problem with young voters. she appeared stay with bernie sanders, a hero to many millennials. >> it is imperative we elect
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president. >> thank you bernie, thank you for your leadership and your supports in this campaign. >> reporter: with women voters, clinton is pulling with a big lead over donald trump. 5137 and the latest polls. some worried republicans urge trump to appear more with his charismatic daughter who insists her father does respect women. law and order svu features a guest are a bit out of the norm. vice president joe biden. the parent is connected to the white house's campaign to prevent sexual assault. >> biden has been pushing for change and the backlog of untested rape kits around the country. you can catch that episode tonight at 8 pm right here. , certain types of birth control can increase your
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the most prevalent in teenage girls. on this weight loss wednesday we have five fitness secrets to help you stay motivated during that workout routine. it's time for today's social sound of question. tomorrow is national coffee day. we want to know which cities here in the valley are the best. he lovers? he will reveal those answers up ahead we aren't just watch again, a glowing -- grain dust advisory. all the details on that post your work has.
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a new study focuses on earth control. >> research suggesting women, actually be at an increased risk of the present is depression. >> we find out if the pill is really the reason behind symptoms x >> reporter: on the pill and feeling off? a new study says women whose hormonal birth control may be at an increased risk for depression. >> there are a number of
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denmark followed more than 1 million women and teen girls for over 6.5 years. they can women who use birth control pills were more likely to be prescribed an antidepressant than those who did not take the pill. the findings need a closer look according to the starter.>> we put people on antidepressants for depression but also for ocd . anxiety. a big one we use it for was pms. >> reporter: he says birth control can be used for a number of reasons. in the study they found teens were especially at risk. dr. carroll notes it could be their age. >> depression in teens girls is higher across the board. >> reporter: going on the pill isn't the only option. >> one of the most popular is injectable which only have to do once every three months. >> reporter: the minipill have the strongest link to first- time antidepressants is.
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about birth control that can produce depressive symptoms but the cause and effect has immediately proven. >> reporter: if you consider its --, >> the lowest dose possible. >> according to the doctor db talked with, birth control can fight against acne and a lot of folks know that.>> it can also produce blood clots and promote weight gain. scenes conversation while this story was running. it's not uncommon for teenage girls to get prescribed the pill for a lot of different reasons. hopefully that won't be the case. we will switch now to weight loss on this weight loss wednesday, we have five fitness secrets to help you stay motivated. first, it takes time to see results. a quick fix probably won't last
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>> keep on that fitness schedule, stay on a routine when you are working out, keep your mind on the workout itself. without the distraction. >> stretch before and after the workout to prevent injury. >> finally, don't work out in front of a mirror. it does nothing for self-esteem and can actually have the opposite effect. on the flipside, it's good to check your room. if you're lifting weights or something like that, you make sure you that 90 degree angle. sometimes it can be helpful. >> you don't want to be that person at the gym checking themselves out. >> we have all seen that. we know arizona is like no other place the weather. yesterday we saw that yesterday at the bottom of the screen,
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>> we can see the storms anytime of the year. it doesn't just have to be during the monsoon. that was a pretty big one yesterday. if you can believe it, it's possible we could see more dust again today. hopefully not as much as yesterday. with a blowing dust advisory. it includes northwest no county. south of the valley. this is until 6 pm. back and gusts up to 3 miles per hour. we've had reports around the coolidge airport the disability has been down as low as 1 mile. this reef and things turn out. you can see outside of that we have showers moving into the south. they are stretching to the north. here's the bigger picture,
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south and east of the valley towards tucson area. things active in many locations across our state. those storms moved to the north . you see around oracle and high country, south of flagstaff there are showers and storms, north of payson. we see up to the north and the general direction. we're not seeing a lot of gas in the high country but we have a guest of 18 miles an hour. we will watch those here in the that dust made it into the area. we will be watching. two more days left of the arizona monsoon. 2.74 inches. if we don't get anything, we will officially be below average rainfall. we never want to be there. tomorrow we want good chances for more showers and storms. this area of low pressure
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here in the valley, southeast arizona and southwest arizona, we could also be looking at a 30% chance of showers tomorrow as well. 95 for the high, we clear out by the weekend. temperatures stayed steady and exit will see those highs dip into the upper 80s. let's talk arizona cardinals starting with a very disappointing and unexpected one win and to loss record. they host the rams on sunday. at this early juncture, this is very much a must win game for them. they welcome their new locks never to practice today former denver broncos veteran. they're looking to solidify that aspect other specialties. they also introduced a new
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team who takes over for the injured drew butler. while these were necessary, they don't address the biggest need on the team. >> there are no leaders. we have young followers that don't follow. we have good leaders in those guys and they do they do. you can't play like that but you can prepare like them, you can eat like them and take care of your body. some of them are not doing that. today's clips revolves around ashley's china had a different sports. michael felt this by michael phelps to his signature arm flab routine before gulping. he got the ball down the middle of the fairway. he hopes to hit the links three
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tim tebow places first professional game of baseball. the first pitch he sees, he hits out at the park for a home run. he is playing in the new york mets minor league system. when we come back, my weekly fantasy tips and a big decision for owners of the top two running backs.
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fantasy football league owners have to we -- rework their rosters. my biggest tip for week four doesn't really involve an injury. i'm talking about those of you who own the steelers running back deangelo williams. my big advice is to sit him against the chiefs because lady am bell has served his three- game suspension and start practicing with the steelers today in preparation for sunday's game. david stated he will play and mike guesses he'll play and be featured.
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the week. chicago bears running howard. his backup team carries slow i have string. howard is next in line. he figures to be the primary ball carrier but they picked up veteran free agents. it's what happened after this moment on police dash cam. that's making it t
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a big surprise for people planning for a calm and quiet retirement america. >> they say instead of peace and relaxation they will be forced to live to what they are calling a war zone. >> you have a mini afghanistan going on in the front yard. >> who ith causing all these palms? that's coming up next, al new at 6. tonight at 10 pm if you are starting to plan your budget for the month, we have a list of what to buy and what to skip if you're looking for october's test deals. the details tonight at 10 pm. strata -- this involves the moments after a driver new jersey hit a deer. >> she called for help and as the police officer pulled up to
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that dear came right back to the seb. the seb that hit it. the driver says the deer was after her. slamming two of its hopes into the woman as she worked to fight it off. the deer eventually fell over as you saw after the bizarre encounter. the woman is in covering this recovering from an knee injury and the deer later died. . research at the end >> she hit the deer and the deer came back?>> i have no
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glee breaking news. school shooting horror at an elementary school when a gunman opens fire on students and a teacher. tonight the suspect and alleged link to another crime scene nearby. critical voters, brand-new poll trouble for trump with women as his beauty queen controversy deepens and clinton courts millennials with a former rival. deadly encounter, protests erupt after police kill an unarmed african-american man. why they say they thought he was aiming a weapon. mystery at sea -- a mother and a son go on a fishing trip and only he is found alive a week later. now it's revealed he is a person of


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